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Objectives Continue the primary business of education students as budget decisions are discussed, made and communicated. Create a sense of understanding and acceptance of decisions. Make sure we are first point of information for staff. Make sure employees and key stakeholders are armed with information and answers they need to understand the budget and discuss it outside the district. Target Audiences Internal Employees of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools External Charlotte-Mecklenburg community members and parents Key Messages
What is being discussed (and why) What is being decided (and why) How decisions (cuts to funding, changes to class sizes, etc.) will affect the school structure, job responsibilities, etc. How they can be a voice in the budget discussions.

2010-2011 Budget Calendar Key Dates January 12 Board of Education Budget Preview January 25 Board Budget Work Sessions February April Board Budget Work Sessions (as needed) March 9 @ 6:00pm Formal budget presentation made to Board of Education by Superintendent at regularly scheduled board meeting March 23 @ 6:00pm Public Hearing on the FY 2010-11 Operating Budget April 13 @ 6:00pm FY 2010-11 Board of Educations Budget Request of the County Commissioners approved at Board of Education meeting May TBD Board of County Commissioners 2010-11 Budget Workshop for CMS and CPCC June TBD FY 2010-11 County Operating Budget and 3-year CIP adopted at regular meeting of Board of County Commissioners INTERNAL TACTICS STA END PERSON(S) RT RESPONSIBLE
E-mails Establish ongoing e-mail address that would update staff on budget discussions Begin with kick-off establishing: o What weve already cut o Items weve reduced o How employees can give us ideas (budget email) INTERNAL GROUP UPDATES 1/12 When Final Bdgt Aprvd Communications Staff




Attend meetings and update the following groups on the budget, as well as take feedback and questions: STAC Key Communicators PLAT Teacher Assistants association DEPARTMENTS/AREAS Update employees about budget by attending meetings for various groups (listed below), updating them with information about budget cuts and the need for county support our most difficult cut last year: Bus drivers Cafeteria managers Teacher assistants Counselors, psychologists and social workers Feb. 15, at University City United Methodist Church (Sugar Creek) from 8:30 to 3 p.m. CMAEOP STAC Feb. 18, March 18, April 22 Media specialists - LM Auxiliary services staff Principals Retirees Volunteer coordinators April ?? Key communicators March 18, May 13 Budget Bulletins (to be sent on days of budget work sessions and on weekly, as needed) Discuss proposals, including: Rationale for proposals How these proposals would be carried out How proposal would impact employees Address rumors directly Emphasize that students are top priority and must continue to be educated during these uncertain times Staff meetings Meetings with area supts (by learning community) or COO, Dr. Gorman or other top officials at Ed Center to answer questions and talk directly with staff who have concerns (keep schedule) Web: Establishing Intranet site dedicated to information about the Budget Budget Bulletin Archive E-mail archive FAQ Toolkit Establish toolkit for staff to use when discussing budget Talking points o What we cut this year o What will cuts mean for education o What cuts will mean for jobs o How CMS was cut versus other districts across the state PowerPoint (ERS)

Executive staff




Communications Staff

Dail, Samantha

Timeline Call Center Devote some call center staff to address employees calling about Benefits, Compensation and career counseling options available.

Judith, Carmen

Prepare collateral materials for advocates (how far does $1 million go in CMS, etc.) Web site Include: Video link Resource section Feedback link Web site, Facebook, E-MAIL (District Review) Update information as available Post video of Dr. Gorman discussing budget cuts (if necessary) o Monitor Webtrends to see how many people are going to budget site and when MECK ED Give Meck Ed information about budget projections, cuts and possible affects in schools Have Meck Ed hold Budget 101 Community Forum Have Meck Ed include budget information on Web site, in ongoing communications. COMMUNITY PARTNERS Suggest ideas they can use for getting the word out about the budget and airing their concerns to elected officials These include: o PTA Council o Faith leaders o Business partners o Non-profit partners Inform community partners about budget issues District Review CMS TV Develop media pitch plan on budget process will determine focus) Have area supts reach out to local elected officials. Op-Ed from Dr. Gorman/Eric Davis regarding budget Media releases after budget work sessions Communications staff

Cynthia, Mike


Samantha, Phyllis

Carmen Donald Media Relations

Media Relations Judith Communications Team Dail, Latoya and Samantha Donald

Budget Bulletin Staff E-mail for feedback Weekly superintendent E-mails Video Clips

To consider: 1. What will we do to make sure we are the FIRST voice for staff regarding reductions? 2. How willing is senior/executive staff to be available to meetings and other ongoing communication efforts? 3

3. How can we maximize morale to ensure staff will remain productive through the end of their employment? 4. budgetquestions@cms address can be re-activated immediately. Call Lateef (344-0027) or Terrence (344-0033).