Message from Fr.

Brian Conlon & Audited Accounts for 2011

November 2012


A message from Fr Brian Conlon
Dear parishioner, I take this opportunity of the publication of the accounts for the year 2011 in updating you with regards a myriad of random issues. Firstly welcome to all new comers to this beautiful parish of Ardcarne and we hope you will be at home among us. Sunday masses are key events in each of our three churches and you are invited to experience our ‘belonging to and with one another’ while we practice communal worship. Booking masses Booking the forthcoming eucharists with an intention for the deceased in the parish is most conveniently done by email to bconlon2011@ and those who so do will get an email confirming the booking. The second most convenient way to book a mass is by text to 0866048350 (please note that blocked, Withheld & Private Phone numbers are ignored) and again there is the confirmation response that you can keep as record. The third most convenient way is calling to the sacristy before or after masses. Stipends are not taken at time of booking to ensure that should a visiting priest celebrate the booked mass that he receive that stipend he is entitled to from you who booked it.

Parish newsletter

Noeleen Moffatt prepares the parish newsletter for publication. All community & parish notices that are in accord with our parish’s Roman Catholic ethos enshrining community development principles are deemed publishable. Private and personal profit making enterprises, no matter how laudable are not promoted. Neither are any community organisations that do not expressly safeguard children. Noeleen’s email address is and again timley electronic messages are more easily handled by our volunteer: Noeleen.


Baptisms are usually celebrated according to the wishes of the family. While communal baptisms are recommended liturgically it remains more a happy luxury of this parish to suit the calendar dictates of visiting family and friends. Optimally baptism is suited to be celebrated within the Eucharist so that our parish community can become familiar with our latest source of pride, joy and hope.

Parish Records

May Moran very generously volunteers so much time to maintaining the parish archive stored

very securely in the parish house Crossna. Many people from all over the globe, who work on their family trees, are given countless voluntary hours of assistance by May. Should you or someone you know wish for access to such treasuries of parish history then email May at or write to her at Crossna, Knockvicar, Boyle, County Roscommon. Her phone number is 071 96 67171. As a parish we are indebted to Crossna Co-operative Society for the recruitment of a intern under the JobBridge scheme. Shane Fennell is currently transcribing some of our historic parish records onto a computer in the Crossna Parish House.

of truth, justice and beauty is our salutary vision. Anne Murray is the Principal Teacher of Drumboylan National School and Cian Duffy is the Principal Teacher of Cootehall National School. They both along with their staff go beyond the call of duty to ensure that each child, irrespective of any distinction, whatsoever, accessing our school receives the finest of education. In this Year of Faith instigated by Pope Benedict XVI we hope to explore how our ethos ensures a first class education for all God’s children attending. The Diocesan Pastoral Development Office based at a parochial house in Strokestown under the direction of Dr. Justin Harkin and ably assisted by our native Ann Allen (nee Brady) is guiding us to better celebrate what England and America for instance more easily recognise: ie the excellence of a Roman Catholic education. Pastoral Development Office (Diocese of Elphin) Email: Mobile: 087 6171526

Parish Office

Crossna presbytery houses the parish office and the two part time and temporary ladies who work there, have access to the following telephone line: 0719667194 and the corresponding email address is ardcarneparish@

Our voluntary Board of Managements comprise of the following stalwarts: Primary Schools The two primary schools in the Drumboylan - Mary Brehony, Aidan parish are of the parish. The Roman Malone, Yvonne Noone, Patrick Catholic ethos that pervades our Noone, Bernard Mc Loughlin Kathy schools inculcates a vision of life that Martin and Anne Murray. Cootehallis Kingdom values based. A kingdom Martina Burke, Sean Higgins, Helen

Smyth, Carol Moore, Maurice As many papal letters can be a little Gannon Cian Duffy and Lochlainn difficult to engage with, Justin Harkin Conboy. I chair both. has uploaded a short summary to the downsloads section of the Pastoral Development Office section of the Year of Faith From Oct. 11th 2012 to Nov. 24th Elphin diocesan website: http:// 2013 the entire Church is called celebrate a Year of Faith. Pope development-office/downloads. Benedict invites us to support the faith of all believers by always Quo Vadis entrusting our lives to God’s care and Pastoral development takes me love with confidence and a hopeful nicely to developments in our quest conviction. It is an ideal follow-up for for understanding Church. Pastoral us in Ireland to the recent Eucharistic commitments prevented me from Congress. attending the launch of a book written by our parishioner Mary McAleese. The “logo” here is an It is titled: Quo Vadis? Collegiality image of a boat which In The Code Of Canon Law. We symbolises the Pilgrim congratulate Mary and wish Senator Church on a journey. Martin the satisfactory completion The mast is of a Cross of his work regarding the Magdalene from which sails are displayed in the Laundries Report. form of the sign of Christ (IHS). In the background is a sun, representing First Communion Note these the Eucharist - the source and summit dates! of our Christian lives. Sunday 12th May 2013 First Let us pray that this Year of Faith will Communion in Drumboylan at 10am help us all to appreciate our faith as a Sunday 19th May 2013 First gift - to be renewed and shared. Communion in Cootehall at 11.30am Thanks to the parents who are doing Last year Pope Benedict XVI sacramental preparation with our announced a “Year of Faith” for all first communicants and this month Catholics via his apostolic letter Porta the confirmandi parents are enlisting Fidei (The Door of Faith). Elements Noeleen Moffatt to assist them with of this letter and a supporting Vatican rolling out the ‘Be my witnesses’ document merit considertion tby programme. everyone especially the section relating to parish.


The’ pledge’ abstaining from alcohol and refraining from the abuse of substances will take place in Crossna Church on Friday 7 June 2013 at 8pm the feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Confirmandi and all other interested parties are invited to consider the integrity of becoming a Pioneer.

stations lists, one in each church area each year.

People invite their neighbour to the station and then all station monies can be collected each year. When the rota is finished have the stations for the remaining houses in the church and have a cup of tea and a biscuit or whatever people themselves in the town-lands want to contribute for the get together in the resource centres or Permanent Diaconate Ordination to the permanent priests house, and all Station monies diaconate is in the Cathedral of the can be collected as is the traditional Immaculate Conception Sligo at way of gathering priest income. 2.30pm on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception 8th Dec 2012. It is a This is community working together historic day for the Diocese and we and this is what is needed badly. particularly wish David Muldowney Everything falls apart when no effort from neighbouring Ballinameen, who is made, and to try and keep tradition has preached in our three churches going one needs organisation and during his formation, the very best of motivation. blessings in his service of The Lord as Many people in this parish love the a Deacon in our Diocese of Elphin. Stations but the rota is long gone and people don’t bother.. The Stations A concerned parishioner wrote me Two people should be nominated to do this in each church area and let them recently the following: “I think the stations should be ask people if they want to be on the organised better. List all the houses in rota or not, and explain how it works. the station areas made out by the three Let people have the choice... church area groups, and ask people if At least you will know where you there interested in taking the station… stand and also who will be having the whoever doesn’t want a station (no stations each year. You should get this started with the problem). church area groups and let them do Make out a new rota of people the work, you should not have to do interested and that would leave three anything.”

Couples getting married

Couples getting married in the Church must do an Accord accredited marriage preparation course beforehand. Given my knowledge of how long the wait can be in the Family Life Centre Boyle I advise couples to complete this requirement well in advance of the nuptials. Email Given the already heavy workload of priests especially on Sundays the General Presbyterate of Our Diocese took a decision not to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage on Sundays. To date I maintain this position.

Sunday funerals

With regards Sunday Funerals there was much aspiration among our Presbyterate to not celebrate funeral masses on a Sunday. Given my dual mandate with the Family Life Centre it has often suited me to go along with the requests to celebrate Sunday funerals. While I anticipate a time when funerals will not have the immediacy now customary I am content to respond as timely as is warranted.

their story or whatever aspect of their story to me when if ever they choose to share with me. Given the constraints of time it is a regrettable reality of the workload that an appointment to meet at the presbytery or in your home is the most reliable way to ensure a meeting with me your priest happens. I regard such meeting as a privilege and among the most sacred aspects of my ministry. Regrettably hospital and nursing home visitation is sacrificed on the altar of an already busy schedule; in the knowledge that appointed chaplains have a collaborative role to play. Thanks to the Eucharistic Ministers who bring communion to the housebound that request same every Sunday.

Eucharistic Adoration

Sick & Housebound

Eucharistic Adoration on the First Friday of each month is a source of spiritual strength to the Parish and I recommend those who have never dropped by to surprise yourself. I attempt to celebrate mass on the eve or on the first Friday of each month in one of the three churches of our parish. Before that mass I celebrate the sacrament of Penance

Visiting the housebound is currently a monthly affair and is quite invitational by nature. The model of priesthood whereby the priest had his pulse on all the news and views is obsolete here. I prefer people to tell

Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding children is paramount in our parish and this is why teams of adults congregate and assist in each of our three sacristies before and after mass. Josie & Padraig Deane

have drafted in a team of volunteers who generate a place of welcome in Drumboylan Church. Maureen & Paddy Moran have enlisted a similar team of couples who are on hand in Crossna Sacristy to cultivate a culture of welcome and transparency. Jim Lynch and Chris Henry extend a welcome to readers and Eucharistic ministers in Cootehall Sacristy. Visiting Clergy, relieving me, speak of the warmth and joy of welcome and the ease of walking in to ‘a prepared altar and congregation’. As this Diocese prepares for an audit by Ian Elliot’s team this month I am grateful to Sinead Bambrick who recently partook in the updating and briefing in her Diocesan role of supervising that this parish appropriates the badly needed lessons from the debacles of Clerical Sex Abuse.

I have every confidence that we will reach our target; given the necessity and sacredness of all that we do there. As the appointed and voluntary Director of the Centre I particularly admire all fellow volunteers (many from this parish) who assist the staff in responding to the real needs of diverse families and individuals in today’s challenging environments.

Mass stipends

I leave signed Mass cards in Henry’s, Knockvicar Post Office, Dereenargon Post Office and the Family Life Centre. As I am unable to say these masses I will be entrusting this responsibility to the Kiltegan and the SMA Fathers who will receipt the fifteen thousand euro approx involved.

Cemetry masses in 2013

Christmas Coral Concert

A combined parish choir is preparing a Christmas Concert on the ninth of December at 5 pm in Cootehall. David O Dowd is directing the event and they are currently practicing all the hours they possibly can and their commitment is inspirational. Cemetry Rosary Rosary will be recited in Killeelan Family Life Centre Roof Cemetry on Sunday 10 th November Thanks to all who contributed to the 2013 at 2 pm ‘Donate a Slate’ Fundraising campaign. Rosary will be recited in Ardcarne The new roof is on and some €21,500 Cemetry on Sunday 10 th November was raised so far. We will have all our 2013 at 3 pm bills paid when we raise €8,500 more.

Bridgecartron Sat 29th June 2013 8.30pm (no mass in Crossna) Killeelan Wednesday 14th August 2013 at 8.30 pm (no mass in Crossna) Ardcarne Cemetry Thursday 15th August at 7 pm (no 11.30am mass in Cootehall)

Herein lies the audited financial accounts for 2011

Next year’s audited accounts will show the generosity of a Drumboylan Community Group who has lent €9000 to their Church to complete the works recently completed in the grounds of the Church. Also evident next year will be the cost of the rewiring of Crossna Church that is currently nearing completion. This follows the installation of a new heating system there that was funded by a benefactor who remains nameless. Cootehall will show a return to black after paying back to Crossna a loan that ensured nothing was commercially borrowed for the completion of extensive works carried out last year to the Church, presbytery and grounds at Cootehall. The plant in each of the three church areas is a credit to you. That material physical aspect of our parish is but an outwardly show to a more impressive hidden immaterial, spiritual reality where young people are engendered into a vibrant community of sport, laughter and belonging. Foroige, Community Games, St. Michael’s GAA, Ardcarne Basketball Club come to mind. Margaret Healy & Rosie Gillespie took on the climb to Croagh Patrick with amazing interest. Whereas the more senior parishioners enjoy the sport of Bingo, ICA, Men’s Group, Defibrillator Group, Golden Oldies, Dramatic Society, Card Games and countless

ministries that care for inside and outside not only the church plant but the living Church: ie the people. I thank you not only for your contributions to the maintenance of the plant but also to your contributions to me at the Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Stations and November. Those latter contributions are lodged in a separate parish account so that a monthly stipend is paid out to me. In better days the superfluous of that account was divided according to a Diocesan regulation that ensured equalisation of priests revenue across the Diocese and indeed contributions back into the parish. Diminishing numbers and practice along with the discontinuance of stations generally no longer allow Ardcarne to be in that category of distributing superfluous.

Cootehall Church Area elections

While Obama’s count in Florida is complete the count for the vote of the incoming Church area in Cootehall is short of the announcement stage. Those nominated were Agnes McGuinness, Eithne Moffatt, Teresa Lenehan, Mary Flynn, Michael Ewing, Thomas Morohan, Elizabeth Higgins, Michael Henry, Maura Gilligan, Maire Gilboy, Eithne Henry, Carol Moore, Kenneth O’Dowd, Una Moffatt, Patricia Dowd, Kathleen Lenehan, Josie Kelly, Mary Lee,

Maura Doherty, Michael Foley, Frances Tolton, Liz Ewing, Pat Joe Flynn, Kathleen Oates, Kevin Doherty, David McLoughlin, Nuala O’Hara, Tommy McCawley, Flora Duignan, Jim Reynolds, Martina McQuaid, Maureen Farry, Dermot Cox, Mary Fryer, Eileen Bambrick, Sinead Bambrick, Sean Higgins, Elaine Clarke, Gerry Duignan, Kevin Doherty, Jessie Doherty, John Gilboy, Marie Keaney, Connor Moffatt, Rosemary Bruen, Patty Dowd, Anthony Dowd, Maureen O’Connor, Christine Henry, Peter Higgins, Doris McLoughlin, Joe McLoughlin, Catherine Meehan, Dympna Regan, Michael Keane, Kevin Martin, Bernadette McLoughlin, The Church area groups are the representative groups that act as consultative bodies to me and greatly help me in the mammoth task of caring for this parish. Nine of the below feed in to the parish pastoral council and this body is so generous with their expertise.

Crossna Church area group

Jackie Kelly, Sheila Flynn, Mal Brehony, John Corcoran, Padraig Harte, Una MacDermott, John Monaghan, Mary Gildea.

Cootehall (outgoing)

Helen Smyth, Michael Kelly, Eddie Heslin, Sue Tully, Richard Hazel, Ann Cox, Ann Hogg, Paul McQuaid.

Parish Facebook

The parish Facebook address is ardcarneparish and thanks to Louise Moran who updates the newsletter onto it weekly. The photographs that Tony & Vanessa Geoghegan generously and voluntarily took at the celebration of mass at Rusheen’s Mass Rock are singularly historic given the presence of Msgr Charlie Travers who celebrates his diamond jubilee of ordination this year. They are to be viewed at the above Facebook address.

Drumboylan Church Area Group

Representing Drumboylan are the following: Geraldine Guckian, Mary Brehony, Majella Sweeney, Berni McLoughlin, Serita Gilboy, Yvonne Noone, Pat Tiernan, Tom Kelly, Patrick Moffatt, Tena Hewitt



PAYE Charity Tax Refund Scheme
Tax Year 2006 & 2007 2008 2009 Cootehall €26,429 €13,985 €5,817 Drumboylan €6,707 €3,837 €2,847 Crossna €9,440 €3,963 €2,820





Accounts prepared for audit by Caroline Moran and Una McDermot.

Auditor: Donal Neary & Co.

8 Fair Green, Leitrim Village, Co. Leitrim. Tel: (071) 9620613


Happy Christmas!

DPS Print 071 9671472