Raj Thackeray Love Him or Hate Him but you cannot ignore Him (Kindly note that whatever

assessment is made in this article is entirely based on the planetary positions of the horoscope of Raj Thackeray and www. Knowurpeople.com does not necessarily endorse or agree with the views or ideology of Mr. Raj Thackeray or any other political party) Raj Thackeray was born on 14th June 1968 in Mumbai. He has Mercury, Lord of intellect in its own house, Gemini and his moon is in Capricorn making him a shrewd and tactical politician, complete with mercurial wit and clever manipulations. He would run his political party in true corporate style. He was born during the last phase of the exaltation of planet PLUTO and during the beginning phase of the ascension of the largest asteroid of the solar system, CERES. It would mean that he would be a part of the ‘declining phase of a major era’ and also would be instrumental in ‘ushering in a new era’. Raj Thackeray established MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) on 09th March 2006. In this period between 2005-2006, CERES was in its most powerful position. This phenomenon is rare and happens only once in about 60 years. This CERES phenomenon influence was so strong that it resulted in the formation of important organisations like ADAG (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group), King Fisher Airlines, Arcelor Mittal, Alcatel Lucent, Orkut, HLL to HUL etc. So much is the power of CERES that if adversely placed CERES can be responsible for storms, cyclones, floods and even Tsunamis (Later I shall reveal in a separate book about all of this). The powerful position of CERES during its inception would mean that MNS is here to stay. MNS will grow stronger day by day and so would the power and position of Raj Thackeray. Besides MNS, Raj’s horoscope obviously has a strong CERES influence. Raj would be a powerful force to reckon with in India, especially in Maharashtra and nobody can stop MNS from forming a government in Maharashtra. Raj Thackeray has maintained that though he has started his own political party, his uncle Bal Thackeray will always remain his mentor. Unfortunately the growth of MNS means, downslide for his uncle’s party, Shiv Sena. The MNS would grow, albeit at the expense of Shiv Sena, besides attracting a vast majority of new, first time-to-politics-youngsters into its fold. The time taken by MNS to reach the power would be much lesser than what Shiv Sena took to reign Maharashtra. Raj, being the smart tactician he is, would most probably refrain from being the Chief Minister and prefer being in control from behind-the-scene, again in true Thackeray style. The question of who would be the king…Uddhav or Raj is very clear….Raj has a superior horoscope and Raj will win the battle hands down! Meanwhile Raj would continue to court all kinds of criticism and invite the wrath, grief and sorrow of people who do not subscribe to his ideology. So…Love Him or hate Him…but you just can’t ignore him….Raj Thackeray is here…and to stay!