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V iewspaper

The Official Newsletter of NMIMS's School of Commerce

Winter 2012 Edition

Dean's note

Exclusive Recommendations

We are delighted to announce the launch of the rst Newsletter at Anil Surendra Modi-School of Commerce - one of the premier undergraduate Schools. We at NMIMS believe that the students success encompasses aspects beyond their academic work and undergraduate studies should be viewed as a part of well-rounded learning experience. We have started various associations with this intention. The Newsletter covers Club events, Food & Entertainment in Mumbai, Faculty insight, and a section is devoted for the students so that they can contribute articles, poems, pictures/photographs, and thus the Newsletter becomes a medium for students to communicate their interests effectively. We thank our students and faculty for their hardwork and determination in bringing up the Newsletter. Wishing you all the best - Prof. Sangita Kher (I/C Dean)

The Simoquin Prophecies is the rst book of the Gameworld Trilogy, and is a fantasy trilogy published by Penguin books, India. For those who consider fantasy ction as means of amusement for children before their bedtime, I assure you this book will change your perception. If you have enjoyed Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings and The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) but have been bugged by the immense amount of detail and complexity of the plot this book is perfect for you. The Simoquin prophecies is laced with humor and brims over with allusions from the Ramayan, Mahabharata and even Greek Mythology. The plot has many central characters and there are quite a few interesting twists. Any further information would ruin your reading experience. Prepare for hours of delight for this book is un-put-downable. PS: Its by an Indian author! -Tarang Doshi

"View" Presents ...

View Magazine is delighted to present to you all our newest creation , the Viewspaper, which is now, the Ofcial Newsletter of NMIMS School of Commerce. Viewspaper has been designed keeping the most important component of our college in mind, the students. The concept of this newsletter is to give you, the students, a medium to voice your opinions, experiences, views, literary talents and more with the entire college. You could be a comic writer, simple writer, photographer, movie addict, TV show fanatic, or more, and now we provide you with a platform which will be recognized and read not only by your own college-mates, but also senior executives, i.e. the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor, the Dean and our esteemed faculty members. What started off as a dream for us has now become reality and Viewspaper will be published every trimester with a look back at the previous trimester and the events held in that period. Three editions a year, namely Monsoon, Winter and Spring.Our vision is to liberate students to fearlessly voice their views and concerns on a subject of their choice, be it about the college, city, world or the moon. We wish to see new writers every edition, and all queries and suggestions will be entertained in depth at

Movie Review - Requiem for a Dream

Genre: Drama An eye-opening movie, displaying the ruin caused by increased drug usage. It shows the lives of people and how they start spinning out of control when their addictions are stronger than their morality. A truly heart-breaking and macabre movie lled with hypnotic screenplay and brilliant direction by Darren Aronofsky (who also directed Black Swan and The Wrestler). The movie has a melancholic ow leading to a crescendo of despair and the viewer must possess a certain amount of maturity to grasp the the concept and message of the movie. The movie is highly explicit but rightfully so because without the explicitness the message of the movie would be diluted. With the number of college going students into drugs, this movie really is the need of the hour. -Tarang Doshi

The incorporation of elements of the sitcoms by the organizers and quizmasters in their apparel added to the excitement and fun, making the event a roaring success and leaving the students in anticipation of the next one.

-Team Insignia

Book Review - The Hunger Games Triology

Writer: Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins are one awesome series. The three books keep you riveted to your seat, providing a sense of actually witnessing all the action. For all Young Adventurers and Secret Explorers, here is a chance to step into the clothes of Katniss Everdeen, a young teenager from Panem, the future of North America. It is packed with twists and turns and edge-of-theseat excitement. Suzanne Collins really gets the exact action of an adolescent mind, when Katniss nds herself thrust into the wide world of Panem and the hubbub of the Capitol, after almost starving in the outskirts of District Eleven. The Story is heart-rending at places, and you might nd yourself literally torn in two, as Katniss teeters on the brink of indecisiveness. The headstrong, spirited girl is just what the story needs, to be perfect... and that is why I liked the books all the more. Unlike most adventure novels of the times, it has a girl as the main protagonist, giving the series an edge over the rest. -Saloni Tekriwal

Insignia's Couch Potato

COUCH POTATO 2012 was the ultimate sitcom trivia quiz presented by Insignia for the couch potatoes of ASMSOC.

The four day event covering four shows- Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, took place from 6th-9th August. Participants faced a tough competition thanks to the twists in the rounds like exchanging of team members, keeping slap bets, using pepsi shots as buzzers, and the list goes on.

Poetic Expression of "The Season of Water"

And its back again after one long hell of an year, the season of water, the season of fun and the season of unseen tears. As they say "nobody can see me cry in the rain" but not very true because everybody can see your eyes full of pain. The rst few showers bring a new life full of happiness but as it grows you see a sky lled with darkness. Though this city, during monsoon is at its best, but why do the people here still look so tired and distressed. Is nature trying to cheer us up by having a water ght with us? I don't think it realizes how disinterested is this metropolitan full of rush. As the blues take over the city for the next 3 months, I stand at the door of a train seeing how the liquid sunshine is full of lust. -Sucheta Singhal

Redefine Marketing
The customer is now your best friend and your worst enemy. Hes a blogger, hes a follower, hes an uploader, hes a downloader. He is not your customer. He is your new boss. Hes excited, hes motivated, hes aware and hes demanding. Hes tweeting, hes sharing, hes liking, hes disliking, hes commenting, hes listening, hes learning Meet the new social media age, meet new ideas, meet new challenges, Say hello to your new customer! The Web has really changed all of it. What was earlier a one way stream has now gone two-way with your target audience interacting back. This has given rise to a new business function, that of the integration of IT and Marketing. What was earlier understanding the market, has now narrowed to understanding an individual His wants, his tastes, his preferences, his experience. All this happens when you have plethora of data available with you and all you have to do is to connect the dots. -Deepak Narang

Faculty Feedback
View magazine has been a Cult following with SOCians from its very inception. I still remember the huge banners the rst core committee members of View magazine had put up at the quadrangle (old NMIMS campus) and some of the sophomores of our B School admiring it. Since then View has been the mouthpiece for ASMSOC. It feels great to fondle this print edition of View as our rst baby. I wish the editorial team all the best for nurturing this baby in times to come. -Sandeep Hegde

Book Review - The Casual Vacancy
Writer: J K Rowling J.K Rowling is back with her latest: The Casual Vacancy. Numbering 500 pages, it is a 'big story about a small town', or in my opinion, a spectacular study of characters while risking a small plot. Beginning with Mr. Barry Fairbrother of Pagford suffering an aneurysm and leaving a 'Casual Vacancy', the rst 200 pages is just the introduction to the many characters of the little town. The end seems abrupt, humor is scattered, many wish to get elected and many pull them down. One does feel tempted to put the book down, but if you manage to plough through to where the story kicks up, Rowling scores by making us dwell about the characters she has unfolded, making the sluggish read worth it. -Radhika Subramanian

"Hearty congratulations to Team View for reviving the college magazine. I am sure that the magazine will provide a comprehensive platform for student community to express their creativity and originality of thought. It will also be a valuable source for providing an overview of current events of SOC and highlight the achievements of students. I wish the team all the very best in their venture." -Manju M. (Asst. Professor)

View-Facts : WTF!
There is a town in Newfoundland, Canada called Dildo Searching for elgooG on will take you to a Google website which is completely backwards Before Gangnam Style, PSY was in the Korean version of American Pie "Wet Dreams" Before the "eraser" was invented, Bread was used to remove pencil marks "Lolz" has been recently officially added in the Oxford dictionary In 1986 Steve Jobs launched his own clothing line for Apple fans "Alaska" is the only state that can be typed on a single row on the QWERTY keyboard

Photo Courtesy (top to bottom):

-'Aamchi Railways' by Devin Bhatia -'Speed' by Akash Shah -'The Alcohol Effect' by Sagar Sampat -'Chemistry Wonder' by Raj Mehta & 'Select Mode: Wildlife' by Kruti Shah

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