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reaking the Cycle of B Homelessness

A plea to downtown property owners and managers!

The Transitional Storage Center has an immediate need for a new location to keep us operational through 2013! An ideal, permanent location would feature a no-cost/lowcost warehouse or light industrial building with 7,500+ sq. ft. of accessible space, situated in or near downtown San Diego. Please contact us at if you can help. Its something we take for granted everyday having somewhere to safeguard our belongings. But imagine if you had to carry everything you owned with you - everywhere you went. This is a problem for our citys homeless.

Theres a solution: Transitional Storage

Located in downtown San Diego, the Transitional Storage Center currently offers 4,500 sq. ft. of safe, secure and accessible storage for the personal belongings of our homeless population. The Center makes it easier for its clients to use public transportation, seek employment, work, attend classes, meet with health & service providers and transition back to housing. Additionally, the center frees the community of almost 30,000 lbs of items that would otherwise be cluttering the streets, sidewalks and doorways of our city. And, because unsecured personal belongings make the homeless a constant target for thieves, the secure Center reduces the potential for neighborhood crime. The Transitional Storage Center currently serves 315 clients with 250 wheeled bins plus 65 tote bins. There

are 120 people on the wait list to receive a bin. The center employs two part time attendants (both working their way out of homelessness), one full time security guard and one part time Operations Manager.


You can help.

$45,000 is urgently needed to continue operation of the Transitional Storage Center through 2013!
Please help with an annual sponsorship of one or more bins. At only $1 per bin per day, each bin that is funded is an opportunity for someone to begin their transition out of homelessness! Please consider a tax-deductible sponsorship of

One bin for $365/year or Three bins for $1,095/year or 10 bins for $3,650/year
Transitional Storage Center clients Cletis & Sandra with their friend Butch

Donations can be made at or

Inspiring, empowering and organizing our community to advance basic human dignity.


The Transitional Storage Center is changing lives!

Among those served by the Transitional Storage Center are women (29%), veterans (20%), seniors (27%), LGBT (3%) and individuals with disabilities (28%). In a recent survey of clients, almost onethird of all respondents credited the Transitional Storage Center for the ability to find employment. Additionally, 74% said the Center helped in their efforts to keep clean, attend work, keep appointments and use public transportation. Heres what our clients had to say: I now have a full time job. You cant go on job interviews or work when you have to carry all of your belongings. If it wasnt for the storage, I dont believe Id be working. I figure one or two months and I should be off the streets. I dont want to be out here anymore than you want to see me. TSC Client I can wear clean clothes to school knowing my personal belongings are safe and secure. Without [free storage] I would have to find a grocery cart, chain my things to a street light pole and pray that they were safe. K.S., TSC Client professional and un-homeless. D.McC.,
TSC Client

[Without the Transitional Storage Center] I would give everything I have away. When you carry lots of stuff, people know you are homeless. Everywhere you go, you feel you dont belong there or any place. I used to hide my stuff in bushes. Sometimes it was stolen. L.S., TSC Client Its one of the extremely few homeless facilities that treats everyone nicely. Helps with state of mind while in the stressful situation called homelessness.
TSC Client

This place is priceless to us. Please dont take it away This place helps our self-esteem and dignity. TSC

[The Transitional Storage Center] allows me to use the library which doesnt allow large bags and to interview, to look
Source: July 2012 Client Survey

San Diego supports the Transitional Storage Center.

The San Diego City Council has committed to provide partial funding for operating the Transitional Storage Center in 2013. This will cover roughly half of the years operating expenses. Now we need to match this support through private and community donations and grants to assure that the Center remains operational all year long. Support has also been voiced by: Judge and Mrs. Coates, long time homeless advocates in downtown San Diego Ruth Bruland, Executive Director of St. Vincent De Paul Village Annie Eichman, President of Little Italy Residents Association (L.I.R.A.) Downtown Partnership/Clean & Safe Downtown San Diego SDPD Homeless Outreach Team Office of City Attorney, San Diego

Please add your support!

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Inspiring, empowering and organizing our community to advance basic human dignity.

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