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NE District Ag Mechanic Contest January 19th registration and instructions at 8:30 a.m. Contest 9:00 a.m. – noon with lunch at KanEquip, Inc. Wamego High School: Ag Ed Facility Mr. Andy Morton is host in cooperation with KanEquip, Inc. Mr. Larry Pottroff Advisor

This year’s agricultural mechanics contest will consist of the following four skill components, and a written test. From the CDE Components we will be concentrating on the following skill sets: 1. Welding a. Skill: MIG Lap Joint will be evaluated b. Problem: Metal ID 2. Structures a. Skill: Electrical: Plug in wire or switch b. Problem: Data Analysis Problem 3. Power: a. Skill: Small Engine Troubleshooting b. Problem: Small Engine ID 4. Basic Ag Mechanic Skill: a. Skill: Tractor Safety and Maintenance Test b. Skill: Tractor Part Identification 5. Written Test: The written test will cover all aspects of the competition. Each chapter will be eligible to enter one A and B division team. Please send your team’s RSVP to: sarah.bowser@kanequip.com or call (785) 456-2041 by January 12, 2009. Student will need to bring proper safety equipment including glasses, helmets, gloves, pencils, and a clip board

The following is a copy of the districts contest guidelines for your reference:

Agriculture Mechanics
General Rules
1. Each school will be allowed one “A” and one “B” team, with up to six members per team. Each team will be given a team score, which will be determined by adding the three best individual scores for that team. 2. Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 “A” and “B” teams at the CDE. 3. Medals will be awarded to the top 5 individuals in the “A” and “B” team categories. 4. No student may participate in any area of an Ag. Mechanics skill without proper safety equipment including glasses, helmets, gloves, etc. 5. Contestants may bring metal with them to the CDE site to practice skills on. 6. The only tools to be used by contestants for cleaning skills are a wire brush, pliers, and a chipping hammer.

CDE Components – Every effort will be made for the CDE to have the following
components. Changes from this list are to be noted by the CDE host’s letter. 1. Welding Skills—Arc, MIG, Oxy-Act Cutting a. 1 Skill and 1 problem worth 50 points each (Total of 100 pts.) b. Possible skills can be Butt Joint, Lap Joint, Tee Joint, etc. c. Possible problems can be tool ID, weld defect ID, metal ID 2. Structures---carpentry, surveying, electricity, plumbing a. 1 Skill and 1 problem @ 50 points each (Total of 100 pts.) b. Possible skills can be using transit, cutting a brace, layout a wall etc. c. Problems can be ID, evaluating parts/tools, synthesis of data 3. Power—small engines, machinery, equipment, electric motors a. 1 Skill and 1 problem @ 50 points each (Total of 100 pts.) b. Skill can include performing adjustments, checking clearances. c. Problems can be evaluating parts, Machinery ID, troubleshooting, reading nameplates 4. Basic ag mechanics skill a. 1-2 Skill @ 50 points total b. Skill can include tool ID, cold metal work, measurement, safety 5. Written Test a. Test in each area worth 50 points each b. Test will cover general information over that contest area.

Ties will be broken by written test.

Score Sheets
District score sheets will be used when grading skills.

Any Welding or Metallurgy Textbooks Any Structures Textbook Any Ag Power Textbooks General Ag Mechanics Texts