Social networking today has indeed made the world a small place to live in. Thanks to the internet, you can even chat with thousands of people located thousand of miles away .Talking about social networking,one of the first things that come into your mind is facebook.It has in fact taken the world by storm , and people starting from youngsters to aged people log into facebook for a great relaxing time . However nowadays other social networking sites are also catching in fast and gradually eating into the market share. They are also becoming popular among the global internet users and becoming good competitors. Facebook, unlike any other site, has come to define the social era of the Web. More than a portal, its value lies in its dynamic network of social connections and the massive amount of information shared by its users. Facebook, in many ways, is a data processor, archiving and analyzing every shred of information, from our interests, to our locations, to every article and link that we “like.” The collection of data is a potential goldmine for advertisers, keen to better understand and target consumers.

1.1Social Networking : 1.1.1 Why Social Networking?
Through social networking, people can use networks of online friends and group memberships to keep in touch with current friends, reconnect with old friends or create real– life friendships through similar interests or groups. Besides establishing important social relationships, social networking members can share their interests with other like–minded members by joining groups and forums. Some networking can also help members find a job or establish business contacts. Most social networking websites also offer additional features. In addition to blogs and forums, members can express themselves by designing their profile page to reflect their personality. The most popular extra features include music and video sections. Members can read bios of their favorite music artists from the artist's profile page as well as listen to their favorite songs and watch music videos. The video section can include everything from member-generated videos from hundreds of subjects to TV clips and movie trailers.

The phenomenon of online social networking-made extremely popular by MySpace.com , has evolved to include more than the teenage stereotype looking to expand his/her network of online friends. People of all ages and backgrounds have discovered that they can enrich their lives through the contacts they make on a social networking website.Below are the criteria used to evaluate Social Networking websites.

The heart and soul of social networking sites are user’s personal profiles. It’s like their own Internet sanctuary, a place where they can express their thoughts and feelings, post photographs and show off their network of friends. The most popular social network websites put a strong emphasis on the user’s profile, making it easy to use yet still reflective of the user’s personality.

The Internet can be a dangerous place to post personal information. All social networks should provide the ability to set profiles to private in some way or another. Additionally they should have the ability to report and block users. NETWORKINGFOCUS: A good social network goes above and beyond just allowing users to post profiles and update pictures. Additional features should include music sections, video uploads, groups and more.

The object of a social network is to find friends and expand relationships. Top social networking websites allows members to search for other members in a safe and easy to use environment. Common search functions include search by name, city, school and email address.

Most social network sites are self-explanatory. However, in the off-chance a user needs help there needs to be some way to contact the webmaster or answers in an FAQs section. FRIENDFOCUS The growing trend for social networks is to communicate and keep in touch with people you already know. No one wants to be inundated with unsolicited spam friend requests. The best social network sites keep profiles and search options private enough that the only people that can find you are the ones actually looking for users in their own school or neighborhood networks. Even with a completely public profile, users shouldn’t be bothered with more than a couple ofunsolicited comments or messages.


that you can allow one album to be seen by your college mates. another only by work colleagues and bar your siblings from seeing any photos. That is in stark contrast to MySpace. Members already had access to this information. The feeds are a way to automatically alert you when friends do new things. Users are so confident that their information is sequestered from intruders that more than a third post their cell phone numbers. . but the control Facebook offers is so "granular. Facebook has sophisticated privacy settings. and it doesn't seem to have perturbed Zuckerberg much. if you choose. Unlike most other social networks. to see what friends are doing. It also significantly reduces the risk of the kinds of problems with sexual predators that MySpace has famously had. for instance. send messages to others or to amplify their own profiles. check messages. You can also determine how information about you shows up in searches other members conduct on the site. You have a lot of control over who can see what information about you. Photo albums are an important part of peoples' personal profiles. if you choose.2 WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT FACEBOOK? The typical user can see less than half a percent of Facebook's total user profiles. Zuckerberg thinks of Facebook as what he calls a "utility. "This authenticated network structure is a significant difference from other sites. but prevent anyone in a high school group from seeing anything. where everybody can basically see everybody else if they know where to look. unlike the free-for-all on MySpace." to use Zuckerberg's term." More than 60 percent of members return at least daily." says Zuckerberg. So you can enable members of your school or work group to learn about you. The recent hubbub when Facebook added what it calls "news feeds" to each user's home page has died down. Zuckerberg says.1. though he concedes the company launched the new features clumsily. The formats for Facebook profiles are standardized. Now they just get it more efficiently.

the actor Orlando Bloom. HISTORY ABOUT FACEBOOK: Mark Zuckerberg. profiling students and staff. and makes a profit through advertising revenue.PRINCELY.SLAYER) 23. Within 24 hours. over half of the undergraduate population had a profile. the radio DJ Jo Whiley. are among confirmed high-profile members. Yahoo and Google are among companies which have expressed interest in a buy-out.2. This month the company announced that the number of registered users had reached 30 million. The MP David Miliband. Mark Zuckerberg was joined by two other fellow Harvard-students – Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes – to help him grow the site to the next level.com in August 2005 after the address was purchased for $200. then it began to spread worldwide. Users can now give gifts to friends. Jimmy Wales. making it the largest social-networking site with an education focus. A keen computer programmer. Only months later when it was . Mark Zuckerberg had already developed a number of social-networking websites for fellow students. It gradually added support for students at various other universities before opening to high school students.000. Mark Zuckerberg has so far refused to sell. with rumored figures of around $2bn (£975m) being discussed. 1. the Ivy League and eventually all US universities. (nick names: ZUCK. The network was promptly extended to other Boston universities. the name taken from the sheets of paper distributed to freshmen. post free classified advertisements and even develop their own applications . founded Facebook while studying psychology at Harvard University. As of September 2006. The site's features have continued to develop during 2007.graffiti and Scrabble are particularly popular. the network was extended beyond educational institutions to anyone with a registered email address. In February 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched "The Facebook". and eventually to anyone aged 13 and over it became Facebook.200 Harvard students had signed up. reaching UK universities the following month. as it was originally known. the artist Tracey Emin and the founder of Wikipedia. and after one month. The site remains free to join.

" 3. "I can see all of blue.000.200 50. Zuckerberg and Moskovitz dropped out of Harvard to pursue their dreams and run Facebook full time. "Blue is the richest color for me. Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind.officially a national student network phenomenon.COMPANY PROFILE: 3.00M Revenue growth(1 yr):88." he told the magazine.40% .com was purchased for a reported $200. which means the color he can see best is blue.00% Employees(2011): Employee growth: 3.1 THE REASON FACEBOOK IS BLUE: “ Zuckerberg is colorblind” According to The New Yorker. In August 2005. 2. the facebook was officially called Facebook and the domain facebook.1 COMPANY INFORMATION: Fiscal year end : Revenue : December 3711.

Oregon. U. FACEBOOK IPO PREDICTION:        Facebook is the 4th company ever to have an IPO over 10 billion. International offices include: Amsterdam.3 INDUSTRY INFORMATION: Headquarter Offices: Stanford Research Park.Seattle. Tokyo. Facebook makes more money from advertisements than any other website. Selangor.Inc.2 KEY PEOPLE: Chairman and CEO : Mark Zuckerberg COO : CFO: Sherly k Sandberg David A Eberman 3.Miami. Hong Kong. Facebook was project to make over 4. Auckland. Brussels. Sector: Technology Industry : Internet Information Providers 3.COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS: 4.Los Angeles. It s the 3 largest web company after Google and Amazon. Hyderabad. Toronto. Paris.Dallas.S.3. Facebook accounts for 28% of display ads seen online. Sao Paulo.2 billion in profit in 2011. Facebook will be valued higher than Disney. 4.Detroit. Dublin. Amazon and McDonalds.Prineville. Mark Zuckerberg stands to gain over 25 billion.4 TOP COMPETITORS: GOOGLE Inc. Madrid. .Austin. London. Palo Alto. Hamburg. California.(goog) Microsoft Corporation (msft) Twitter .1. Singapore. offices include: Atlanta. Milan.Chicago. NewYork. WashingtonDC. Stockholm. Sydney.

We’ve built storage and serving technologies. which allow us to efficiently serve and store data. and we have one of the largest MySQL database clusters anywhere.  Today. We’ve built storage and serving technologies. TECHNOLOGY: We store more than 100 petabytes (100 quadrillion bytes) of photos and videos. transactions of Facebook stock on private marketplaces value it at about $84 billion.  The engineering team developed Hip Hop for PHP . servers and data centers from the ground up. Open Compute Project: To support the massive scale and rapid growth of our computing needs. To meet this challenge. we custom designed and built our software. It is believed that if Facebook goes public next year. which allow us to efficiently serve and store. Our development cycle is extremely fast. and we've built tools to keep it that way. an open source caching system.2. 4. it will trade at a $100 billion valuation.INFRASTRUCTURE: Our Scale Facebook operates at massive scale and is globally interconnected. such as Haystack.a way to transform PHP source code into highly optimized C++ code. Oregon. 4. which yielded a significant increase in energy efficiency while significantly reducing our costs compared with traditional servers and leased data centers.  We store more than 100 petabytes (100 quadrillion bytes) of photos and videos. Facebook’s infrastructure team rethought every layer of the technology stack. such as Haystack. HipHop offers significant performance gains when compared to traditional PHP. It's common to write code and have it running on the live site a few days later. The result: a data center in Prineville. .  Facebook is one of the largest users in the world of memcached.3.

as well as helping reduce the environmental impact of computing infrastructure. The phrase “this journey is 1% finished” is posted on our walls. an industry initiative dedicated to increasing the pace of innovation in data center technology. HipHop for PHP. 4. For eight to twelve hours. The only rule of Hackathons is that the project can’t be something you work on in your dayto-day job. which means they place people and their social interactions at the core of the product experience. a really good Hackathon idea will turn into an engineer’s day job. Video. and tagging in comments all began as Hackathon projects and are now major elements of the site. our cross-company all-night coding sessions. cross-functional teams to turn their ideas into reality by spending the night hacking out working prototypes. engineers get together in small. We work in small teams and move fast to develop new products. are one of the most popular times for engineers to start projects they’re passionate about. reminding us that we’ve only begun to fulfill our mission to make the world more open and connected.4. But often. Timeline. . Hackathons. constantly iterating and improving. The Open Compute Project aims to make highly efficient scale computing technology available to everyone.an environment that rewards creative problem solving and rapid decision-making.WORKING CULTURE: Hacker Culture Facebook is defined by our hacker culture . Our product development philosophy centers on continuous innovation in creating products that are social by design. Hackathons Open culture keeps everyone informed and allows people to move around and solve the problems they care about most. Chat. We encourage people to be bold.We then open-sourced our server and data center designs to help start the Open Compute Project.

Microsoft approached Facebook. Facebook had a net loss of $3.7 million in venture capital from Accel Partners.5 million more from Greylock Partners. In September 2006. serious talks between Facebook and Yahoo! Took place concerning acquisition of Facebook. A leaked cash flow statement showed that during the 2005 fiscal year.Hackamonth After engineers have spent about a year on a team. proposing an investment in return for a 5% stake in the company. with prices reaching as high as $1 billion. Thiel. they have the opportunity to switch it up and spend a “Hackamonth” working on a different team and a new set of problems. On July 17. by then a board member of Facebook.Zuckerberg had already said he did not want to sell the company. 2007. including data centers. people can choose to keep working on their new project or go back to their previous team.63 million.000 in June 2004 from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. indicated that Facebook's internal valuation was around $8 billion based on their projected revenues of $1 billion by 2015. .FINANCIALS: The documentation also lists what Facebook has been spending its money on: ▪ $860 million on cost of revenue. 2005. in exchange for 7% of the company. Zuckerberg said that selling Facebook was unlikely because he wanted to keep it independent . offering an estimated $300–500 million. and then $27. rumors surfaced about the possible sale of Facebook to a larger media company. With the sale of social networking website MySpace to News Corp on July 19. At the end of the month.In September 2007. and associated salaries ▪ $427 million on marketing and sales ▪ $388 million on research and development ▪ $280 million on general and administrative costs ▪ $695 million on income taxes Facebook received its first investment of US$500.This was followed a year later by $12. bandwidth.5. and denied rumors to the contrary. 4.

a startup created by the former Google employee and Gmail's first engineer Paul Buchheit who. Facebook acquired Malaysian contact-importing startup Octazen Solutions..That month. ABC News & Facebook are brand new media bosom buddies. an online marketplace for trading private company stock reflected a valuation of $11.. Zuckerberg was asked if he expected to remain CEO if the company went public. Microsoft's purchase also included rights to place international ads on Facebook. 2007. adding that he doesn't "think about going public . Another deal which made news in July was Facebook’s agreement with Apple to give away 10 million free iTunes samplers to Facebook users. Facebook acquired social media real-time news aggregator FriendFeed. Zuckerberg said he did. other companies. In September 2009. including Google. A co-branding & content sharing agreement between the two organizations will work both ways: Facebook will feature an ABC News Election application that will port ABC stories to Facebook. in August 2006 Facebook signed a three year deal with Microsoft to provide and sell ads on their site in return for a revenue split. BUSINESS DEALING: Facebook’s core service is completely free and ad-supported. such as "liquidation preferences" that meant Microsoft would get paid before common stockholders if the company is sold. On October 24." He said he did not have a date in mind for a potential IPO. Facebook claimed that it had turned cash flow positive for the first time. In fact. Facebook announced acquisition of photo-sharing service called Divvyshot for an undisclosed amount In June 2010.6.5 billion. Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing invested $60 million in Facebook. Microsoft bought preferred stock that carried special rights. Microsoft announced that it had purchased a 1. On April 2. coined the phrase "Don't be evil". At the All Things Digital conference in June 2010. while at Google. expressed interest in buying a portion of Facebook.6% share of Facebook for $240 million. However. In February 2010. In November 2007. A deal has also been signed to provide Facebook credit cards. ABC News will allow users to interact with their reporters via Facebook and will retain the . 2010. In August 2009. much. giving Facebook a total implied value of around $15 billion. 4.

FACEBOOK ACQUAIRE INSTAGRAM : Facebook and Instagram have been working together for weeks on an Open Graph integration for the mobile photo sharing app.7. Facebook. and invited others among the wealthy to donate 50% or more of their wealth to charity. has helped Instagram roll out a Timeline application to groups of users in stages without any friction on the user side. we noticed a few more users who got access to the app. that action is “took a photo. and investor Warren Buffett signed a promise they called the "Giving Pledge". This type of rollout is possible because Facebook is automatically updating user permissions. users who authorized Instagram to connect with their Facebook account enabled . Inside Facebook has discovered. Previously. which announced today that it acquired Instagram for $1 billion in cash and Facebook stock. Open Graph lets applications create “actions” that can be published automatically to Facebook. but even today it has not gone live for all Instagram users who have connected their accounts with Facebook. These apps compile user activity over time and share summaries of that activity on Timeline. manifestoes… all that good stuff) for their television and web programming.” We first saw evidence of an Instagram Open Graph app in mid-March. Bill Gates. On December 9. quotes. Zuckerberg. 2010. in which they promised to donate to charity at least half of their wealth over the course of time. Late last week. 4. For Instagram.right to user-created content (letters.

POPULARITY: In 2010.8. This is the permission any app uses to post to a user’s Wall. 4. in a July 2010 survey performed by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.and winning the "People's Voice Award" from the Webby Awards in 2008. there is a new “post on my behalf” permission seen circled below. .the “post on my behalf” permission. With the addition of Open Graph apps that publish to boxes on user’s Timelines. Facebook received a score of 64 out of 100. Facebook won the Crunchie "Best Overall Startup Or Product" for the third year in a row and was recognized as one of the "Hottest Silicon Valley Companies" by Lead411.However. The Web site has won awards such as placement into the "Top 100 Classic Websites" by PC Magazine in 2007.

S. Another 2005 survey said 90% of all undergraduates in the U.0 million members . . use either Facebook or MySpace regularly. and a detailed questionnaire analysis by Chris Roberts revealed that 76.1 million members Brazil with 37. In January 2012 the countries with the most Facebook users were:      United States with 152.5 million members Indonesia with 43. India with 43. with 60% of them logging in daily. Perhaps the most amazing statistic of all may be that Facebook is the 7th most trafficked site in the U.According to an internal September 2005 survey.S.2% never click on its ads. approximately 85% of the students in the supported colleges had a Facebook account. and discovered users spend approximately 20 minutes everyday on Facebook.9 million members Mexico with 32.5 million members. A survey conducted by Student revealed Facebook was the most “in” thing after the iPod and tying with beer.

As of March 2011.1. Orkut’s social network can help you maintain existing relationships with pictures and messages that establish new ones by reaching out to people you have never met before.5.qq.com/ Qzone customized to the individual member’s taste.orkut. and listen to music. Orkut www. QZone http://qzone. it is a social networking website. 5. send photos. 150 million Qzone users update their accounts at least once a month. which created by Tencent in 2005.MAJOR COMPETIORS OF FACEBOOK: 5. it already had 480 million users. keep diaries. It permits users to write bogs. This makes Qzone one of the most active communities in the whole industry.com Orkut an online community designed to make your social life more active and stimulating. .2.

com . family. The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity. Linkedin www.ru Odnoklassniki is a social network service for classmates and old friends’ reunion popular in Russia and other former Soviet Republics.5. frequent messages.5.com Twitter is an online social networking service and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters. 5. Odnoklassniki www. generating over 300 million tweets and handling over 1. with over 300 million users as of 2011. known as “tweets”.odnoklassniki. 5.6 billion queries per day.Twitter www.4.linkedin.twitter. It is a service for friends. Albert Popkov created it in March 2006. and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick.3.

Portuguese. French. Twitter. LinkedIn reports more than 135 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories. A typical Facebook profile consists of a number of different features like. Odnoklassniki and LinkedIn are popular social network sites on web but it is obvious fact that Facebook has overtaken its competitors. Facebook is king of all social networking site !! 6. FEATURES ABOUT FACEBOOK: 6.LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site.1Facebook Profiles As Facebook has evolved. German. Italian. Russian. As a conclusion. so have its profile pages – new fields have been added and users can share more information than before. Orkut. As of 3 November 2011. The site is available in English. Turkish and Japanese. Qzone. Spanish. Romanian.            Chat Credits Friends Facebook live Like Message News feed Notification Phone Poke Smart phones .

Facebook announced it would create geographic groups.             Walls Questions Voice calling Events Notes Places Photos videosInformation. Status Friends Friends in Other Networks Notes Groups Most of the sections are self-explanatory but some are specific to Facebook. .The 10 million members today function in over 40. 6. essentially enabling anyone to join a group based on where they live.2 UPCOMINGS: Then in September.0 00 different groups.

discover content such as music and movies. 8M million pages were shifted to timeline in first week of relies.3.The timeline lets you control:    What you show. and Who can see it. . How you display it. Timeline gives you explicit control over how things appear so you can choose the moments you want to share. LATEST APPLICATION : Timeline:Introduced:September 2011.Timeline is the way to tell the story of your life on Facebook. Timeline lets you express yourself in new ways.6. and see a complete view of your life.


engaging andhavesocialcontext. the people who founded Facebook wanted it to be free for everyone. Facebook enables advertisers to reach more than 800 million people with ads that are relevant. when someone posts on Facebook that they have “checked-in” at a restaurant. Showing ads is how Facebook continues to support its growth and development. Advertisers can further engage their audience by incorporating social context into their ads such as displaying when someone’s friend has liked an advertiser’s Facebook Page. education. Advertisers can ask Facebook to show ads to an audience based on demographic factors such as location. their friends may see that in their News Feeds. work history and the interests people have chosen to share on Facebook. The .6. gender. For example. Facebook Ads People have a better experience when ads are relevant and useful. age. Sponsored Stories Sponsored Stories enable marketers to amplify the distribution of stories that people have already shared with their friends. Facebook does this in an anonymous way so advertisers don’t know the individuals who see their ads.4MARKETING IN FACEBOOK: From the beginning.

who has the most connections “True Friends” feature increases your transparency to selected connections. bloat cost structure 8.restaurant can purchase sponsored stories to increase the distribution of that story to the person’s friends." based on the life of Facebook's sweatshirt-wearing cofounder. make connections. family and established contacts. third party applications.THE SOCIAL NETWORK MOVIE (2010): A movie called "The Social Network. “gift giving” and personal data collection make Facebook a powerful advertising platform 7. almost like having private and public profiles Huge.FACEBOOK PROS AND CONS: 7. Sponsored stories also enable marketers to promote stories to people that have liked their Facebook Page. the film is .2. image/video sharing. unless you stay logged on continually Overhead of mashup and “thick” applications could limit scalability.Facebook Cons:      More difficult to navigate and update Requires investment of time to realize sustained benefit Opt in model requires a user to allow others to connect Less immediate responses.Truly biographical or not. instant messaging.1Facebook Pros:       Application mashup. hits theaters on October 1. find people. 7. rapidly growing installed user base Inherit stickiness. Mark Zuckerberg. email. Most people can quickly grasp the value of connecting with friends. some people report they use Facebook instead of email and IM More emphasis on deep connections with others vs. etc.

when Divya Narendra. His site. Storyline: Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking website that would become known as Facebook. and the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business.ISSUSES ABOUT FACEBOOK: 9. Ben Mezrich (book) 9. is used by a half-billion people around the world. and the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.1.Case against Mark Zuckerberg: The legal case against Facebook dates back to September 2004. who founded the social-networking site . but is later sued by two brothers who claimed he stole their idea. Director: David Fincher Writers: Aaron Sorkin (screenplay). after all. making him a household name if he's not already.sure to thrust the 26-year-old Zuckerberg further into the spotlight.

senior counsel Siddharth Lutra. Google. Microsoft. 2011. "The accused are allowed exemption for today only but are directed to appear in person on the next date of hearing without fail.2. Mr Zuckerberg had worked as a computer programmer for them when they were all at Harvard before Facebook was created. No order has been passed by the High Court during yesterday's proceedings. appearing for the complainant. told the magistrate that he would file a fresh list of the addresses of the various foreign-based sites for the serving of the summons through the MEA. The court passed the order after advocate Shashi Tripathi. to face criminal charges for allegedly hosting objectionable contents and directed them to appear before it on March 13. accused Mr Zuckerberg of copying their ideas and coding. including Facebook and Google.ConnectU. The case was dismissed due to a technicality in March 2007. saying the matter was pending before the Delhi High Court and the case file was also in the High Court. Yahoo and Youtube. The court listed the matter for further hearing on March 13 and directed the accused to appear in person before it on the next date. 9. Since the record (case file) is not here." the magistrate said.. sought adjournment for the day. "Let the process (to serve the summons) on (foreign-based) accused be sent through the MEA as per the process." said Metropolitan Magistrate (MM) Sudesh Kumar. "The matter is listed in the High Court for January 16. It asked the Ministry of External Affairs to get the summons served on these companies. He said that one of the accused. The court direction came after the counsel appearing for Facebook India said over ten out of 21 companies named as accused in the case were foreign-based and that the court would have to issue process to serve the summons on them. we are seeking adjournment for today only". Luthra said. The summons were issues to the sites including Facebook. representing Facebook India. who is . During the hearing. The court was hearing a private complaint filed by a journalist Vinay Rai against these firms for allegedly web-casting objectionable contents..THE DELHI COURT ISSUSE: A Delhi court has issued summons to various foreign-based social networking sites.

Jesus Christ and various Hindu gods and goddesses. 293 (sale of obscene objects to young person etc) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy) of the IPC. the alleged contents on these sites were obscene and might lead to "creation of obscene books. "It appears from a bare perusal of the documents that prima facie the accused in connivance with each other and other unknown persons are selling. The magistrate's December 23 order had come three days after another court in a civil case had restrained these sites including Facebook. He had said that as per the records placed before the court by the complainant. He said that summons issued to accused companies Orkut. The counsel for Google India Pvt Ltd also asked the court to adjourn the matter today. which had earlier directed the Centre to take "immediate appropriate steps" in this regard. Youtube and Blogspot have been mistakenly served at their premises here. The magistrate had summoned the accused companies for allegedly committing offences punishable under section 292 (sale of obscene books etc).chairman of the Facebook. Google and Youtube from webcasting any 'anti-religious' or 'anti-social' content promoting hatred or communal disharmony. is based in California in the US and the court would have to direct the MEA for serving summons on him. papers which can easily be downloaded from these social networking websites affecting the minds of children and were harmful for social harmony and may lead to increase in crime against women also". The court. pamphlets. According to the complainant. lascivious content". The magistrate had said. there were defamatory and obscene articles pertaining to various Indian political leaders which were being webcast by these sites. was told by the counsel for Ministry of Communication and Information Technology that they would file a report today itself. publicly exhibiting and have put into circulation obscene. He had also noted that the material submitted by complainant contained obscene picture and derogatory articles pertaining to Prophet Mohammad. The summons to the foreign firms had not been served. . The court had on December 23 last issued summons to them against which some of the accused companies had moved the High Court.

However. It was estimated that 2% of Facebook users coming from the United States would delete their accounts. Iran. will not show any kind of badge like they do on Twitter and Google+.Criticism of Facebook: Facebook has met with controversies.4. but useless for regular folks.9.Syria.5. 9.3. It has been blocked intermittently in several countries including the People's Republic of China. and the safety of user accounts has been compromised several times. 2010 (coinciding with Memorial Day). The new verified accounts. and Bangladesh on different bases. Facebook has settled a lawsuit regarding claims over source code and intellectual property.Facebook pulls a Twitter yet again by adding verified accounts: Facebook will soon begin rolling out verified accounts for high-profile members with large numbers of subscribers. which is perfect for celebrities like Lady Gaga. For example. the service will let verified users change their names to pseudonyms or nick names. however it was later discovered that the anti-Google campaign. Uzbekistan.000 users quit the site. Eminem. In May 2011 emails were sent to journalists and bloggers making critical allegations about Google's privacy policies.Quit Facebook Day: Quit Facebook Day was an online event which took place on May 31. due to privacy concerns. which were first reported on by TechCrunch. and Prince. Instead. . and it will give verified users the option of a pseudonym for their name. in which Facebook users stated that they would quit the social network.The privacy of Facebook users has also been an issue. 9. Pakistan. It has also been banned at many workplaces to prevent employees from using it during work hours. was paid for by Facebook in what CNN referred to as "a new level skullduggery" and which Daily Beast called a "clumsy smear". conducted by PR giant Burson-Marsteller. it was banned in many countries of the world on the basis of allowed content judged as anti-Islamic and containing religious discrimination. only 33.

IMPACT ON FACEBOOK: 9.9. 9.Social impact Facebook has affected the social life and activity of people in various ways. Facebook launched a new portal for marketers and creative agencies to help them develop brand promotions on Facebook. One such reunion was between John Watson and the daughter he had been seeking for 20 years. Financial Times and ABC News have used aggregated Facebook fan data to create various infographics and charts to accompany their articles.Impact on philanthropy The idea of facilitating interaction between individuals via a web platform connecting usergenerated profile pages has been taken beyond social networking. Facebook allows users to continuously stay in touch with friends. but the claims have been questioned by other commentators. With its availability on many mobile devices. notably by person-to- .1.6. They met after Watson found her Facebook profile.3. Some argue that Facebook is beneficial to one's social life because they can continuously stay in contact with their friends and relatives. Several news stories have suggested that using Facebook can lead to higher instances of divorce and infidelity. American Idol.6. while others say that it can cause increased antisocial tendencies because people are not directly communicating with each other.Media impact In April 2011. and Top Gear.6. The company began its push by inviting a select group of British advertising leaders to meet Facebook's top executives at an "influencers' summit" in February 2010. who had not seen each other for nearly 48 years. News and media outlets such as the Washington Post. as long as there is access to the Internet. and has been known to reunite lost family members and friends because of the widespread reach of its network. Some studies have named Facebook as a source of problems in relationships. Facebook has now been involved in campaigns for True Blood. relatives and other acquaintances wherever they are in the world.6. Another father-daughter reunion was between Tony Macnauton and Frances Simpson. It can also unite people with common interests and/or beliefs through groups and other pages.2. 9.

Kiva pioneered the application of this concept to microfinance in 2005. . which the borrowers then use to develop business activities that improve their families' incomes while repaying loans to the members with interest. As with Facebook. However. and receive their money back as borrowers repay. A feature similar to the Wall on Facebook profiles allows borrowers to dialogue directly with lenders via comments posted on their profile pages. Kiva raises funds for local intermediary microfinance organizations which post stories and updates on behalf of the borrowers. This direct person-to-person connection modeled after Facebook's social networking functionality allows Zidisha members themselves to take on many of the communication and recording tasks traditionally performed by local organizations. A similar web-based microfinance funding platform that focuses on China. Zidisha members can fund loans for as little as a dollar. brands itself as a "Facebook for Farmers". unlike Facebook. Lenders can contribute as little as $25 to loans of their choice. Wokai.person charities. dramatically reducing the cost of microfinance services to the entrepreneurs. Kiva and Wokai do not enable direct communication between their members.6. Inspired by both Facebook and eBay. Zidisha borrowers create their own profile pages through which they share photos and information about themselves and their businesses. which allow individuals to contribute small amounts to charitable projects for other individuals.Political impact The stage at the Facebook – Saint Anselm College debates in 2008. In 2009 the US-based nonprofit Zidisha tapped into this trend to offer the first person-to-person microfinance platform to link lenders and borrowers across international borders without intermediaries. The recent spread of cheap internet access in developing countries has made genuine international person-to-person philanthropy increasingly feasible. offering the first web-based service to publish individual microfinance loan profiles for funding. 9.4.

com illustrates how the "Facebook effect" has affected youth voting rates. joined Facebook. . such as connecting to the candidates' Facebook Fan Pages. to better target their voters. In August 2010.  Provides a means for voters to keep up-to-date on candidates' activities. shortly before the New Hampshire primary.Facebook's role in the American political process was demonstrated in January 2008. including:  Allows politicians and campaign organizers to understand the interests and demographics of their Facebook fanbases. Over a million people installed the Facebook application "US Politics on Facebook" in order to take part. An article by Michelle Sullivan of Uwire. Uriminzokkiri. This debate showed the broader community what many young students had already experienced: Facebook as a popular and powerful new way to interact and voice opinions. In February 2008. President Nicolas Sarkozy's colleagues have agreed that it will enforce a law so that the word "Facebook" will not be allowed to be spoken on the television or on the radio. and message questions. support by youth of political candidates. held at the Dana Center for the Humanities at Saint Anselm College. a Facebook group called "One Million Voices Against FARC" organized an event in which hundreds of thousands of Colombians marched in protest against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.com reported in 2012 that the Facebook fanbases of political candidates have relevance for the election campaign. one of North Korea's official government Web sites and the official news agency of the country. In 2011 there was a controversial ruling by French government to uphold a 1992 decree which stipulates that commercial enterprises should not be promoted on news programs. register to vote. as with Wisdom for Facebook. ABCNews. when Facebook teamed up with ABC and Saint Anselm College to allow users to give live feedback about the "back to back" January 5 Republican and Democratic debates. better known as the FARC (from the group's Spanish name). Facebook users took part in debate groups organized around specific topics. and the application measured users' responses to specific comments made by the debating candidates. and general involvement by the youth population in the 2008 election. Charles Gibson moderated both debates.

which was an ultimately failed attempt to advertise to friends of users using the knowledge of what purchases friends made.000 accounts in Bangalore. 9. where mark will own 28. CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in “Facebook has gotten out of control.9. I need to put an end to all the madness”.8. several Facebook users reported that their accounts were hacked and their profile pictures were replaced with pornographic images. Facebook filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to form a political action committee under the name FB PAC. citing that "safety of the users was on the top of their priority list" 9. 2011. Facebook's usage of its user data is under close scrutiny. an internet marketing research company. Facebook agreed to settle US Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers by failing to keep privacy promises. Facebook has denied the claims.SAFTY ISSUES: In November 2011.7. It has been reported that more than 200. a spokesman for Facebook said "FB PAC will give our employees a way to make their voice heard in the political process by supporting candidates who share our goals of promoting the value of innovation to our economy while giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. In an email to The Hill.FACEBOOK WILL END ON JULY 15th. users' news feeds were spammed with pornographic. 2012! PALO ALTO. India were hacked. On November 6. “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life." 9. violent and sexual contents. the security team began expanding its efforts to reduce the risks to users' privacy. . 9. but privacy concerns remain.Privacy According to comScore.FTC settlement On November 29. Facebook launched Facebook Beacon. but considerably less than Yahoo! In 2010. 2007. Facebook collects as much data from its visitors as Google and Microsoft.” said Zuckerberg in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office. As of March 2012.2 %. For more than a week.10.In 2011.

CONCLUSION:  Facebook is a massively successful social networking service that grew to prominence in virtually no time. Rumors of an acquisition continue to circulate. with some estimates putting the price in the billions of dollars. Facebook plans to go it alone. In the short term.      It’s not hard to see why its features and tools are highly appealing. continuing to build out one of the world’s most successful social networks.10. . and Facebook users are extremely well networked in real life. It also acts as a platform for business promotions and marketing the products. however. It also helps in establishing our contatcts with our frinds. family and business professional.

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