Quadrangle Employment Position

Preliminary Report of Understanding

Summary • • • • • Innovation and quality design are the product of great plans; Good communication is the fuel of innovative ideas and the engine of plans that work; Exceptional presentations must be backed by consistent delivery of highcaliber products; Development of best practice standards relies on a company culture that honors the value of professional excellence; Design teams require ample opportunity to demonstrate these standards in project settings.

General Vision Quadrangle aims to increase its financial and operative sustainability in the next two to three years (mid-term), mainly by educating clients and the market about its ability to deliver high-value architecture and urban design consultation services for small and mid-size residential, commercial and planning development projects in greater China. Structure & Status Allen Jiang oversees a close-knit partnership of design, engineering and management professionals with offices in Shanghai and Taipei. Top decision-making naturally remains cautious in light of existing market and financial realities. Accordingly, strategies continue to emphasize relationship building with existing and potential clients, along with intelligent use of resources to identify, win and deliver appropriate projects. Currently, there is partner buy-in for a conservative expansion of specific design teams. These efforts depend on establishing clear communication procedures, reporting channels and performance guidelines internally. Together this framework expects to: a) build up design and technical leadership, b) promote greater independence from mature design staff, c) encourage greater cross-team collaboration, and d) boost the company’s capacity to successfully deliver client services. Clients & Projects To date, Quadrangle’s broad client base has allowed them to sustain a viable project pipeline and financial security. This affirms that the company since its founding has built a strong reputation for respected consultation, cost-effective solutions, and reliable project outcomes. Meanwhile, Quadrangle’s leadership continues to refine its marketing efforts to attract new high-value clients, and opportunities for talent to explore new challenges.

Extensive travel and meetings are therefore focused on assuring clients that Quadrangle has the ability to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. In short, clients buy into more than just design solutions: they purchase innovative ideas that increase the overall value of projects. To be sure, such marketing efforts must be supported by highly functional teams on the ground who can successfully demonstrate Quadrangle’s culture of quality design and practice standards. Best Practice At the heart of Quadrangle’s culture is a flexible and collaborative approach to clients that few competing players can offer. This approach not only liberates design solutions from pre-conceived notions. It allows teams to respond efficiently to changing goals, tasks and schedules. To fully assimilate this culture, design teams must constantly be exposed to relevant international case studies that stress the importance of refining ideas and process, along with project work that allows them to explore these ideas in practice. Thereby, staff can develop a working model based on standards of excellence in communication, design and professional practice. This culture of best practice is the foundation of “design thinking” (Ideo) toward which Quadrangle’s talent must consistently strive. Such thinking will not only foster a sense of “ownership” in the work they do, but instill the right benchmarks to guide future tasks. Above all, Quadrangle’s reputation for best practice will continue to inspire confidence and buy-in from clients before initial presentations are even made. Conclusion It is understood that near term, I will need to focus on deepening my understanding of Quadrangle’s overall vision— and its relationship to day-to-day practice— in order to provide effective support to company leadership and on specific projects long-term. Below is brief list of areas you might consider my involvement as things proceed. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Preliminary client, site and environmental analysis of project leads Consultation and quality assurance on client presentations at all phases Various project management support through lifecycle as needed Progressive independence on client liaison and project management after proven field experience Support on internal programs to increase professional standards and operational efficiency Development of bi-lingual marketing materials for targeted clients and projects PR, print & electronic media outreach Support on ongoing R&D initiatives and action plans Participation in cultural/professional education programs for staff