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Books about Albania and the Albanian people

This is a reference of various books (and some journal articles) about Albania and the Albanian people, their origin, history, culture, etc. The publication dates range from the 17th century to present times. All of them are fully accessible online, curtsey of Google Books, The Internet Archive, and other similar public projects. Each copy of every book and article has also been uploaded on Scribd; a sharing site, a YouTube-like for text files and various publications. For each book and article there’s publishing information and links, to Scribd and to the original location, where it can be read in full or downloaded. While the books can be read in any of the alternative sites, Scribd is recommended because of its additional features; it provides full-screen reading and an optional embed link for blogs and websites. The books on Google Books and Internet Archive also have a few extra empty pages, which have been removed prior to uploading them on Scribd. The two journals included here (Noli’s “The Adriatic Review” and Konitza’s “Albania”) had some of the same pages being repeated throughout (scanning errors it seems), which have also been sorted out on the Scribd version. The books and articles are available for download as well, in pdf format, for which Adobe Reader (free program) is needed. In the author field of each book alternative spellings of names or aliases are provided, when applicable. By clicking on the image of the book a fullscreen picture of its cover can be seen. The Albanian version of this reference can be accessed here Most of the materials included here are in English, but there are also a few in French, German, Italian, and Albanian, and they’re listed below in that order. At the end of the reference (after the non-English books) there are some journal articles (in English) from National Geographic, Scribner Magazine, etc. A lot of these books are also available in public and university libraries, in the United States and other countries. Worldcat (World Catalog) is a very helpful online database for that purpose. By searching via the book title, it provides a list of the libraries nearby that have that particular book.

Title: Albania past and present Author: Constantine Chekrezi [Kostandin Çekrezi] Year: 1919 Publisher: Macmillan (New York) Links: Scribd Internet Archive With introduction by Charles Downer Hazen, professor of History at Harvard University, at that time of publication. Title: George Castriot, Surnamed Scanderbeg, King of Albania Author: Clement Clarke Moore Year: 1850 Publisher: D. Appleton & Co. (New York) Links: Scribd Google Books Scanderbeg (actual name Gjergj Kastrioti) is a legendary European warrior and leader of the 15th century, and the national hero of Albanians. With a small army under his command he successfully fended off several major Ottoman crusades against his homeland for about 25 years. His military accomplishments are credited as being one of the main components that prevented Western Europe from falling under Ottoman occupation. For that, Scanderbeg was recognized by Pope Pius II and Pope Nicholas V with the title Athleta Christi (Champion of Christ). Scanderbeg is considered to be one of the most able military leaders of

all times. Diplomatically, Scanderbeg is the first Albanian to have forged nationwide allegiances of the kind and scale he did. He also formed alliances with leaders of other European nations. Since then, numerous historical and biographical books have been published about him, in several languages. The first to circulate in Western Europe was the work of Marin Barleti (Marinus Barletius) during early 16th century. Several novels, plays, poems and other works have been published about Scanderbeg as well, by authors from different countries and time periods. Title: A journey through Albania and other provinces of Turkey in Europe and Asia, to Constantinople, during the years 1809 and 1810 Author: John Cam Hobhouse Broughton Year : 1817 Publisher: M. Carey & Son (Philadelphia) Vol I: Scribd Google Books Vol II: Scribd Google Books

Title: Author: Year: Publisher: Links:

High Albania and its customs in 1908 Mary Edith Durham 1910 Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (London) Scribd Internet Archive

Title: The Adriatic Review Author: Fan Stylian Noli [Fan Noli] Year: September 1918 - October 1919 Publisher: Pan-Albanian Vatra Federation of America (Boston) Links: Scribd Google Books "The Adriatic Review" was a monthly journal published and edited by the famous Albanian writer and patriot Fan Noli and the Vatra organization in Boston. All of its published issues are included in this record. Most of the articles in each issue are in English, followed by a few articles in Albanian. Title: The memoirs of Ismail Kemal Bey Author: Ismail Kemal Bey, Sommerville Story Year: 1920 Publisher: Constable and company (London) Links: Scribd Internet Archive Ismail Kemal (Ismail Qemali) is the founder of the modern Albanian state. He proclaimed the independence of Albania from the Ottoman Empire on November 28, 1912. His memoirs in this book by Sommerville are mostly about his time in the Ottoman administration. The last chapter is about the independence of Albania. Title: The Captain of the Janizaries: A Story of the Times of Scanderbeg and the Fall of Constantinople Author: James Meeker Ludlow Year: 1890 (First publication: 1886) Publisher: Harper (New York) Links: Scribd Google Books This is a novel about Scanderbeg.

Title: Antiquarian Researches in Illyricum, I-IV Author: Sir Arthur John Evans Year: 1883 Publisher: Westminster: Nichols & sons Links: Scribd Internet Archive Google Books The links on Scribd and Internet Archive contain an additional publication titled "On the Roman town of Doclea". Title: Travels in Sicily, Greece and Albania Author: Thomas Smart Hughes Year: 1820 Publisher: J. Mawman (London) Vol I: Scribd Google Books Vol II: Scribd Google Books Other editions of this book have slight variations, as does the second volume included here: "Travels in Greece and Albania". Title: Journals of a Landscape Painter in Albania, &c. Author: Edward Lear Year: 1851 Publisher: Richard Bentley (London) Links: Scribd Google Books Other title versions from different editions: "Journals of a landscape painter in Albania, Illyria, &c." and "Journals of a landscape painter in Greece and Albania". Title: Author: Year: Publisher: Links: Albania, the foundling state of Europe Wadham Peacock 1914 D. Appleton & company (New York) Scribd Internet Archive

Title: Travels in the Ionian Isles, Albania, Thessaly, Macedonia, &c., during the years 1812 and 1813 Author: Henry Holland Year: 1815 Publisher: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown (London) Links: Scribd Google Books About Albania see page 99 and on. Title: The Burden of the Balkans Author: Mary Edith Durham Year: 1905 Publisher: Edward Arnold (London) Links: Scribd Google Books


Title: The Albanian Question Author: Mehmet Konitza [Mehmet Konica] Year: 1818 Publisher: Williams, Lea, Co. (London) Links: Scribd Internet Archive

Title: Researches in Greece Author: William Martin Leake Year: 1814 Publisher: John Booth (London) Links: Scribd Google Books About the Albanian language see page 237 and on. The book also contains a 2000 words Greek-Albanian–English dictionary, which begins on page 293. Title: Travels in Albania and Other Provinces of Turkey in 1809 & 1810 Author: John Cam Hobhouse Broughton Year: 1858 Publisher: John Murray (London) Vol I: Scribd Google Books Vol II: Scribd Google Books

Title: Communist Takeover and Occupation of Albania Author: Charles J. Kersten; U.S. Congress Year: 1954 Publisher: U.S. Government Printing Office (Washington D. C.) Links: Scribd Internet Archive Full title: Communist Takeover and Occupation of Albania. Special Report No. 13 of the Select Committee on Communist Aggression. House of Representatives. Title: Skenderbeu [Scanderbeg] Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Fan Stylian Noli) Year: 1916 (1863) Publisher: E. Diellit (Boston) Links: Scribd Google Books This is a poem by the Longfellow adapted in Albanian and published by Fan Noli. It contains both the English and the Albanian versions. The year 1863 refers to the original publication by Longfellow. Title: Illyrian Letters Author: Arthur John Evans Year: 1878 Publisher: Longmans, Green, and Co. (London) Links: Scribd Google Books Full title: Illyrian Letters: a revised selection of correspondence from the Illyrian provinces of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Dalmatia, Croatia, and Slavonia, addressed to the Manchester guardian during the year 1877.

Title: Albania: a narrative of recent travel Author: Edward Frederick Knight Year: 1880 Publisher: S. Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington (London) Links: Scribd Internet Archive Title: Scanderbeg: Or, Love and Liberty Author: Thomas Whincop Year: 1747 Publisher: W. Reeve Links: Scribd Google Books This is the first play (tragedy) that is known to have been written about Scanderbeg. Title: High Albania Author: Edith Durham Year: 1909 Publisher: Edward Arnold (London) Links: Scribd Univ of Penn This is not the same as the above listed "High Albania and its customs in 1908" publication of Durham. Also, unlike all other books included in here which are mere scans of the print version of the books, this is an electronic edition provided by University of Pennsylvania, so the page numbers of this version do not correspond with the page numbers of the printed book. The content however, including all the illustrations, is identical. Title: Travels through the Morea, to Constantinople, Albania and several other parts of the Ottoman Empire in the years 1798, 1799, 1800 and 1801 Author: François Charles Hugues Laurent Pouqueville Year: 1806 Publisher: Richard Phillips by Barnard & Sultzer (London) Links: Scribd Google Books

Title: Author: Year: Links:

The economic and financial situation of Albania Albert Calmes; League of Nations 1922 Scribd Internet Archive

Title: Histoire de Georges Castriot, Surnommé Scanderbeg, Roy d'Albanie Author: Jacques De Lavardin, Seigneur du Plessis Bourrot (Marin Barleti) Year: 1604 (First publication: 1576) Publisher: Iean Arnavld Links: Scribd Google Books Full title: Histoire de Georges Castriot, Surnommé Scanderbeg, Roy d'Albanie: Contenant ses illustres faicts d'armes, & memorables victoires à l'encontre des Turcs, pour la joy de Iesus-Christ.


This book is based on the aforementioned Marlin Barleti’s work on Scanderbeg. The English version of Barleti’s book was adapted from this French version of Lavardin and Bourrot. The English version is available in various libraries, though unfortunately not on any free digital library. It can be accessed however on EEBO (Early English Books Online) with a personal (paid) account, or for free via university (library) accounts that do provide access on EEBO. Title: Albania Author: Faik Konitza [Faik Konica, Trhank Spirobeg] Year: June 1898 - November 1899 Publisher: Bureaux de la Revue albanaise (Bruxelles) Links: Scribd Google Books "Albania" was a biweekly journal published and edited by the renowned Albanian writer and patriot Faik Konitza (Faik Konica) in Brussels, and later on in London. What’s included here is not a full record of the journal; it contains issues from Volume B, Nr 6 through Volume D, Nr 11. Each issue has articles in French and Albanian, followed by a few pages in Turkish. Trhank (Thrank) Spiroberg was an alias of Konitza. Title: Albanesische Studien, I-III Author: Johann Georg von Hahn Year: 1854 Publisher: Verlag von Friedrich Mauke (Jena) Links: Scribd Google Books Title: Author: Year: Publisher: Links: Albanien und die Albanesen: eine historisch-kritische Studie Wassa Effendi [Pashko Vasa, Vaso Pasha] 1879 Julius Springer (Berlin) Scribd Google Books

Title: Griechische Und Albanesische Märchen Author: Johann Georg von Hahn Year: 1864 Publisher: Wilhelm Engelmann (Leipzig) Links: Scribd Google Books

Title: Poesie Albanesi Author: Girolamo de Rada [Jeronim De Rada] Year: 1847 Publisher: Stamperia del Fibreno (Napoli) Links: Scribd Google Books De Rada is another renowned 19th century Albanian writer and patriot. The poems in this book are both in the original Albanian version and the adapted Italian version. It also contains "Kenget e Milosaos" (Canti di Milosao), which is another title of other editions of some of the same poems.


Title: L'Albania: Notizie Geografiche, Ethnografiche e Storiche Author: Arturo Galanti Year: 1901 Publisher: Societa editrice Dante Alighieri (Roma) Links: Scribd Google Books Title: Albania Author: Eugenio Barbarich Year: 1905 Publisher: Enrico Voghera (Roma) Links: Scribd Google Books Full title: Albania (Monografia antropogeografica) Con 10 illustrazioni e 13 tavole fuori testo. Title: Rapsodie d'un Poema Albanese Author: Girolamo da Rada [Jeronim De Rada], Niccolo Jeno de' Coronei Year: 1866 Publisher: Federigo Bencini (Firenze) Links: Scribd Google Books Full title: Rapsodie d'un poema albanese raccolte nelle colonie del napoletano tradotte da Girolamo de Rada e per cura di lui e di N.J. de Coronei ordinate e messe in luce. Title: Dhiata e re Author: Konstandin Kristoforidhi [Konstantinit Kristoforidit, Constantine Christoforides] Year: 1872 Publisher: A. H. Boyagianit (Konstantinopol) Links: Scribd Google Books Full title: D e zotit ed e esit t'une - tit. Title: Kalendari i Vatres i motit 1918 Author: Fan Noli; Vatra Year: 1918 Publisher: Shtypur ne Shtypeshkronjen e Gazetes Dielli (Boston) Links: Scribd Google Books This book (in Albanian) has among other things many photographs, and a long list of the names of the people who contributed to the Albanian-American organization for that particular time period, along with the sum of each contribution. Title: Kater Ungjillat Konstandin Kristoforidhi [Konstantinit Kristoforidit, Constantine Christoforides] 1872 A. H. Boyagianit (Konstantinopol) Scribd Google Books Full title ' e zotit ede se esit toune Iesu-Kristit, ede Punet' e Apostuyvet.

Author: Year: Publisher: Links:

Title: Ceshtja shqiptare ne analet diplomatike amerikane (1918 - 1945) Author: Masar Kodra, Majlinda Kodra Year: 1997 Publisher: Logos-A (Shkup) Links: Google Books The full version of this book (in Albanian) can be read on the link provided, though it doesn’t offer an option to download it.

Journal articles and other brief publications
Title: Author: Year : Journal: Links: Albania and its people William Henry Green Oct 1857 The Princeton Review; Volume 29, Issue 4, pp 699-719 Scribd Univ of Mich

Title: Year: Journal: Links: Title: Author: Year: Journal: Links:

Scanderbeg May 1876 The Catholic World; Volume 23, Issue 134, pp 234-243 Scribd Univ of Mich In Albania with the Ghegs Athol Mayhew Jan 1881 Scribner's Monthly; Volume 21, Issue 3, pp 377-392 Scribd Cornell Univ

Title: The Encyclopædia of Missions, Vol 1: Albania; pp 35-39 Author: Edwin Munsell Bliss Year : 1891 Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls (New York, London, Toronto) Links: Scribd Google Books Full title of the book: The Encyclopædia of missions. Descriptive, historical, biographical, statistical. With a full assortment of maps, a complete bibliography, and lists of Bible versions; Vol I. Title: Author: Year: Journal: Links: Albania, A new nation in an old world Viola I. Paradise, Helen Campbell July - December 1922 Scribner's Magazine; Volume 72, pp 566-580 Scribd Internet Archive

Title: Author: Year: Journal: Links:

Recent Observations in Albania George P. Scriven (Brig. Gen., U.S. Army) August 1918 The National Geographic Magazine; Volume 34, Number 2, pp 90-114 Scribd Google Books


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