held in Dubai and Riyadh in Feb 2012 : High Quality in Packaging Gravure Printing

Printech Middle East, in cooperation with their Principal Eltex, along with the company Rossini, organised a seminar on the topic ‘High Quality in Packaging Gravure Printing’. Held on February 14, 2012 at the Hilton Hotel Jumeirah, Dubai on February 14, 2012, the seminar was well attended by many members from the Gravure and Flexible packaging and printing industry. At the seminar, Mr.Thomas Litterst, Director Sales and Marketing at Eltex pointed out the significant value addition in print quality that a customer will get by using Electrostatic Print Assist (ESA) technology in Flexible Gravure packaging. Thomas explained that the ESA technology in Eltex works by creating a static electric field between printing cylinder and impression roller that allows the ink to come out of the smallest cell resulting in perfect half tone images without any missing dots. This ensures very high print quality results from your existing Gravure Press. He pointed out that the company deals with leading manufacturers of Printing machines like Rotomec, Cerruti, Heidelberg, KBA and Manroland. Mr.Thomas also discussed about their participation in Drupa 2012 and their launch of their latest ESA System. The new system works without charging bars and without insulated bearings and is suitable both for sleeves and standard impression rollers. With its extremely low power demand of less than one Watt per meter of web width, the system also ensures the lowest possible charges when printing flexible materials (film). The new intrinsically safe ESA EASYCHARGE Exi system is also approved for the explosion hazard group IIB in package gravure printing. It guarantees perfect ink transfer with voltages up to 1560 V and excellent printing results with unlimited impression roller widths. He also spoke about how the company looks forward to expand its operations in the future. In the next presentation, Mr.Angelo Alloggia, Customer Service Manager of Rossini presented on the company’s research in improving print quality in the field of rubber impression rollers and sleeves. He

pointed out that the company’s advanced technologies are tested and certified in major European laboratories and factories. In the concluding question and answer session the participants, with the presenters, discussed the possibilities of applying these systems, the latest development in terms of the new ESA system which does not require charging bars or insulated bearings and what value it is able add to their printing press, about the type of inks required, the ways of adapting this new system in their existing printing press, how to overcome the problem of missing dots while printing on Paper and Films. In an interview with the ME Printer magazine, Mr.Thomas of Eltex explained that the seminar was conducted ahead of the Drupa 2012 exhibition because it will give customers more information about the company’s technologies and their latest product launch to be made at Drupa. He added that by doing so possible clients can look closely at the company’s products and make appropriate decisions. Thomas observed that the Middle East is an important market for the printing industry because the market is diverse and wide enough to accommodate all the techniques available in print. He pointed out that the company has so far, many clients in the region like the King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran and Obeikan. Following the seminar in Dubai, Printech also held a similar session in Al Khozama Hotel in Riyadh the next day.

Thomas Litterst of Eltex .Seminar attendees with Mr