Code of Conduct Acknowledgment of Resident

All residents of Martha’s House must comply with the following. Failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of services and removal from the shelter.

Name of resident (printed):___________________________________________ I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the Code of Conduct for Martha’s House residents, and I promise to abide by its terms which are set forth below:
1. Resident must fully cooperate during the intake process and provide truthful and

complete responses to all questions presented regarding the resident’s status and request for services. 2. Resident shall not engage in any act of violence against staff or fellow residents, and shall not make any threat the intent of which is to place another person in fear of bodily harm. 3. Resident shall not damage, or convert, the property of Martha’s House, staff, or fellow residents. 4. Resident shall not carry, use, or possess any firearm, knife, or other deadly weapon at any time. 5. Resident shall not consume any alcoholic beverage at any time. 6. Resident shall not use any controlled substance unless prescribed by a licensed physician. Resident shall inform staff of all prescribed medications and surrender them to staff upon entry. 7. Resident shall submit to any drug/alcohol test requested by staff at any time. 8. Resident shall submit to search of his/her person, personal property, locker, bed, and any container at the request of staff at any time. 9. Resident shall not engage in any conduct defined by law as a crime, whether that conduct is alleged to have occurred on Martha’s House property or not. 10. Resident shall not engage in “panhandling” as that term is defined by Indiana law. 11. Resident shall comply with all instructions of staff and his/her case manager, including, but not limited to, treatment/counseling, seeking employment opportunities, and investigating alternative housing. 12. Resident shall comply with Martha’s House “house rules” with respect to personal hygiene, food consumption, preparation or storage, laundry, etc.

Signature of Resident_____________________________________________________

Donation Options

Donations to Martha’s House may be made by mail to:
Martha’s House, Inc. P.O. Box 2115 Bloomington, Indiana 47402 Please make checks or money orders payable to Martha’s House, Inc.

Donations may also be made on-line through paypal on our webpage: “First Friday” Social
The Bloomington Cooking School, 115 N. College Ave., will host a fundraiser for Martha’s House on Friday, December 7th, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Our host will be preparing assorted appetizers throughout the evening. Wine will also be served. The requested donation is $50 per person. Please contact Bob Miller, (812) 606-3202,, for tickets. Walk-ins are welcome!

Adopt-a-Bed Campaign
During the holidays, Martha’s House conducts its Adopt-a-Bed fundraising campaign. It costs $25 to house one person per night at Martha's House. For a donation of $175, a donor would be providing an individual a bed for one week. For a donation of $750, a donor would be providing an individual with a bed for one month. Donors will be publicly acknowledged and thanked unless they request anonymity.

Volunteers: Martha’s House is always seeking volunteers to assist staff at the shelter.
Please call the shelter at 332-1444 for additional information.