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Stephanie Hicklin EDET 650 Reflection 4 November 12, 2012

The past two weeks have been spent reviewing discussion posts, editing presentations, recording/narrating presentations, loading content into the LMS, sending feedback to the participants through email, and of course, responding to participants email correspondence. We are rounding out the end of our development/implementation phases. These two phases actually overlapped because I created each weeks assignments and content along the way. In the future I will definitely want to have the entire modules content and assignments published to the LMS prior to implementing the module. I have been very pleased with the progress the participants have made so far in the module. I have not had to remind anyone to complete their discussion assignments. Several let me know ahead of time if they needed more time. In anticipation of time constraints and scheduling conflicts, I created the initial timeline to be very strict. I did this in case I needed to give more time and extend deadlines. This was very helpful because right in the middle of week 2, half the participants had a very extensive 2-day workshop with BabyNet state office and needed extra time on their modules. I participated in one day of the face-to-face workshop, so the extra time helped me as well. During week 2, the participants began responding to each others discussion posts. This seemed to be an enjoyable experience for them. Just knowing the participants, I realized that some of those who were responding to others posts are those who rarely ever speak up during a face-to-face training session. I think this is a great side effect of online learning. Many times, people are nervous about speaking up during a face-to-face event. Sometimes, there is no time for questions or comments, so they miss the opportunity all together. I will be interested to see from the evaluation results if they felt this was a positive feature of the module. As far as the overall goals of the internship, I feel that I am well on my way to meeting most of them. Goal 1 was to create an online community of learners to participate in the module. I was able to solicit participation from 12 BabyNet staff that represented a variety of roles. Goal 2 was to create and collect module content and publish in the LMS. Much of the basic content was available as a packaged training, but it had to be edited to meet the specific needs of the BabyNet staff. Along with editing presentations, I have also had to record/narrate several presentations, create discussion board prompts, and create a pre- and post-test. All this information was then loaded into the LMS as SCORM content. Goal 3 was to facilitate and manage an online learning module. This has been a very time-consuming part of the module. If the content was ready prior to implementation, I feel that I could have spent more time actually facilitating the module and could have participated in the discussion a little more. I am happy with my choice to summarize each weeks discussion posts and send a follow-up email with important points, but with only 12 participants, I could have responded directly to posts and replies if I had more time. The final goal was to evaluate the learning and progress of module users. I have been able to conduct some formative assessment during this process. I have had several co-workers go in and

look around and provide feedback through email. I also had a national technical assistance provider, who actually worked on the original committee that put together the training package, go in and look at the organization and read discussion prompts. She also offered feedback through email. Finally, I had the opportunity to meet one of the module participants at a face-to-face event on November 7, 2012. She had nothing but glowing remarks about the module. After week 3s assignments and the final evaluation are complete, I look forward to reading the comments from the participants. The evaluation will be loaded into the LMS and will be their final requirement before credit is given and certificates are issued. So far, I have been very pleased with this process. Our next task will be to find a way to offer more facilitated modules considering the fact that we have a very small training unit to meet the needs. We have contemplated offering this online module again but in a train-the-trainer style. It will take longer than three weeks, but we will prepare them to facilitate this online module for staff in their area of the state. We now have to find an incentive to offer facilitators. This has been a great learning experience and something I have wanted to do for a while now. This internship gave me the opportunity to try out this format as a pilot and hopefully will be able to tweak it to be used much more in the future.