Sesshin-reminder 22.11.


Just the other day I was mentioning that there is one thing which when one understands and is ready to put into practice can bring about a very liberating, fulfilling development in one's life. It is connected also with how one is looking at life - the mystery of this existence one can not fix into some knowledge - but yet, in human life we use knowledge, and if we use it carefully and wakefully, we can allow it to become a help to get clear and be fulfilled. It can help us to make life more beautiful, more harmonious and also help to discover the true significance of life! This is something of a playful but deeply significant way of being with one's day-to-day life process.

In German there is some kind of a game which is called 'Mensch ärgere dich nicht!', translated it means 'Man, don't get upset!'. In the game it is perhaps going in a different way - a game which many people play at home with children and maybe also among adults. The direction, the very sense of it (not to get lost in being upset) is a good orientation, because that's what makes a human being capable to live the humanness, when we are not trapped and going blindly and unconsciously with our energy, with our emotions, with our reactions. In this sense, one can look at life also as a play of energy! It is one of the possible perspectives to bring a little understanding and insight that can help us to disentangle oneself from all kinds of inner traps.

If anyone would just take this one orientation to heart and allow it to become an orientation that is practiced, it will bring about that very important development in their life which makes a human being truly fulfilled. Recognize the fact that life is providing us in different ways with 'energy'. Each moment there is a fresh inflow of energy taking place in different forms, in different ways, in different levels, be it through our breath or nourishment or 'attention'. We as a human being have the possibility not to be lost in those reactions which entangle us in negative states.

First of all see and understand that in a state of negativity - be it anger or bitterness, disappointment or sadness, hatefulness or feeling of revenge - in all such moments we are in a state

of inner cloudiness, an inner fog! On such occasions our vision is not clear and our perspectives very limited. If you can observe this, but also see that it is a chance for us to be wakeful so that we do not settle with it, it is valuable. Instead, whenever you notice that your energy is getting pulled into a negative state - without trying to justify it, without trying to go blindly with it, and also not just suppressing it - go about in such a way that it becomes a clearance for the energy, preventing it from being trapped in such patterns of reaction that become a negative settlement! That is challenging! Yet, that is exactly what can enable us again and again to be unburdened and act out of clarity, act out of freedom. Through that one can help the energy to move towards a creative, intelligent and loving way of answering to the situations, to the challenges, to the needs of life. …..

One can say that we as human beings have the possibility to observe the automatism in us, which very often pulls the energy into negative states, into darkness. Our chance, our responsibility is to observe it, by being with it and staying with it wakefully, without trying to find explanations and also not trying to fight against it, nor in any way interfering directly with it, but just being with it, observing it. Observe all that is undercurrently going on. ….

Thus be in touch with whatever is taking place within on a subtle level; observe all the desires, all the fears, all the ideals, all the clinging, all the images about oneself, all that is in different ways undercurrently at work – also the pride, the prejudices - be with whatever is there. When I say this, I'm only reminding you to bring your attention into a deeper level. You don't need to label it, you don't need to try and make a knowledge out of it. What is really important is that you stay with it wakefully - like a mirror which is mirroring everything which is coming in front of it. …..

With this quality stay with it, so that the energy is not automatically getting trapped, settled and blocked into a dark and unconscious level. But through the conscious, non-interfering way of being present to it, allow it again to get disentangled. Through such a presence we prevent it from getting into a settlement, and through that indirectly we can also allow the energy to move towards clarity, towards light, towards a creative manifestation.

This is what can happen when you would really, wholeheartedly, deliberately, bring it into practice. It will transform your life into a very positive, very joyous, very liberating and deeply valuable development.

So, 'Man, don't get upset!' 'Mensch ärgere dich nicht!' - to allow a playful quality - this is how we can call this reminder. At least seven times a day bring this awareness process in your human connections. Whenever you find yourself getting pulled into negative states - the moment you notice it - start being present to it. Be with it in such a way that you come to realize that as a human being you have the chance, you have the capacity to observe these inner states without following it blindly or fighting against it blindly.... It is in exercising this capacity which we carry within that we are becoming truly human, truly free. And this is what makes us capable to use the potential of intelligence and creativity in the right way and live the potential of love. …. This is the first reminder.

Let me put it again briefly: In every occasion of a human connection where there is any kind of negativity arising in you, and you feel that you are getting pulled into it - the moment you notice it begin to bring the attention to it in such a way that you stay with it as wakefully and as long as it is necessary, so that the energy which is otherwise getting trapped and settled in that negative state can become free. Thus allow it to become a movement towards a creative response to the situation, a movement towards light. …..

And now the second reminder. It is very much supportive to the first one and also connected with the process, complementary and supportive. It has to do with identification: Whenever we are identified with our personality, with the inner automatism, we are caught in the game of the duality and are easily getting overtaken by our roles, the personality and the identity which we have acquired during this life process. The whole possibility - the art, the chance - in human life is to be with the game of life, to be with the roles one plays in such a way that one is not getting lost in it.

It is a bit like when someone is playing a role in the theater. The actor has to go into the role so intensely, so deeply, and a very good actor is one who manifest the role as if it is all so real, as if he is that role, and yet a good actor is aware that he is not this role. He has to play the role in such a careful way, knowing how far to go, in which way to proceed further with the whole role, etc.! So, the actor is not identified blindly with the role he or she is playing. And that is what makes the acting profession something of a chance to go deeper into a state of consciousness where one can see that we are in different roles, we go into different personalities, but deep within we are neither this nor that. Deep within the reality is something more vast, more significant, more valuable, more mysterious. …..

To get familiar with the deeper dimension of our reality, this reminder can be a very beautiful step. For those who recognize the need to understand life more deeply and have become 'seekers of truth' and are determined to go about life in a careful, wakeful and responsible way, for them this reminder offers a very valuable chance to not go blindly into the 'identifications'.

The reminder in practice is: every hour, when the clock is ringing the full hour, or in the computer or in your 'mobile' you get the indication that it is now a full hour, for the next period after the full hour at least for about ten minutes go about life as if you are on the stage, as if you are the actor playing this role! Don't blindly identify; instead watch your identification, watch that what you are in this moment manifesting. In this way by remembering to observe it all, get disentangled from the blind and unconscious identification. It is a certain playful way of continuing to be with this remembrance for a while which is important. You will notice that very easily we are forgetting one moment we remember, the next moment it is almost forgotten - so you have to remember to have a little laughter, a smile. The best is when you can consciously and also a little bit theatrically allow a laughter. It is said that laughter is the best medicine, at least in this case, when you apply it in this way, you will find that it can be really valuable because it is taking away the unconsciously burdening aspect of seriousness and enabling us again to come to the present.

When you can laugh about your forgetfulness and are not making it into a fight, it will be the right approach. It should not become an issue to prove to be anybody. It is a playful and gentle way of allowing a remembrance that is required! Approach it with this playfulness and be with this theatrical, 'performance-like' manifestation, each time at least for about ten minutes. Even if you can not make it during all the full hours, at least seven times a day bring this remembrance and allow it to brighten up your day. …..

In the east there is a saying: This life is a 'leela', a cosmic play. There is something very valuable in this way of putting it, because when you are ready to approach life with a quality of playfulness and not making it into a blind, struggling and serious approach, then you can see that actually there is a certain element of playfulness in the whole life process. It is not a philosophical statement to settle with and to make it into a belief, but it is an indication for those who want to understand life, to go deeper and to orient.

Once more to put it briefly: make every full hour this reminder by going into a theatrical way of being with oneself - being like an actor who is playing a 'role', yet is inwardly staying without any identification. Without blindly holding to the role – although, outwardly it is a certain identity you are manifesting - deep within remember that you are not unconsciously and automatically settling in it! The practice of this reminder will be very supportive. Practiced together, these two reminders can be very deeply valuable. …..

Allow and practice it for the next three weeks to be a support for you. Allow it to be a playful, joyous way of celebrating life, discovering life, understanding life, and a way to really be using the intelligence and using the mind, rather than being a slave of the mind. This will have very deeply positive implications in your life when you carefully allow it to become a support for you.