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1st set of taks

Linux Servers

Ricardo Cabete

1. Install OS into VMWare ESXi. [Language: English] [Location: Finland] [Locale: United States] [Keyboard: Portuguese] [Hostname: debian] [Domain name: debian.local] [Root password: 123456] [Full name for the new user: User] [Username: user] [Password: 123456] [Software selection : Graphical desktop environment] [ Standard system utilities] [Install GRUB: yes] 2. Update packages. $ su [type password] $ apt-get upgrade $ apt-get update 3. Install VMware tools to your server. [VirtualBox] $ apt-get install build-essential module-assistant $ m-a prepare $ mount /media/cdrom0 $ sh /media/cdrom/ $ shutdown r now [VMware] $ apt-get install build-essential module-assistant $ m-a prepare $ mount /media/cdrom0 $ mkdir ~/vmtools $ cd ~/vmtools $ tar zxvf /media/cdrom0/VMwareTools-9.2.0-799703.tar.gz $ cd vmware-tools-distrib/ $ ./ [directory for binary files: /usr/bin] [directory with init dirs: /etc] [directory with init scripts: /etc/init.d] [directory for daemon files: /usr/bin] [directory for library files: /usr/lib/vmware-tools] [create that directory?: yes] [directory for documentation: /usr/share/doc/vmware-tools] [create that directory?: yes] [invoke the command now?: yes] [enable FileSystem Sync Driver?: no] [change GCC binary path?: no] [change kernel headers path?: no] [enable shared folders?: yes] [enable dragndrop?: yes] [enable automatic kernel modules?: no] [Enable driver-free printing?: yes] $ shutdown r now 4. Add a new group for the new users. Group name should be adminis. $ groupadd adminis

5. Create one user account for each group member. Add user accounts to the previously created group. Also add one member to root-group. $ useradd ricardo $ useradd sebastian $ useradd carlos $ usermod g adminis ricardo $ usermod g adminis sebastian $ usermod g adminis carlos $ usermod G root ricardo 6. Disable services that aren't needed using chkconfig or setup. $ apt-get install chkconfig $ chkconfig $ chkconfig d Bluetooth $ chkconfig d cups 7. Install screen and lynx (or elinks depending on Linux version!). $ apt-get install screen $ apt-get install lynx 8. Change user information (chfn). $ chfn ricardo $ chfn Sebastian $ chfn carlos 9. Add your virtual machine name and MAC address into Optima (not ready yet). Static IP-address will be given to your server. $ ifconfig