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Every group have an compulsory task to make

Group Performance, (accoustic/drama/dance) duration 10 minutes. Every member

of group must participate inside the performance.

Hall of Fame, each group will get stereofoam and make a hall of fame contain ; Hero
reviews, Personnel Photos, Photos with advisor, and Mini biodata.

Group Slides, make a automatic powerpoint slides contain of biodata and photos of every
personnel and advisor with duration 3 minutes.

ID Cards, look at the official design of ID Card below Group Sign, make a stand sign created by triplek or thick wood(40x60cm) contain group
logo (related to the Hero). Logo, is a simple symbol that you think really related toward your group ex: Batman= Bat Logos, The Incridibles group= i logos, etc. (30x40cm). Then give colour background based on your group colours.

Background Colour

Logo (30x40)


1. BATMAN a. Boys Use All black costume, black mask with pointy ears, an outside belt, black gloves, and a black robe. (as Batman) Use green vest, white shirt, thick white make up, thick wide lipstick and eyeshadow, and a black/green trousers. (as Joker) Use black eye mask, Yellow robe, green t-shirt, red vest, green trousers, black/green gloves. (as Robin)

b. Girls

Use all black costume, black headbands of cat ears, black mask for eyes, pointy finger nails, cat's whiskers,black gloves, 3 stripes of black makeup on cheecks (optional) and a whip (as Cat Woman) Use All green costume, red hair( use sasha/temporary hair color) / red hijab, red eyeshadows, red lipstick, green gloves, and a green robe (optional). (as Poison Ivy) c. Hall of Fame Use Batman, characters in Batman movie, or Symbol of Batman. d. Group Colour Black (use for group sign and id cards background)

2. THE INCRIDIBLES a. Boys All Red Costume, black gloves, black shoes, black eye mask, i symbol On chest. use black costume with white ornaments, white gloves, blue/white robe, Black eye mask and Standing hair (as Syndrome)

b. Girls

All Red Costume, black gloves, black shoes, black eye mask, i symbol On chest. Use Black coat with red shirt inside, huge eye glasses, and small lipstick (as Edna Mode) c. Hall of Fame Use crushed town Scenery or characters of the Incridibles d. Group Colour Red (use for group sign and id cards background) 3. Asterix and Obelix

a. Boys

Use cape with 2 horns , fur coat, big belt, messy hair, and brown coat(Barbarian of viking/asterix and obelix) Use leather skirt with short pants, sandals with string until knees, cape with fur

b. Girls

on the top, red t-shirt, golden chest shield ( you can make it by using cardboard/kardus or etc) (as the army in greek legend) Use all white long costume with cloth or sarong on the right shoulder, leaves on the right and left head. (as caesar) Use Brown dress, big brown belt, big accessories (as Fallala/ greek women)

c. Hall of Fame Use greek scenery or asterix and obelix characters. d. Group Colour Brown (use for group sign and id cards background)


Power Rangers


Boys Masculin color of power rangers uniform: Match color among trousers, long sleeve tshirt and helmet, rangersgun, rangers sword and big watch (optional). Robotic costum or monster mask (as non power rangers characters) Girls Feminin colour of power rangers uniform: Match colour among trousers, long sleeve tshirt, and helmet, rangers gun, rangers sword and big watch (optional) . Hall of fame Miniature of a big city with monster and power rangers characters.




Colour Blue (use for group sign and id cards background)

Sha Wujing

Biksu Tong


Sun Gokong

5. Kera Sakti
a. Boys: kung fuhs/chinese clothes. The Character of Sun Go kong (with long stick and thin crown), Patkay Sha Wujing, Biksu Tong (white clothes, rosary tasbih, long stick), siluman kerbau. b. Girls: Make up asthe Chinesewomen (asDewi Kuanin, putri kipas, siluman tengkorak putih; fit hairdo). c. Hall of Fame: Abode of Hindu Buddha Gods (kayangan/ Dunia langit). d. Color: Yellow (use for group sign and id cards background) Siluman Tengkorak Putih Siluman Kerbau Kera Tum Pey

Putri Kipas

6. Wiro Sableng:

a. Boys

Silats wardrobe white colour, whiteheadband, Wiros 212 axe, braided sandals, black belt. Other silat clothes as the enemy of wiro sableng.

b. Girls Silats wardrobe colourful,traditional clothes/kemben, or old woman make up as Sinto Gendeng, c. Hall of Fame Scenery in the middle of forest with silat characters. d. Color: White(use for group sign and id cards background)

7. Zoro:
a. Boys Black clothes and cloak, eye mask, fencing Sword, mustache make up, black gloves, black Cape (as zorro). b. Girls Spanishdress (big rose on right ear), gipsy style, wide long skirt. c. Hall of Fame: Cowboys bar. d. Color: Orange(use for group sign and id cards background). 8.

Gipsy style

8. Peterpan
a. Boys b. Girls Use Green Suit , Green Hat , Boots , Small Dagger (Peterpan) Use Pirate hat , Long Coat , Hook in right hand , Boots (Captain Hook)

Use White Blous , Leaf Necklace , Black Rope Belt , Heels (Wendy Darling) Use Green Suit , Magic wand , Heels , Little Wing. (Tinker Bell) c. Hall of Fame Use Pirate Ship form or A mini Neverland d. Group Colour Green (use for group sign and id cards background)

9. Rambo
a. Boys Use Black Shirt , Black Pants , Dagger Or Gun , Headband , Long hair, dirt green make up(John Rambo) Use Army Suit , Green Baret , Dogtags dirt green make up (Colonel Richard Crenna)

b. Girls

Use Black Suit , Gloves , Machine Gun dirt green make up (Sarah) Army suit with dirt green make up just like men is okay c. Hall of Fame Use Gun or Dagger Backround or War theme d. Group Colour Purple (use for group sign and id cards background) 10.

a. Boys Use crown , Bow , Archer , and Wayang suit or Batik Sarong (Rama) Hanoman (the white monkey)

b. Girls Use crown , and Wayang suit , sharong (Shinta) c. Hall of Fame Use Kingdom Background or Java Traditional Background d. Group Colour: Gold (use for group sign and id cards background)