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Global Childcare by: Heejae Lee 1 .

Global Childcare

The purpose of this artifact is to demonstrate my teamwork skills for a group research project that required us to instruct and engage the class by creating and an effective power point presentation.

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Teamwork Skills

3 Teamwork Skills . This slide informs readers about my teamwork skills in the area of
Informal System
Private Childcare (Day care centres) - Same regulations - No government supervision - Fewer children than Public Childcare Private pre-nursery school - No maximum ratio of children to adults. - 5 days a week - More expensive Private home daycare - Operates in the caregivers home - Fees and opening hours depend on caregivers.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. -Henry Ford

(The government of Israel, 2012) ( Clip Art, 2012)

Teamwork skills (slide 2 & 3): In order to demonstrate that I am a collaborator in a group, when I found some information which is other team members parts, I sent them the information I found. The previous slide which was about informal system in Israel is one of the examples I effectively contributed. Even though it was not my part, I researched on it and organized it on the power point. At last, I also decorated this part with a clip art in order to avoid the boredom. 4 . 5 .

Research Skills
This slide informs readers about my research skills in the area of formal system

Day care Centres

- Supervised by the Daycare Department at the Ministry of Industry. - 3-15 months: 1:6 ratio, maximum 15 in a group. - 15 months-2 years: 1:9 ratio, maximum 23 in a group - 2-3 years: 1:11 ratio, maximum 27 in a group - Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday at 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Home Daycare
- Running out of a private home. - Maximum of 5 children, no more than 2 children under the age of

- Opening hours are same as Day care Centres

(The government of Israel, 2012)

Research skills (slide 4&5): In order to find information of formal system in Israel, I was able to research authentic material using media such as the Internet and online articles. In addition, I visited Jewish preschool and interviewed a principal. Through the interview, I could get more accurate information than the Internet source. 6 .

Creative Skills
Big Font Light blue with white

Embedded Animoto video #

Creative Skills in organizing and making a ppp slide (slide 6): I believe it is important to capture the audience through creative power points. Each power point slide should contain at least one sentence and one picture with the background colour. I chose the light blue with white colour to demonstrate that our color scheme is matched to our Israel project. I thought if we use the light colour and the big font, it would be simple and easy for the audience to understand. I embedded an animoto video to our slide in order to make a visualized and an effective power point as well. 7 .

Conclusion of This Assignment

Through this assignment, I got an opportunity to learn about a country, Israel in terms of their education, culture, and values of people. I also learned how to effectively work as a group. Last but not least, I learned various ways of research skills and it was the time to apply my new skills.

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Picture References
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