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I, hereby declare that research submitted to R&DD by name is my own original work. I
am aware of the fact that in case, my work is found to be plagiarized or not genuine, R&DD has
full authority to cancel my research work and I am liable to penal action.

Muhammad Junaid Haider

Date: 12-12-11


I dedicated this research report to my loving parents. They have given me alot support
throughout my life and have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and reach my goals. If
it wasn't for my parents, I would have never figured out what I am most passionate about. Their











Mom and Dad: I would like to give you my heartiest gratitude for your untiring effort in raising
me with all the noble values, traditions and giving me this beautiful life. I would like to thank my
brother and sisters for always being there for me in times of melancholy and happiness.


Employee satisfaction plays a vital role in the success of organizations. Same is the case with
universities. One way to have satisfied and well performed teachers is by applying HR practices,
like compensation, performance evaluations and promotion practices on the perceived teachers
performance. This study is aimed to give information about the use of HR practices in
universities in Peshawar and their effects on the performance of teachers. This study gives an
important insight into the area. The research finding shows that there are sufficient HR practices
have positive impacts on the performances of teachers.


I am grateful to Almighty Allah, whose blessing has always been the source of encouragement
for me and who gave me the ability to compete this task. I wish my heartiest thanks to my
parents who encouraged me at every stage of life and remembered me in their prayers. I can
never turn down their efforts they put forward for my bright future. May Allah be Almighty
rendered them with affection and forgiveness in this life and afterward.
I can never forget the efforts of our teachers and very thankful to them who helped me during
course of study and make my emotion strong for higher education. I am thankful to the
management of IM|Sciences their cooperation in the research especially to Sir Owais Adnan, Sir
Zahid Ullah, and Sir Muhammad Ali for the support and advices.

I cannot ignor the efforts and supports of my colleagues who helped me a lot specially
Muhammad khan, Zia Ur Rehman, Sardar Abdul Wasay, Fazle Amin and Arbab Ahmed


Table of content
Declaration ... i
Dedication .... ii
Abstract ... iii
Acknowledgement .. iv
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Chapter 1: Introduction 1
1.1 Introduction 1
1.2 Limitation .... 2
Chapter 2: Literature Review .3
2.1 Literature Review 3
Chapter 3: Methodology .5
3.1 Procedure . 5
3.2 Theoretical Framework .5
3.3 Data Analysis Tools . 6
3.4 Data Collection and Analysis
3.5 Result and Discussion
Chapter 4: Analysis

.. 6

. 6

4.1 Respondent Demographic

Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Conclusions

. 29


5.2 Recommendations

.. 29

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