Srimad Bhagavatam

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Canto1 Chapter 7

SB 1.7.1
"What was done , on departure of Nârada, by Rishi Ved Vyasa as advised by the Divine sage ?” ,so queried Sri Saunaka to Suta

SB 1.7.2
Suta replied: " At S'amvaprasa on the western bank of the Sarasvatî where sages Meditate there is an ancient asrama for promotion of transcendental activities.

SB 1.7.3
There at home Veda Vyasa sat down amidst the grove of berrytrees to meditate his mind after he had performed his morning sacrifice.

SB 1.7.4
Thus concentrating on the stainless devotional service, Rishi Vyasa Saw Lord with full manifestations under His agency

SB 1.7.5
Beings conditioned by the modes of nature take, despite their divinity Take the illusions for granted and suffer the effects of ego and dignity.

SB 1.7.6
The superfluous miseries of beings are mitigated by worshipful Union with Lord ,so for unenlightened mass , Vyasa Compiled these verses vedic truth

SB 1.7.7

Simple listening to these vedist hymns in service to Krishna the Absolute Extinguish the fire of anxiety and fear by the True devotions that sprout

SB 1.7.8
After compiling the divine tales of Lord Vishnu’s glorious incarnations And mainly of Krishna,he taught,his son,Suka on this path of illumination

SB 1.7.9
Saunaka asked: Why did Suka, already on the path of enlightenment and self study Contented within, leaving everything else, make any work of such an extensivity ?

SB 1.7.10
Such are the Glorious qualities of Lord Krishna that even the one immersed in bliss of one’s soul and freed from all bondage desire to do pure devotional service of His.

SB 1.7.11
The devotees loved the lordly son of Vyâsa because he, having absorbed in the regular study of this great narration, was always devoted to the Lord.

SB 1.7.12.

So let me tell you the story of life and deliverance of Parîkchit the willing the sage among kings, and how sons of pandu passed away renouncing

SB 1.7.13 &14
When, in the battle of Kurukshetra the warriors of the Pandavas and Kauravas met their destiny and when Duryodhana ,the son of King Dhritarâshthra was lamenting his spine crushed by the club of Bhîma, As'vatthama, the sons of Dronâcârya , thought to please his master Duryodhana by beheading sons of Draupadî in sleep ,though his Master disapproved of this act so heinous.

SB 1.7.15
The mother of the Pândavas’ children, was grieved in tears when she heard On the massacre, then Arjuna ,of the Pândavas , told this to pacify her n’ said:

SB 1.7.16
Oh Mylady ! I shall wipe your tears by the trophy of this aggressor’s head Cut by my bow Gandiva ,n’ cremating sons, you bathe standing on his head.

SB 1.7.17
Pleasing her with choice words, Arjuna, fully armed and equipped to chase As'vatthama the son of his martial guru.chariot he boarded

SB 1.7.18
The fugitive Aśvatthāmā,,seeing Arjuna coming towards him with great speed, fled stricken by panic , just to save his life, as Brahmā in fear from Śiva fled.

SB 1.7.19
Helpless the moment his horses got tired, the brahmin selfish, As'vatthama thinking of his self, resorted to the ultimate pranic weapon, the brahmâstra

SB 1.7.20
Life endangered, he touched water and concentrated to recite the mantras, even Though he didn't know, once started, how to revoke this weapon of destruction

SB 1.7.21
Seeing the blinding light spreading in all directions and fearing the shine So fierce, Arjuna turned to his charioteer the Lord Krishna Himself fine.

SB 1.7.22
'O, Krishna, Krishna, You are the Almighty who takes away the fears of the devotees, You alone are the path of liberation for those who suffer in their material existence.

SB 1.7.23

The Absolute controller of Nature and by your internal potency, the Primal One with the bliss and knowledge of Your own Self, wards off the material illusion

SB 1.7.24
From the heart of living beings materially entangled, You bestow goodness, righteousness and such traits of dharma ,truth, purity, compassion and penance

SB 1.7.25
Thus You incarnate in order to take the burden of evil, off the earth and anon To please Thy friends and pure devotees as the loved object of their meditation.

SB 1.7.26

Oh Lord of Lords, I am yet to know where this ominous glow that is now spreading in all directions ,is proceeding to us now

SB 1.7.27

Lord Krishna said: 'Take it as caused by the son of Drona who, facing death, launched the mantric weapon without its retraction,not knowing

SB 1.7.28

Nothing else can counter this weapon but another such,you ,in fact can counter this mighty weapon using your own dazzling, martial art

SB 1.7.29

Sûta said: "Obeying the Supreme Lord , Arjuna, circumambulating Him, Sipped Holy water himself and took up the supreme weapon to counter the opposed.

SB 1.7.30

When the rays of the clashing brahmāstras combined, a great, Firy disc covered the space and the firmament of this planet.

SB 1.7.31
When the inhabitants of the three worlds saw the heat of the weapons scorched them severely, they thought of it as the fire of annihilation at the end of world

SB 1.7.32

. Realizing the disturbance it all created for the people of the world Arjuna had, on the direction of Vâsudeva, both the weapons retracted

SB 1.7.33

Then Arjuna, angered with eyes red as copper, arrested the son of of Gautamî and bound him skillfully with ropes that befits an animal lurching off wildly

SB 1.7.34
When with force the enemy was bound and was taken To camp militarily Lord, gazing all with His lotus eyes, told Arjuna waiting to hear anxiously

SB 1.7.35
'Never let this relative of the learned go, punish him, for he killed innocent boys in their sleep out of whim

SB 1.7.36
The righteous one is afraid to kill an enemy who is careless, insane,of tender age ,slept, intoxicated, a woman ,foolish, a surrendered soul, or someone who has lost his chariot.

SB 1.7.37
The shameless and cruel, thinking of living at the cost of others, for their good time deserves to be stopped in their tracks, as the perpetrator is brought down by crime.

SB 1.7.38
I overheard you making the promise to the daughter of the of Pâñcâla King 'I will bring you the head of the one you consider the murderer of our off springs.'

SB 1.7.39

He,being just as the ashes of his family, an offending sinner ,who displeased the master is responsible for the assassination of your own sons and must be sentenced therefore.

SB 1.7.40
Sûta said: " Arjuna, being put to a test concerning his duty, was encouraged in doing

so by Krishna, didn't wish to kill his teacher’s son, the cruel murderer of his offspring.

SB 1.7.41

When Arjuna, together with his dear friend and charioteer Govinda reached his own camp, he entrusted the assassin to his dear wife who was lamenting over her lost sons.

SB 1.7.42

Upon seeing the criminal silent from his heinous act and as an animal being brought , tied in ropes, Draupadî, by her compassion showed the son of the teacher due respect.

SB 1.7.43
She couldn't bear the sight of him brought ,tied in ropes, and said: 'Release him,for his sire , a learned Brahmin was our teacher indeed.

SB 1.7.44
By his Sire’s mercy you pandavas have received the knowledge privy, of the martial arts and the release and control of all kinds of archery.

SB 1.7.45

Guru Drona still exists in the form of his son, because his widow Kripî with a son alive, did not her husband into death she follow

SB 1.7.46

Therefore, oh most fortunate and righteous, by the goodness comely in you, cause no grief to that ever respectable and honorable family.

SB 1.7.47
Do not make his mother, Drona's widow, cry as Idid, constantly shedding tears in distress over a lost child.

SB 1.7.48

If the rulers show no restraint in respecting the order of the vedantins , their rule will burn up, bringing sooner the royals to grief and chagrin

SB 1.7.49
Sûta said: "O learned ones, the King Yudhishtira heeded the words sans duplicity of the queen in accordance with righteousness and mercy, and glorious in equity.

SB 1.7.50

And so did Nakula and Sahadeva ,the younger brothers of the king, and also Sâtyaki,

Arjuna, the ladies and others in assembly and the Supreme Lord ,the son of Devakî

SB 1.7.51

Thereupon Bhîma said indignantly: “By the fact that he without good reason, neither for himself nor for his master, has killed sleeping children, he deserves death hither.'

SB 1.7.52
The four-armed one ,Lord Krishna, who had heard the words spoken in rage and rile by Bhîma and soft by Draupadî ,saw, Arjuna’s visage, and said with a faint smile:

SB 1.7.53
'One should not kill the relative of a brahmin, even though one kills an aggressor I see both are prescribed to be carried out as rules in such case for the followers

SB 1.7.54

You have to fulfill the promise you made when you pacified your wife and also act to the satisfaction of Bhîma as well as Mine,with no strife.

SB 1.7.55
Sûta said: "Immediately understanding what the Lord meant,Arjuna cut the jewel from the crown of the twice-born one along with his hair cute

SB 1.7.56
Unleashing, As'vatthâmâ, who lost his bodily luster because of the infanticide, And the jewel, was driven off the camp, also had found his strength deprived

SB 1.7.57
Cutting the hair, confiscating the wealth and banishment are forms of physical punishment reserved for the brahmin, none any more are suggested as Corporeal

SB 1.7.58
Thereafter the sons of Pându together with Draupadî, overtaken by grief performed the duties that were needed to be done by family members in respect of their deceased