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Orhanl 34956 Tuzla-stanbul-Turkey Phone: (216) 483 90 92 Facsimile: (216) 483 90 73 E-mail: studentinfo@sabanciuniv.



We are pleased that you are interested in applying as a transfer student to the undergraduate programs at Sabanc University. All completed applications should be submitted to the Office of Student Resources at the address above by the deadlines announced at our web site ( Applicants are responsible for submitting a complete application. Please make sure that all parts of your application are completed and included in your package for submission. Also, make and retain a copy of your completed application. If you are applying to more than one program, complete a separate application form and pay separate application fee for each.

Applicants to the FRESHMAN or SOPHOMORE years should only check ONE of the following programs: Engineering and Natural Sciences Arts and Social Sciences Economics and Management

Applicants to the JUNIOR or SENIOR years should check ONE of the following programs: Biological Science and Bioengineering Computer Science and Engineering Electronics Engineering Manufacturing Systems Engineering Material Science and Engineering Mechatronics Economics Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design Cultural Studies Social and Political Sciences Management

(Last) (First) (Middle)

City/Country of Birth:

Date of Birth:




Citizenship: Spouse's Name (if any): Mailing Address: (if different from home address)

Marital Status (Single /Married): Home Address:

Postal code: City: Country:

Postal code: City: Country:

Home Telephone:


Mobile Phone:


(Area Code)

(Area Code)

E-mail: FSR-C12001-05

Please list the high school you graduated and universities attended, starting from the earliest date.
Dates Attended Name of the School and Location (Month-Year) From To Degree (1*) CGPA (2*)
Semesters completed (excluding prep. Year)

Undergraduate major or field of concentration (Area best describing your undergraduate academic program):

(1*) The degree awarded at the end of the program (e.g. B.S., B.A.) (2*) Cumulative grade point average and the grading scale (e.g. 3,25 / 4,00).

Please list all the tests and scores you submit together with your application.
TEST Name SYS YS SAT 1 ACT GCE A Level French Baccalaureate International Baccalaureate Abitur Matura Degree Other Score and Degree Subject Numerical Score Equal Weight Score Basic Learning Skills Test Score Total Score Total Score A Level Subject Names (min. 2) Diploma Grade Diploma Grade Diploma Grade Diploma Grade Test Score Date

What is your native language?

What is the language of instruction in your current university?

If the language of instruction in your current university is English, please submit a letter from your university indicating this. If English is not your native language or the language of instruction is not English in your current university you will be required to take the Sabanc University English Language Assessment Exam.

Do you speak any other foreign language? Please indicate:


If so, rate your spoken and written ability for this other language
1 2 3 1 2 3 4
excellent elementary elementary



Please list any distinctions, honors, and awards (academic, extracurricular, professional) Award Name Date Basis of Selection

How do you plan to finance your education at Sabanc University?

If you get any scholarship from your current university, please explain the coverage of the scholarship.

Please indicate other undergraduate programs/universities you have applied for transferring: University Department

If you think that the Admissions Committee should know something that you have not had an opportunity to address elsewhere in this application, use the space provided below for additional information. You might discuss, for example, anything that makes you stand out or any background information the Admissions Committee can take into consideration as it reviews your application. (You may use a separate sheet, if necessary.)

Have you been dismissed or suspended by any university for a non-academic reason?



I confirm that all the information provided on this application form is correct and true. I understand that my application or enrollment can be cancelled if the information and/or documents supplied are found to be incorrect, false or distorted.

Applicants Signature:
For further information or guidance: Address: Sabanc University-Student Resources, Orhanl-Tuzla, 34956 Istanbul-Turkey E-mail: Tel: +90 (216) 483 90 93



Orhanl 34956 Tuzla-stanbul-Turkey Phone: (216) 483 90 92 Facsimile: (216) 483 90 73 E-mail: LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION

Applicants Name: (Last) (First) (Middle)

is applying for admission as transfer to undergraduate programs at Sabanc University as a transfer student. Your candid assessment of the applicant will assist the Admissions Committee in its evaluation. You may attach additional sheets if necessary. Please return all materials to the applicant in an envelope. To ensure confidentiality, seal the envelope and sign it across the seal. We thank you in advance for your considerable time and effort.
How long have you known the applicant? In what capacity have you known the applicant? Have you known the student outside the classroom?

What are the first words that come to your mind to describe this student?

In your opinion, what are the applicants most outstanding abilities or characteristics?

In your opinion, what are the applicants most noticeable weaknesses or developmental needs?

Please feel free to provide the Admissions Committee with any additional information, which you believe would be helpful in considering the applicants admission for the undergraduate program

How would you compare this student to his/her entire class?

Outstanding (Top 5%) Academically Extracurricular / community contributions Character and personal qualities Overall Excellent (Top 10%) Good Average Below Average Insufficient Information

I recommend this student



Fairly strong

With reservation

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