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Nearly eighty-five percent of the schools in Nevada are at risk.

In these at-risk schools, many of these students do not have a caring and nurturing home; some have no safety; and others have terrible behavior issues. For some children, a teacher is a parent, a doctor, a police officer, a judge, and/or a friend. In many of the education classes I have already taken, I have learned about many philosophies of teaching that I would love to implement in a classroom. B. F Skinner had a theory that proper and immediate reinforcement strengthens the likelihood that appropriate behavior will be repeated. He believes that occasional or intermittent reinforcement can be used to maintain a desired behavior once it is established. I plan to use this positive reinforcement in my classroom as well. I believe that students should be rewarded for their accomplishments. Rudolf Dreikurs called for democratic teaching. He implemented that teachers can develop a democratic classroom by allowing students to help make important class decisions. I feel that both the teacher and the students should share the control of a classroom; however, as the teacher, I should reserve the right to decide when the students are allowed to make decisions for the class. Fritz Redl and William W. Wattenberg noted that differences occur in the behavior of a student as an individual and the behavior of the same student as a member of a group. Pleasant behavior will support the desired behavior and unpleasant behavior will stop undesired behavior. I believe with support and motivation, my students will be satisfied and I have a positive learning environment. I feel that it is important for students to begin each day in a classroom with a clean slate. This gives the student a choice each day over whether or not to misbehave, without having a past behavior infraction overshadow their decision. Additionally, students should be given input into classroom rules. The rules of a classroom need to be logical and completely thought through. The rules of my classroom should reflect the rules that students will face later in life. I feel that involved teachers, rewards for good work and behavior, and the products of their work motivate students. I feel that as a teacher, I need to tap into these motivators and utilize them in my classroom. I hope to eventually teach my

students to find motivation in intrinsic sources rather than extrinsic sources I feel that there should be many steps in my classroom behavior management before involving parents or the principal. I feel that parents should be kept up to date on their students behavior status as well as their academic status. It is my duty to discover the motivation behind problem behaviors. If I can discover the need satisfied by this behavior, then I can help the student overcome the behavior. I have all these ideas that I'm ready to use and makes me more anxious to start teaching, A lot of people that I talked to say that as a child they dreamed of being a teacher, doctor, lawyer, actress, the list could go on. But they never ended up following their dreams. I have wanted to be a teacher since the third grade. I have never seen myself doing any other thing. Being a teacher is my ultimate dream. And I will not stop until I reach my dream. I have one main goal in life. That goal is to by the end of my life, to have affected at least one person's life. A teacher is a huge impact on a child's life. I want to be that impact; I want to be that parent, that doctor,m that police officer, that judge, that friend. I want to be that teacher.