the nature of art

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Revised January 4, 2013

the nature of art

Art MacKay
The Nature of Art.
My art training began at elementary school in St. Stephen, NB, Canada where Principal, Tom Acheson, a passionate artist himself, began weeding out and training the talented kids almost the minute we walked through the door. I was blessed (or cursed depending on your point of view) with this early attention and pursued art as both a vocation and avocation for many decades. Viewing the world through an artist’s eyes has influenced the “nature” of all my work. Please enjoy this small sampling.

the nature of art

Love the snowy owls that visit each winter. Original in pen and ink. Hand-coloured printout with several versions available.

Short-eared Owl
For years I had this labelled as a hawk owl. My birding friends tell me differently. An early watercolor based on swipe file images.

Great Horned Owl
Nice shot from my photo files. Owls are generally hard to photograph unless they are nesting, so I take them when I can!

the nature of art

This image was created with mixed media (ink, pencil, spray paint). Designed for a T-shirt.

Night Owl

the nature of art

Barred Owls
From my photographic files. Barred owls are very common in our area.

Great Horned Owl
Original pen and ink drawing. Print is a hand-coloured original.

the nature of art

A pen drawing on 11 x 17 illustration board. Some stipling left to do. A digital print will be generated to create a hand-painted original.

Saw-whet Owl with Luna Moth

the nature of art

Owl in Wash
My course, “the art of seeing”, featured this owl sketch - an original in ink, wash and yellow acrylic for the eyes.

The Eyes Have It
An early sketch for a planned series of owl protraits. The original is a light pencil sketch with some ink work.

Wasis The Baby
I needed a logo for a kids camp. this fun little owl was used for that purpose. Wasis is a native American character.

Midnight Flight
This sketch was created as part of a test of a new style I was considering. It still has some possibility.

the nature of art

A pen drawing original on 11 x 17 illustration board. This digital print was painted to create a hand-painted original.

Barn Owl Hunting The Edge

the nature of art
Barred Owl

Portrait of a barred Owl from my photographic files

Great Horned Owl

A drawing of a great horned owl scanned from a late 1800s publication. I maintain numerous public domain images for commercial work.

the nature of art

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