States most wanting to secede also receive the most federal money - Nat...

States most wanting to secede also receive the most federal money

Many of the Texans who want to secede may not realize there state received billions of dollars each year from the federal government. Credits: Getty Images

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President Obama won last Tuesday’s presidential election, and not surprisingly conservatives are not happy about it. Those most upset, evidently believing the American Civil War did not settle the issue, have now started a new secessionist movement. These strongest movements can be found in Texas, where over 25,000 people have now submitted a petition to the White House asking to “peacefully secede.” ( Other states dominated by Republicans, like

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seen a revival of secessionist spirit harking back to 1800's. However, before the Republican citizenry of these states push full scale to leave the union, they may want to consider the financial costs of their decision. On average, the states most wanting to secede also receive the most federal money per-capita. The citizens of Texas certainly pay into the federal government, but multiple studies have found that they get even more in return. Over a 25 year period, Texans have, on average, received more in federal money than they have paid into the system (
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in return they received $224 billion from the federal government in the form block grants, Medicare and Medicaid aid, and retirement and disability assistance. In other words, the state of Texas made a $61 billion profit off the federal government in 2009. If they really did secede, the state of Texas would either have to stop giving their elderly citizens health care, or raise taxes to make up for the billions they would lose in federal citizens. And Texas is certainly not alone. A study by the Tax Foundation found that the states of Mississippi and Alabama actually receive two dollars in return for every one dollar they contribute to the federal treasury ( . The states that are now most upset about the “federal intrusion” under Obama have also been very willing to take what is essentially a

two-for-one deal with the federal government over much of the past decade. One study found that 27 out of the 32 states that receive more federal money than they contribute were Republican. Politifact ( rated the study “mostly true.”

In addition, it is worth noting that the economy of these states would be completely devastated with if the federal government really did pick up and leave. The airports in these states would have to immediately be shut down when FAA air traffic controllers left. The Texas border would be completely open once border patrol agents were gone. The economies of Texas and Alabama would be devastated when federal military bases were closed. There are

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States most wanting to secede also receive the most federal money - Nat...

also questions about whether these states would be allowed to keep thousands of miles of interstates, which were built and maintained over the last 60 years with federal funds. Like many things in life, the idea of secession for these residents may sound nice in theory, but less appealing when doused with some hard realities.

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