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The Purple Dress

The graduation party was approaching. Laura came into her room, terribly pissed off and sat in front of her dresser. She had just had an argument with her parents. I just cant believe it! My graduation is on Saturday and my parents are stingier than ever. She cried a whisper. She was graduating from high school, and she had told her parents the things she wanted them to buy for her. I want to renew my mobile because it already has two years of use and everybody is changing to cooler ones. My computer is also too old for me; old things are for losers. Oh, I want some magazines and new make-up, because my popular friends are buying a lot of them. Nah, but dont forget that I wanted an emerald dress with some silver and brilliant stones on it for my graduation party. I want to look the prettiest, and I know emerald is popular these days. That was what she had told her parents. Her parents rejected her idea immediately, her father complained that she was using too much of their money lately and both of them sent her to her room. I will stay here until they give up and change their opinion. I wont eat anything or go anywhere until they buy me what I want. She mumbled and stared at her reflection with a frown on her face. Why I dont have blond, curly hair and blue eyes! If I had them, I would have been popular from my first day in this school and be invited by a cute guy to go to this party. She grumbled to herself, focusing on her brown hair and eyes, which were just about to give out some transparent pearls. She turned on her chair three times, trying hard to put those drops back, but when she stopped and paid attention to the mirror again, she was completely confused to see some things scattered on her bed. There was nothing before, she thought, and turned to face her bed. There was a brand-new laptop and the latest iphone, laying among a pile of magazines and tons of make-up. She walked closer to see if they would disappear when she tried to touch them. The laptop

was cool and hard to her hand, and her fingerprints stayed on the iphone's touch screen. They were real. Thinking that she had gone mad, desperately she turned to her room door to get out, when she noticed a purple dress hanging from her doorknob. She frowned. Purple? I hate purple! Brown hair and eyes don't ever go with that antique and grandma like color! and she added sullenly, In dreams I am going to wear it. She sat back in front of the dresser, rested her face on her hand and closed her eyes. She day-dreamed herself with curly, shiny blond hair that almost looked like a wig, eyes that were as blue as the icing on cupcakes and not a single freckle on her skin. She wore a beautiful short green dress which had silver designs on it. She looked gorgeous and every girl who looked at her was envious with deformed faces with sharp eyes that tried to sting her beauty without success. Then, she imagined a tall, strong looking, cute guy who had black short hair and gray eyes. In her imagination, the guy was named Kevin and in the day of the party, he would be captivated by her and he would ask her to dance with him. Although she had dreamed with him since she had memory, she never lost her hope of finding him and some day even marrying him. The windows were dark, but reflected the light that illuminated the hall. Techno music with a

contagious rhythm was going on and there were roughly 100 people dancing in the darkness of the place. The spot lights which moved from left to right, front to back sometimes targeted Laura's spot and she had to squint her eyes. She wasnt in her room anymore; she was standing in a huge hall with a whole lot of noise going on. The girls standing next to her were chatting out loud that she could almost hear everything they said. O my Go-od! she heard one of them say. That girl over there, can you see her? Were they talking about me? But before she could turn to face the girl who had commented, one guy's presence drew her eyes like a vacuum. He was tall and cute, dark haired with gray, kind eyes. Just the way she had imagined him, Kevin existed in front of her. He was surrounded by a bunch of girls, but he seemed distracted by another event, and did not even pay attention to any of them. He looked around at people nervously as if he

was looking for somebody. Laura had never been more excited in her life. Kevin, the man of my life was looking desperately for me, to propose dancing to me. Laura ran thorough the crowd, pushing all of them away, and stood in front of the guy. Hi, She said, finding herself unprepared and unable to think of anything else to say. Hi, He replied back, smiling kindly with his brilliant eyes just like a prince. What is your name? Awkward question to ask, she thought. It was obvious that he belonged to the 'popular' group and that everyone in this hall knew who he was. The guy looked like if he had never been asked that question before. Im Kevin. He said, nonchalantly. Laura laughed in her own happiness and continued, My name is, but before she could finish her sentence, Kevin interrupted her. Oh, there is no need to say your name. I already know that you are called Laura. He said. Laura felt greatly pleased, since she never thought he would already know her name as well. How did you know? She asked trying to push down the smile her non-sense lips showed. But expectedly, Kevin showed a look as if he thought that this was a more strange question. Well, I knew because every girl here is named Laura. He said it in the tone of saying every girl here is going through a harsh diet Laura was taken off guard by his comment and didnt know how to reply. Instead she looked around to see the bunch of girls beside them. They were using the same mobiles, the same model she had wanted. They had blond curls and blue eyes. They wore dresses in the popular color, green. They looked like clones of Laura, or maybe Laura looked like the clone of them. Laura was looking pale already, when Kevin gave a shout of relieve. There she is! He said excitedly. Laura turned around to face the direction his finger pointed and noticed a brown-haired girl, wearing a simple purple dress. Her skin was full in freckles and Laura didnt take time to realize her real self. What is her name? She asked weakly, waiting for her name to be said again, but she was surprised to hear his answer.

I dont know. I have never spoken to her. I think she hasnt realized at my existence either. He said and added quickly, But I can bet her name is not Laura. Sadly, Laura nodded and understood what he meant. The girl wasnt so attractive herself, but she looked much more beautiful among the other blondes. The difference made up her beauty. Today, I am going to ask her to dance with me. I hope she falls in love as I did. He smiled, pleased with what he had told Laura, and started towards the plain-looking girl. Sure she will accept it, Kevin, she thought. She knew more than anybody that she would. She wished more than anything to be back in herself and to say I accept. with happiness and surprise, to Kevin, as she always dreamed it. Now, she didnt feel the desire to make the other girls jealous of her, but it was too late to change her fate. She was standing surrounded by blondes who looked exactly as her, in all ways. When she closed her eyes tightly to stop the tears from coming out, and opened them again, she wasnt standing on the party hall anymore. She was in her room, waking up from a dream. There was no brand-new stuff or purple dress. She wasnt blonde and her eyes and skin were back to normal as well. She had lost all of what she always wanted, but she didnt feel bad-humored. Rather, she felt relieved than anything. Perhaps I was lucky with how I am and was too blind to notice it. She told herself and walked off her room.

The End
-Dedicated to those girls, whom personalities have been stolen, and to those boys who choose people by their appearance.-

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