Project #4: The Persuasive Multimodal Essay

Throughout the course of the semester, we’ve looked at a number of methods that modern rhetoricians use to create arguments (in text, visual, and digital formats). For this final project for ENG 103, you’re asked to create your own persuasive text, using the skills you’ve practiced in researching and analyzing this semester. Project 4 has two main elements: a persuasive essay and a multimodal composition. The central goal of this project is to see how well you can craft a claim and use researched evidence, as well as rhetorical appeals, to create a strong persuasive argument with a clear thesis for a specific audience (your audience for this paper being not me, but the intended audience you wish to persuade). After you’ve determined your focus, you’ll need to start by will also be asked to create a plan of action that you hope to instill in your audience (i.e. your classmates). This essay can and should be related closely to something you care about. You’ll begin by creating a topic proposal, detailing your intended purpose, goals, target audience, as well as what types of mediums you’re thinking about using to connect with your audience. Your persuasive essay should be tailored to your intended audience, even thought I realize that I will be the one reading it. I’m looking to see how effectively you can create a strong argumentative claim, and then use carefully organized evidence, both from primary and secondary sources, to justify your position. I’m also looking to see how well you can describe the opposing views that exist to yours, and how well you can prepare a “rebuttal” against them. When it comes to the multimodal portion of this project, the sky’s the limit. You may choose to create a “real-space” document, such as a brochure or pamphlet, or something “digital”, like a video or website. You will be asked to justify which medium you choose, so plan according to what will best persuade your intended audience. I also want you to actually reach the audience you intend to persuade, by any means you feel comfortable doing. I can help you set up a table in the Atrium, get flyers printed, create YouTube videos, design Facebook pages (literally whatever you want to do). If you choose to do something digital, like a website or YouTube video, please know that it doesn’t have to be exceedingly complicated, but I do encourage you to remember our discussions on visual rhetoric, as well as look at examples of what is visually pleasing (in regards to spacing of text, color, and images) as well as rhetorically possible. During our final exam period, you will be asked to briefly share the

multimodal portions of your project with the class. Important Dates: Your topic proposals are due November 26, by 8 AM. The rough drafts of your essay are due December 5. The rough multimodal materials are due December 7. Your final drafts of both the essay and multimodal materials are due during our final exam session, December 12. Requirements: • Topic Proposal, detailing a plan of action (with considerations to purpose, goals, intended audience, and planned mediums of communication) • A 5-7 page persuasive essay, with fully formatted APA references page and in-text citations • A minimum of six sources, at least four from the BSU library databases. • Essay written in serif or sans serif font, 12 point, standard margins, proper single-spaced header • A rhetorically constructed multimodal composition that clearly uses rhetorical appeals to persuade your specific audience.