TO THOSE WHO ARE READY OR PREPARING TO RIPE 2012 : TheYEAR of LOVE for FLOWERING This century's year of 2012

is a significant find Dare one reveal the secret Mind ? Which by its very nature remains an enigma Unriddled only by purposeful refined yoga . LOVE is the greatest Power that exist on all Life that subsist This Power often confused with domination the real cause of demise & destruction . Nature gave TWO ears for listening and ONE mouth for speaking Today these function in reverse necessitating FULL emphasis in this verse . The world at large is broiling in confusion All mankind's nuclear energy of fusion will not reverse or undo the degradation Many of which are still coming in culmination . Forcing every individual to seek differently for Peace not found in worldly goods or people that only please transiently and hence cannot be everlasting or Real , For Real is known and understood as Eternal . Why does humankind's mind makes Life so complex ? The simple answer yet realisable ; it wills NOT to relax enabling tensions & conflict to accrue that lead to misery and obstructs the ' path ' to moksha ,liberty . Physical life is certain to end Only a matter of time that send each individual back to their origin which is conceptualised as The beginning . Blessings & Harmony abound when the riddle of Life is found . This naked state is very rare necessitating to share with fine care . 2012 has come & will be gone wellcomed by the sun that has shone & shown for milleniums uncounted in History which has shrouded this Truth in Mystery . Human's only purpose is to deshroud this by whichever means available and thus NOT miss this birth's and this life's golden opportunity This 2012 message given freely . a