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A banned stock promoter's noteworthy connection to APS

June 1, 2012 Tags: Aaron Lamkin. Aaron Whiteman, ABOT, ABV Gold Inc, Al Thompson, Alan Collier, Alex Barta, Allen Smethers, Amar Bahadoorsingh, AMWI, Apis Ventures LLC, APS. Austere Consultants LLC, Awesumepennystocks, Brain Cook, Carrillo Huettel, Chris Benz, CRWV, CTCC, CTFLA LLC, Dale Baeten, Dan Ryan, Diane Dalmy. Don Calabria, Drew Ciccarelli, Ephran J. Taylor II. ERBB, Eric Van Nguyen, Francisco Abelian, Frank Hariton, Gabe Nix. Gray&Co. GTCP, CORP. GWBU. HDSi, HSTH. HVPA. Jay Fung. Jeff Koslosky, Jeffrey Smuda, KARE, Karim Rawft. Leo lruke. Louis Carrillo, Ludwig Holdings Limited. Mackie Barth, Matt Dial, Michael Littmen, MILV. MSSD, NSRS. OPLO, Panamanian entities, PEPR. Peter Evan Bell, PFMS. Phil Kueber, PHMB. Salient Products Corp. Scott Gelbard, Shehzad Peermahorned, SNPK, Tasses Recachinas. TechApp Solutions, The Regency Group, Tony Papa. Trevor Justus, TSLI, Tuyen Tran, USST. William B. Haseltine, Windfall Communications LLC, WRIT. XNEZ, XPNG Category: Premium, Promoter Information, Research Report On November 16, 2011, Aaron Seeds Lamkm was barred from association with any broker or dealer by the SEC for his role in the illegal distribution and sale of Xpention Genetics, Inc. (XPNG) and HS3 Technologies, Inc. 00TH) stock. The Complaint describes a stock promotion scam very similar to recent AwesomePennyStock promotions. Lamkm is a 34 year old Castle Rock, Colorado resident and graduate of Colorado State University. Also barred in the same SEC litigation was Larnkin's fraternity brothers, Scott F Gelbard and Jeff Kuslosky, and their company, The Regency Group, LLC. Through some recent research I have been able to uncover some very noteworthy connections behveen Aaron S. Larnkin, Stott F. Gelbard. and AwesomePennyStocks (APS). The Regency Group, LLC was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1999 by Scott Gelbard. Soon after founding The Regency Group, LLC Scott brought in Aaron Lamkin and Jeff Koslosky as trusted partners. In 2001 the 4th eventual partner of the firrn arrived, Brien Cook. Each partner of the company graduated from Colorado State University. Below is a photo of Jeff. Aaron, and Brian in 2008 at a charity golf tournament.

No firm doing business in the stock market can exist for long without legal council. In 2004, The Regency Group LLC built a close business relationship with SEC veteran, now private security attorney Michael Littman, Michael Littman, operating in Denver, CO, often spoke at PIPES conferences.

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In this 2005 order made by the SEC, Michael Littman is found connected to many revoked entities based in Colorado. Listed as a Partner with The Regency Group, LLC on the Regency Group website was Windfall Communications LLC. Windfall Communications LLC is run by Trevor Justus (another Colorado State University Alum) and Brian Cook. The same Brian Cook once listed as the 4th partner in The Regency Group LLC. Brian Cook went Onto become the CEO of Tranzbyte Corp (ERBB). Trevor Justus became his VicePresident. Legal Counsel for ERBB was William B. Haselfine. Back on September 10, 2009, Windfall Communications LLC received 56,000 from Diane Dalmy for 03 month investor relations contract to answer incoming calls and investor inquires regarding Genova Biotherapeutics Inc (GVBP). A second investors relations contract extent!. for 6 months was requested and signed by Genova Bmtherapeutics CEO, Aaron Whiteman, on September 24th. 2009. The value of the contract was $10,000 per month.

Genova Biotherapeutics stock was halted by the SEC on 9/23/09. Diane DaImy also of Colorado was added to the SEC's prohibited attorney's list on 9/25/09. The attorney for Genova Biotherapeutics Inc (GVBP) in May of 2009 was Luis Camille. The same Luis Carrillo often found linked to recent APS plays. The attorney for Genova Bratherapeutics Inc (GVBP) starting in July of 2009 was Diane Dalrny. Diane Da/my has also served as legal counsel for Lamlon, Gelbard, and Koslosky's current business venture, Apis Ventures LLC. Other business ventures connected to Aaron Larnkin include Austere Consultants, LLC and Tech World Capital, Inc (KARE) On June 4, 2010, KARE signed a LOI with Mistral Ventures, Inc (MILV). On June 17, 2010 the LOI was canceled. The accountant for KARE was Allen Srnethers. Aaron Larnkin also authored all of the 2010 MILV OTC filings. This was the same exact time that Jeffrey Srnuda took over as the CEO of MILV. Legal Counsel for MILV during the Smuda/Larnkin era was hen nuke. !rake is a Srnuda regular. Smuda does a lot of front work for Chris Benz and Arrrar Bahadoorsingh (both out of LAT Leo 'rake (aka heonnel lruke) also represented AwesordePennyStocks (Marketing Integrale Co.) in some civil cases Including this one from March of 2011 and this one from April of 2012. MILV became an AwesomePennyStocks (APS) pick In October of 2011. The share price rose from under 1.02/share to around 1.14/share before quickly crashing down under 0.01 'share. The stock now sits at around 0.003 'share. The APS pump seemed to be run to support the dumping of 200,000,000 shares held by an anonymous foreign entity known as Ludwig Holdings Limited and 105,000,000 shares held by Smuda and his cohorts (silent associates). Past research available here and here. Another shell linked to Jeffrey Smuda and his silent associates is Capital City Corp (CTCC) which was suspended on April 13, 2012. The suspension was quickly followed by litigation and a complaint against CTCC and its former CEO, Ephran J Taylor II. Jeffrey Smuda can also be linked to XNEZ (along with Allen Srnethers), OPLO (along with William B. Haseltine), PHMB (which was previously known as ABV Gold Inc - Dan Ryan, Tony Papa, Alex Barta, Eric Van Nguyen, Dale Baeten, and Diane Dalmy), and several other shells. Another associate of theirs is Shehzed Peerrnahorned. Shehzad Peerrnahomed recently showed up as the CEO of Salient Products Corp On April 14, 2011, Diane Dairny did an S-1 filing for Salient Products Corp.

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Salient should be getting a trading symbol soon Could Salient be a future PAD? lire definitely one to keep an eye on. Another close associate with Aaron Lamkin is Karim Rawji, Karim Raw)! and Shehzad Peermahorned can both be linked to Provectus Reputo Inc. This corporationwiki page shows Shehzad Peerrnahomed as the president of the business entity. In the TechApp Solutions SEC filings, Karim Rawg (who acts as the sole officer/director of the future publicly traded shell) lists himself as the founder of Provectus Reputo Inc in his bro. "Mr. Rawji was promoted to Managing Director of the firm and in September 2010 started a managementconsulting firm, Provectus Reputo, Inc. to pursue his goal of having his own firm." Te chApp Solutions is also awaiting a future trading symbol. This is definitely another shell to keep an eye in the future. CTFLA, LLC which is listed as the Resident agent for Aaron Larnkin linked PARE in this filing is linked to Karim Rawji. CTFLA, LLC was once listed as a subsidiary of USA Signal Technology Inc (USST) linking Karim Rawji directly to KARE and USST. Aaron Lamkin was listed as the long time CEO of Tapslide, Inc ITSLI). TSLI which claimed to be in the wine industry became involved with Paper Free Medical (PFMS). PFMS was being run by another Colorado college buddy named Matt Diehl, Aaron Larnkin married into a prosperous wine family called the Turnbull Clan. "MEET THE FAMILY. To tell the story of XIPPER DESIGNS and how the Sipper CD and DOD opener came about we should probably first tell you a little about our family. We are Randy and Bonnie Turnbull from Brighton Colorado approximately 20 miles north of Denver. We have two great kids. Our daughter Amanda is married to Aaron Lamkin. They have given us our first granddaughter, Brook: The whole winery connection makes me think of our good buddy, Peter Evan Bell, who was used as a front man for GWBU while insiders situated themselves for future enrichment now being played out with the current paid promotion. Now here Is where things go from documented information to speculation based on rumors and secondhand information provided by various sources. I have recently come across information that suggests that APS plays are currently pulling in between 520 4100 million per play. A chunk of that money is used to create volume to support the promotions. The email newsletters alone do not create any where near INC total volume that APS plays often generate. A lot of that volume is created by APS insiders running the box. APS insiders are spending a lot of money on wash trading and of course they allegedly use WDCO for bid support on their plays. I also have come across information that suggests that at some point, Aaron Larnkm and Scott Gelbard may have gotten involved with APS taking a large cut from each of the plays or possibly even taking control of the APS companies. APS might have been sold or shaken up a bit back around June or July of 2011. What was formerly run by Erik. Van Nguyen, Jey Fong, and Al Thompson may have been passed off to Aaron Lamkin, Scott Gelbard, Karim Rawg, Shezhad Peermahomed. Ardar Bahadoorsingh and their group. This group Includes a huge financier out of Singapore and possibly some involvement by Francisco Abelian with helping to set up some of the Panamanian entities. More Information about Abellan's past here. Francisco Abelian spends much of his time these days chilling on his yacht off the coast of Spam.

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Recently APS has been using its riches to expand its empire. In March of 2012, APS bought the hototc stock promotion sites from Tuyen Tran for 53,000,000 plus coverage on some deals. The alleged timing of the change of control of APS from Van Nguyen to Larnkin, Gelbard, and company would place the first Larnkin/Gelbard APS play as Portage Resource Inc (POTG). The first APS play under the new Regime with close ties to the Lamkm/Gelbard group was HDS International Corp (1-IDS1). HDSI was a shell largely run by Aaron Lamkin in the background. While awaiting his sentencing by the SEC. Lamkin brought in Hillwinds Ocean Energy LLC which is controlled by Tassus Recachinas. A Note for 5325K was issued to Hi!Winds Ocean Energy LLC on 8/1S/I 1. Another Note for SI 85,000 was Issued to Senk Enterprises Inc on 8/10/11. Serik Enterprises Inc is a Cray&Co Panamanian entity. Gray&Co Panamanian entities are commonly found involved in APS plays. The $185K Note was allegedly used to settle a $34.500 Note owed to Vail International Ltd for $39,187, a $105,000 Note owed to Newton Management Ltd for 5114,177.72, $25,965 in expenses owed to Mark Simon for $10,000. and a debt of 540.000 owed to the shell's legal counsel (probably Carrillo Huettel) for $15,000. The Serik Enterprises Note was settled 2 days after it was issued on 8/12/11 with no explanation given as to the terms of the settlement. Serik Enterprises was also given a 515,000 debt Note on 7/25/1 I which was used to help settle debts shown here and here owed to Mackie Barch (SNPK and GTCP). Tossas Recachinas didn't bother to disclose the details about the Serik Enterprises debt Note settlement until 3 months after the fact On 11 i12/11, Tosses finally did an NEC filing disclosing that 3 months earlier on 8118/11, HDSI issued a 5500,000 debt Note to yet another Gray&Co Panamanian entity called Wiremu Inc. On the exact same day that the Wiremu Inc Note was signed (8/18/11 ) the AwesornePennyStock (APS) promo kicked off. That is no coincidence

Lamkin and Gelbard started building up these S-I corps 2 years ago and they have dozens in waiting all with the potential to become the next big APS promotion. After HDSI, Lamkin and Gelbard changed the game plan a little bit and started creating both the merger entity and the shell. With HOSI, lassos wasn't as cooperative as they would have liked and didn't provide all the PRs they needed to help the promo really hit the mark. With full control of all aspects of the entity and promotion, the promotion could be much more successful. The same people involved in the fore front with helping to originally set up the HOS' shell (Don Calabria, Frank Hamm and Alan Collier/ can also be found involved in setting up two more shells - Massive Dynamics

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Inc (MSSD) and Hanover Portfolio Acquisitions, Inc (HVPA) making both of those shells (which have yet to start trading) potential future APS promotional companies. The S-I filing for MSSD is almost identical lathe 0-1 filing that HDSI did. It even includes many of the same seed shareholders. HVPA is a bit closer to seeing its shares start to clear for trading. CRWV (august of 2011) - has a Panamanian entity used Ken Bart of Colorado as legal counsel and has ties to ABOT MILV (october of 20111 - has major ties to Lamkin and his crew as explained earlier in this post NSRS (november of 201 I) - has a Panamanian entity and Carrillo Huettel and ties in with SNPK ABOT (december of 2011) - has a Panamanian entity and ties to CRWV and used Ken Bart of Colorado as legal counsel AMWI (december of 201 11 was left over from the old regime - was tied directly in with WRIT and PEPR (Phil Kueber) may have been done because of some pre-arranged agreement when the APS change of control took place During the early part of 2012 the APS domains were all moved to new servers and a few mare domains were bought up (like the ones from Iran) expanding the APS family SNPK (march of 2012) - has Panamanian entities and Carrillo Huettel and ties in with NSRS and HMI GWBU may of 20121 The guys that hold shares in APS deals often use 'residual" shares to promote the stocks again once APS has moved on. Hence the few times HOS' and others have been re-promoted. Drew Ciccarelli and Gabe Nix recently got residual leftovers on the SNPK pump.

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