Bergamo 2.


Gabriele Torri University of Bergamo

[ Reduction of Pollution in Highly Trafficated Areas ]

Pollution generated by vehicles is a very serious issue in Bergamo. The problem is particulary severe in some areas of the city center in which the traffic piles up. There would be the need of some solutions capable of lowering the level of pollutants.

[ Level of Smog in Bergamo ]

The level of pollutants is continuously monitored by the regional environmental agency (ARPA) •According to them the level of PM10 in 2011 has been higher than the legal limit for 87 days. •Also NO2 and ozone level were above the legal limits.

[ Subjects Affected by the Pollution ]

The concentration of pollutants increases getting close to the roads. The pedestrian, and expecially the childrens, who walk on the sideways are the most affected by the problem. •for this reason it is very important to find solutions capable of reducing the pollution right where they are produced.
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[ How to Operate ]

The reduction of pollution should be pursued trying to reduce emissions. •However, there is also the opportunity to tackle the problem from another side, trying to eliminate the polluting particles. •The international literature actually suggests two ways to do it: • Photocatalysis • Planting trees

[ Photocatalysis ]

Photocatalysis is the acceleration of a photoreaction in the presence of a catalyst •This process may be used for accelerating the decomposition of several pollutants, for example NOx, ozone and SO4. •It is possible to use photocatalytic materials for road pavement and wall paint.

[ Photocatalitic Pavement in Bergamo ]
Since 2006 in via Borgo Palazzo, one of the main roads of Bergamo, it has been sperimentally implemented a photocatalitic pavement.

The sperimentation has been stopped one year later due to some technical problems not related to the technology itself. This incident may have reduced the general confidence in this technology.

[ Photocatalitic Pavement in Bergamo 2 ]

The technology was provided by Italcementi, one of the top global players in the market of construction materials, that is settled in Bergamo. This company produces a wide range of photocatalitic materials.

[ Trees and Plants ]

Planting trees and plants is the simplest and most common way to reduce urban pollutants. They capture not only CO2 but also other molecules and particulate matter.

[ Trees and Plants 2 ]

The efficiency of the plants in the reduction of smog is confirmed by many scientific studies. •They also tried to identify the better ones, that proved to be elms, limes, walnuts and ash trees. •There are also some exhotic plants such as tillandsia that are even more efficent.

[ Final Question ]


Is it possible to improve the quality of the air in the most trafficated areas of the city implementing techniques that destroy pollutants?