Upgrade Craigieburn Road and Hanson Road Petition Instructions
Thank you for assisting in this push to encourage the state government to upgrade an intersection that Craigieburn Residents have long known to be a traffic problem, and catalyst to many, fortunately seldom serious, collisions. This campaign commenced with a Facebook Page to promote awareness of the problem and to ready support for subsequent action. Following the Facebook Page, an online petition was created to pester the Minister for Public Transport and Roads for funding during the preparatory phase of the 2013 budget cycle. This action was supported by letters for action to all of the relevant Upper and Lower House Members of State Parliament. The next stage of this campaign is to collect signatures on a petition to present to Parliament. The Craigieburn Residents’ Association will be collecting signatures during key community events over the coming months. Circulation the petition amongst your members or group will greatly assist in reaching as many of Craigieburn’s 35,000 residents as we can. Please note the following points when collecting signatures;
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All signatures must be hand written. Signatures must be original — photocopies and scanned signatures are not allowed. No-one can sign on behalf of another person, (except a petitioner who is incapable of signing may get someone to sign on his/her behalf). Each person must include his or her name, signature and address (only Victorian addresses are acceptable). A person must live in Victoria to be able to sign the petition. Names, addresses and signatures can only be written on headed petition sheets. Print as many petition sheets as needed, keeping the numbering 1 through to 10. Partially completed petition sheets can be returned. No signatures on the back of the sheets.

Please return petition sheets by 28 February 2013 to; Craigieburn Residents’ Association, PO Box 599, Craigieburn Vic, 3064 Or contact to arrange collection.

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria
The Petition of the residents of Craigieburn and surrounding areas draws to the attention of the House the deep discontent of residents about the current state of the intersection of Craigieburn Road and Hanson Road in Craigieburn in the State of Victoria. In particular, we note that the intersection: 1. suffers from congestion during peak times as a major thoroughfare for all areas of Craigieburn and surrounding towns; 2. diverts through traffic into residential streets; and 3. is a safety risk for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria allocate funding for the purpose of installing traffic lights at the corner of Craigieburn Road and Hanson Road, Craigieburn. Name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Address (Victorian Residents Only) Signature

Post completed pages to: Enquiries to:

CRA, PO Box 599, Craigieburn Vic, 3064