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West Fresno Middle School 2888 S.

Ivy Ave Fresno, CA 93706 Monday, August 06, 2012 FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOST, DAMAGED, AND UNPAID SCHOOL PROPERTY Dear Parent/Guardian, I would like to welcome you and your child back to school. During the first week of school, your child will receive textbook and workbooks for each of their class subjects. This letter is to inform you of your legal responsibility with regard to property of the Washington Unified School District. California Education Code section 48904 (a)(1) states, in pertinent part, that the parent or guardian of any minor who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise injures any real or personal property of the District or its employees shall be liable for all damages caused by the minor. District properties include buildings and grounds, as well as textbooks, library books, computers, shop materials, physical education clothes, and sports equipment. A parent or guardian is liable to the District for all District property loaned to a minor and not returned upon demand. The purpose of these properties is to provide your child with additional resources to consult in order to enhance their academic achievement. While library books and textbooks are not the only resources, they assist in guiding instruction and maintaining the integrity of the course. Your child will receive, and promise to use the district properties under the following conditions: Return any District properties loan to your child back to West Fresno Middle School Library when notified, or at the end of the school year in as good or fair condition as when received. If any District properties is lost and/or damaged by carelessness or avoidable accident, you as the parent or guardian of the child will pay for the replacement or repair cost of it. Marking, tearing, or defacing any district properties will be considered as a possible cause for replacement. We have discussed the meaning of this responsibility with all students. We need your help in making sure that District properties is kept in good condition and that loaned items are returned to school upon demand. Parents will be expected to pay the replacement or repair for any lost or damaged District properties. According to the California Education Code section 48904 (b)(1) the school is legally authorized to withhold the grades, report cards, diploma, and transcripts of students until the obligation is cleared. The following are ways to help your child understand this responsibility: Model careful handling of textbooks, library books, and other school property. Help your child find a safe place to keep books during the borrowing period. Inform your child that vandalism is not only a crime, but parents or guardians may be held financially responsible for the damage. We look forward to a successful school year with your child.

Manlia Xiong Library Technician West Fresno Middle School 559-495-5607 ext. 5201