89-148/2012 Appeal/4th Meeting-2012

Hans Bhawan, Wing II, 1, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110 002

WHEREAS the appeal of National Institute for Teacher Education, Kamrup, Assam dated 22/03/2012 is against the Order No. ERC/7-130.8(ii).1/2012/10524 dated 29/02/2012 of the Eastern Regional Committee, refusing recognition for additional intake in B.Ed course due to non-furnishing of the accreditation certificate from NAAC”. AND WHEREAS the Correspondent, National Institute for Teacher Education (hereinafter referred to as the appellant), preferred an appeal dated 28/03/2012 to the National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi (hereinafter referred to as the Council) under Section 18 of the NCTE Act, 1993 against the said Order. AND WHEREAS Shri. R. Bharati, Secretary, National Institute for Teacher Education, Kamrup, Assam presented the case of the appellant institution on 26-04-2012 In the appeal and during personal presentation it was submitted that in response to the ERC’s letter dated 03-06-2011 pointing out certain deficiencies, including absence of NAAC’s accreditation certificate, the institution with their reply dated 28-09-2011 (the date having been wrongly mentioned as 28-09-2010) forwarded a list of institutions accredited by NAAC as on 16-092011, which included the name of the appellant institution with 2.43CGPA and Grade `B’. With the appeal, the appellant has enclosed copy of the provisional Certificate of Accreditation dated 16-09-2011 indicating CGPA and Grade. The appellant also submitted that he received the certificate after the ERC meeting held in January 2012. He also pleaded that there is a pressing need in the educationally backward areas in the State of Assam for increase in intake capacity in institutions offering B.Ed. course in view of implementation of the RTE Act, 2009 and his having furnished the list of NAAC accredited institutions in time should have been taken into account by ERC while taking the decision. AND WHEREAS the Council noted that according to the provisions of Clause 8(4) of the NCTE Regulations, 2009 an institution shall be permitted to apply inter-alia for enhancement of intake in B.Ed. after it has been accredited by NAAC with atleast a letter Grade `B’. As per these provisions of the Regulations the institution should possess NAAC accreditation certificate with atleast Grade `B’, as on the date of submitting application for additional intake in the existing B.Ed. course. The appellant submitted the application on 2909-2010 and as on that date the institution did not have NAAC certificate. The certificate was issued only on 16-09-2011. AND WHEREAS in view of the provisions of the extant Regulations, the Council decided to reject the appeal.

.H. Education (looking after Teacher Education) Government of Assam. 4. Shastri Bhawan. 15.37. 60/54. and after considering the documents available on record.AND WHEREAS after perusal of the documents. Nayapalli. NOW THEREFORE. the Council hereby confirms the Order appealed against. the appeal is rejected and ERC’s order dated 29-02-2012 is confirmed.N. Ministry of Human Resource Development. The Secretary. (Vikram Sahay) Convenor 1. Accordingly. New Delhi. The Secretary. Town/City-Guwahati. Assam 2. PO. memorandum of appeal.Khetri. Neelkanth Nagar. Eastern Regional Committee.782403. Regional Director. the Committee concluded that there was no ground to accept the appeal. Tehsil/Taluka-Dimoria.Khetri. affidavit.   . Department of School Education & Literacy. National Institute for Teacher Education. The Secretary.751 012. Village. Kamrup . Dispur. Bhubaneshwar . Street/Road. 3. PS to Chairperson 5. Plot No.