18) Answer to Question 1 • Most comfortable : accounting and auditing principles. At college, I learn what is accounting and auditing principles. For accounting principles, the students must be able to understand the whole accounting process, starts from transactions, analyzing the transactions, until preparing financial statements, in which the user of financial statement can get any information they need. For auditing principles, the students learn concepts related to auditing, such as types of audit, audit process and audit reports. • Least comfortable : systems development and operation. For systems development and operation, an understanding of how to combine accounting and information systems required. At college, the students got knowledge about both (theory and may be case study), but didn't have experience in conducting a system related to accounting. Answer to Question 2 • Most comfortable : reporting. Now at work, I should make monthly financial statements. Starts from understand the process of transactions happen in the company, controlling the completeness of transaction evidence, collecting transactions' data, until making financial reports. For making financial reports, the company have it self's program, in which data collector can input the transaction, that automatically generate the financial statements. These reports used by accountant to make financial reports, such as analyzing cash flow, profit and loss, etc. • Least comfortable : management decision making. The end of accounting process is financial reports, which is used by management to make decisions. This decision making process is one that I never follow, say not yet, so I can't tell my experience about it.

Answer to Question 3 • Three jobs require strong accounting and technology skills :



( • Job selected : Supervisor Accounts – Reporting. Plan : Get deeper understanding about accounting, especially bank reconciliation, fixed asset record maintenance, how to monitor error records, and most of all, the one that I never know before, learn and then be able to operate Sun System, able to read and analyze reports produced by this program.

Answer to Question 4 • • • • • Description 1 = C Description 2 = E Description 3 = B Description 4 = E Description 5 = B