Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes | Hatred


26, 2012 I saw Chemtrails in the sky today and the loser, pampered, spoiled pets are bein g sprayed while they conceitdly beleive they are not a target. Their ugly goons can't protect them any more than they can protect themselves. Apes, they deserve ALL of the horrors that will be unleashed on them! "I" am evidence of God's existance because I came through two of the most contem ptible, depraved beings and am perfected by MY LORD and not THEM! "They can only approach eachother in either one of two digraceful manners; as a sucker or a beggar" John Galt Speech, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Nov. 19, 2012 The presence of Muslims, Black Israelites , the gang that wears black and red (t he gang that wears blue were on the train trying to intimidate me with a curly, red headed White male directing them, a few years ago when I was with my Daughte r, he said that I thought I was better than them, I know I'm better than them) a cross the street from where I reside somd gang stalkers identified themselves as Zetas (Vikki said she would name her kids with Z's, like Black bitches fantasiz ing about stupid sounding names even back in the 70's) Fraternoties and Sororiti es are where some of these slaves come from because the system made certain to f orce unqualified (not college material as my Mother said in the 70's) into becau se they will never help the Black community, just exploit their own people as ga tekeepers, mammies, essentially slaves. All they have to do is make them into th eir pets like they've been doing and the slaves seem to have gratitude while the y don't. They are born to be slaves and are natrually evil and ahve no natural afection f or their own blood relatives. Just evil slaves to Satanists Whites. It makes sense because if I were to choose the worst people to use in that parti cular fashion, they would be the only ones to fit the bill and not because of th e past slvery becau the groups they serve were slaves in the past and re using t hem because they have the perfect genetics for the jb being that they appear to be Nephilim and haven't had the luxury of reading and comprehension to discover what's really going on and how they themselves are exploited becuase of their lo w mwntality and fear. They believe like the slaves of all races even the ones they serve that "you hav e to take it out on somebody" dispalcing aggresion like the cowards they are and they think they'll look good by comparison and that no one has a choce. Therefore they think that being a White man's whore is better than being a Black man's wife. They think they have some stake in the future when not even the Terrorist crimin als they serve think they are nothing except slaves. Their masters think so little of them that they have to fight the world of lowli fe third worlders also. mantra. In PathMark was to try an scare me not to shop there. An older Black female told me that the items I was looking at were on sale at As sociated Supermarket. I noticed that they play nasty tricks like denting my canned goods, etc., but th ey can do that anywhere. Just like when some (next door)neighbors were asking themselves why I stay here when they are trying to make me leave. The answer is that this is new to them, this is how I've been treated by everyon e all of my life. I suppose I was supposed to be driven to commit suicide because of their constan t slander and brutality. I suppose they think that my life is not suposed to be rewarding because "they" can't stop expressing their hatred towards me. It's their burden to hate me and not mine.

I have always been involved in things that don't involve them and have had a ver y happy life because of this. My not being interested in playing in their "Reindeer Games" bothers them and no t me. They can't stand the idea of me being glad they rejected me from the beginning a nd reinforced their attitude with Gang Stlaking Stasi style attacks on my life a s well as the lives they forced me to bring into this evil world. An obviously inbred White female had to come out to make an appearance. To let me know she was the Master on that Plantation of hostile negroes. After leaving, a Black male tried to reassure me, in a most annoyed voice that " no one is gonna bother you" He didn't sound protective like they do when they're sympathizing with slander a bout me from people like Vikki or Dot. I've never seen them cut their eyes at them in hatred. I've never heard them say hatedful words to them showing off to me like they do on their behalf. I'm not even allowed to say anything true about them because, they are their mal es and will never be mine. I have Jesus and if God saw fit for me to have an established meaningful relatio nship with any mortal, he would have had me have one, so it's God's will and not because I didn't try or because of their consistant slander. They know how to strike the sweet tones for them. I don't mind because they were never my people and have never embraced me as a h uman being least of all a part of their family or community. I never cared and was actually glad because my Mother used to say "if you don't know what you want, you can know what you don't want" What I was certain that I didn't want was some sort of a "tolerance" from Blacks or Whites or anyone for that matter. All of those stingy apes (Black and White) behaved like greedy bastards who woil d declare everything and everyone to be "theirs" and that I had/have no place or anything. All this while sounding trumpets about their charitable hearts embracing every p iece of scum on the planet. I figured it's the way they behaved toward Jesus and it's obvious that King David was belittled by his siblings. Like Joseph, who was sold into slavey by his jealous siblings. My Mother used to tell me that I would have a hard time relaing to others when i t was others who refused to try and relate to me. I never had a hard time relating to anyone because there are some easily relatab le things in life we all share. They were silly to assume that I wouldn't realize what I was dealing with even t hough I understood it all at three years old. Everything after that only proved my assessment of my situation to be right. They must have thought they could convince me to be evil for their companionship , which didn't make them happy. The Blacks always had an ugly way of letting me know that they were barely toler ating me and that they saw me as a slave they would use and abuse on the grounds of past wrongs done to others. I guess they were trying to pretend to avenge their ancestors who were enslaved. These are the same people who lust after White people and will do anything to be in their presence. I would never want to come betwen them and the object of their affection. Just becuse I am not part of their game doesn't mean I ever wnated to be part of it. I think they overplayed the "if I were her" card or "if it were me" card because we are and have always been different. I'm not them and they are not me. They would have been crazily stupid to think any hairstyle I wear/wore is some s ort of an imitation of anyone.

This way of thinking only reveals the fact that these pretenders are imposters a nd assume that others are trying to pull the same sort of tricks. People like me are discovering the answers to the questions that the greatest mi nds throughout the centuries have pondered. For them to be stuck on their physical appearances when I never had or made time for that, will never know the joys of thinking. I suppose I have no reason to think the way I do while weaving around these brut ish Gang Stalkers. If I were a dog who cowered in their sight ot would be obvious that it had been beaten and abused by people, but I'm supposed to pretend for them to make them f eel comfortable about their brutalizing me. I'm supposed to react the way they think I shoud because they want me to appear a certain way to the world. They used to use their lie about me being conceited when it was always them who were/are conceited to explain why I recoil in disgust from them. Perhaps they think I should pretend to myself that they aren't hand picked loser s ste loose on me to attack me. They must also want me to pretend that they and not I have the luxury to react t he way they do to eachother because they have eachother to turn to for support. My response to them is perfectlynormal and it's them who are delusional when the y think I would beleive they would cease their nonsense which gives them a false sense of power (the power to lash out at any imagined offence). An older Black woman urged me to go to Associate Supermarket. I recall the last time I went to associated Supermarket. I was stalked by a White man who resembles my biological Father. After I returned there was a convenient earthquake to try and scare me to leave this city I was born and raised in. I would have been happy to leave permanently, but for the routine thefts of my a ssets. A conveient storm just happened to effect areas that thr Gang Stalkers are known to live. They most likely were part of insurance scams and their professional begging to the govt, etc. yet again, them getting paid for participating in crimes against me. I don't care about these brutes that I have never hany communion with. Remember, those beasts rejected me first and frequently, all of my life and we h ave "NO ESTABLISHED MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS! I knew everyone hated me for no reason and attacked me physically and slandered and instigated attacks against me to show your power and authority which "I" nev er tried to usurp. I have nothing to do with any of them and they want me to pretend that I behave towards them the way I always have, recoiling in disgust like a normal person do es after having been attacked by people who resemble them. /i have absolutely no reason to think they aren't hand pecked losers because the y always are! Perhaps if they didn't have to use the same script aremed with preconceived idea s about me then I could have "established meaningful relationships with people. As long as these people are tools of those sadists "we will never have any relat ionships and I am not going to use my acting skills (trained by the best instuct ors) to play along with those evil beasts who aren't intelligent enough to apolo gize. Ot's not my fault that I like reality and am not trying to outrun my past becaus e I haven't done anything wrong. Their inanae one size fots all trauma bonding doesn't work on everyone no matter how much they would like it to. I can't stop being me any more then they can stop being them. Acceptance is the last stage of grieving they never can get to because they stay stuck on the other four stages. It's not my fault that they have blind spots which they are solely responsible f

or and the inability to admit to their mistakes just gets them more entrenched i nto self deception and being deceived by others. They hate reality and exist in a fantasy world which can't sufficiently block ou t the reality of themselves they wish to escape from. Shitting down my YouTube accounts, etc. is their childish answer to facing real ity. IMy Mother was loving enough to empart wisdom onto me and i have always took the good and left the bad.. She used to say "do as i say and not as I do" tand "pick you people don't let them pick you" I am grateful for her wise words. In tThe Holy Bible it is written "a wise man can learn from a fool" "correct a fool and he'll hate you, don't correct him and he'll go off in his co nceit" O could tell at an early age that stupid people had a strong negative reaction t o correction. I my Mother couldn't correct those half sisters of mine, so I didn't see how i w as supposed to try it while not even having her parental authority. "let the ignorant be ignorant" "what man can make staight what God made crooked" These Bible verses confirmed what i knew in my heart was true and the way i saw the world and it's inhabitnts. It's Nature and not Nurture because I've witnessed in my entire life the idiots being coddled and supported while I was ostricised for being born. They are serial murderers and I separated and Holy. I think it was God's plan all along because he has perfected me and keeps his pr omises. Their was only one Gang Stalker who ever made me a promise and he used the Mantr a/excuse "promises are mad to be broken. Usually hey don't make promises or offer anything to me at all because they use the Mantra/excuse "no one will listen to you", etc. The thing is that I care about the praises of God and not man. The heart of man is desperately wicked and it would be silly for anyone to care about their praise. I actually, secretly courted their disapproval because I saw so much if their sw eet words being used on degenerates who brutalized me. I figured if they would ever praise me like they do them then I would be in the same company as the brute beasts twice dead, which I know I'm nothing like. So, another funny part for me is when they behave unjustly towards me I have a s ense of relief that I am still me, separated by God and Holy. I don't expect gratitude from poor apes like them, they don't have the luxury of behaving appropriately towards me when they have no ability to think abstractly . I would be a monster to insist that they be anyone except who they are. Donald Soles, Black male who was dating Valli had curly Black hair and was adopt ed and had a fucked up home life. He used to spend the night and Dot and Vikki most likely had threesomes with him . Ronald, who commited suicide was driven to it by his Dark, Fat, Black ugly mean looking aunt, who after he had died she was standing outside staring at me as if she wanted to beat her chest like the gorilla she looked like. I think she is a Neanderthal, throwback because while the human genome was being mapped scientists were looking for living humanss who had Neanderthal bloodline . It's obvious, but the scientists have compiled so much data prior to the scienti fic evidence they find in the genes of modern humans. They are Nephilim and not Neanderthal because the Biblical records and other wri tings of antiquity have identified them by their appearance as well as their tem perment and actions.

It's nice that they cooperate with someone because they would have looked really stupid destroying their own communties for no reason other than their lust for destruction. I suppose it's good they have some direction and are orphans due to them not bei ng anything except usurpers. I don't htink they can trust eachother because they are all inferior because the ir Masters are inferior to need them for their artificial promotions. They know that their nature requires them to be brutal Mammies and Gatekeepers. The world in the hands of Vikki, a Nephilim (born with a tooth in her mouth (Lor raine's oldest daughter has a double set of teeth and is of a Nephilim bloodline through that Mean Black male that married a White woman and is the Father of Vi kki and Larry, Dot and Johnnye's first born children). u Under her evil, Whore of Babylon, leadership has put her people (the primitive t hrowbacks) back into the stoneage. They insist on playing Salome to the weak minded Herod's, who have no business a s leaders at the behest of their equally evil Mothers. It's no surprise that they have the same temperment as described in The Holy Bib le. Anyone who has anything to do with them is usually contaminated by design. Everything they touch turns into rubble and they think they can cover their sins and hedge their bets by sitting in some church while they are Satanists. I suppose they didn't read where God called "HIS" people out of the evil churche s where God no longer iss. It was easy to keep these stupid, lazy beasts in the dark about their role in th e historic times that they will remember in Hell long after God's real children ascend into Heaven. While the idiots, with their instant gratification are never satisfied with anyt hing because they are evil and not supposed to enjoy anything. They are and always have been stupid and ready to try and trick others because t hey were tricked due to their inferior reasoning capabilities or rather lack of these higher intellectual processes of thought. No one is jealous of those Whores of Babylon, that was their fantasy. Fantasies are not to be lived out, but the idiots don't know this. When their fantasies fail to produce thee desired effect they are livid and act out as wild beasts, as usual. Idiots outside are still bellowing and I think of it as the proctice for their h owling, forever in Hell. Perhaps, Vikki, your favorite Nephilim loser, can devote her eternity to beating on my stupid, evil, parents. Who refused to be parents to me and had me finacially supporting them because th ey have no maternal or paternal insticts. Less than animals that they are!

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