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CAS Trust Meeting Minutes for 4th September 2012, Beehive New Eltham

In attendance: Barnie Razzell (Chair), Geoff Doyle (Membership), Richard Hicks (Membership), Ken Sinyard (Comms), Matt Morrison (Comms), Nigel, Pamela King, Rachel King, Ben Shave (Supporters Direct), James Mathie (Supporters Direct) Apologies: Craig Sloman (Vice Chair) Introduction from Supporters Direct Ben and James from supporters direct shared some of their experiences with other clubs and the previous attempt to work with Charlton fans to create a Charlton Athletic supporters trust. Update from Comms WG Ken showed the group the initial press release which is to hopefully be distributed on 06/09. We discussed that the first release is just to alert people to the existence of the trust and how to subscribe. SD encouraged us to use their name on the release and to also host another, larger, endorsement meeting once the press release has been distributed. This will be 25/09/12. It was also decided to include what details members need to add to the email when subscribing. We hope to have a bigger turnout at this meeting as it can provide a bigger endorsement further down the line. Ken says that BBC London are interested in the story and he has had to decline interviews so far. When we are ready for interviews it is likely that Barnie will do them. Ken said that BBC Kent are not particularly interested and tend to focus on Gillingham. Ken mentioned that a mention on the Charlton Live show is a possibility and also that he will provide a copy of the press release to the CAFC press officer as a common courtesy. General Discussion re Club & Supporters Clubs Barnie explained that he has been contacting various CAFC supporters clubs who all provide various levels of service from travel to social etc. Geoff spoke about the current position of the Essex supporters club and how supporters clubs in general have faded away during the decline of the football team. It was agreed for now that contact would go through Ken alerting the CAFC press officer as to our press release. Further Input from SD SD suggested that famous fans and ex players are a good way of promoting the trust. Names like Maurice Hatter and Michael Grade were discussed. There are around 172 supporters trusts (mostly football, some other sports) and only 7 or 8 championship clubs are now without a supporters trust, Charlton being one of them.

They also stated that the Co-op will allow a bank account to be opened before we are an official trust should we require one. Update from Membership WG Barnie said that we have around 250 interested people across all social media and email subscriptions so far prior to the press release, although some of those may be duplicates on different platforms. Geoff asked SD about access to the ITwM database which is an important next step. SD said they will arrange this for us and email the details to whoever needs access. ITwM also provide free assistance with implementing with our website. Membership costs were discussed again. Family membership may become too complicated. SD believe that free membership to under 16s is a good offer and something that a lot of trusts do. Richard raised the query on subscriber to free member to full member and how this would be complicated. It was agreed that we would consider everyone subscribers up until the point that we can accept paid membership. We will not need the free membership middle ground. SD believe they can incorporate us as a Trust after our ratification meeting on 25/09. Trust Timetable SD give a rough 6 month timetable from now including to create the trust, build membership and have elections. Technically we will not need to have an AGM or produce financial accounts for a while but we will be governed by the FSA - although we may wish to do so sooner than later to legitimise the executive (Chairs note). SD say we can consider ourselves a real trust after the meeting on 25/09 and we should be incorporated into SD by around a month later. The date of 05/2012 was considered a possible day for an official launch given the importance of that day to CAFC fans. Richard suggested that launching at 3:07 may be a good marketing campaign. Richard asked SD how other trusts go about raising additional funds for opportunities that may arise such as the Chelsea pitch owners for example. They said that on top of the 1 nominal share each trust member will have you can issue other shares that are redeemable by the Trust. So essentially in the Chelsea example members can buy shares in the pitch that they can redeem if need be in the future. This means that members can contribute as much or as little as they like to projects like this. Barnie asked SD to comment on the current situation in football re the Pompey situation and how this might affect championships clubs like Charlton. SD then described the issues facing the Portsmouth Trust in a bit more detail. SD said the harsh reality for Pompey fans is that letting the club die and starting again with no debt is probably their best option. SD also alluded to changes in club financial regulations that are coming in the future that will make it harder for speculators to use league 1 and Championship clubs like Charlton to make a fast buck.

Actions: Barnie and Ken to redraft press release with amendments discussed (by 06/09) Geoff and Richard to have a look at the ITwM database and report back once access has been granted (asap) Barnie to consider contacting local authority and MPs to raise awareness and interest. Send list of local MPs to SD so they can check against their list of supporters. (by next meeting) Barnie to send list of working contacts to SD for their mailing list (next day) Richard to look into rules behind us having a stand outside the Valley on match days (by next meeting)

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