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To the bat cave!


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To the bat cave!




It may have been daytime Nov. 9, but every second-grade classroom at Sharon Elementary was filled with hundreds of night-roaming, winged


creatures otherwise known as bats.


The classrooms were transformed into bat caves to give parents and other


community members a glimpse of how much the students have learned about the nocturnal animals.


Sharon Elementary second graders studied bats for about three weeks, said teacher Caitlin Seed. This made them well-prepared to share their knowledge


of the creatures with their parents, community members and friends as part of the Bat Cave event at the school.


As visitors toured classrooms, students treated them to a variety of information about any and every


kind of bat. For


instance, did you know there’s such as thing as a hog-nosed bat? A ghost bat? Even a bumblebee bat? Sharon students do, and they showed their knowledge through videos, songs, reports and posters. Some even dressed in bat costumes and created some rather scary – and hairy – bat replicas.


The students were excited about showing their work, Seed said.


“The variety of projects shows how the students are able to use their strengths to show what they know,” Seed added.


The bat cave is a biennial event at the school. Teachers alternate!.aspx[11/21/2012 11:49:09 AM]

To the bat cave! between bats and spiders each year. Students develop strong public speaking skills
To the bat cave!
between bats and spiders each year.
Students develop strong public speaking skills by participating in
events like Bat Cave that require them to present their projects and
research, said Principal Catherine Phelan.
“This culminating event incorporated literacy and geography skills
with their science unit, which was extremely interesting for the
children,” Phelan added. It’s success speaks highly of both the
students and their educators, she added.
“Sharon School has very talented and creative teachers that make
learning exciting and relevant for the children and take learning
beyond the textbook.”
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