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: Qatar : United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) : Shintia Dini Wilanda : Universitas Padjadjaran

Topic area : Improving the Achievments of Millennium Goal: Eradiction of Extreme Poverty and Hunger Mahatma Gandhi once said in his speech: Poverty is the worst form of violence. Based on United Nations, poverty is a denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity1. Today, any day, 30,000 children under the age of five will die from preventable illness and starvation. A further 163 million children who will survive this day are severely undernourished. Some 1.2 billion people will try to subsist on less than one dollar a day, while 2.4 billion will not have access to basic sanitation 2. Eradiction of extreme poverty and hunger is the highest priority of Millenium Development Goals, that has been signed in Millenium Declaration by 147 Heads of States (total 189 Member States) at the UN Millennium Summit in September 2000. The Millennium Development Goals are now considered a guide for international and regional organizations involved in the developmental field. The goals have been accepted as a framework to measure progress of the development process. The following: 1. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger; 2. Achieve Universal Primary Education; 3. Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women; 4. Reduce Child Mortality; 5. Improve Maternal Health; 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases; 7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability; 8. Develop a Global Partnership for Development. Though poverty is a human phenomenon present almost in any human society, this phenomenon, thanks God, hardly exists in Qatar, because the State carries out various development programs and projects that ensure full employment. All citizens have high incomes that guarantee for them decent living. In addition, the State provides monthly social assistance to certain groups in society such as widows, divorcees, families in need, persons with special needs, orphans, the disabled, the elderly, prisoners’ families, and families with missing supporters and others. Seeing by the underweight children indicator, the proportion of under 5 children suffering from underweight is 12.6% according to the World Health Survey for 2006. Qatar has, thus, achieved the first Goal by eradiating extreme poverty and hunger a long time ago and this Goal represents no challenge for Qatar. As one of the richest country in the middle east or even in the world, Qatar which has become a high income county with per capita expenditure of more than US $ 33 per day, doesn’t face any difficulties to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. As we accepted the Millenium Declaration, we’re willing to fight against poverty and hunger, also invite all the nations to work together as the only solution to vanish the poverty and hunger.

1 2 Andrew Kuper (ed), Global Responsibilities: Who Must Deliver on Human Rights?, New York: Routledge, 2005.