Grade 6 & 7: E-Portfolio Checklist

Grade 6 & 7: E-Portfolio Checklist
For additional details or instructions please visit: General overview: Contents of your E-Portfolio must be your original work. Anything you use that is not yours, must be cited using easybib or the citation machine. Your E-Portfolio also needs to be unique to you! Please make sure that it is easy to navigate and that you can find what you are looking for in three or less clicks! Remember before you click publish make sure you.... 1. Answer all the questions and requirements provided with as much detail as possible; 2. Provide references, where necessary, using Son of Citation Machine or EasyBib; 3. Ask a friend or two to read your blog post and provide any feedback so you can improve your post; 4. Listen to your blog post with SpeakIt! to make sure that it make sense and to avoid having too many run on sentences; 5. Check your spelling with "SpellCheckPlus" Online Spelling and Grammar Checker for English ... 6. Add the necessary "Categories" and "Blog Post Title". “Must have” Contents: 1. Home (Page) 1. Title following this example: A.C. MYP E-Portfolio 2. Introduction in both English & Spanish (Make sure there are NO spelling mistakes, especially since this is the first page that people will see) - Step 9 yes 3. Your Avatar, remember it needs to be appropriate for IB and future University applications yes 4. An original Design and Layout to your E-Portfolio, unique to you! no 5. Get rid of the Social Media Buttons at the top right hand side of the page (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

1. Animoto Introduction Video

1. Subject Areas (all blogs):

On each page, please embed (using Scribd if need be) ALL summative assignments that you have already completed for each course so far in MYP. Remember NOT TO publish your name. Please use initials for all your work. For categories, indicate for each submission (your grade when you completed the assignment, the Unit, the AOI, Skills developed or learned.) 1. Art 2. Humanities 3. Language A (English) 4. Language B (Spanish) 5. Life Skills 6. Math 7. Music 8. PE 9. Science 10. Technology
2. (Categories: Introduction, AOI: Approaches to

Learning, Grade 6 or Grade 7) no
3. Power Searching with Google 4. (Categories: AOI: Approaches to Learning, Grade 6 or

Grade 7, Reflection Blog, Research) no
5. Investigate Stage for your E-Portfolio

6. (Categories: Investigate, AOI: Human Ingenuity, AOI:

Approaches to Learning, Grade 6 or Grade 7, Unit: EPortfolio) no
7. Plan Stage for your E-Portfolio

8. (Categories: Design Cycle: Plan, AOI: Human

Ingenuity, AOI: Approaches to learning, Grade 6 or Grade 7, Unit: E-Portfolio)
9. Design Stage for your E-Portfolio

10. (Categories: Design Cycle: Design, AOI: Human

Ingenuity, AOI: Approaches to Learning, Grade 6 or Grade 7, Unit: E-Portfolio) 11. Create Stage for your E-Portfolio 12. (Categories: Design Cycle: Create, AOI: Human Ingenuity, AOI: Approaches to Learning, Grade 6 or Grade 7, Unit: E-Portfolio) 13. Evaluate Stage for your E-Portfolio 14. (Categories: Design Cycle: Investigate, AOI: Human Ingenuity, AOI: Approaches to Learning, Grade 6 or Grade 7, Unit: E-Portfolio) 1. Do not forget to indicate the categories that each post belongs to! 1. My Web 2.0 Tools (Page): Embed Symbaloo Page, this page should include ALL online learning sites that you have been introduced to up to date in all your classes. The sites on this page are educational sites ONLY. 1. Highlights of my learning (Blog): 1. Google Search Course Certificate 2. (Categories: Technology, Certificate, Grade 6 or Grade 7) 3. Please place ALL assignments or work that you are proud of here. You will be sharing this with your parents in May. 4. Categories: Your Grade, The Course, What the Assignment is, ie, test, project, quiz, essay, lab report, experiment, music video, etc. 5. Please complete these reflection questions and paste above the chosen piece of work. 1. Subject: 2. Title of Assignment: 3. Completed in Grade: 4. My learner profile for this activity: Inquirer - Knowledgeable - Thinkers - Communicator - Principled - Open-Minded Caring - Risk-Takers - Balanced - Reflective. 5. AOI: Approaches to learning - Community and Service Human Ingenuity, Environments, Health and Social Education. 6. I chose this piece of work because (explain why you are proud of this piece of work and why you would like to share it in your “Highlights of your learning” 1. CAS (Page or Blog): 1. Here you will put all the work that you have done in Community and Service 2. You can chose to have either a blog or a page for this 3. Please also include learner profiles you demonstrated during the act

5. 6. 7. ivity 8. You can get images off the schools FB page and the schools

Community and Service webpage. 6. Extras....... Anything else that you would like to include in your E-Portfolio. There are some really awesome idea’s out there!
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Task 2: Reflection Journal Monday November 5th: