LEGEND OF SITU BAGENDIT Far away in an isolated village there was a young rich woman.

The house that she had been living in was very big. Her wealth was plentiful. The young woman lived by herself. She didn’t have any friend at all. “Wouw, I am very rich! Ha…ha…ha, I am the richest woman in this village!” said the young woman while she was looking at her gold and jewelries. It was so pity, that the young woman was very miserly. Her plentiful wealth never been used to help others. “All of the wealth is mine, isn’t it? So what am I give it all to other for?” The young woman thought. However, many of villagers were poor. They lived in less condition. Sometimes some villagers were hunger, and didn’t get any food for days. Because of the young woman miserly, the villagers called her Bagenda Endit. Bagenda Endit meant the miserly rich person. “Bagenda Endit, have mercy on me! My child has not eaten for few days”, said an old woman sadly. “Hi, you crazy old woman! Get away from me!” yelled Bagenda Endit threw the old woman away. Because the old woman didn’t want to go, Bagenda Endit splashed her with water. Splash!, and all over the old woman body and her baby became wet. Bagenda Endit was a feeling less woman. She didn’t even have a little bit mercy to the old woman and her baby. She even got more angry. After that, she asked the old woman to get out of her house yard. And then, she was dragging her out of the yard. Although Bagenda Endit was very miserly, the village people kept coming in. The came for the water wheel. “No, I won’t let you to take away the water from my wheel! The water in the wheel is mine!” Bagenda Endit yelled angrily. “Ha…ha…ha…you’re all stupid! You think you just can take the water from my wheel!” Bagenda Endit said while she was watching the thirst villagers outside the fence. Suddenly, a decrepit man was standing in Bagenda Endit house yard. He was walking tottery to the wheel while holding his stick. When the old man was trying to take the water, Bagenda Endit saw it. Then, she hit the old man with a founder. “Have mercy on me Bagenda Endit! I want to take the water just for a drink”, said the old man when he was trying to get up. Bagenda Endit kept beating the old man. And then, an astonishing thing happened. Suddenly the old man got up with a healthy body. He walked closer to Bagenda Endit. He pointed his stick at the cruel rich woman’s nose. “Hi, Bagenda Endit, take the punishment from me!” said the old man loudly. Then he pointed at the wheel with his stick. Wus…byuur, the wheel was sprinkling the water swiftly. Not long enough, the water was flooding up. Bagenda Endit couldn’t save herself. She drawn with all of her wealth. The village was disappeared. The thing that left was a wide and deep lake. The lake was named Situ Bagendit. Situ means a wide lake. It was named Situ Bagendit, because the wide lake came from a wheel that belongs to Bagenda Endit. Sumber : http://indonesianfolklore.blogspot.com/

My father told me to find job here' 'Listen poor boy. For his great achievement for his country his father appointed him as the ruler for the kingdom of Blambangan. But if you need a job. politics. Gradually she fell in love to Damar. When Layang Seto and Layang Kumitir knew what happened to Damar and Anjasmoro. He was also very sociable. and literature. He told Damar that the prime minister's office needed several boys to take care of the horses. Damar was a smart boy so he could easily learned the lessons his father taught him. When his father thought that he is mature enough. So did Damar. Soon he had a good relationship with the prime minister and his family. They treated Damar cruelly. His sons were very arrogant and lazy. a vassal state under Majapahit. liked Damar very much. At the time the kingdom of Majapahit faced a very serious problem because of the rebellion of Menak Jinggo. My father told me to see the prime minister here' 'If you think you can impress us by telling us about your father. They wanted Damar to do whatever they want. At midday he got to Majapahit and he directly went to the prime minister's house. After that someone called Damar to get into the commander's chamber. Damar did a good job so his superior was satisfied with him. you are completely wrong poor boy. He was a prince of Majapahit and a highly respected general of the Majapahit army. 'Who do you think you are?' 'I am Damar Wulan. When his father passed away he was sure that he would become the . Every body hated them but nobody dare to express their feeling. He does not have time for job seeker like you. the prime minister is a very busy person. religion. that's true. Since that day he lived in a simple hut behind the prime minister's house. on the other hand. He was very good at all those subjects. He learned martial art. He told Damar to apply for a job at the Prime Minister's office. Anjasmoro. the former prime minister of Majapahit.DAMAR WULAN Damar Wulan was born in the village of Paluh Amba. Damar was surprised because he expected clerical job but then he accepted the offer. he asked Damar to find job in Majapahit. He hoped that his close relation with the new prime minister would help him get the prime minister's attention. He was the son of Udara. The son of a prime minister would never go anywhere on foot' 'But. They had a secret love. Early morning he left his village. The guards sarcastically questioned him when he told them he would see the prime minister. The prime minister had two sons . Damar was very confident he would get a good position at the prime minister's office. Since his father had retired his family live in a quiet and prosperous village outside the capital. They treated Damar more and more cruelly. Furthermore Damar was a smart boy so his father was sure Damar was capable to do any job. Let me report my chief' Then the soldier reported to his superior. there is a vacant position here. I am the son of the former prime minister Udara. not far from the capital city of Majapahit.Anjasmoro. He was a half brother of the Queen Kecono Wungu. Prime Minister Logender was his name. they were very angry.Layang Seto and Layang Kumitir and a daughter .

Some weeks went by but still they did not have any ideas to solve the problem.his home and his country. Then he explained his plan. 'Your Majesty. But he was very disappointed when his father appointed his sister instead. His name is Menak Jinggo. He thought very hard to find a solution. Then Logender asked him to fight both Layang Seto and Layang Kumitir. Under his leadership the Blambangan army could win several battles with Majapahit army. Since now on we have to launch a new tactics of secret operation. For a highly respected person like him. I think you are right. Find him in his palace and . Damar said he had mastered some fighting skill. I am sure he is the right person' 'OK. In just several minutes he could beat both of them without difficulty.successor. Logender was angry but also satisfied since he found a way to get rid of both problems . Both of them fought emotionally since they hated Damar very much. So we have to avoid open warfare. the Indonesian martial art. 'Damar. he was very skillful at using sword. Furthermore our army's morale is now down. As a result. strong and tough. We must send a small army unit to kill Menak Jinggo secretly' 'Who will do that?' 'I have a body guard. He could not accept it. Every report they received about the war was only about the defeat of the Majapahit army. I am very proud of you. Send him as soon as possible to Blambangan. skillful. The territory of Majapahit one by one fell to Blambangan. So the queen and the prime minister met everyday to discuss the worsening situation. it was a very serious blow to his ego. lance. you are a great fighter. It was a serious humiliation. Suddenly an idea struck his sharp mind when he was meditating at midnight. Menak Jinggo proved to be a good general. They were not sure that they could win the war. He is very capable at individual fight. The Blambangan army is very good at a frontal open warfare like that. At the time the morale of the Majapahit army was already down. His skill in martial art is excellent. last night I had an idea' 'Tell me about it' 'Our army could not win because we apply a wrong strategy. He thought that he was more capable than Kencono Wungu so he rebelled. He asked him about his martial art skill. So he is ready for this duty. His father had trained him Pencak Silat. The king of Blambangan has done a crime. But Damar was smart. He was a very respectable person while his daughter dated with a poor boy. This fact made him very angry. If he can do his job well I will give him great reward' When Logender got home he called Damar Wulan immediately. Now there is a rebellion in Majapahit. Prime Minister Logender was shocked when his wife reported to him about the affair of Anjasmoro and Damar Wulan. And that's why you will receive a great honor to fight for your country. Early in the morning he went to the palace and asked the queen for an audience. as well as empty hand fighting technique.

Sir. If you can do this job well you will be promoted to a high position as the commander of Majapahit army' 'Yes. very early in the morning Damar Wulan left Majapahit alone. He applied for a job instead. He wanted to gather information from him. The Majapahit army kept on spying on him. Today you have to prepare everything and tomorrow you must leave for Blambangan secretly. So he ordered his guards. He did not kill Damar instantly. A small army unit was there to arrest him. They will back you and provide all your needs. They were surprised to see Damar did not directly attack the palace. Don't be afraid because the Majapahit army will fully support you. He dated Waito and Puyengan and he asked them the way to kill Menak Jinggo. One night he secretly jumped the palace wall to kill the king. Several days later Damar Wulan arrived in Blambangan. But Menak Jinggo was a smart person. We have to stop him. Let him alive. Not even Anjasmoro. Since the two women loved Damar they revealed a secret. Finally he was inside the king's bedroom. By doing so he hoped that Damar would give him valuable information. Waito and Puyengan were the wives of King Menak Jinggo. He was also very handsome that two of the king's wife fell in love with him. God gave him a secret weapon called Wesi Kuning' 'What is that?' 'That's a golden amulet. They went secretly so no one knew it. treat him well. But if Damar was killed then they had nothing to do. Do not tell any one about this duty. But unfortunately the king was ready to welcome him. Could you help me find his amulet? . 'Don't kill him. I am very glad to receive this order. It is stored in his bedroom' 'He is a dangerous man. As everybody trusted him. He is a tough guy and he is protected by god. When you can kill Menak Jinggo behead him and bring his head here. He knew where Menak Jinggo lived. He even let Waito and Puyengan to see Damar. He prepared a small army unit under the leadership of his two sons. I will do my best' The next day. 'Nobody can hurt him. Your Majesty' He ordered his men to treat him well. Everybody including the king Menak Jinggo liked him because he was very polite and he did his job well. as small as a thumb but it is very powerful. it was easy for Damar to search the palace. Their task was not to protect Damar but to kill him and seize the head of Menak Jinggo if he could kill Menak Jinggo. But Damar was also a smart person. Once again he was accepted to work in the palace to take care of the horses. Meanwhile Prime Minister Logender had implemented his own plan. I will question him tomorrow'. Are you ready?' 'I am ready any time Sir' 'Good. He was no match for Menak Jinggo.Blambangan and kill him. 'Yes. It is just a small amulet. They went behind Damar in a distant so that Damar did not notice them. Its shape is like a stick.

There was a fight but it was too late for Menak Jinggo. Damar Wulan immediately left Blambangan palace that night while promising Waito and Puyengan to be back after he received the rewa.'I will help you if you marry me' 'Sure I will marry both of you as soon as I can arrest him' When their turn to amuse the king arrived Waito and Puyengan could get into the kings chamber. They used that opportunity to steal the amulet. Menak Jinggo did not realize their conspiracy. Consequently Damar could beat his enemy and Menak Jinggo was beheaded. Then they gave it to Damar Wulan. The sudden attack did not give him much chance to survive.com/ . When the night was very quiet they opened the door for Damar Wulan.blogspot. Sumber : http://indonesianfolklore.

Ken Arok kill him with that incompleted keris. Ken Arok stole the keris again. in 1222. Netherlands. Ken Arok decided to kill Tunggul Ametung. Ken Arok proclaimed himself as the son of Shiva. then a wind hiked her gown. a man called Anusapati wanted the throne of Singosari from Ken Arok. He ordered a "keris" (a sacred short sword) to a priest. When Mpu Gandrig said no.blogspot. Ken Arok. Later. Mpu Gandring. for his protection. Historians has been argued on Ken Arok's new dynasty because his origin wasn't clear . that he showed the keris to everyone. Ken Arok thought that Kediri army would attack his territory. One day Ken Arok accidentaly saw Ken Dedes. and their son. He came up to Mpu Gandring to ask if the keris was completed. the Kediri Kingdom was ruled by Tunggul Ametung. Ken Dedes. Tohjaya killed Anusapati. Tohjaya was killed with Mpu Gandring's keris. After Anusapati's death. Singosari. that he had to have Ken Dedes as his wife. his son Ranggawuni wanted the throne. When he threated the Brahmanas.CURSED SWORD OF EMPU GANDRING The king of Kediri Kingdom in East Java. Tohjaya sent Lembu Ampal to attack Ranggawuni and his companion. Suddenly Ken Arok got a vision. Ken Arok had abandoned Mpu Gandring's keris but Anusapati killed him with that. again with Mpu Gandring's keris. The Battle of Ganter. Mpu Gandring cursed the keris. Ken Arok killed him with the keris. In the 5th year of his reign. and they fought against Tohjaya. He had a very beautiful wife. and they had to do some rituals for that. It took a long time to make a "keris" because only englighted priest could make it. Ken Arok had a concubine named Ken Umang. Ken Arok was impatient to wait the keris to be done. Who is he? Why he could forma kingdom? Does he have a dark past? After Kertajaya lost. At night. Sumber : http://indonesianfolklore.com/ . Kediri army came to Tumapel as Arok was expecting. Before he died. Kertajaya thought himself as a deity. Mahesa Cempaka. Ken Arok lent the keris to Kebo Ijo. Goddess of Wise. Tohjaya decided the revenge. and he was opposed by the Brahmana (priests) caste. His lust to Ken Dedes is getting bigger and bigger. but before he could talk. shows Ken Dedes as Prajnaparamitha. and ordered his troops to fortify. At the 21th year of Anusapati's rule. a petty criminal Kebo Ijo was so proud. Lembu Ampal realized that Ranggawuni was the right person to be the king. then Ken Arok formed his own empire. they ran to Tumapel and asked the ruler. was the end of Kediri Kingdom. at any risk. Ranggawuni and Mahesa Cempaka realized that Mpu Gandring's keris would only make chaos and death. Tohjaya invited Anusapati for gambling. Kebo Ijo was framed as the killer. so they threw the keris to the Java Sea. A statue in Leiden Museum. Legend said that the keris turned to be a dragon. and when Anusapati was having fun. and he succesfully kill Tunggul Ametung.