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Profesional Profile IT Project Manager/Analyst programmer with experience managing teams, managing task, scheluding, etc.

Specially in every step of the regular life cycle in a IT project. Also extensive experience in development based in web environment, client / server systems, databases and networks. Experience

Ignacio Javier Albella Prez


Project Manager AMCASMART Solutions, Inc (Philippines, Manila) 3/2011-6/2012 Description: Organization, schedule, planning the team, and development processes in every step of the regular life cycle in different project with different technology. Project based in Inventory, accounts, asset tracking and payroll. Software used: Development: Php, Visual Studio (.NET), Java. Databases: Oracle 11g and SQL Server, SQL Server. Software Open Source: Smarty. Management: Microsoft Project. Key Features: Study, planning the database, structure, development planning, and programming of equipment required to perform the different projects. Organizing meetings with clients, scheduling, documentation, testing and production in Both Development and installation of software. Clients: PhilHealth, CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines)

C/ Ginzo de Limia, 4. 13-3. Madrid. (Spain)



Nacionality Spanish

Java Oracle Consultant AMCASMART Solutions, Inc (Philippines, Manila) 1/2011-3/2011 Description: Organization and programming the team and processes related to both the migration of the database even the items in relationship with the development in an application based in assets tracking. Software used: Development: Php Databases: Oracle 11g and SQL Server. Software Open Source: Smarty. Management: Microsoft Project. Key Features: Study, planning the database and its structure, and programming of equipment required to perform migration operations (SQL Server - Oracle) application based on php Assets Tracking. Also Update all development of every class, methods and functions associated with a inventory application , and thus cover the entire development with a Java Technology. Clients: PhilHealth

Analyst Programmer / Project Manager BARATZ, TELEDOCUMENTATION SERVICES, S.A (Spain, Madrid) 1/2008 11/2010 Description: Combination duties both as a programmer and analyst in application development client / server based mainly on searches managed with document databases. Last phase (2 years) as project manager. Software used: Development: Visual Basic 6.0, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript and Visual C++. Databases: Oracle and BRS/Search Source Control Software: Microsoft SourceSafe and Subversion. Key Features: Study design and analysis for future product releases, software development, software maintenance requests and incident management. Organizing meetings with clients, scheduling, documentation, testing in both development and production and installation of software. Clients: YELL PUBLICIDAD

Programmer CAPGEMINI, S.L.U. (Spain, Madrid) 3/2003 12/2007 Description: Programming an Open Source project development in Perl and based in control applications and management of incidents and requests between the various departments. Programming in Visual Basic user management and administration applications. Software used: Development: Visual Basic 6.0, Perl, HTML y Javascript. Databases: SQL Server 7.0 y MySQL. Operating Systems: Windows y Linux. Software Open Source: OTRS. Key Features: Designing software development for various clients, maintaining the same requests and incident management, documentation and software installation. Clients: FranceTelecom (Orange), Lafarge, Azuvi y Sanitas Programmer SNELL-MADRID, S.A. (Spain, Madrid) 1/1998 3/2003 Description: Programming in Visual Basic and Pascal in applications management, system administration of computer networks, hardware maintenance and user support. Software used: Development: Pascal and Visual Basic 6.0. Databases: SQL Server 7.0, Oracle and Access. Operating Systems: Windows. Email management: Microsft Exchange Server 2000 Development Report: Crystal Report ERP Systems: BAAN Key Features: Programming developments specific to individual departments, user administration on the local network, mail system administration, hardware maintenance, user support and documentation of the various developments.

Teacher Academia IDUS (Spain, Burgos) 06/1997 09/1997 Descripction: Teaching Cobol, C, Methodology, and Basic Computer. Key Features: Teaching studies in the Profesional Training School. Education

Technical Engineering in Computer Science, Associated Institution of the University of Alcal. (Madrid) 2000/2003. High-Level Technical Degree in Management Information (Professional Training II), Polytechnic Institute Virgen de la Paloma. (Madrid) 1991/1995. Other courses Certification J2SE y J2EE. Microforum. (09-2010/11-2010) Initial Java, Object-oriented programming and Advanced java, Sogeti. (042006/05-2006) Master Certification networking of Cisco (CCNA), Profesional Training. (052003/11-2003) Manager operating systems on LANs, RSP-INEM (05-2003/09-2003) Baan Oracle Administration (Baan, Oracle and Cristal Report), Vanenburg Business Systems Spain, S.A. (05-2001) Administration and management of the AS/400 system, IBM (06-2000/092000) Technical Analysis and Programming Computers, University de Alcal (1998/2000). Cobol Computer Programming Course, SQL, Comunidad de Madrid (05-1993/111993). Languages

Spanish: Native language. English: Advanced level in spoken, written and read language. Additional information

Driving Spanish License B1