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Fall 2012

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From the Commodore


The Ephraim Yacht Club has completed another safe, fun, successful, record-setting season. During relatively stagnant economic times, the EYC has grown vigorously and added new members. In 2012, we set annual records again for number of new members, overall member numbers, lessons taught, race participation, and revenues. In the more subjective areas of fun, learning, and socializing, I think we are setting records too. The EYCs record is in contrast to the trend among private clubs in general and yacht clubs in particular, which have struggled to stay afloat in the past decade. A number of people especially those who have been involved with yacht clubs other than the EYC have asked me how the EYC manages to be so consistently successful. I dont think there is any one factor, but rather a number of things which have come together in the past decade to create a virtuous cycle: The EYC is responsive to the wishes of its members. We have built a fleet of 48 (!) EYCowned sailboats in four classes because our members have asked for an inexpensive way to go sailing. The EYC remains focused on its sailing mission. The EYCs enormous lesson program drives gains in membership, racing and revenue. The EYC is family-oriented and intergenerational. The EYCs strong tradition of volunteerism holds down costs, makes the EYC inexpensive, and creates a social bond among members. The EYCs culture is accessible, casual, nonexclusive, and welcoming. Anyone can join the EYC, with no sponsorship or recommendation required. The EYCs record of fiscal conservatism means we have no debt, low rent, a long-term lease, and modern facilities in good condition. The EYCs 501(c)(3) status (very rare among private clubs) enables us to effectively raise donated funds and hold down dues.

EYC Officers and Directors, 2012-13

Jay Lott (Commodore) Jack ORourke (Vice Commodore) Marsella Fults (Rear Commodore) Sibylle Tasker (Secretary) Deb Ritter (Treasurer) Heather Andersen Rich Bierman Rick Hoyerman George Kraemer Betsy Steele John Welch Sue Zingsheim

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN EPHRAIM REGATTA Ephraim Yacht Club, Inc. P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

The EYCs successful season could not have happened without a dedicated and enthusiastic staff, and hundreds of EYC volunteers. We have tried to list and thank everyone by name in this issue of the Eagles Cry. If you volunteered and you dont find your name somewhere in this issue, then THANK YOU. As we go into the offseason, EYC board members, officers, committee members and other volunteers are already planning for the 2013 season. The EYC is what its members make of it, and the EYC is always looking for the right volunteer for the right job. Volunteering is rewarding and is the best way to get to know your fellow EYC members. If you would like to volunteer, or if you have an idea for something new at the EYC, or if you have feedback (positive or negative), please contact me at Finally, as you plan your year-end charitable giving, please remember the EYC. By providing accessible sailing to the entire Northern Door community, summer visitors and year-round residents alike, the EYC is a worthy recipient of your charitable dollars. To donate, visit or mail a check to P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. Your donation is tax deductible and will be acknowledged in writing. And, help the EYC build its endowment by remembering the EYC in your will! Yours in Wind and Water, Jay Lott

parents, Rob and Sherry Moore, and Aarons brother Adam and Adams wife Barbara, all of whom are EYC members. The Moore Fund will finance EYC sailing lesson scholarships for junior sailors who are year-round residents of Door County and who otherwise would not be able to afford sailing lessons or EYC junior membership. The Moore Fund has already received thousands of dollars in pledges. Each EYC sailing scholarship includes a free Student membership, a free textbook, and a discount on lesson tuition (in 2012 the discount was 2/3 that is, a scholarship student paid only 1/3 of the normal tuition). As the EYC ramps up its scholarship program (15 scholarships in 2012 and perhaps more than 25 in 2013), the additional funding of those scholarships by the Moore Fund is especially welcome. The Moores are organizing a dinner party and silent auction to benefit the Moore Fund, on the evening of Saturday, March 2, 2013 at the Lake Forest Club in Lake Forest, Illinois. All EYC members will be invited, so save the date and try to attend if you are not too far away! This will be a good opportunity for EYC members to catch up with their summer friends and look forward to the 2013 EYC season. The Lake Forest Club is centrally located for EYC members with winter homes not only in the Chicago area, but also Milwaukee (only a 45 minute drive from downtown Milwaukee). Watch for an invitation in your e-mail inbox. The Moore Fund joins two other permanent memorial funds at the EYC: The Red Hoag Scholarship Fund was established by EYC members Bill and Cathy Hoag in 2007 in memory of Bills father Red Hoag. The Red Hoag Fund finances lesson scholarships just as does the Moore Fund. The Larry Lewis Memorial Fund was established in 2012 by various donors. It memorializes Larry Lewis, former EYC Commodore and sailing instructor. This fund pays for prizes for enthusiastic junior lesson participants (the Larry Lewis Memorial Happy Camper Award) and also funds other expenses related to the EYCs mission of sailing education and promoting amateur sailboat racing. For example, in 2012, the Larry Lewis Fund added a used Optimist sailboat to the EYCs fleet. To donate to any of these funds, go to, or just send a check to the EYC at P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211.

Announcing the Aaron R. Moore Sailing Scholarship Fund and Fundraising Benefit Dinner
The EYC is pleased to announce the establishment of the Aaron R. Moore Sailing Scholarship Fund. The fund memorializes Aaron R. Moore, who passed away in 2008 and was a lifelong sailor and an enthusiastic sailing instructor. The fund was established in 2012 by Aarons

Clubhouse Report

I am happy to report that we had another safe and a very successful season at the EYC. As you can imagine, we

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

were not lacking for things to do this summer. Every year I think that we have tackled almost everything but then another project or opportunity to make the club even better surfaces. I would like to provide an update on both current and potential projects on which we have started to work for the 2012-2013 season. The first major project on which we are working is continuing our desire to concrete more of the dock. This will allow us to remove the stones and create a safer and smoother surface for our new 420 fleet. If all goes well, we should have the necessary approvals and the work done yet this fall for another 100 feet of concrete. We are also evaluating some dredging due to the extremely low water levels that we are currently experiencing. This will be in selective areas but, as many of you may have noticed this summer, the first three boat lifts would not lower far enough to even get the bunks in the water. Should the water level not come up by spring, we will need a plan to install some floating docks in order to make sure we have a safe environment for our sailors to board the boats at the lower levels. I know that many of you have inquired about the Senior Swim Steps. I have evaluated many different options but because of the wave action on the North dock, it has not been feasible. Instead, we are going to try an angled swim ladder to replace one of the current swim ladders. This ladder will extend far enough into the water to allow everyone the ability to get out easily and safely. We will likely have to extend our current ladders as they barely reach the water levels as we speak today. We have many projects on the list for the fall and next spring. For anyone who would like to volunteer, your help would be greatly appreciated. Should we need to move forward with the floating docks because of water levels, I will be sending out an email as it will be all hands on deck. Please keep me informed about any suggestions or ideas that you may have to make the EYC the world class club we know it to be. Thanks again for your help and support.

Thanks to Club Closing Helpers



Every year, the EYC asks members to take a few hours out of their Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends to help open and close the EYC. Thanks to everyone who helped open the EYC on Saturday, May 26. In no particular order:

John Wood Sarah Olson Roger Waleffe Matt Smitty Smith Michael Smitty Smith Jean Reynolds Andrew Reynolds Julia Reynolds John Peterson Deanna Peterson Scott Pearson Duska Pearson Annika Pearson Gretchen Pearson Ingrid Pearson Peter Moegenburg George Carey Linda Carey Alison Tatlow Norma Hager Tom Murray Mike Callahan Paul Olson Christine Bridenhagen Eric Bierman Stefan Peterson Isak Peterson Adam Moore Joani Lewis Steve Sauter Ellen Stiller Sean Stiller Bruce Gantz Rick Hoyerman Jack ORourke Dick Bierman Fred Lewis Skip Heidler Erica Heidler Brian Ritter Rex Kahr Michael Faugust Nan Hoesley Bob Richter Sydney Richter Steven Richter Eric Richter Stephanie Richter Spencer Olson Claudia Latreille Olivia Latreille Sara Latreille Jason Brown Kirk Brown Karen Brown

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

Kim Miller Rich Bierman Jim Shatto Jay Lott

Duska Pearson Gretchen Pearson Ingrid Pearson Christine Bridenhagen Jay Lott

And thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday, September 1, to help close the EYC after the 2012 season. We were very organized (thanks to clubhouse chair Rich Bierman) and so many people showed up to help that we finished all the club closing projects in only two hours and we were eating our picnic lunch at 11:00 a.m.! In no particular order: Jim Nelson Dick Bierman Rich Bierman John Welch Holly Welch Graham Welch Jack ORourke Abby ORourke Laura ORourke J.R. ORourke Fred Lewis Liz Gheorghita Margaret Gheorghita Edward Gheorghita John Peterson Deanna Peterson Stefan Peterson Joel Dykman Matt Smith Rex Kahr Tom Mulligan Elaine Mulligan Eric Richter Bob Richter Sidney Richter Steven Richter Stephanie Richter Ethan Heick Anne Crowe Larry Crowe Matt Andersen Topher Andersen Donna Scattergood Kirk Scattergood Kim Miller Suzanne Lisle Kate Neavolls Tom Murray Steve Latreille Sara Latreille Claudia Latreille Olivia Latreille

Membership Report

NEW! Online Membership System For 2013, the EYC is moving its membership renewal process and membership directory online! The new online system has several advantages over the EYCs previous paper/personal check renewal system. Members will now be able to pay their dues using a credit card. Members will be able to update their own directory information at any time throughout the year. Members will be able to access the online membership directory from anywhere, without having to consult the printed membership directory. The system will save the EYC countless volunteer hours and will ensure our membership data is as accurate as possible. In order to make the transition easy for all: For 2013, members who choose not to renew online will still be able to renew using a paper renewal form and a personal check. Members who do not have an e-mail address will receive a paper renewal form and can renew by mail, paying with a personal check. The EYC will continue to publish an annual membership directory booklet, which we will continue to mail to our members.

The online program used by the EYC is called ClubExpress. It provides secure password protection. Only you will be able to change your membership data. Only other EYC members will be able to view your directory information online. In December, each member will receive an e-mail from EYC via ClubExpress. The e-mail will provide a user name, password, and a link to activate your ClubExpress account. Please follow the directions in this e-mail to activate your ClubExpress EYC membership account. In January, each member will receive an e-mail from the EYC via the ClubExpress program, providing a link at which you can renew your EYC membership, paying with a credit card. If you have an e-mail address, you must

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

renew your membership using ClubExpress prior to February 28, 2013 in order to receive the early bird discount. Members without e-mail addresses will be able to take advantage of the early bird discount by using a paper renewal form. Your current membership directory information is already loaded in ClubExpress. You will not have to re-enter your membership directory information. However, once you have activated your ClubExpress account, you can update your own membership directory information. When updating your membership directory information, please remember, whatever data you enter will appear verbatim in the EYCs online membership directory and in the printed membership directory and may not be corrected for typos, punctuation and capitalization. So, if you change your membership data, do so with care! If you and your spouse are Family or Senior members, your activation and renewal e-mails will be sent only to the Primary Member. The ClubExpress program initially designates only one spouse (in most cases, the husband) as the Primary Member. If you want to designate the other spouse as the Primary Member, you can do so by editing your membership directory information using ClubExpress. If you are the Primary Member but your spouse takes care of renewing your Family or Senior membership, please forward the renewal e-mail to your spouse. Your spouse can use the user name and password contained in the email to access ClubExpress and renew your membership. With this new system, any paper mailings will be sent to your primary address. The EYC will no longer send any paper mailings to your summer address. So, make sure you have a forwarding order in effect at the Post Office! New Members Weve had 46 new members join since last year! Thanks to all of our members who have encouraged friends, neighbors and family members to join the EYC. If you know of someone who would like to join, please direct them to the EYC website and, from there, they can simply click on the Join EYC link. 2013 Dues For 2013, Family dues remain at $175 with an early bird price (prior to February 28, 2013) of $160. Single and Senior dues remain at $150 with an early bird price (prior to February 28, 2013) of $135. Student memberships will be $65.

Student Members Student memberships will not be renewed using the EYCs new online renewal system. As in the past, Student members will join the EYC during the lesson registration process. Directory Deadline The EYCs paper membership directory will contain the names of all paid members as of April 1. If you renew your membership after April 1, your name will not be included in the paper membership directory, which is mailed in May.


The club had 18 staff members this summer. That included our director, Alex Zalar; eight senior instructors, Alden Crowe, Olivia Demarinis, Woody Heidler, Charlotte Johnson, Camille Morley, Isak Peterson, Matthew Smith, and Maura Zingsheim; and seven junior instructors, Erica Heidler, Sarah Olson, J.R. ORourke, Teddy Papenthien, Stefan Peterson, Eric Richter and Brian Ritter. We also had a volunteer instructor, Rob Comstock, who capably and enthusiastically taught adult lessons. We hired Ryan Qualkinbush, a former student, to serve as equipment manager this year, which helped keep the fleet in good condition all summer. The Ephraim Yacht Club has enjoyed increased lesson enrollment and race participation every summer. This is due to our excellent staff members, who have worked hard to make learning to sail fun, and who have encouraged students to race. They challenged themselves to become more professional this summer to better meet the demand of our growing program, and I think anyone who spent time on the dock noticed this! They also

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

consider it part of their jobs to serve as positive role models for the students. We have been blessed with many home-grown instructors throughout the years. To become a junior instructor at the club, an applicant must be 16 years of age, be US Sailing Level I Certified, have a skippers license, and be willing to work hard. An e-mail will go out to the membership early in 2013, asking for applications and resumes. We are also looking for qualified college sailors to join our senior instructors.

On the sailboat side of the fleet, the EYC added four Optimists, bringing the Optimist fleet from eight to twelve. When this fleet growth was combined with the split of the Optimist fleet into two age classes for racing purposes, the EYC more than doubled Optimist racing opportunities from 2011 to 2012. In 2012, no EYC junior was left on the pier for want of an Optimist to race! During the 2011-2012 winter season, member volunteer Mike Callahan painted the EYCs Scot Milton to look like new. The Milton was also re-rigged with modern racing rigging. The EYC added a Flying Scot McLals Single Malt donated by Lal Burridge, and discarded the old Laura II, which had years of heavy water damage in its floor and was not economically repairable. The EYC also added two new sets of Flying Scot racing sails. Thus, the EYCs Flying Scot fleet remains at eight boats, but the quality of the fleet has vastly improved. The EYC added Laser Radial rigs to its fleet of ten Lasers, making those boats easier to sail by younger and smaller members in higher winds. This has immensely increased the utility of the Laser fleet for lessons as well as racing and fun sailing. Also, one Laser was added to bring the fleet to ten, and one Laser was replaced after suffering major damage which was not economically repairable. With the replacement of the EYCs eight Flying Juniors with a fleet of eighteen 420-class dinghies, scheduled for delivery in May 2013, the EYC will have forty-eight sailboats in four classes for member use in racing, lessons and recreational sailing. The EYC also upgraded its powerboat fleet, which is used by EYC staff for teaching, running races, and safety. The EYCs Hoagie Boston Whaler rejoined the fleet after a complete, like-new refurbishment by Rich Bierman, his family, and Ben Schallip. The EYC purchased another 13 Whaler to replace our 12 tiller-powered inflatable, which we could never get to work reliably and which was sold. So, the EYC now has five powerboats (two RIB inflatables and three 13 Boston Whalers), all in reliable working condition. With almost annual increases in the EYCs fleet, driven by membership increases and member demand, the need for fleet maintenance has grown beyond the ability of the EYCs instructor staff and volunteers to keep up. So, in 2012, the EYC hired a full-time boat maintenance employee during the summer, Ryan Qualkinbush. Together with the EYCs instructor staff, Ryan kept the EYCs fleet in a high state of readiness and repair throughout the season. And, a big thanks to EYCs Director, Alex Zalar, and the entire EYC staff. In the past several years, the staff has

Board of Directors, Officer, and Committee Chair Changes

The EYC welcomes two new members to the board of directors, who have been elected for a three-year term: Betsy Steele and John Welch. In addition, George Kraemer and Sibylle Tasker were re-elected to the board. The EYCs board members put in a lot of work throughout the year, so please thank them next time you see them! Sibylle was also elected the EYCs Secretary. Betsy plans to continue in the time-consuming job of Junior Activities co-chair. John has agreed to take on the important Equipment Committee chairmanship. Sue Zingsheim takes over the big job of Membership Chair from Nancy Claypool. The EYC thanks outgoing board members Nancy Claypool and Marsella Fults (although Marsella still has a year to go as Rear Commodore!). Nancy served for many years as Membership Chair, Secretary, Nominating Committee Chair, and on the Race and Regattas Committee, to name just a few of her contributions. Also, Bjorn Hooper has resigned from the board. Bjorn put in a lot of work as interim Equipment Chairman and as Race and Regattas Chairman for 2012 season, presiding over the EYCs most successful racing season ever and a very well-organized Ephraim Regatta and the Flying Scot Midwestern Championships. There is not enough room here to thank each of them for all the specific things they have done, but we all know that all the work and time they put in will have a huge positive effect on the EYC for years into the future. Please thank Nancy, Marsella and Bjorn when you next get a chance!

Equipment Upgrades in 2012

The EYC continued to invest in upgrades to its fleet in 2012.

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

led an attitude shift at the EYC, creating a culture of caring for the EYCs equipment. Everyone staff, members and juniors alike is doing a great job at treating the EYCs equipment as if it is their own, to keep it in the best possible condition.

420 Fundraising Campaign a Big Success

The EYC has completed its campaign to purchase a fleet of eighteen 420-class dinghies. The campaigns final push took its fundraising goal of $64,420 in pledges. amount collected is over $69,000! raise funds to doublehanded the EYC over Currently, the

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Morof Mr. & Mrs. James E. and Mary Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Papenthien Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Sauter Mrs. Martha S. Sauter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Schoendorf, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Wienke Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Wolf $1,000 to $2,499 Mr. & Mrs. George T. Drost Mrs. Carol Fiedler and Mr. Claude Therien Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Fults Mr. & Mrs. J. Randall Pyle Mrs. Suzanne T. Samson Mrs. Robert E. Sargent Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Steele Mr. & Mrs. John Baker Welch Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Winkler Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Zingsheim $500 to $999 Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Guy L.G. Bush Mr. Richard L. Christensen Ms. Suzanne L. Christensen Ms. Nancy L. Claypool Mr. & Mrs. Luther Dearborn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William C. Gebhardt Dr. & Mrs. Radu Gheorghita Dr. Lisa D. and Mr. Andrew R. Gifford Mr. & Mrs. William C. Glenn Mr. & Mrs. Eric A. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Hoyerman Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lisle, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Roland N. Litterst Mr. & Mrs. John B. O'Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Richter, Jr. Mr. Fabian Waleffe and Ms. Leslie M. Smith $250 to $499 Mr. & Mrs. George V. Carey Mr. & Mrs. Joel A. Dykman Mr. William F. Ford & Ms. Jane Reyerson Mrs. Richard D. Gebhardt Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Graham Mr. & Mrs. J. Steven Graham Mr. & Mrs. William D. Hoag Mr. & Mrs. George P. Kraemer, II Mr. & Mrs. Stephen K. Latreille Mr. John J. Lott Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Moegenberg Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Sidles Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Treleven

The collected amount, plus the amount the EYC will realize from the sale of its eight Flying Juniors, will fully fund the purchase of the 420s, sails and dollies without the need to spend the EYCs operating funds. A big thank you to everyone who donated! The 420s, together with their new sails and dollies, will be delivered prior to the 2013 season. The EYC plans for this fleet to serve the EYC for a decade, for lessons, racing, and recreational sailing. Thanks again to several people who were instrumental in raising these funds: campaign co-chairs Scott and Duska Pearson, Scotts assistant, Joanne Shea, EYC Treasurer Deb Ritter, and fundraisers Marsella Fults, Jack ORourke, and Jay Lott. Special thanks to Heather and Bill Andersen, who donated all the liquor for the fundraising gala hosted at the Pearsons home. Although the EYC has reached its fundraising goal to purchase the boats, additional donations to the EYC are always welcome and appreciated, and will be used to pay expenses associated with the fleet expansion, including new concrete on the pier, and additional sail and gear storage lockers. So, if you would still like to donate, your donation wont be turned away, and your name still can be included on the list of 420 campaign donors! To donate by credit card, go to Or, mail a check to the Ephraim Yacht Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 54211. 420 Fundraising Campaign 2012 donations $2,500 Mr. Stuart M. Bailey & Ms. Elizabeth A. Binder Mr. & Mrs. Stuart F. Chase Dr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Gantz Goettelman Family/FLS Banners Mr. Edward E. Graham & Ms. Marta I. Fonseca Mr. & Mrs. John C. Leonard

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wahl $50 to $249 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Dirk T. Ahlbeck Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Anderson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David F. Backer Mr. & Mrs. Anthony D. Beadell Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bierman Mr. Jason Brown Mr. & Mrs. Guy L. Bush Mr. and Mrs. David D. Chomeau Ms. Carol J. Claypool Mr. & Mrs. A. Lawrence Crowe Mr. and Mrs. James B. Cushing Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Goettsche Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Green Mr. & Mrs. George H. Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Roy M. Harsch Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Hillner Ms. Jennifer Ikeda and Mr. Michael J. Faugust Mr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Johnson Ms. Sarah M. Lisle Ms. Julia K. Lorenz Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. MacNeil Mr. Ryan M. Malmgren Mr. & Mrs. John McFarlane, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. G. Hugh Meilinger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Muderlak Mr & Mrs. Thomas F. Mulligan Drs. H. James and Kay M. Nelson, III Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Parks Ms. Marianne H. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Marvin K. Ritter Drs. Kirk D. and Donna M. Scattergood Mrs. Jack C. Schnackenberg Mrs. Sally Schoendorf Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Sleeting Ms. Diane Taillon Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Tasker Mr. and Mrs. John C. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert F. Urfer Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Van de Ven Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Volkmann Mrs. Robert C. Wahl Mr. Jake Wilson Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wood

The EYCs sailing education program set more records in 2012. We taught 282 student sessions to over 200 unique students, an increase of over 10% from 2011s record level. In 2012, in Session D, we taught 79 students, an EYC record for a single session. Sailing lessons are the single biggest contributor to a vigorous EYC. Lessons drive membership, junior activities, racing, and revenues. By maintaining a large, high-quality sailing school, the EYC creates a virtuous cycle of new members and high member participation. The EYC expanded its lesson program by a week in 2012, adding a one-week lesson session in mid-August which saw significant enrollment and which will be repeated in 2013. Our lesson program benefited from improvements in the size and quality of our sailboat and powerboat fleets, good weather, and a dedicated and well-trained staff. We also saw a continued shift in enrollment from morning to afternoon sessions, which helped the EYC increase overall enrollment while maintaining low student-toinstructor ratios. And all these records were set while the EYC suffered not a single significant injury or safety incident, and while continuing to increase standards of teaching quality. Thanks to all the EYC staff for a great year: Director Alex Zalar; Senior Instructors Alden Crowe, Olivia DeMarinis, Woody Heidler, Charlotte Johnson, Peter Moegenburg, Camille Morley, Isak Peterson, Matt Smith, and Maura Zingsheim; Junior Instructors Erica Heidler, Sarah Olson, J.R. ORourke, Teddy Papenthien, Stefan Peterson (who also served as Race Manager), Eric Richter, and Brian Ritter; volunteer instructor Rob Comstock; and boat maintenance manager Ryan Qualkinbush.

Sailing Lessons at the EYC

Another Record-Breaking Year for Lessons 8

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

The EYC Is a Large Yacht Club

The EYCs members often think of it as a small yacht club, which is correct if you measure the square footage of the EYCs clubhouse. However, by the most important measures, the EYC ranks among the largest yacht clubs in the United States. MEMBERSHIP: In 2012, the EYC had nearly 500 paid members (Family, Senior, Single and Student). US SAILING surveys classify yacht clubs as small (less than 120 members), medium (121-300 members) and large (300+ members). The large clubs constitute 1/3 of all yacht clubs. The EYC is among the larger clubs in the large category. Counting spouses and children, the EYCs 2011 membership approached 1,000 persons. LESSON ENROLLMENT: In 2012, the EYC taught 282 student sessions to over 200 unique students. Nationally, yacht clubs average 87 students in their lesson programs. STAFF: In 2012, the EYC has seventeen instructor staff plus a Director. All eighteen of them were US Sailing Level 1 certified, and more than half are US Sailing Level 2 certified. Nationally, clubs average 6.3 instructors, 4.4 of whom are Level 1 certified. RACING: The EYC schedules eight race dates weekly averaging 3.75 races per date, for a total of 30 races scheduled each WEEK. Nationally, yacht clubs schedule an average of 1.5 race dates per week and run 18 races per YEAR. DUES: The EYC does it all while keeping dues far below the national average. EYC annual family membership dues are $175. Nationwide, the average annual yacht club dues are $661, while the average among the EYCs peer seasonal clubs is $581 and the average among the EYCs peer large clubs is $1,208. Data: US SAILING National Yacht Club Surveys, 2007 and 2010.

The Ephraim Yacht Club was well represented at the 2012 Flying Scot North American Championship held at the Carlyle Sailing Association at Lake Carlyle, Illinois on June 25-29, 2012. Those participating were: Carrie Berger crewing for Larry Taggart (SYC), Nancy Claypool with crew Benz Faget (SYC), Mike and Jennifer Faugust, Jay Lott with crew David Sauter, and Ryan Malmgren with crew Tom Lawton (unaffiliated). Lake Carlyle is about an hour and a half east of St. Louis and is essentially a very large reservoir. Some thought that Lake Carlyle would provide a light air regatta based on weather predictions, so most went double-handed. They were wrong! On Monday, we raced the first two races of the qualifying series with the wind steady at 15-17 knots and sometimes approaching 20. The weather was sunny and in the 80's. With 63 boats racing, we were split into the traditional four groups so that everyone has the opportunity to sail against each other at least once to decide who would be in the Championship and Challenger Divisions. The courses were windward-leewards. Everyone's plan for the qualifiers was to sail well but conservatively so as not to make any mistakes that might prevent you from missing the cut for the Championship Division. On Tuesday, we started off the morning with sunny 85 temperatures and 25+ knot winds. We were told that the winds could build and we needed to sail one more race in the qualifying series. Some skippers and crews decided not to sail. Others decided to go out and come back in if the conditions were "too much." When we got out on the water, the wind laid down a little and the race was started with manageable winds in the vicinity of 12 knots. The good news is that all boats with EYC members went out to race and all qualified for the Championship Division. On Tuesday night, our "night off," Ryan Malmgren organized a giant potluck barbecue at the cabins on the

2012 Flying Scot North American Championship



Eagles Cry Fall 2012

shore of Lake Carlyle where many of us stayed. It was a great mix of sailors, with the Texas people bringing great Tex-Mex food, the New Orleans people bringing their special marinades and drinks, and others improvising and using their best barbecue and tailgating skills to contribute to a great spread. This was topped off by a corn hole competition, thanks to Ryan who brought his boards and bags. Of course, the EYC members were the championship players based on their years of experience at the AC Tap! On Wednesday, we thought again that the wind might be light. Nope! The temperatures were in the 90's and more wind! The championship schedule called for two races on Wednesday, two on Thursday, and one on Friday. The Race Committee, in looking at the forecast for the rest of the week, noted predictions for record-breaking temperatures exceeding 100 degrees (and much more over the asphalt boat storage area). The Committee decided to schedule three races instead of two on Wednesday and two races on Thursday in order to finish the regatta on Thursday instead of Friday. (If you will recall the extreme heat and drought conditions in southern Illinois this past summer, we were in it. There were also many warnings about the risk of fire based on the conditions.) By the time we got out to the course, we had 10-14 knot winds for the first two races, then 8-10 after lunch for the third race. On Thursday, we started the day early with a little wind and mid-90 degree temperatures. Before the windward mark of the first race, the wind had vanished and we drifted until the Race Committee abandoned the race and everyone slowly headed back to the starting area. While drifting around waiting to see what the wind might do, our ever-connected David Sauter got out his phone to check on what was happening in the real world and announced to the fleet that the Supreme Court had handed down the Obamacare decision. That produced a lot of discussion on the water until the Race Committee told everyone to head back to shore for an early lunch and wait on the wind. The wind started coming up and we were back out by 1 p.m. By this time, the temperature was at 100 but with 10 knot winds we were able to start the race (although we felt like we were sailing in a blow dryer). We got in two great races and returned to the dock to start packing up our boats in 107 degree temperatures. (Those who pulled out early were able to get their boats under trees and put them away in the shade.) That night, the awards ceremony was combined with the previously scheduled pig roast. One of the things that made it such a good regatta was that so many top sailors converged on Lake Carlyle for the event, making for a very competitive North American Championship. And, as is often the case, many were

husband-wife or male/female pairs, once again indicating the family nature of the class. The top several places shifted a few times over the five races. The regatta was won by Jeff and Amy Linton from Florida. Jeff is the 2007 US Sailing Rolex Yachtsman of the Year and a former Lightning World Champion. We are fortunate to have him and his wife Amy competing in the Scot class. Trophies were given for the top ten places. Congratulations to EYC's Carrie Berger and Larry Taggart who placed sixth! Congratulations also to Nancy Claypool who was awarded a perpetual trophy for the highest ranking female skipper. Complete results can be located at:

My First Year at EYC


Looking back on my first summer at EYC, I couldnt have been more fortunate having met all of the new students and friends at the club. As a family friend of the Peterson Family, I had visited Ephraim on various trips but never spent more than a week in the county. After deciding to come up for the summer, the Petersons invited me to crew for them in the 100 miler. Obviously, after their successful race in the prior summer, they wanted to participate again and hopefully improve. As a dinghy and scow sailor, racing on a larger yacht would be a new experience for me. I had previously sailed with the Petersons, but my only experience on Charrette was cruising around Green Bay and across Lake Michigan. Of course, after I agreed to be their mast man, they then shared their horror stories of the traveler crushing Alexs leg and Ben being hoisted up the mast to repair the main in the heavy winds. Despite these warnings, I was still excited to be part of the team.

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

In the weeks leading up the race, we practiced on a weekly basis to prepare ourselves for any conditions we might face. Deannas crock-pot specialties were always a delicious surprise as we listened to John tell us about what maneuvers wed work on that evening. At the mast, the most memorable practice was the night we worked on jibe sets, bald-headed sail changes, float drops, mailbox drops, and almost any type of spinnaker maneuver you could think of. While Deanna and I flaked the chute in between, we were ready for any type of winds we would face. By the weekend of the race, we knew the winds would be light and the temperature would be hot. Matt, Deanna, and I sat below deck in the light and lumpy position to keep our weight properly positioned. Even though we were moving slowly, every decision had extensive thought behind it by John with the help of all the crew. As the long day took its toll on us, we began to switch positions to keep ourselves alert. I enjoyed having a new position to try during the light winds. As we played the puffs around Fish Creek, I was amazed to see the dedicated EYC supporters still waiting for us at Horseshoe Island. The wind set in and we finally had some critical spinnaker work that ensured our positioning around the island. After passing Chambers, the sun set upon us as we began the last leg of the race. With Woody and Alex in the cockpit, the rest of us hiked over the rail, something we never thought we would need to do at the start of the race. As we approached Menominee, we all anticipated our finish. Despite the building excitement, no one relaxed until the final sound of our finish. After hearing our final results the next morning, everyone was exceedingly pleased. Winning in our division and overall was a major accomplishment that I honestly never expected. I learned so much from each member of the crew and the conditions of the race. As my first yacht race, I will never forget the thirteen hours on Charrette, and the incredible crew I spent it with.

according to her handicap. The result of this is that all of the boats start in pursuit fashion with the first boat to cross the finish line winning the race. There are a number of opportunities to get involved with JAM racing. The Egg Harbor Yacht Club hosts two Family Day JAM events per year. No knowledge of the racing rules is required. All that they ask is that you avoid hitting anyone. The first event is the Saturday closest to July 4th with the first boats starting at 10:00 a.m. The second race occurs the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Entry is only $30 and includes a pig roast for your entire crew. This in and of itself is reason enough to participate! The Marinette & Menomonee Yacht Club hosts several JAM events as well. The 100 Miler has a JAM division with a shorter course that does not go around Horseshoe Island. There are also two double-handed JAM events. One of these events is held on the Thursday before the 100 Miler and the other in late August, a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The MMYC is a fun place with a lot of friendly people who treat visitors really well. See their website at for more information Although Egg Harbor doesnt require one, you should consider getting your boat an official handicap certificate from the Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet. The rating certificate determines your handicap or the amount of time that you will have to start behind or in front of other boats. If your boat has a keel, chances are there is an exact rating formulated for your specific boat. Contact them for more information at

JAM Racing: Getting Involved In This Wonderful Family Sport


As many of you know, we have been actively campaigning our Beneteau 1st 38 Charrette in the 100 Miler Race the last couple of years. But a less known fact is that weve been participating in JAM racing for much longer. What is JAM racing you ask? JAM is a low key form of keelboat racing that avoids the complication of spinnakers and other sail changes and can even be done single handed. JAM is an acronym for jib and main since those are the only sails allowed to be used. Starts are easy too since each boat is given her own starting time

JAM racing is a fun way to use your keelboat in a different way, bond with your family and meet other fun and interesting people. Deanna and I look forward to seeing you out on the water at one of these events next summer.


Eagles Cry Fall 2012

EYC Sportsmanship Award

July 4 Ice Cream Social Jessica Sauter July 19 Ladies Pot Luck Anne Crowe August 3 Regatta Welcome Party Laura ORourke and Jeanne Papenthien August 4 Regatta Lunches Debby Heidler and Karen Brown August 11 Commodores Party Sue Volkmann

It was an honor to serve as First Mate but it would not have been possible without all of the First Mates volunteer hours, creativity and willingness to serve to make it happen. As you know, the items listed above are just a portion of the time the First Mates contribute to make EYC a better and fun club. What a great group! We will keep you posted as plans unfold for 2013. Have a great winter and well see you in the spring

EYC Bridge 2012

Steven Berger, son of EYC members and Scot sailor Carrie Berger and husband Eric, was recently awarded the Ephraim Yacht Club 2012 Sportsmanship Trophy, awarded annually to the junior member who most embodies the spirit of sailing, enthusiastically helps others, and is a good example for the younger sailors. Steven was presented the award at the annual EYC Commodore's Party. At the end of each two-week session, the sailing instructors select a participant who best exemplifies the spirit of sailing. Steven was selected from his session for, among other things, assisting the instructors in boat repair, putting equipment away, and helping the younger sailors with their boats and equipment. At the end of the season, the instructors select the best junior sportsman from those previously awarded a sportsmanship award during the summer as recipient of the annual Sportsmanship Trophy. This year it was Steven. He also won third place in his Opti Class racing. Way to go Steven!

Bridge was a very popular activity at EYC this past season. There was a full schedule offering both open play and lesson formats. We again welcomed new members for whom bridge was the reason for joining; we love it when they then become involved in other club activities. Open play was held on Monday afternoons and regularly included 20-24 participants. It is strictly a come-if-youcan format -- no predetermined partner or reservations needed. The program was still so well attended as the season drew toward the scheduled end that no one was ready to stop. Special thanks to Commodore Jay Lott and Rich Bierman for the extension into October! There were 16 players at the October 4 final bridge session. Couples bridge offered on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. provided the opportunity for pairs to play and it was followed by an option of dinner out. Any member is welcome to join this group; just bring a partner and come to play. Margaret Graham coordinated the couples group again this year and it continues to grow. Margaret is always interested in gathering names of members who may have an interest in attending. Norma Hammerberg taught a full class of 32 on Thursday mornings for eight weeks. She never ceases to amaze us with her ability to bring more advanced elements of the game to us with clear explanations and a follow-up opportunity to practice the new strategies. A number of our members are now playing competitively in games in the peninsula and in their respective winter locations. EYC bridge players enthusiastically supported the highly successful 420 campaign. As the excitement grew about the new fleet and the opportunity to name a boat, the bridge group decided to collectively donate and name a

First Mates Events 2012


It is hard to believe that the 2012 EYC season is now history. What a year it was! Thanks to all the First Mates, new members and volunteers for making it another great year for EYC. From the opening Social to the Commodores Party everyone enjoyed the parties and the many friendships resulting from EYC membership. A special thanks to the First Mate Chairs and their committees for helping make the 2012 season a big success. June 23 Opening Social Alison Tatlow and Linda Franczyk


Eagles Cry Fall 2012

boat! In addition to the group boat, other players attended the kickoff party hosted by Duska and Scott Pearson and contributed individually. We have not yet reached the threshold to schedule beginner lessons; at least sixteen students would be the absolute minimum required. We encourage those who have expressed prior interest to enroll in beginner lessons at their winter locations, and then come participate in EYC Bridge after you have picked up the basics. Several have done that and transitioned nicely to playing at EYC. Information about next seasons schedule will be sent with the membership/dues packet, and also announced via email distribution. Please be sure that you have kept the membership chair informed of any email address changes.

Winter Flying Scot Regattas

Each winter, quite a few EYC members take their Flying Scots south for some warm weather racing. In 2013, the Flying Scot Midwinter Championship Regatta will be hosted by the Sarasota Sailing Squadron (Sarasota, FL) on March 11-15. If you have never sailed at Sarasota before, its wonderful: clean, tropical waters; consistent afternoon sea breezes; a beautiful location with a spacious, breezy pavilion; and nearby beaches and shopping. The Midwinter Warm-Up Regatta will be hosted by Davis Island Yacht Club (Tampa, FL) on March 9-10. Tampa is just 90 minutes from Sarasota, so its easy to sail in both these fine regattas. Keep an eye on for more information about each of these fun and highly competitive regattas.

Junior and Teen Activities


It was another great year for Youth Activities for the Ephraim Yacht Club. With the support of volunteer parents, Betsy Steele and Duska Pearson were in charge of the Junior Activities. There were lots of old favorites and some new additions. On Wednesday evenings, our junior members and our staff could be found swimming at the YMCA, bowling at the Sister Bay Bowl, playing kickball and potlucking it, sailing to Nicolet and creating a delectable Goulash Dinner (rumor has it spam was included), a first ever EYCs Got Talent Show, as well as the ever popular water games on the dock. The Teen group (high school students) led by myself, also got in an evening of pizza and bowling, barbeques and movies at the Skyway Drive-In, barbeque and water games, RedPutter and Joe Joes Pizza, a power boat trip to Nicolet, and an end-of-the-year celebration at the Andersens Echo Island. All in all, there was good fun and most importantly, great friendships made to last a lifetime. Looking forward to lots of fun in 2013.

Third Annual Cookout




Once again, EYC was the place to be on what is without a doubt the busiest day in Ephraim. The evening started with an award presentation to honor the induction of Malcolm D. Vail Sr. into the Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation Hall of fame. Quite an honor! With over 125 members, families and guests in attendance, the cookout was a great success. Steve Latreille, Bob Richter and Jack ORourke cooked chicken and brats for the group. Many sides were brought for everyone to share. The evening was capped off with the Fyr Ball fires along the shore, and we were at the best place to review all of the festivities. Of course, the typical EYC friendliness was everywhere with the opportunity for old friends to say hello as well as the opportunity to meet many new members. Thank you to all of our new members for attending. We all look forward to next year.


Eagles Cry Fall 2012

Cruising Rendezvous
New in 2012, the EYC sponsored three get-togethers for cruising boaters of all types and sizes. They took place on Memorial Day weekend in Nicolet Bay, Fourth of July for Egg Harbor fireworks, and Labor Day weekend for Sister Bay Marina Fest fireworks. Thanks to EYC members John and Deanna Peterson for organizing these events. At each event, EYC members rafted up, and enjoyed food and drink and friendly visits. These events drew an increasing number of participants throughout the season and a good time was had by all. The EYC has already scheduled similar events for 2013 -- watch the EYC schedule at

Thank you to David Meissner of Fish Creek, who donated to the EYC a used Sirius 21 sailboat and trailer, and a boat lift. The EYC sold the sailboat and trailer to raise funds, and plans to use the boat lift to store another one of our fleet. Thank you to EYC House and Dock chair Rich Bierman, who built new Laser racks for the EYC which are a big improvement over the old racks, made of rigid steel and perfectly designed to easily roll a Laser in and out. Rich also built the EYCs new kayak and stand-up paddleboard racks. Richs company, Wisconsin Converting, donated surplus materials to help hold the cost to a minimum. Thanks to Rich, his family, and to Ben Shallip, for refurbishing the EYCs Hoagie 13 Boston Whaler, which has now rejoined the EYCs teaching/safety powerboat fleet. It looks like new! Thank you to David Sauter and his helpful crew at Envano, Inc. for making upgrades to the EYCs website. Envano created the EYCs site, hosts it, provides online marketing advice, and has never charged the EYC a penny for these services. Thank you to Bjorn Hooper, who spent a day driving to Minneapolis and back to purchase a used Optimist on behalf of the EYC. Thank you to EYC members Bill and Heather Andersen, who, with just a few minutes notice on a weekend afternoon, purchased a used Optimist on behalf of the EYC and delivered it to Ephraim a couple of days later. Bill and Heather also donate the use of the lions share of an entire storage barn each winter, in which the EYC stores its eight Flying Scots and five powerboats, saving the EYC thousands of dollars each year in storage fees. Thank you to Deb and Marv Ritter, who stored the EYCs newest Laser in their garage for five weeks and provided electricity to run a fan to dry it out for that entire time. Thanks to EYC member Bob Klein, who refurbished one of the EYCs Flying Scot centerboards over the winter of 2012. This coming winter, the EYC will use his metalworking skills to shorten two of the EYCs Flying Scot rudders down to (faster) minimum dimensions. Thanks to EYC member Ryan Malmgren of Mad Sails, who repaired one of the EYCs large burgees so it can be flown from the EYCs flag pole. Ryans company, Mad Sails, also provides a discount to the EYC when the EYC purchases new sails.

Reciprocal Benefits
One benefit of EYC membership is reciprocal privileges at other yacht clubs. The EYC is a member of the Yachting Club of America. YCOA member clubs afford limited reciprocal privileges to each others members. Not every yacht club in the U.S. is a YCOA member. In addition, some yacht clubs which are not YCOA members may afford reciprocal privileges to EYC members upon presentation of an EYC membership card. To determine whether any particular club is a YCOA member, go to You can access the members-only area of the YCOA website using the User ID and password printed on the back of your EYC membership card. YCOA member clubs can choose the level of reciprocal benefits afforded to non-members. Therefore, your EYC membership does not necessarily afford you every privilege of membership in another YCOA club. Frequently, reciprocal benefits are limited to use of a clubs bar and restaurant (after presenting a credit card), but may also include transient dockage or similar benefits. EYC members are strongly urged to contact the host club well in advance of arrival to learn the terms on which reciprocal privileges are offered. The EYC does not offer reciprocal billing to EYC members. EYC members must make their own billing and payment arrangements with other YCOA member clubs.

EYC Thank Yous

The EYC gets a lot of help from a lot of people -members and non-members alike. The EYC could not exist without this very high level of volunteer help. 14

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

Thanks to Paul and Nancy Pillat, who again in 2012 donated the use of their Wave Runner to the EYC staff for teaching sailing lessons. Thanks to Em and Bob Rogers, who scanned a pile of old photos which are now in the EYCs photo archive at ns/ Thanks to Mark Warecki of Pro Tree Service, and EYC member Mike Maltby of Action Electric, each of whom loaned lift trucks to repair broken sheaves at the top of the EYCs flagpole, enabling us to fly Old Glory (and Wisconsins flag, and the EYC burgee too!) once again. Thanks also to Mike and Action Electric for storing the EYCs electric crane motors over the winter, and then installing them in the spring, all free of charge, and for upgrading the EYCs electrical circuit on our pier to safer outlets, and for installing some new, much-needed outlets in the EYCs office. Thanks to the Richter, Latreille and ORourke families for providing and cooking a fine dinner for EYC members at the Fyr Bal Family cookout. Thanks to EYC members Alison Tatlow and Linda Franczyk for organizing the EYCs Opening Social, and thanks to Jeff and Betsy Steele for donating the wine served. Thanks to EYC Vice-Commodore Jack ORourke for serving as auctioneer. Thanks to George Kraemer for serving as Master of Ceremonies and for coming up with the idea of a memorial wreath laying for departed members, a custom which the EYC hopes to continue in future years at the Opening Social. Thanks to Suzy Boerke and her husband Dave for offering to donate a new plaque for the EYCs flagpole. The flagpole, originally donated by the late Jack McCoy in honor of his wife Ruth, will now memorialize both Ruth and Jack, Suzys parents. Thanks to Jessica Sauter, who chaired the Ice Cream Social, and to, which is owned by Steve and Jessica Sauter, for donating the ice cream. Thanks to Joani Lewis for chairing the Founders Day picnic, which was paired with a busy evening of Laser and FJ racing and was a big success. Thanks to Deb Ritter and Jack ORourke, who took four summer days away from Door County to serve as drivers and chaperones for the EYCs Sears Cup regional regatta team at Lake Minnetonka.

Thanks to Jesse Decker Brunsvold and the Sturgeon Bay Sail Training Foundation. When the EYC needed a Flying Junior rudder to make our eighth Flying Junior operable for the Rich Hall Junior Regatta, Jesse not only lent us one from the SBSTF, but delivered it to the EYC herself from Sturgeon Bay! Thanks to Bill and Heather Andersen for donating the beverages served at the 420 Fundraising Gala party. Thanks to the Ephraim Historical Society, which has allowed the EYC to use the Olga Dana Green (the park across the street from the EYC) for three EYC events this summer: Yoga, Youth Activity lawn games, and the Regatta Welcome Party on Friday, August 3. Thanks to Anne and Larry Crowe, who again this year provided the use of their beach to store the EYCs Flying Juniors during the Ephraim Regatta, enabling the EYC to increase the space on its pier available to store visiting Flying Scots. Thanks to EYC member Paul Jones, who reset the paver stones at the north upper entranceway to bring them up to grade to make the entrance safer. Thanks to Rob Comstock, who is using his professional sign making skills to make a new sign for the EYC. Rob also served as a volunteer instructor at the EYC in 2012, teaching several of the adult group lessons. Thanks to these EYC members, parents and friends who took time out of their beautiful Fall Fest weekend to help flip over the EYCs Flying Scot Scot Free so that it can be painted: Mike Callahan, Mike Faugust, John Hogan, Bill Lehman, Fred Lewis, Mike Lisle, Jay Lott, Jim Nelson, Sam Perlman, and David Sauter. Thanks again to Mike Callahan, who is painting the Scot Free to make it look better than new! We try to thank everyone, but so many people do so much for the EYC, that sometimes things fall through the cracks. If you know of someone who has done something for the EYC lately, who has not been publicly thanked, please email

Thanks to 2012 In-Kind Donors!

A big thank-you to everyone who donated in-kind items to the EYC in 2012! Thanks to Nancy Claypool, who donated a new WiFienabled printer.


Eagles Cry Fall 2012

Thanks to Donna and Kirk Scattergood, who donated two used printers. Thanks to Lal Burridge, who donated some child-size PFDs. Thanks to Dick Filippini, who donated quite a few items: two Sunfish, a trailer, some Sunfish parts, a kayak, and a windsurfer. Thanks to Bill and Jamie Claypool, who donated several used Flying Scot sails. Thanks to Paul and Nancy Pillat, who donated a PWC lift, and a Flying Scot main, jib and spinnaker. Remember, because of its educational and amateur athletic mission, the EYC is qualified as a charity under Federal tax law, and therefore your donation is tax deductible. The EYC would be grateful for your donation of cash, appreciated securities, and equipment. Among the items which the EYC would particularly like to receive are: * Flying Scot, Optimist, Laser and 420 sailboats, and sails and equipment for them. * A pickup truck or SUV with an automatic transmission which the EYC can use to tow boat trailers and run errands. * Powerboats from 13 to 20 feet, suitable for use in the EYCs lesson program. * 4-stroke outboard motors. * Shore Stations and similar boat lifts The EYC will also gladly accept other boats and marine items in good condition which can be used in the EYCs programs or sold to raise funds for the EYC. And, remember the EYC in your will!

Year-To-Date Donations To The EYC

Members and friends of the Ephraim Yacht Club have been very generous this year. The following is the honor roll of giving through September 2012. The Officers and Board of Directors sincerely thank the following members and friends for the following: General Donations $151 to $500 Betsy Hoag John and Holly Welch The Wild Tomato, Fish Creek

$51 to $150 David and Betty Chomeau Alan and Virginia Eades Bill and Mardi Glenn Carol Fiedler and Claude Therien Flanigan Distributing, Sturgeon Bay Peter Foote and Robin Wilson Jim and Julie- Anne Kress Peggy McBain Judy and John Turner Jake Wilson Up to $50 Wes and Mary Kay Johnson Paul and Deborah Jones Joani Lewis Peggy Lott Hugh and Gretchen Meilinger Douglas J. MacNeill Kevin and Karen Nordahl Glen and Kathy Pentler Karyn and Bernard Youso General Scholarship Fund Up to $50 Keith and Christine Bridenhagen Larry Lewis Memorial Fund Over $1,000 Anonymous $151 to $500 Stuart and Gabriella Chase Tom and Liz Sublewski $51 to $150


Eagles Cry Fall 2012

David and Betty Chomeau Rich and Prudy Hall Cricket and Karyn Herndon Bill and Cathy Hoag David and Helena Lott Jay Lott Up to $50 Cheryl Chase Frank and Sallie Heidler Glenn and Kathy Pentler Martha Sauter Mary Skatrud Dick and Anne Van de Ven Aaron Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund Over $1,000 Karen Moore In Memory of Harry Bud Frank $50 to $150 Marjorie Gunnell In Memory of Former Commodore Jack McCoy $501 to $999 David and Katie Boerke $151 to $500 Peter Grimm Cricket and Karyn Herndon $50 to $150 David and Betty Chomeau Martha Sauter Robert A. and Margaret M. Shade In Memory of Milton Skip Samson $50 to $150 Susie Samson If anyone has been inadvertently left off this list, we sincerely regret the omission. Please notify Treasurer Deb Ritter and she will make sure you appear in the Spring 2013 edition of the Eagles Cry.

constantly seeking the right volunteer for the right position. Some of the EYCs available volunteer opportunities are listed below. For more detail on these volunteer positions, go to and click on Volunteers Needed. Advertising Sales Chair Chart Salesperson Development Chair Disposer of the EYCs Electric Swiveling Boat Lift Education Committee Co-Chair Endowment Chair Float Coordinator Grant Writer House and Dock King of Pop Photographer(s) and Videographers Race and Regattas Committee Chair

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Volunteer opportunities are available for persons of all skills and regardless of how much or how little time you are able to give. If you would like to volunteer to help the EYC, either in one of the positions described above or in some other capacity, please contact Or, you can contact the appropriate Committee chairperson by going to

Racing in 2012 at the EYC

Promoting amateur sailboat racing mostly by providing accessible racing in one-design dinghies -- is one of the primary missions of the EYC. Thanks to more races scheduled, more boats in the EYCs fleet, and more interest in junior racing, the EYC saw more overall race participation in 2012 than in any previous year which means more EYC members and juniors are having more fun racing! For the first time, the EYC hired a designated Race Manager (Stefan Peterson), whose experience and consistency added greatly to the quality of our race management. Flying Scots

Volunteers Needed
The Ephraim Yacht Club is volunteer-managed, and could not exist without the thousands of hours of volunteer time donated every year by its members. As the EYC grows, its important to spread the volunteer load so that no one person is required to carry too much. The EYC is

Participation in the Flying Scot series races was similar to previous years, while the Ephraim Regatta (which was also the Midwest District Championship of the Flying Scot class) had a strong turnout of 33 boats. The Ephraim Regatta is always one of the largest Flying Scot regattas in the United State, and 2012 was no exception. This


Eagles Cry Fall 2012

years Ephraim regatta saw excellent race management, as the EYC was fortunate to have Don Smith of North Carolina as our expert Principal Race Officer, together with an experienced group of race committee and tow/rescue volunteers. The Ephraim Regatta continued to be well-organized and well-run under the leadership of Regatta Chairman Bjorn Hooper (who also served for the entire 2012 season as the EYCs Race and Regattas Committee Chairman.) The EYC had good weather with light easterlies for the Flying Scot Midwest Singlehanded Regatta on the afternoon of Friday, August 3. Moderate to brisk southerlies and westerlies for the Ephraim Regatta on Saturday August 4 enabled the race committee to complete the full schedule of three races. Unfortunately, the wind on Sunday August 5 was so strong from the north that it exceeded Flying Scot class recommended maximums, so the Saturday results proved to be the results of the entire Ephraim Regatta and the eager high-wind specialists were disappointed. A big thank you to all the Ephraim Regatta race committee, tow/rescue, and registration volunteers (in no particular order): Don Smith, Bruce Gantz, Matt Winnaker, Kris Kicinski, Carol Claypool, John Peterson, Deanna Peterson, Steven Berger, Michael Smith, Carrie Stollenwerk, Bill Calkins, Fred Horwitz (chief judge), judges Bob Aring and John Archbald, Rob Stollenwerk, Tammy Stollenwerk, Kris Gruner, Chris Bierman, Geoff Werner, Lal Burridge, Jodi Hoyerman, Joel Dykman, Michael Faugust, Rob Treleven, Nancy Claypool, Jeanne Papenthien, Jack ORourke, and Eric Berger. As in previous years, the EYC also held its Womens Regatta and Family Regatta in the Flying Scot class.

The EYCs Rich Hall Junior Regatta saw the usual full utilization of our FJ fleet. Optimists The EYC split the Optimist fleet in half by age in July and August, holding two race dates each week for each age group. By halving the number of potential racers on any given day, while doubling the number of weekly Optimist races, the EYC ensured that its expanded fleet of Optimists (which grew from 8 to 12 in 2012) was large enough that each junior who wanted to race would have an Optimist to sail. The plan worked, with Optimist participation of 23 sailors in the younger age group (under age 12) and 16 skippers in the older age group (ages 1215). The EYCs annual Optimist Regatta again attracted a full contingent of Optimist sailors. Expanded to a twoday format in 2012, the Optimist Regatta featured excellent weather, enabling nine of ten scheduled races to be completed. Lasers The EYCs Laser fleet saw the biggest year-over-year increase in racing participation, even with the same number of scheduled races. From 2011 to 2012, the Laser Friday series increased from 14 to 23 skippers, while the Laser Sunday series increased from 6 to 20 skippers! The EYC added Laser Radial rigs for all its Lasers in 2012, which are about 80% of the size of a standard rig and which enable smaller and lighter skippers to effectively sail a Laser in stronger winds. In addition, a number of EYC members now own and race their own Lasers. To see complete 2012 race and regatta results, go to Congratulations to all EYC racers, and to the 2012 trophy winners: Fyr Bal Regatta (Flying Scots) (June 16) 1st Cain Goettelman and Sarah Olson 2nd Mike Faugust and Jennifer Faugust 3rd Teddy Papenthien, Tommy Papenthien and Eric Hoyerman Family Regatta (Flying Scots) (June 30) 1st Woody Heidler, Brad Heidler 2nd Adam Moore, A.J. Moore and Katie Moore 3rd Matt Smith and Michael J. Smith Womens Regatta (Flying Scots) (August 1) 1st Nancy Claypool, Carrie Berger, Deanna Peterson 2nd Camille Morley, Deb Ritter, Linda Franczyk 3rd Liz Gheorghita, Nan Zimdars, Kelly Mazeski

Flying Juniors Participation in the Flying Junior class was again strong, with the size of the EYCs fleet being the chief limit on the number of skippers. In 2013, as we increase the doublehanded fleet from eight Flying Juniors to eighteen 420s, we expect to enable a big increase in doublehanded racing participation by EYC juniors, teens and adults. 18

Eagles Cry Fall 2012

Optimist Regatta (July 8) 1st Gretchen Pearson 2nd Sydney Richter 3rd Topher Andersen Rich Hall Junior Regatta (Flying Juniors) (July 15) 1st Annika Pearson and Teddy Papenthien 2nd Gretchen Pearson and Margaret Gheorghita 3rd Eric Richter and Eric Hoyerman

principal residence in the Midwest district) were the same as the top five boats in the Ephraim Regatta overall standings: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th Ryan Malmgren and Kate Rebmann, 4 points Ephraim Yacht Club Jay Lott and David Sauter, 7 points Ephraim Yacht Club Ben Williams and Deb Aronson, 9 points Clinton Lake Sailing Club Tim Devries and Deb Torgerson, 14 points Lake Monona Sailing Club Frank and Marianne Gerry, 16 points Delavan Lake Yacht Club

Series Races Flying Scot Saturday Series 1st Matt Smith 2nd Jay Lott 3rd Liz Gheorghita Ephraim Regatta (August 3-4-5) Vail Cup (winner of the first race): Reindeer II, Jay Lott and David Sauter Peder Knudsen Trophy (top placing husband-wife team): Sophie, Deb Aronson and Ben Williams Sturgis Trophy (top placing skipper age 18 or under): Brian Ritter with crew Sarah Olson and Ian Leonard Charlie Sauter Trophy (winner of the last race): Ricks Cafe Americain, Ryan Malmgren and Kate Rebmann Fleet 135 Trophy (top placing fleet measured by combined scores of the top three finishers from each fleet): Ephraim Yacht Club: Ryan Malmgren/Kate Rebmann, Jay Lott/David Sauter, Nancy Claypool/Benz Faget Fleet 95 Trophy (winner of the Flying Scot Midwest Singlehanded Championship Regatta, 3 races held August 3, 2012): Jay Lott (4 points) Century Trophy (top placing boat with no more than two persons and a combined crew and skipper age over 100): Sophie, Ben Williams and Deb Aronson The top five boats in the Flying Scot Midwest District Championship Regatta (limited to skippers who are members of the Flying Scot Sailing Association with

Flying Scot Monday Series 1st Woody Heidler 2nd Teddy Papenthien 3rd Alex Zalar Laser Sunday Series 1st Ally Dykman 2nd Eric Hoyerman 3rd Teddy Papenthien Laser Friday Series 1st Ally Dykman 2nd Stefan Peterson 3rd Will Gheorghita Flying Junior Sunday Series 1st Margaret Gheorghita 2nd Annika Pearson 3rd Abby ORourke Flying Junior Friday Series 1st Isak Peterson 2nd Eric Richter 3rd Megan Bierman Optimist June Series (all ages) 1st Eric Hoyerman 2nd Joe Murphy 3rd Jake Brooks

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Optimist Blue Fleet Series (under age 12 only) 1st Eric Hoyerman 2nd Kaela Steele 3rd Carmen Graham Optimist Red Fleet Series (ages 12-15 only) 1st Sydney Richter 2nd Chris Bierman 3rd Ethan Meilinger Thanks to Race and Regattas chairman Bjorn Hooper, and to his Race and Regattas committee members: Nancy Claypool, Michael Smith, and Jeanne Papenthien. And thanks to the EYCs hard-working and creative trophy chairman Carol Claypool, and to our on-location trophy assistant Marsella Fults!

when he wants to, not just when EYC boats were available and when EYC staff could supervise. For 2013, Erics parents purchased a used Laser for him so that he can continue to develop his skills in a more challenging, higher-performance boat. So far, for 2013, Eric will be the only EYC junior with his own Laser kept at the EYC. I have little doubt that the availability of his own Laser will enable Eric to continue on his fast track to sailing success. Sometimes a little extra encouragement and support, perhaps in the form of a sailboat, is all thats needed to set a junior on the road to success and self-confidence. Used sailboats are relatively inexpensive, and with a little care, keep their resale value. Used Lasers can be found (often with trailer, sail and cover) for $800 to $1,200, in good condition. Used Optimists in good racing condition can be had for under $1,500. Used Flying Scots in good condition can be found, with sails and trailer, for $3,000 to $4,000. Keep an eye on the EYC classified ads web page, the EYC clubhouse bulletin board, your local Craigslist boats-for-sale classified ads, the United States Optimist Dinghy Association for sale ads at id=6b&ItemType=54, the Laser Forum for sale ads at and the Flying Scot Sailing Associations for sale ads at

Buy a Sailboat for Your EYC Junior


If you have spent much time at the EYC, then you know Eric Hoyerman is one of our most enthusiastic and talented junior sailors. Only 11 years old in the summer of 2012, Eric was almost a constant presence at the EYC, racing in every sailboat class, frequently winning, and giving Laser sailors two to four times his age a run for their money. His smiling, enthusiastic presence added much to the atmosphere at the EYC. I know Erics parents, Jodi and Rick Hoyerman, are extremely pleased with Erics devotion to sailing and the lessons he is learning from sailing, about the value of practice and hard work, how to get along with his peers and seniors, and sportsmanship.

EYC History
The EYC is fortunate to have as members skilled and dedicated historians Linda and George Carey, who have published a fascinating history of the EYC entitled The Ephraim Yacht Club 1906-2006: Celebrating 100 Years Every EYC member should have a copy on his or her bookshelf. You can learn about the heritage of the EYC, and you might find some stories and pictures of your family and friends! The book also makes a great gift for EYC members and juniors. The EYC has copies of the book available for purchase at $10 each plus $4 shipping. To order, email The book is also available at many local book stores in Door County

Its not a coincidence that, in 2011 and 2012, Eric was the only EYC junior sailor with his own Optimist sailboat. By providing him with his own boat, Erics parents have sent him a strong signal of support and encouragement, and ensured that he can always go sailing and racing

The EYC Needs your photos

If you have good photos of EYC people or events from 2012, please submit your photos to the EYC. The EYC

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will post the photos in its public online photo archive at Your photos may also be used in the Eagles Cry. Do you think that would take too much time? How about submitting just your three FAVORITE 2012 EYC photos? We especially like good sailing action photos, and photos of EYC members and juniors having fun at various EYC events and activities. We also like older photos scanned into digital format! You can submit your photos by e-mail to If you have too many photos to email, contact to learn alternative methods to submit your photos. Please submit your photos! We want to build an EYC photo archive which future generations can look back on with a smile!

Tom and Jennifer Hughes Elmhurst, IL Children: Gavin, Quinlan and Aoife Chet and Lorraine Jankowski Ballwin, MO Summer: Fish Creek Rex Kahr Chicago, IL Andy and Joan Klimpel Elm Grove, WI Children: Katie and Charlie Brett and Katy Lecy Fish Creek, WI Children: Betsy, Will and Emerson Florri McMillan Chicago, IL Summer: Egg Harbor Dan and Melissa Mielke New Smyrna Beach, FL Summer: Sister Bay Children: Max Steve and Wendy Minten Fish Creek, WI Children: Jack, Ken and Charlie Rob and Sherry Moore Lake Forest, IL Summer: Ephraim Cary and Laura Pennington Athens, GA Children: Cardy and Perrin Bill and Anne Porter Sister Bay, WI Dack Ragas and Jennifer Klise Edina, MN Children: Ben and Teddy Stan and Dorothy Russell Tucson, AZ Summer: Sturgeon Bay Ben Schallip Trenton, OH

EYC Classified Ads are Back!

The EYC is once again featuring classified advertising on its website! Check out whats for sale, or place your own ad to reach the EYCs members, at Ads cost only $10 for 75 words for 6 months. To place an ad, contact

Welcome Aboard!
EYC welcomes the following new members George and Jwan Arnold Lemont, IL Bob and Stacy Cataldo Cedar Rapids, IA Children: Gwen, Sophia and Joseph Tim Davitt and Kelly Marcelle Evanston, IL Children: Alec Will and Erin Enright DePere, WI Summer: Baileys Harbor Children: Conor and Claire Steve and Betsy Hansen Winnetka, IL Summer: Egg Harbor Children: Connor, Nicholas and Drew


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Dick and Carol Skare Fish Creek, WI Children: Courtney and Karin John and Melissa Sleeting Algonquin, IL Summer: Sister Bay Children: Maureen, Allison and Michael Kurt Starbuck and Roberta Stockman Winter Springs, FL Summer: Ellison Bay George and Kathy Staroselec Whitefish Bay, WI Summer: Sister Bay Steve and Beth Walker Batavia, IL Children: Isabel, Aidan and Rachel Rick and April Wegman Fort Worth, TX Children: Jack and Lucy Jake Wilson Appleton, WI

do over and spend my youth at Ephraim! Ephraim Regatta competitor I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment you on a phenomenal staff. We have had 3 sons in the program over the past 8 years. I have watched the program grow. The EYCs Director Alex is doing an outstanding job of managing the staff. Observing from the clubhouse at the end of a day as the students put all the equipment away with ease and confidence, you can see the sense of responsibility in their demeanor. They work together efficiently. These lessons are learned from a staff of peers and mentors. What they learn from these fun responsible motivated young people is invaluable. We will always be grateful to you, Alex and the entire EYC staff for helping us shape our children. We are so fortunate to have such a warm welcoming wholesome family environment to be a part of with great role models. EYC Parent Having returned home after six glorious weeks in Door County, I have been reflecting on the remarkable experiences my 9- and 15- year old children have enjoyed at the Ephraim Yacht Club this summer. Each child was enrolled in classes; my 9 year old daughter in Level 2 and my 15 year old son in Advanced Racing. The quality of instruction is top-notch. They learned a great deal, grew confident, but were also made aware of what was yet to learn, motivating them to continue sailing. The instruction received during course time is reinforced by a terrific racing program. Students from Level 1 to Advanced Racing and beyond are encouraged to race, and they are given the help needed on race days to make racing seem possible even to kids who come from nonsailing families. Indeed, it is this inclusiveness that characterizes the club and its youth programs. A very well organized series of junior and teen activities, ranging from mini putt excursions to picnics and organized games to boating excursions, turns a group of students in various lessons into a community of EYC kids. The club encourages kids enrolled in lessons and the children of members to make the clubhouse and dock their home away from home. My 15 year old spent most of his summer sailing, playing ping-pong, windsurfing and swimming off of the EYC dock; under my supervision, my 9 year old also enjoyed many hours swimming, playing on the floating dock, and just hanging out with friends. Many thanksyou have special. EYC Parent created something truly

Kudos to the EYC

The EYC is proud to have received these written compliments in 2012. Help us serve our members better! If you have feedback about the EYC (whether positive or negative), please send it to I just got back from Ephraim, where they held their 107th annual regatta combined with this years Flying Scot Midwest District Championships. Ephraim is an amazing club, driven by its junior sailing program. For those of you who have been to the club (they hosted NACs a few years ago), they barely have room to turn around on their pier and yet they have more than 400 memberships, which comes out to about 1,000 total members. I will note here that the permanent population of Ephraim is 299. Do the math! So for two months in the summer, Ephraim Yacht Club is a burbling, energized spot for kids of all ages. They have almost 20 kids hired to be sailing instructors and most of those kids also help or compete in the regatta. The whole weekend we did not see a single person (by that I mean teen or younger) messing with their phone; kids were swimming off the clubs float, they were kayaking, they were playing a kind of ball game, or they were sailing. Too bad I cant have a

Just a note to say what a stellar job your staff does with the lessons. My sons are in their first session this


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summer, and love it. Moreover, the quickness with which you get kids out on the water sailing is impressivea fearlessness is instilled in these young sailors. Thank you so muchand keep up the great work! EYC Parent Consider this a rave review of your star performance! Rob, thank you for sharing your sailing skills with us. We enjoyed the week of sailing lessons with you. You gave us a good starting point, and we intend to continue our pursuit of sailing from here. EYC adult beginner students My wife and I wanted to say we really enjoyed the adult beginner lessons we took last week from Woody, and enjoyed meeting and getting to know him, and our classmates. We were anxious to try out our rigging and sailing skills, and that we enjoyed taking out the White Whale again on Saturday with a couple of family memberswith some assistance rigging and de-rigging from the able dock crew. We are only up for a few more weekends, but plan to be down to the EYC to keep in practice on the rigging, sailing and docking. Congratulations on all the enthusiasm and smooth operations. We look forward to meeting more people over time. EYC adult beginner students and new members We would like to thank Brian Ritter for teaching our grandson, Liam Sullivan, in the Beginning Sailing Group this July. Brian inspired Liam! He truly enjoyed having him as an instructor! He learned a lot. ,As you know, he had never been sailing, or on a sail boat, so it was really a great experience for him. The sailing program you have is so beneficial to these young folks. They have a great time, learn so much, and meet a wonderful group of instructors and kids. Liam was so very proud the day he got to Skipper! And he really had fun the day he went out to Horseshoe Island. Thank you so very much for everything. EYC grandparent

A: The chief advantage is that donations to the EYC are tax-deductible. This is a tremendous help to the EYC when raising funds. EYC donors have many choices when deciding where to give, and can give more to the EYC because they can receive a corresponding deduction. Q: How long has the EYC been a 501(c)(3) public charity? A: As of March 31, 2004. Q: Hasnt the EYC always been a not-for-profit organization? A: Since 1938, the EYC has been a Wisconsin nonstock corporation, which is legalese meaning not-forprofit. However, not all not-for-profit organizations are charities eligible for 501(c)(3) status. Q: Why did the EYC apply for 501(c)(3) status? A: In the late 1990s, some members of the EYC realized that the EYC had been operating for many decades in a way which met the requirements for 501(c)(3) status. The EYCs board of directors approved seeking 501(c)(3) status, volunteers and professional advisors prepared a lengthy and complicated application, and the status was granted. Q: Are many other yacht clubs qualified under section 501(c)(3)? A: No, very few yacht clubs are eligible. Q: What makes the EYC special, among yacht clubs? A: EYC membership is non-exclusive (all applicants for membership are admitted). The EYC does not have noncharitable operations which are characteristic of other yacht clubs, such as a restaurant, bar, fuel, transient slips, swimming pool, etc. The EYCs slips are available to boats which are part of the EYCs racing classes, which furthers the EYCs purpose of promoting racing. The EYC offers lesson scholarships to students with financial need. The EYC maintains a very large fleet of sailboats for all members to race and sail for free, and for use in lessons. Thus, the EYCs purpose and operations are similar to community sailing centers such as the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center or Bostons Community Boating, Inc., both of which are 501(c)(3) qualified. Q: What is the EYCs purpose, anyway?

501(c)(3) Questions and Answers

The EYC is fortunate to be qualified as a 501(c)(3) public charity. But with the advantages of that status come some responsibilities too. Here are some questions and answers about the EYCs tax-advantaged status. Q: What does it mean that the EYC has 501(c)(3) status? A: The EYC is qualified as a charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Furthermore, the EYC has been granted public charity status by the IRS. Q: What are the advantages to the EYC of 501(c)(3) public charity status?


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A: See the first page of the EYCs by-laws at In short, the EYCs purpose is to provide sailing education and free use of sailing equipment; and to promote amateur sailing competition, safe water sports, good sportsmanship, and responsible uses of the marine environment. Q: But the EYC also has a substantial social component. I dont see that in the by-laws. A: As with any membership organization, a major benefit of EYC membership is socializing with fellow members. The EYCs social aspect is the essential glue which holds it together. However, only a tiny fraction of the EYCs annual expenditures go towards social events. So long as those social events are net fundraisers, then those events are supporting the EYCs charitable purpose, and should not jeopardize our 501(c)(3) status. Q: Wait, what? The EYCs social events are fundraisers? A: Yes. The Commodores Party, the EYCs biggest party of the year, raises thousands of dollars for the EYC. The Bratfest, funded and hosted by the Klein family, results in a major donation by the Kleins to the EYC every year. Even EYC events for which no admission is charged have a fundraising aspect. For example, at the 2012 Opening Social, members participated in an auction to name an EYC sailboat, and the winning bid was $575, far more than the expense of hosting the party. Q: I was not aware the EYC did so much fund-raising. A: The EYC receives many thousands of dollars every year in cash and in-kind donations. In 2006-2008, the EYC raised over a quarter million dollars to build the pier extension, improve the pier, and almost completely rebuild the clubhouse. Without 501(c)(3) status, raising that much money would have been much more difficult, or impossible. The EYC has raised almost $70,000 in 2012 to purchase a fleet of eighteen 420-class sailboats, and many thousands of dollars more in additional donations. Without these generous donors, the EYCs membership fees and tuition fees would be significantly higher, the EYCs fleet would be smaller, our facilities would deteriorate, and the EYCs membership would be smaller. Q: Are there any drawbacks to the EYCs 501(c)(3) status? A: The drawbacks are minor compared to the fundraising leverage which is afforded to the EYC. The EYC

must be careful to continue to spend its money and serve its members in a way which complies with the requirements of section 501(c)(3), or else the EYC risks losing 501(c)(3) status. Q: Is the EYC at risk of losing its 501(c)(3) status? A: The EYCs officers believe the EYCs operations and finances comply with the requirements of Section 501(c)(3). However, the IRS could choose to challenge the EYCs 501(c)(3) status at any time. The EYC files an annual Federal tax return which is subject to IRS scrutiny (although as a not-for-profit organization, the EYC does not pay Federal income taxes). Furthermore, the IRS periodically reviews the status of all 501(c)(3) charities. Q: What do we need to do to keep our 501(c)(3) status? A: We need to remember how valuable our 501(c)(3) status is to us, and make sure that our operations especially our social events continue to conform with, and support, our 501(c)(3) charitable purpose

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Fran Morof and Nancy Claypool

EYC wishes to express its condolences to the families of these members who are no longer with us.

Harry Frank Kurt Schultz Luke Sheets 24