The Vitamin ShoppeBrandIntegration Outline for HOUSE OF HUGE


Conceptually,the integration ofThe Vitamin Shoppebrand intothe HouseOfHuge Series (SeasonOne)willinclude the following: Vitamin Shoppewillreceive CategoricalExclusivity- there willbenootherVitamin Retailerspresented throughthe episodes of S1. Brand Positioning a. Episode Thirteen-“TheReunion Special” (ReunionSpecialtobefilmedon December 7-8,2012attheMastersOlympia& Pro Bikiniweekend in Miami,Florida) b. Clothing- The Vitamin Shoppelogo tobe worn byallCastMembersduring Reunion Special c. ProductUse-TrueAthleteorVitaminShoppeProductLine i. Productuse by Cast Members tobe insertedasb-roll within 5of13 Episodes(B-roll willbe filmingDec.7) ii. Product(s) featured tobe selected by Sponsor iii. Products tobeprovidedby TheVitamin Shoppe d. EXCLUSIVEvitaminretailer/distributorof Season One.(Firstrightofrefusal forSeason Two) e. Co-BrandingattheHOUSEOF HUGEExhibitor Booth (atMasters OlympiaorArnold SportsFestival2013) i. All CastMembersonhand willpromote Vitamin Shoppe ii. AddThe Vitamin Shoppe logotothephotoshootbackdrop which willbephotographedand shared on social media virally iii. Samplingof selectedproducts f. On CameraOrdering viaMobileDevice, followedby footage ofCastMembers openingVitamin Shoppe shipment i. To beinsertedinto2 episodes g. On-Camera Shopping inVitaminShoppe byCastMembers;tobeinsertedinto 2 episodes. SponsorshipOpportunity forone CastMember a. Promote TheVitaminShoppe involvementbyofferinga Sponsorship to oneCast Member b. Terms of Sponsorshipareatthesolediscretionof the Sponsorand may includebenefitsconducive totheSponsors fiscalparametersand brandidentity. This sponsorship neednotbeofany monetary value,moreso forpublicity ofthe Athlete (i.e.usedinprintor webcampaign) c. SponsorshipOpportunitywillbe co-promoted via Social Mediaand avotingcampaign on such,however,finalchoiceof selection remains withSponsor Advertising (Network CableCommercial Spots are separateand more substantial commitment,and arenotincluded inthisproposal) a. Mobile Lead Advertiser i. First Screenonall Mobile Subscriberand Login apppagewill containProminent logoplacement ii. All MobileAppsubscriberinformation (e-mail and cellphonenumbers) willbeseamlessly providedtoVitamin Shoppe. Users who subscribetodownloadepisodes,will beprequalifiedleadsforVitamin Shoppesales b. Mobile Platform PopUps i. 4 Pop Upbannerper eachof 13episodes on themobileplatform(moreavailableatcost) ii. Durationof eachpopup willbe 6 seconds c. Mobile Platform CommercialSpot i. 2 CommercialSpotsperepisode30 seconds(moreavailable at cost) d. WebsiteBanner Link i. The VitaminShoppe logoandtradedress receive primeplacementonHOUSEOF HUGE Home Page e. SocialMediaCrossPromotion i. AddingThe Vitamin Shoppeto HOUSEOf HUGE Fan PageandpromotingTheVitamin ShoppePartnership Print and ArtIncorporation a. Future editionsandrevisions ofHOUSEOf HUGE promotionalart will includeThe Vitamin Shoppelogo(s) b. Press Releasestoincludetheinclusionof VitaminShoppe (whereappropriate) c. Editorials-allmagazine editorialswillcontainamention of PromotionalConsiderationFees a. $5,500