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Regina Metis Scrip Claims

Regina is adjacent to the old Fort McLeod/Fort Walsh Trail that led eastward through Whoop-Up to Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills, which was established in 1874 and became headquarters of the North West Mounted Police in 1878. The trail continued eastward to Fort QuAppelle, passing just east of Moose Jaw and north of Regina. It was a regular trade route and an overland thoroughfare connecting the outposts of the fur trade activities. Regina was established in 1882 when it became clear that Edgar Dewdney, the lieutenant-governor of the NWT, rejected the previously established and considered, Troy and Fort QuAppelle, both some 30 mi (48 km) to the east), as the territorial seat of government: these were widely considered to be much better locations for what was anticipated would be a major centre for the Canadian plains. They were situated in amply watered and treed rolling parklands whereas "Pile-of-Bones," as Regina was then called, was in the midst of arid and featureless grassland. However, Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney had acquired land adjacent to the route of the future CPR line at Pile-of-Bones, which was distinguished only by collections of bison bones near a small spring run-off called Wascana Creek that eventually flows into the QuAppelle River near Lumsden, Saskatchewan. There was an "obvious conflict of interest" in Dewdney's choosing the site of Pile-of-Bones as the territorial seat of government and it was a national scandal at the time. It was renamed Regina after Queen Victoria.

Alary, Andre; concerning his children: Virginie, born: 1885 near Regina, scrip cert.: form E, no. 202; Marguerite, born: 1884, scrip cert.: form E, no. 204; John, born: 1881, scrip cert.: form E, no. 206; address: Turtle Mountain; father: Andre Alary (Mtis and deponent); mother: Josette Hamelin (Mtis); claim no. 203 Alary, Daniel; concerning the claim of his deceased daughter Marie Rose Alary; claim no. 484; born: 15 December, 1872 at Regina; father: Daniel Alary (Mtis and deponent); mother: Marguerite Houle (Mtis); died: 1880; scrip cert. no. 2033 F; See Case no. 477, 1672, 1682, 1683 and 1684 of year 1901 Baptiste, Jean (John) address: Regina; claim no. 1426; born: 25 March 1862; father: William Baptiste (Mtis); mother: Bella Favel (Mtis); scrip for $240.00 Beaugrand, Cleophas (dit Champagne); for his unnamed deceased child; claim no. 1170; address: Batoche; born: 13 June 1883 at Regina; father: Cleophas Beaugrand (Mtis & deponent); mother: Elise Lafournaise (Mtis); died: 13 June 1883, at Regina; heir: his father, Cleophas Beaugrand, deponent; scrip cert.: form F, no. 1718 Blue, Frank; for his son Frank; claim no. 3110; address: Edmonton; born: 12 November, 1885 at Regina; father: Frank Blue (Mtis and deponent); mother: Rosalie Langer (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3360

Bruyere, Gregoire; for his deceased sister, Eliza Bruyere; claim no. 1272; address: Glasgow; born: 1877 at Regina; father: Jean Baptiste Bruyere (deceased Mtis); mother: Marie Alary (deceased Mtis); died: 1891 at St. Michel, Dakota; heirs: Gregoire Bruyere, deponent, 120 acres; Marie Rose Melbourne, 120 acres; file ref. 823155 Burke, James Alexander; address: Regina; claim no. 1247; born: 30 April, 1879 between Pelly & Battleford Cardinal, Alexandre; for his son Albert; claim no. 497; address: St. Laurent; born: 18 May, 1872 at Regina; father: Alexandre Cardinal (Mtis and deponent); mother: Elise Moreau (Mtis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 747 for $240.00 Carter, Kate; address: Regina; claim no. 1798; born: 30 November, 1881 at Regina; father: John Carter (Mtis); mother: Annie Lavallee (Mtis) Carter, Kate; heir to her deceased sister, Florence Carter; claim no. 1807; address: Regina; born: 21 May, 1882 at Regina; father: John Carter (Mtis deceased); mother: Annie Lavallee (deceased Mtis); died: 2 June, 1885 at Regina Cayen, Marguerite; address: Duck Lake; claim no. 1008; born: 1857 at Regina; father: Alexandre Cayen (Mtis); mother: Marie McGillis (Mtis); married: 1877 at Red Deer River to John Laframboise; children living: 6 (names on application); scrip for $240.00 Cline, John or Klyne; address: Qu'Appelle Station; claim no. 571; born: 1884 at Regina; father: Joseph Cline (Mtis); mother: Julie Flamand (Mtis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 324 Contois, Pierre; address: Regina; claim no. 96; born: October, 1880 at Hare's Crossing; father: Pierre contois (Mtis); mother: Hlne Capelette (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 2832 Delorme, Joseph; address: St. Daniel; claim no. 1895; born: 14 January, 1877 at West Regina; father: Casmine Delorme (Mtis); mother: Marguerite Swain (Mtis) Denomme, Julien Grandin - Concerning his claim as a child - Address, Qu'Appelle Born, May 8, 1866 at the Butte near Regina - Father, Xavier Denomme, (Mtis) Mother, Marguerite Gouin, (Mtis) - Scrip for $240 - Claim 1549 Deschamps, Virginie; heir to her deceased daughter, Ccile Deschamps; claim no. 807; Born, 1882 near Regina; died: February, 1891; address: LeBret; father: Baptiste Deschamps (Mtis); mother: Virginie Vandal (Mtis and deponent); scrip cert.: form D, no. 470 Descoteaux, Louis; heir to his deceased wife, Agnes Poitras; claim no. 920; born: 23 Jan., 1871 at Regina; died: 1894 at Belcourt; address: St. Alphonse, Manitoba; father:

Gabriel Poitras (Mtis); mother: Marie Anne Amyotte (Mtis); scrip issued to Louis Descoteaux for 240 acres; file ref. 947427 Desjarlais, Marie Louise; address: Dunsuth, North Dakota; claim no. 909; born: 1883 between Regina and Wood Mountain; father: Napolon Turcotte (Mtis); mother: Madeleine Deschamps (Mtis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 506 Garriepy, Roger; address: Regina; claim no. 643; born: 1882; father: Baptiste Garriepy (Mtis); mother: Hlne (Indian); scrip cert.: form C, no. 395 for 240 acres of land Gosselin, Ellen; address: Willow Bunch; claim no. 214; born: July, 1884 near Regina; father: Alexandre Gosselin (Mtis); mother: Marie Champagne (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 192. Gosselin, Philomne; address: Willow Bunch; born: 29 June, 1884 at Regina; father: Antoine Gosselin (Mtis); mother: Francoise Delorme (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 10; file ref. 1186148; claim no. 9. Henderson, Archibald; address: Regin; claim no. 1224; born: 12 June, 1885 at Regina; father: John Henderson (Whiteman); mother: Catherine Monkman (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3262. Henderson, John James; address: Regina; claim no. 1226; born: 17 Aug., 1876 between Qu'Appelle; & Touchwood Hills; father: John Henderson (Whiteman); mother: Catherine Monkman (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3264. Henderson, Mary; address: Regina; claim no. 1218; born: 25 Nov., 1879 near Qu'Appelle; father: John Henderson (Scot); mother: Catherine Monkman (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3263. Henderson, William Daniel; address: Regina; claim no. 1223; born: 21 Aug., 1878 at Qu'Appelle; father: John Henderson (Scot); mother: Catherine Monkman (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 3261. Hourie, Edwin James; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 1011; born: 1862 at Regina; father: Peter Hourie (Mtis); mother: Sarah Whitford (Mtis); married: 1882 at St. Catherines, Sask to Harriet Anderson; children living: Robert Peter; Lydia & Florence Ellen; scrip for 240 acres. Hourie, Henry; address: Regina; claim no. 156; born: 31 Aug., 1881 at St. Catherines; father: Peter Hourie (Mtis); mother: Sarah Whitford (Mtis); scrip cert.: form E, no. 123; file ref. 13023 A on 575825. Hourie, Peter; heir to his deceased daughter, Marie Houri; claim no. 92; born: 3 Nov, 1877 at St. Catherines; died: 20 April, 1894 at Regina; address: Crooked Lake,

Assiniboine; father: Peter Hourie (Mtis & deponent); mother: Sarah Whitford (Mtis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 17 for $240.00. Hourie, Sarah, nee Whitford; for her absent son, Samuel Houri; claim no. 1108; born: 11 Aug., 1875 at Prince Albert; address: Regina; father: Peter Hourie (Mtis); mother: Sarah Whitord (Mtis & deponent); scrip issued for 240 acres; file ref. 13020A. Jordan, Henry (Deceased); Witness & deponent: Jane Mary Norquay; claim no. 1238; address: near Medicine Hat; born: 27 May, 1884 at Qu'Appelle; died: 1893 or 1894 at Regina; father: Frederick Jordan (Whiteman); mother: Marguerite; Guardian: Jane Mary Norquay, the deponent. Labombarde, Nancy - Concerning her claim as a head of family - Address, Regina Born, 1810 at Winnipeg - Father, James Kippling, (Mtis) - Mother, Marguerite Oknese, (Indian) - Married, 1825 on the Plains to Michel Gravel and 1835 at Red River to Alexis Labombarde - Children living, two, Marguerite born 1826 and Domatilde, born 1828 Children deceased, three - Scrip for $160 - Claim 1636 Langer, Jean Baptiste; heir to his deceased children; claim no. 494; Marie Justine, born: 4 Nov., 1876 at Wood Mountain; died: April, 1898; Ernestine, born: 30 July, 1883 at Regina; died: May, 1889; address: Belcourt, North Dakota father: Jean Baptiste Langer (Mtis); deponent); mother: Justine Malaterre (Mtis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 92, Marie Justine; scrip cert.: form D, no. 94, Ernestine. Leveille, John Johnston; for his living children: John James, born: 10 May, 1876 at Regina; Marie Rose, born: 6 Jan., 1878 at Cypress Hills; Victor Napoleon, born: 25 Aug., 1882 at Oak Lake; Rose de Lima, born: 25 Aug., 1882 at Oak Lake; address: Tp. 6, R. 25 W.1; father: John Johnston Leveille (Mtis and deponent); mother: Liza Breland (Mtis); John James, scrip cert.: form E, no. 448; Marie Rose, scrip cert.: form E, no. 450; Victor Napoleon, scrip cert.: form E, no. 452; Rose de Lima, scrip cert.: form E, no. 454; claim no. 517. McDonald, Marguerite; address: Regina; born: 10 June, 1872 in Manitoba; father: Henry House (Mtis); mother: Elizabeth Nellie Inkster (Mtis); claim no. 3502. Morin, Joseph; heir to his deceased son, Baptiste Morin; born: 1885 at Regina; died: October, 1886 at Qu'Appelle; father: Joseph Morin (Mtis and deponent); mother: Helene Pelletier (Mtis); scrip cert.: form D, no. 3036; claim no. 125. Okanase, Pierre or Okanens or Desjarlais; heir to his deceased children: Pierriche, born: 1865 at Pile of Bones; died: February, 1881; Josette, born: 1870 at Moose Jaw; died: 1889; address: St. Paul de Metis; father: Pierre Okanase (Mtis and deponent); mother: Jostte Marron (Mtis); scrip cert.: form F, no. 746, Jostte disallowed to Pierriche; claim no. 2057.

Peterson, William; heir to his deceased wife, Matilda Peterson; address: Regina; born: 1872 at Carlton, Saskatchewan; died: 15 March, 1900; father: Samuel Ballendine (Mtis); mother: Mary Chatelain (Mtis); scrip cert.: form F, no. 285 for 240 acres; claim no. 485. Rocheblanc, Napoleon; address: Qu'Appelle; born: Summer, 1867 near Regina; father: Antoine Rocheblanc Sr. (Mtis); mother: Nancy Pelletier (Mtis); scrip for $240.00; claim no. 1244. Ross, John; address: Grandin; born: 26 January, 1857 at Regina; father: John Ross (Mtis); mother: Marguerite Grant (Mtis); married: 1876 at Duck Lake to Rose Parenteau; children living: Marguerite and Vitaline; children deceased: James and Christine; scrip for $240.00; claim no.995. Swain, Marguerite - Concerning her claim as a head of family - Address, Regina Born, 1836 at Roche Janore - Father, Michel Gravel, (Mtis) - Mother, Nancy Kippling, (Mtis) - Married, 1855 at Red River to Benjamin Pelletier and 1879 at Cypress Hills to John Swain - Children deceased, three (names on declaration) - Scrip for $160 - Claim 1625 Tait, Marguerite, for her deceased children: Catherine, born: 1873 at Qu'Appelle; died: 1874 at Qu'Appelle; Michel, born: at Regina in 1871; died: 1879 at Cypress Hills; address: Maple Creek; father: Joseph Tait (deceased Mtis); mother: Marguerite Desjarlais (Mtis); claim no. 1111. Thomas, Marie; address: Medicine Hat; born: August, 1877 at Regina; father: Xavier Lemire (Mtis); mother: Clemence Berston (Mtis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 796; claim no. 1223. Thompson, John; address: Wood Mountain; born: 14 June, 1884 at Regina; father: James Thompson (Whiteman); mother: Mary "Matric" (Sioux Indian); claim no. 210. Vezina, Margaret; address: St. Louis; born: 14 April, 1878 at Regina; father: Peter Fidler (Mtis); mother: Thrse Swain (Mtis); scrip cert.: form C, no. 677 for $240.00; claim no. 459. Wells Sr., John; heir to his deceased son, Marius Wells; address: Battleford, Saskatchewan; born: 1871 at Regina, Assiniboine; died: January, 1871 at Regina; father: John Wells Sr. (Mtis and deponent); mother: Julie Tanner (Mtis); scrip cert.: form F, no. 337 for 240 acres; claim no. 628.