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Influencing the Influential

Duke Jeyaraj brings principles of influencing the influential folks with the Gospel from Acts 26 where Paul makes a gripping presentation of the Gospel with King Agrippa India home to the influential! Indians have risen to positions of influence across the globe. Deutsche Bank co-CEO is an Indian at the point of writing this article (November 2012). Another Indian heads the domestic appliance business of Philips globally when I write this. A person of Indian origin is the dean of the Harvard Business School, did you know, at present? The Week magazine reported, The Indian market with its 55 billionaires, seems to have a prominent place in the plans for super luxury carmakers (The Week, May 1, 2011). RollsRoyce sold 70 cars in India in the year 2010. Bentley and Lambhorghini sold around 150 cars each in the same year. Porsche sold 130. Michael Perschke, head of Audi India was hopeful of selling 7500 units of Audi cars in India in 2012 (The Week, Feb 5, 2012). The most expensive residential home is in India we are talking about the home of Mukesh Ambani here. What am I trying to say here? From India several influential people have risen. Several great people have come to the fore. From the rickshaw puller to corporate honchos! On the day of judgment both great and small would stand before Jesus (Rev 20:12). Yes, the influential and the not-soinfluential would stand before Jesus on that terrible day. And on that day, those whose names were not written in the Lambs book of life would be thrown into the lake of fire! (Rev. 20:15). So when this is the case, should we not get busy with the task of reaching BOTH the influential and the notso-influential for Jesus? We must. Yes, In India, we have several rich, famous, influential God chooses people who drive swank cars! They need to hear of even those Jesus! From Pauls presentation of the Gospel with that are not King Agrippa, we can learn lessons in this regard. influential (I Cor. 1:26). But that does not mean that he purple cloth was a painstaking will refuse to choose the and tedious process. It is said that influential. He loves both the thousands of shells from an ocean categories of people. We must mollusk were required to make reach both the categories of just a couple of yards of purple people. The good news of the cloth. Only the rich could afford Gospel which brings great joy is all the expenses incurred in for all people. This is what we getting a purple cloth. But the read in the Christmas narrative apostles led this famous lady, (Luke 2:10). The all people Lydia, to the Lord Jesus who, referred here includes everyone interestingly, was made to wear a from the rich and the famous to purple robe through an act meant the rickshaw puller, from the to demean him (Mark 15:17). corporate honchos to the sewage When we reach the influential for cleaners! Jesus, they would be naturally positioned well to reach scores of If Lydia was led to Jesus. others for Jesus! There was a woman named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth A gripping presentation made (Acts 16:14). Purple cloth was before King Agrippa worn only by the rich and the There is no better person from famous of those days. It must be whom we can learn as to how to noted that the production of share our faith with the influential

than perhaps Apostle Paul. The Bible passage in which Paul interacted with King Agrippa as recorded by Luke is used as the primary Bible passage of consideration to do this. This passage was deliberately chosen, because, I discovered that while there are lots of material that pull out lessons on evangelism of folk/ people who are influential from Scriptures such as Acts 17 (where Paul speaks in Athens), there is hardly any literature that does the same from Acts 28 (where Paul speaks to King Agrippa). In Acts 28, Paul makes a gripping presentation of the Gospel before King Agrippa. 1.APPRECIATE AND START! When Paul was speaking to King Agrippa, one of the first things he does is appreciate him using tender language. He appreciates his expertise on Jewish customs and controversies (Acts 26:2). Earlier on, when he stood up to speak to the Council of Philosophers (Acts 17:19) in Athens, he said: Men of Athens, I notice that you are very religious! (Acts 17:22). Again, these words can be seen as words of appreciation for their spiritual hunger.

When one shares the Gospel with the influential lot of the Google Generation, one must consciously look for ways to appreciate them. Straightaway attacking their false religion may put them off and may possibly completely close their minds from considering the claims of Jesus. Therefore, special effort must be taken to find out certain positive things about the religion of the Google Generation youth which the Gospel agrees with. These findings should be shared right at the start of the Gospel presentations with such people. 2.ATTACH YOUR TESTIMONY! In his Gospel presentation to King Agrippa, Paul then/also shares his detailed testimony (Acts 26:4-22). A philosophy can be argued against, but a personal story cannot be. That is why it is pertinent that one attaches his own testimony in Gospel presentations for the influential Google Generation youth. As a group, the Google Generation just loves sharing their personal stories. This is seen in the huge popularity of social networking websites such as Facebook where status updates are basically a

short report of what someone is actually up to (a testimony). Here is a comment from a news magazine about Facebooks role in helping people open up their life stories with greater ease and regularity: Facebook has changed our social DNA, making us more accustomed to openness. But the site is premised on a contradiction: Facebook is rich in intimate opportunities you can celebrate your nieces first steps there and mourn the death of a close friend but the company is making money because you are, on some level, broadcasting those moments online. The feelings you experience on Facebook are heartfelt; the data youre providing feeds a bottom line. The willingness of Facebooks users to share and overshare from descriptions of our bouts of food poisoning (gross) to our uncensored feelings about our bosses (not advisable) is critical to its success. Thus far, the companys m.o. has been to press users to share more, then let up if too many of them complain.. (Dan Fletchers comments in Time, May 20, 2010). Since the influential of the Google Generation is not wary of sharing their personal stories, as weve seen above, testimonies from the mouth of a sincere evangelist would be mostly welcomed by them. 3.ARTICULATE WITH INTELLIGENT WORD PICTURES! While sharing his testimony in his talk with King Agrippa, Paul includes this statement: Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me? Is it hard for you to kick against the goads? By using this astute statement, Paul is appealing to the

When one shares the Gospel with the influential lot of the Google Generation, one must consciously look for ways to appreciate them. Paul began by appreciating King Agrippa.

I was weak I thought I could become strong but I was weak, I was so so so weak the fault is my own. The fault is my own. Hope something good happens with my death. Fire stallion has left the building I wish to donate my eyes and internal organs. At least somebody can be benefitted with my death. In another 2 min it will be 3:13 both my fav numbers. awesome time to die. These were Nitin Kumar Reddys last words in an email he sent to his father. The final-year M.Tech student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras hanged himself from a ceiling fan in his hostel room after he got a semester extension. The pressure cooker description given by the media certainly does not go with the IIT Madras campus, located within a 620-acre natural forest with a magnificent lake and a wide range of flora and fauna. However, in the last three years, the campus has witnessed six suicidesthe highest number across IITs. This year eight IITians killed themselves across India, and IIT Madras leads this list, too, with two students, both from the mechanical engineering department, killing themselves. (Mandira Nairs and Neeraj Krishnas write up in The Week, October 31, 2011). Some students from Indias top colleges were kicking against the goads what is most unfortunate is that they kicked against the goads till their death

In three years 6 suicides were reported among students of IIT Chennai. Committing suicide can be described with a phrase that Paul used in front of King Agrippa kicking against the thorns! common sense of his listeners, including King Agrippa. Those who kick against the goads would hurt themselves in the process. What Paul is trying to say is this: a life without a relationship with Jesus is self-destructive in its core essence. When one observes the world of the influential of the Google Generation and which is without Christ, the same is found to be true. A report in a news magazine about the real life story of a student studying in a college touted to be Indias best engineering college, confirms this: A Suicide Note Dad sorry I couldnt be a better son to you all you asked was my betterment of my career and future and I couldnt give it to you I have failed you dad and I am so sorry about it. I cannot show my face to you. Mom Sorry mom, I really did love you more than dad.

When Dravid forgot his players name The Indian Premier League This confession reflects season 5 was hugely popular. A purposelessness in Beckers life. particular incident took place An encounter with Jesus alone before the toss of a game in which can give anyone, including all Rajasthan Royals played. Here those from the Google is a report about that incident: Generation, purpose and meaning During the toss their captain, Rahul Dravid was asked about the changes to his line-up, he paused for a 4.ANNOUNCE few seconds YOUR LIFES before giving up SINGULAR trying to PURPOSE! recollect the Becker I had no second spinner inner peace! Ajit Chandila, Paul, in his Gospel but for sure presentation efforts Chandila has before King Agrippa ensured with his Boris Becker, in an interview, announces how he match-winning confessed that he had no inner peace, despite discovered purpose performance in having a lot of money and despite having and meaning for life Jaipur that his won a lot of important tennis tournaments. after an encounter captain and Only Jesus can give a person lasting inner peace. with Jesus. Christ world will never appeared to him to forget his make him a missionary to the name. This two first-class in life. This news has to be shared Gentiles (Acts 26:16-18). His match old spinner responded with the influential from other entire life which was empty had against Pune Warriors with a faiths for whom life is now found a focus, a thrust hat-trickChandila took up Jesse meaningless and empty. towards a direction of Gods Ryder, Sourav Ganguly and choice. The curse of the Google 5. ADDRESS BY NAME! Robin Uthappa to record the first Generation is life without a Paul continues his Gospel-laced hat-trick of his cricket career. purpose. Here is the confession of conversation with King Agrippa The press made a big hue and cry Boris Becker, accomplished in Acts 26. He addresses Agrippa former German tennis star: I had by name saying, And so, O King about this particular event in which Rahul Dravid forgot the won Wimbledon twice before, Agrippa, I was not disobedient to name of a player in the playing once as the youngest player. I was that vision from heaven XI. For them, recalling a persons rich. I had all the material (Acts 26:19). He need not have name is a basic courtesy that is possessions I needed... Its the old included the name of King expected of all. While announcing song of movie stars and pop stars Agrippa in this statement. But he the Gospel with a person from who commit suicide. They have did, driving home an important another faith, especially those that every-thing, and yet they are so point which I will come to after

(Acts 26:19). This real-life story provides a challenge that one must employ a line of argument that appeals to simple reason and basic logic while the Gospel is being shared with the Google Generation. Particularly, the basic reasons for the uniqueness of Jesus should be lovingly presented during a Gospel presentation. A person who rebels against such a unique Savior can only be hurting himself or causing himself untold trouble.

unhappy. I had no inner peace. I was a puppet on a string. (Quoted from Our Daily Bread, July 9, 1994).

talking about an event from the Cricket field.

are influential from the Google Generation, one must take special care of this.Calling out the name of the person the Gospel is being shared with, brings about a certain degree of closeness between the two and creates a greater opportunity for the person to be converted to Christ. 6. ATTACK TRANSGRESSIONS WITHOUT FEAR! Handmade gods arent gods! In his conversation with King Agrippa which is the focus of our study in this article, Paul charges all who are hearing him to repent. Hear this: I preached first to those in Damascus, then in Jerusalem and throughout all Judea, and also to the Gentiles, that all must turn from their sins and turn to God and prove they have changed by the good things they do (Acts 26:20). Please note here that Paul says even those from a gentile background must repent. It is no co-incidence that while speaking in Athens also Paul asks his hearers to do the same: God has overlooked peoples former ignorance about these things, but now he commands everyone everywhere to turn away from idols and turn to him. (Acts 17:30-31); In the city of Ephesus, Paul kept hammering the point that his hearers should turn from idol worship. The response was so immense that it caused a dent in the business of those in the city that made idols! And this was the complaint that was raised against Paul: Paul has persuaded that handmade gods arent gods at all! (Acts 19:46).

More intimate with Mobiles than the Maker! How do we go about the sensitive task of warning the influential among the Google Generation from other faiths and follow Pauls model? We could start off by including among the Google Generation youth, even from Christian families in the list of people who need to repent from idol worship. Perhaps the most common form of idol worship which the Google Generation youth from both Christian and non-Christian backgrounds are guilty of the worship of technology and gadgets.) Meena Hart Duerson, writing for, reported, 84 percent of people surveyed in

a new TIME Mobility Poll said they couldnt go a single day without their mobile device in hand. One in four people check their phones every thirty minutes, while one in five check every ten. Researchers polled nearly 5,000 people in eight countries: the U.S., the UK, China, India, South Korea, South Africa, Indonesia and Brazil, according to Time. Its hard to think of any tool, any instrument, any object in history with which so many developed so close a relationship so quickly as we have with our phones, Time Magazines Deputy Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs wrote in an article releasing the polls findings. The data was published in Times recent Wireless Issue.

A Time magazine cover story showed beyond a doubt that most people worship their mobile phones. Yes, it is true that even born again believers are more intimately connected with their mobile phones than their maker and that is a clear case of idol worship!

Only money comes close always at hand, dont leave home without it. But most of us dont take a wallet to bed with us, she added, noting that a smartphone can replace your wallet now anyway. Were also never far from our mobile devices, even in sleep - 75 percent of 25-to-29year-olds said they took their phones to bed. Yes, it is true that even born again believers are more intimately connected with the mobile phones than their maker and that is a clear case of idol worship! After making it clear that one could be guilty of gadget-worship no matter which religious background one belonged to, we could go on to lovingly warn about other forms of idolworship. Dr. Jack Deere talks about another form of idol worship prevalent in the modern church which goes unnoticed and unnamed: A Bible deist has a lot in common with the natural deist. They both worship the wrong thing. The deists of the eighteenth century worshiped human reason. The Bible deists of today worship the Bible.After being humble enough to admit that the sin of idol-worship exists amidst those of us from the Christian background, we must not shy away from talking about idolworship practiced by friends of ours from other faiths belonging to the Google Generation. 7.ANCHOR EVERYTHING YOU SAY IN THE BIBLE From Nadars to Naidus! Paul, after doing different things in this Gospel presentation of his to King Agrippa, lets King Agrippa know where his anchor was. His anchor was in the Word

While Octopus Paul has made some mistakes in its predictions, the Bibles predictions have never gone wrong, ever! of God, the Bible. He said, I teach nothing except what the prophets and Moses said would happenthat the Messiah would suffer and be the first to rise from the dead and as a light to both (Acts 26:22,26). As Agrippa witnessed for Jesus, he cut across social barriers (from the least to the greatest) and racial barriers (as a light to Jews and Gentiles alike). Yes, the Gospel message is to be taken across social barriers (from the call center agents to the assistant Vice Presidents, Chief Executive Officers!) and across racial barriers (to those from Nadar background, Naidu background, Nambhoodhri background, etc.). Vinoth Ramachandra rightly wrote: It was the conviction of the distinctiveness and universality of Jesus Christ that impelled men and women over the centuries to cross geographical and linguistic boundaries, and to offer their lives in the self-giving service of their fellow men and women. It was this conviction that enabled them to recognize the human worth, as well as desperate need, of tribes and cultures long despised by their non-Christian compatriots. Apostle Paul and Octopus Paul After building a sufficient launching pad, Paul goes into a full-throttle presentation of the Gospel replete with prophetic proofs along clear references to the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The number of prophecies that Jesus fulfilled is good enough proof for his divinity and uniqueness. In fact Jesus has fulfilled over 110 major prophecies in his life time something that no one else has done! The Google Generation goes gaga over another Paul - the Octopus Paul, who correctly predicted the winner of all of Germanys World Cup 2010

games, including a shock defeat by Serbia in the group stages and the ousting of Germany by Spain. The Google generation must be reminded that Octopus Pauls record was not perfect in reality/ actually, according to his own owners. Paul had predicted wrong in about 30% of Germanys games during the 2008 The God who made you and me, did something similar to what European Dhoni did in that climatic final over. We had goofed up like Joginder. Championship, We had sinned and were in danger the danger of going to eternal hell... including their loss to Spain in seamer Joginder Sharma to bowl The God who made you and me, the finals. When it comes to did something similar to what the crucial last over with the predicting the future, the Word of dangerous-looking Misbah-ul-haq Dhoni did in that climatic final God is far more accurate than Octopus Pauls predictions, as of Pakistan on strike. Misbah had over. We had goofed up like Joginder. We had sinned and were Gods word has not gone wrong hit Harbhajan Singh for three in danger the danger of going to even in a single prediction so far. huge sixes in Over Number 18. eternal hell, the place which God Joginder bowled an ultra-wide as The death and resurrection of made for the Devil and his angels. the first ball. Captain Dhoni Jesus can be wrapped with God could have chosen to just contemporary events in which the calmly collected the ball and ran watch this happen. But he did not. all the way to the other side of the Google Generation has interests Just as Dhoni ran from the wicket to put an arm around in the way Paul wrapped one wicket-keepers position to the Joginder, who had by then walked start of the bowling mark of in the aspect of the Gospel with a back to his bowling mark. After secular quote in his Athens T20 World Cup Final last over, giving him a brief pep talk, Dhoni God too travelled. He left the speech. This is something I keep doing all the time when I speak to ran back to the usual wicketcomfort of heaven and came all the Google Generation. Here is keepers position. Misbah was the way to earth, just to save us. one example: beaten off Joginders next ball. Yes, Jesus, God in flesh, came down to seek and save us, sinners, He thrashed the third ball for a When Dhoni ran to meet Jogi! the Bible, Gods Word in human huge six to make the equation 6 Pakistan needed 13 runs to win words declares (Luke 19:10). off 4 balls for Pakistan. After off 6 balls with just one wicket in Joginder bowled the next ball, hand in the inaugural T20 World This is just one example of how India had won the first-ever T20 Cup Final in South Africa versus we can wrap the Gospel around India in what was a see-saw game. World Cup by 5 runs as Misbah contemporary events and share miscued a scoop into the hands of them with the influential among Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Sreesanth. Dhoni entrusted little-known the Google Generation.

8.ARGUE WITH GRACE! Not only distressed but also courteous! After Pauls presentation of the Gospel, Governor Festus shouted, Paul you are insane. Too much study has made you crazy! (Acts 26:24). When we present the Gospel among the cream of the society, the likes of Kings and Governors, we can expect some opposition. That is what had happened to Paul. If we preach the right Gospel, opposition will come, most of the time!Paul handled the opposition by giving a direct reply which was not bereft of its dearness! A reply which was not robbed of its sweetness! Chris Wright points out that while Paul confronts the sophisticated and curious Athenians (Acts 17:16-34), he was not only distressed but also courteous (Acts 26:25-26). He said, I am not insane, Most Excellent Festus. I am speaking the sober truth. And King Agrippa knows about these things. I speak frankly, for I am sure these events are all familiar to him, for they were not done in a corner! (Acts 26:25-26). Paul knew that Agrippa had a fairly extensive knowledge of Jewish beliefs, and would be the right person to counter Festus opposition. To counter the non-believing governors objection (Festus), Paul looked for the help of a nonbelieving king (Agrippas)! Open magazine publishes proof for Christian faith Likewise, we must try to counter the arguments of non-believers with arguments from other nonbelievers. It is often argued by some skeptics that Christ never existed. To counter this, I fished

To counter the non-believing governors objection (Festus), Paul looked for the help of a non-believing king (Agrippas)! Likewise, we must try to counter the arguments of non-believers with arguments from other non-believers out a quote from a secular news magazine published in India called Open a magazine that has previously published antiChristian writings. Here it is: There is no doubt that Jesus existed. In comparison to other ancient individuals, he is well represented by ancient sources. New Testament texts are naturally the primary sources. We have thousands of ancient fragments where the oldest preserved are written some 30 years after the Gospel (John) was composed. Compare this to Homer and Herodotus, where the few preserved manuscripts were written about 1,000 years after being originally composed. The preserved sources for Caesars Gallic Wars are nine or ten and the oldest were written 900 years after its original composition. The number of texts and the nearness between preserved New Testament texts and the time when they were written is without parallel in ancient literature. (Open, 20 November, 2010). We must use such resources by pagans which show support to the Christian faith when we present the Gospel those among the influential of the Google Generation. 9.ASK PERSONAL QUESTIONS AND AFFIRM SCRIPTURES You would say no to incest if.! As we move forward in this gripping narrative of Paul sharing


the Gospel with King Agrippa, we see that Paul asks a personal question to King Agrippa next: King Agrippa, do you believe in the prophets? I know you do(Acts 26:27). The Google Generation takes exception (usually tries to avoid) when personal questions are asked. But Paul went ahead and askedKing Agrippa if he believed in the Prophets. If he believed in the Prophets, he would not be having an incestuous relationship with his own sister Bernice for these are the words of the Prophet Moses: You shall not uncover the nakedness of your sister (Lev. 18:9). If he believed in the Prophets, he would nothesitate to release the unfairly arrested Paul from captivity, for he would have read from the writings of Prophet Amos, But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream (Am 5:24). What one believes affects the way one behaves. That is the reason Paul asked that pertinent question to King Agrippa, who had a reputation as a pious Jew, which is why Paul could make this appeal. My birthday, my body, my twitter account! At this juncture, I would like to draw a parallel between King Agrippa and the Google Generation youth. Just as King Agrippa was sexually immoral in the extremely gross sense, some of the Google Generation youth of today are also sexually immoral in an extremely gross sense. Here is story that illustrates the fact that sexual immorality is not even seen as a sin by Google Gen icons: An Indian model, 28 years of age, expressed in The Week, While

doing a five-day nude photo shoot for Playboy, I felt very calm, peaceful and, of course, liberated. My sister is proud of me. Once the Playboy cover is out, I will visit my mother with a copy of it and say, better be proud of me. She would be pleased for sure.I uploaded my nude pictures on my Twitter handle on my birthday. It is a sort of freedom of expression. It was my birthday, my body and my Twitter account. (The Week, October 14, 2012). The Bible on porn Instead of pretending that sexual sin is far away from those of the Google Generation, we must recognize that the Google Generation has committed it so often that it doesnt look like sin anymore! That is whywe must boldly declare that pornography, porn-watching, fondling a person who is not your spouse, etc., is a sin against God by quoting relevant Bible verses, without beating about the bush. 2 Samuel

11:27 says that God was displeased with David when he watched live porn so to speak the disrobing of Bathsheba, a woman who was not his wife. I will now talk about another Bible story that kicks the porn-watching habit in its belly. The story of the demonized man in Gerasenes. Before he was delivered from demon-possession the man who lived in the tombs was naked. But after Jesus delivered him, he was clothed (Luke 8:35). That tells us something. The porn-performers of our world, allow themselves to come under the influence of the Devil, the prince of the power of the air (Eph 2:2). And when we watch porn, we not only displease God, we allow ourselves to come under the influence of the Devil. So, porn-watching is clearly evil and sinful. The Bible clearly teaches. We must do the same throw biblical light on other sexual sins which the Google Generation happily embraces in our Gospel presentations to them!

2 Samuel 11:27 says that God was displeased with David when he watched live porn so to speak the disrobing of Bathsheba, a woman who was not his wife.


When talking about sexual sins we could use the following phrases: We have sinned against our Creator with our body instead of You have sinned against your Creator with your body In the office building, a lost soul led to Christ! Paul asked King Agrippa if he believed in the Prophets (Acts 26:27). Using the writings of the Prophets one can lead a person from another faith to the experience of salvation with an open Bible. It has been my privilege to do just that. One day when I was busy with my work of calling the American customers of the International Bank I once worked for, from Hyderabad, India, with the objective of trying to recover loans from them, way past mid-night. One of my call coaches saw the Bible I had placed on my desk and told me, Someone gave me a Bible once. I tried to read it. But I could not understand it. Can you help me understand the Bible, please? I was stunned by this missionary call that came from the mouth of an unbeliever from another faith, a modern young working professional, even as I sat in that corporate office. Of course, I was no stranger to the unmistakable hunger for the things of God among the modern young professionals. A newsmagazine in India announced on its cover with a picture of a praying techie: Helpline GodWhen everything around you starts looking dismal and depressing, spirituality and prayers have become the last refuge even for preppy yuppies. After I had logged out from my computer after work, I walked up to this particular call coach with

I had the privilege of praying the sinners prayer with an office friend, right inside the office, after I shared the Gospel with him, during the days I worked for an International Bank! my Bible. I asked him, Shall we sit in a quiet corner in our office so that I can take a few minutes to explain the main message of the Bible to you? He instantly agreed. Within minutes, he was praying the prayer of salvation with me after I explained with a help of a few verses the Gospel message. All of those verses were from the prophetic book of Isaiah. We read Isaiah 54:10 to understand that God loves us abundantly. We read Isaiah 57:20,21 to understand that sin causes an unrest/vacuum in our hearts. We read Isaiah 59:2 to understand that sin separates us from God. We read Isaiah 66:24 to understand that stubborn sin will ultimately take us to everlasting hell. We read Isaiah 53:5 to understand that Jesus died to forgive us and give us true peace. We read Isaiah 53:6 to grasp that we need to take a U-turn and come back to God in faith to receive Jesus sacrifice. We read Isaiah 66:15 to comprehend the

fact that the resurrected Jesus is coming back to judge the World. The starting point for this startling development was an open Bible I had placed in my workstation! 10. ACCELERATE TO LEAD THE PERSON TO A DEFINITE COMMITMENT Instead of sending Bernice out Pauls interaction with King Agrippathe focus of this paperis truly absorbing. King Agrippa, in response to Pauls personal question says this: Do you think that you can make me a Christian so quickly? (Acts 26:28). King Agrippa feels in his gut that Paul did not want him to delay his repentance from his possible affair with his own sister Bernice. But instead of sending Bernice out and inviting Paul to lead him in a prayer of commitment for salvation, King Agrippa leaves the place along with Bernice. Perhaps he thought


that he had lots of time to decide what he would do with Jesus. But he did not. When one suddenly dies, it becomes too late to come to Christ, for the Bible says, It is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment. (Heb 9:27). When the Spirit stops speaking to a heart made stubborn, it becomes too late for that person to come to Christ. Pharaoh is an example of this. God hardened his heart when he was repeatedly stubborn, despite seeing some outstanding miracles time and again (Ex 7:13,14,22; 8:15,19,32; 9:7,12.) When Jesus returns the second timeHe is going to do that suddenly and unexpectedly as a thief in the night wouldit would again be far too late to come to Christ in repentance (I Th 5:2). That is why there is a dire need to push towards a commitment when one shares the Gospel with a person with faith or no faith. Sudden Death after Hurricane Sandy Sudden death can happen at any time. When Hurricane Sandy hit the shores of the United States death came knocking on several lives, all of a sudden. Clare Trapasso and Joe Kemp, writing for reported about one such tragic sudden death: Surging storm water turned a mirror into a lethal weapon, killing a Queens woman - despite her husband desperate and heroic efforts to save her. The tragic death of Nancy Sorenson occurred during Hurricane Sandy as the 50-year-old woman made a final attempt to grab belongings from the flooded basement of the familys Beach

124th street home in Rockaway Park. The chain reaction of events that ended with Sorenson a teacher at a Catholic elementary school - bleeding to death in front of her distraught family began when the wind tossed a slab of the Boardwalk onto the street. That sent a sudden surge of water into the cellar, launching a broken mirror that sliced Sorensons arm. A piece of the Boardwalk got wedged on the street and dammed the street, said Sorensons 59-year-old husband, Tom, who leaped into the rushing water when he saw it pour into their home. All of the sudden, I had to swim to the back of the basement to get her. ... I grabbed her and threw her on my shoulder and pulled her out of the basement, he recalled. But when he brought his wife upstairs to their two children in the house - an 18-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl - they saw

Sorensons left arm was horribly wounded. Her arm was almost severed in half, her husband said. The family tried to bind the bloody wound and called for help, but emergency workers couldnt get to the house because of the flooded streets. Sorenson, who taught at Our Lady of Grace School in Brooklyn, died on October 30, 2012, according to police. The ever-possible chances of sudden death for any human at any time, pushes youth workers like me to speed up the announcement of the good news to as many as possible. Interestingly, this is Pauls final point, as Lukes narrative of Pauls encounter with King Agrippa closeshe not only wanted King Agrippa to come to Christ following a genuine repentance, but everyone to do so (See Acts 26:29).

Nancy Sorenson met with a life-threatening injury to which she succumbed to when Hurricane Sandy suddenly struck.The ever-possible chances of sudden death for any human at any time, pushes youth workers like me to speed up the announcement of the Good N ews to as many as possible.


Will God Forgive The Sin I Am Planning To Commit?

Duke Jeyaraj on the need to balance Positional Sanctification and Practical Sanctification
Will God forgive the sin I am planning to commit? That gossip session I plan to have, that foulmouthed rant I am about to explode with, that adulterous affair I am about to engage in, that hour of secret porn surfing that I am about to launch into, etc. Hmmm. We will come to the answer for this question in this essay. The book of Revelation makes for wonderful reading. The lessons already taught in the first 65 books of the Bible are pictorially confirmed by its book no. 66 the book of Revelation. There is nothing new in Revelation which is not taught clearly elsewhere in the Bible! - this I believe. White robe theology We are given a white robe, we read there (Rev 6:11). Thats a symbolic way of expressing positional sanctification. We come to Christ in repentance and faith just as we are, he makes us white - holy and pure (Paul calls this being sanctified in Christ Jesus in I Corinthians 1:3). But thats just the start. Positional sanctification would and should translate into practical sanctification, if our repentance was genuine. By practical sanctification, I mean living a life of victory over sin in our day to day lives. John talks about practical sanctification this way: No one who lives in Him makes a practice of sin (I John 3:6). Paul expressed practical sanctification this way: Let everyone who names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity (2 Tim. 2:19). Privilege Vs Responsibility The book of Revelation talks about those clothed in white in the very next chapter (7:13). The folks who wore white, deliberately chose to wear that color. We must make a choice to wear white clothes (spiritually speaking), that is, be pure, say no to sin day in and day out, with God helping and we actively cooperating with him (quoting Gods Word, running away from temptation, praying to receive power at the hour of temptation, being accountable to a believer pal, etc). If we want only the privileges of positional sanctification without the responsibility of practical sanctification we are like the man who walked into the wedding feast without wearing the wedding garment already gifted to him before the wedding (Math 22:11). He had no excuse for not wearing the wedding garment (Math 22:12). We will have no excuse for not living a practical holy life on the final day

We need to balance our understanding of positional sanctification with our understanding of practical sanctification


because God has given us everything we need to live that life - His Word, The Fellowship of the Church and opportunity to be accountable, The Holy Spirit, etc (Eph 1:3). And the end of those who just want the privileges of positional sanctification without the responsibilities of practical sanctification will be same as that of the wedding guest whom Jesus talked about - being bound and bounced into eternal hell (Math 22:13). You only have I chosen of all the families of the earth (this part of the verse is talking Both Peter and Judas sinned. But what they did after that time of about PRIVILEGES); sin was vastly different. Like Peter we must run to mend not end therefore I will punish you for our relationship with Jesus when we may have sinned. all your sins (this part of the verse is talking about punishment repentance and ask him for Jesus after he committed wanton sent by God for not combining the forgiveness. But there is no sin. He ended his life. He headed RESPONSIBILITY of living holy guarantee that you will ever do to hell (John 17:12). But Peter... with God-given power with Godthat. Judas did not. He was saved. Peter came back to Jesus after he given PRIVILEGES!) - Amos 3:2. His name was written in heaven committed sin. He repented (Luke 10:20). But he also lived in genuinely. He took a U-turn. Do not be deceived sin even as he lived with Jesus. He When he wept bitterly, Jesus did So, my friend, let not anyone used to, now and then, help not ever say to him, Dont weep deceive saying, Jesus has already himself with the moneybag of Peter. Dont repent of your sin. I forgiven the sin you are planning Jesus. He allowed greed to grip have already taken care of it! to commit. The Bible declares him, slowly but surely (John 12:6). (Math 26:75). Instead, Jesus that God will not forgive sin that The greed became a monstrous allowed Peter to weep for his sin. we refuse to acknowledge, repent ball, and, before he knew it, Judas Because doing so is good. It is from, and ask Jesus forgiveness agreed to help the religious leaders better and wiser to weep over our for. The Bible teaches that we of his day to arrest Jesus for the sins now, in this period of grace only store up Gods wrath (we are money he would pocket by doing when there is time, than to weep on the road to hell, in other so. He may have thought, I will upon seeing Jesus return the words) by refusing to repent (Rom come back to Jesus after I am done second time to judge it when there 2:5). Another 2:5 - Revelation 2:5 and dusted with this sin! (like we will be no time given to repent I mean - warns of judgment of say, I will ask Jesus forgiveness (Rev 1:7). Jesus taught we must God which will come upon those after I am done with this hour of weep for ourselves and our CHURCH BELIEVERS who porn-surfing! or I will ask Jesus children (Luke 23:28). So, when refuse to repent! forgiveness after I am done with we sin, we must feel for that sin this session of gossip with my and come back to Jesus in Judas Vs Peter close buddies! or I will ask repentance (Luke 13:1-5). Will Jesus forgive the sin I am Christ to pardon me seconds after I planning to commit? thats am through with my foul-mouthed Hear the message of the book of your question, a question you may rant against the one who rubbed Hebrews not ask openly. He will - provided me the wrong way!). But he did We must not disregard the you come to him in true not. Yes, Judas did not get back to message of the book of Hebrews


in this regard. The book itself tells us this: Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it (salvation) (Heb 2:1, see vs. 3 too). We must consciously avoid deliberate sin. For when we keep committing deliberate sin without even repenting of it, there will come a point in our life, like it happened in the life of Judas, that we will, perhaps, commit a deliberate sin and never feel like coming back to Jesus in repentance. Its then we come to a point in our life when there will be no sacrifice for sins left but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of the raging fire that will consume the enemies of God as the Bible teaches (Heb 10:26,27). A punishment of the worst sort awaits those who trample underfoot the blood of Jesus (through a life of callous, conscious, sin) AFTER they have been sanctified by same blood (Heb 10:29). The message of Hebrews 10:29 is direct: if we do not complement the positional sanctification we have received with life of practical sanctification (living a holy life on a day to day basis), hell punishment awaits us. As one Bible Teacher put it, We need two things to enter heaven: forgiveness (positional sanctification) and holiness (practical sanctification); many want the privilege of the former but without the responsibility of the latter; but without both of these, no one can see God; no one can enter heaven! Pharaoh, Manasseh, Judas and you! Lets say that we keep saying, using our God-given free will, I will keep sinning against Jesus, ask him a token sorry each time I

do it and quickly, and without wasting much time, get back to sin once again! Jesus may choose to make that free will permanent. After this happens there is no way we can return to Jesus and ask him for forgiveness. This I say after having read the stories of Pharaoh, Manasseh and Judas, in the Bible. When Pharaoh hardened his heart even after he saw miracle after miracle, the Bible says, God hardened his heart(Ex 9:7 and 9:12). God made Pharaohs already stubborn free will permanent. When Manasseh kept at his rebellious life, year after year despite knowing all, God refused to forgive him (2 Kings 24:4; please see, 2 Kings 23:26 also). This is what Jesus told Judas who used his free will to allow Satan to enter him: what you are about to do, do quickly. He did this because he knew Judas free-will had been hardened and he had crossed the point of no-return (John 13:27). Judas had no one to blame but himself for this. Those who ape this trio (Pharaoh, Manasseh and Judas) will head to the same place these three unforgiven, stiff-necked people are headed eternal hell. He who is stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed without any remedy! so says the Bible (Prov. 29:1). That scary possibility became a reality in the lives of Pharaoh, Manasseh and Judas. I hope it

will not be a reality that would strike anyone reading this piece. But it could be a stark reality for those who want to still keep playing around with their pet sin saying, after all there is the grace of God which would be always there to forgive my sin. For the false Christian teachers who use their freedom (in Christ) as an excuse for sin (as an excuse for continuing in sin, in other words (I Pet 2:16), blackest darkness (another image of hell) is reserved by them (2 Pet 2:17). Lets say with Paul So, lets say with Paul, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave (wage war with sin with the power of God, in other words) so that after I have preached to others (after I have been a believer all my life and preached Gods Word too, in other words), I myself will not be disqualified for the prize! (I Cor 9:27). Also we must remember that there are consequences when Gods children commit wanton sin. Lets look at the case of believers committing sexual sin deliberately. Sin has consequences From the Bible we read about the following lethal results when people have lapped up sexual sin: Firstly, the LORD will leave you and you wont know it. Like it happened for Samson as he lay on

Pharaoh hardened his heart even upon seeing five miracles. When he did the same after the sixth miracle also, God hardened his heart. There was no chance of this Egyptian emperor repenting after this. He was doomed. Living in sin, we understand from Pharaohs life, is very dangerous. 16

Delilahs lap (Jud 16 20). Secondly, you can never be a leader who will influence people for good. Joseph, one who was famous among a set of 12 brothers for beating sexual temptation was told under Divine Inspiration that he would be prince among his brothers while the one who slept with his fathers wife, Reuben, was told you will be first no longer (Gen. 49:4,26). David, the great leader of Israel who had an adulterous affair, had to go silent when his son raped his daughter (2 Sam13: 2l,22). Thirdly, violence could become commonplace in your family. David learnt this bitter truth when the lives of three of his Sons - Amnon, Absalom and Adonijah were cut short violently at the prime of their youth (2 Sam 13:29; 18:9 onwards; I Ki 2:2425). Fourthly, you would have given birth to spiritual enemies who will battle against you for the rest of your life. The sons born to Lots daughters out of his incestuous relationship with them became ancestors for the Moabites and Ammonites two of Israels most bitter enemies in their later years (Gen 19:37,38). Fifthly, the advantages you may have gotten through sexual sins will melt away. Remember, Davids love-child born as a result of his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba eventually died notwithstanding his plea that God would spare Him (2 Sam 12:14).Sixthly, Gods name will be blasphemed. You who say that people should not commit adultery, do you commit adultery? As it is written: Gods name is blasphemed among the gentiles because of you! wrote Paul

Bill Clinton could have well been the next US President to have his face carved on Mount Rushmore. But he blew that opportunity away.When we sin, without any second thoughts there would be sad consequences we may have to live with for an entire lifetime. (Rom 2: 22,24). Finally, when you persist stubbornly in sexual sin youll go to hell. The Bible doesnt mince words when it says the sexually immoral - their place will be the fiery lake of burning sulfur (Rev 21:8). L-U-S-T is a four letter sin that will take you to a four-lettered place - H-E-L-L. Do these fatal figures concerning those who indulged in sexual sin make you shudder? It is meant to do just that. Reason? Shuddering can also be biblical way to beat sexual temptation! After proclaiming the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel (including the command, You shall not commit adultery) Moses told them, The fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning! (Ex 20:14,20). The next time when you think of yielding to sexual temptations, take time to count the cost of yielding to them and you will find that thought not so pleasurable. Clinton, Lewinsky, Mount Rushmore The effects of yielding to sexual temptation or any temptation are deadly - even the secular world stories reveal this. It is said that Bill Clinton lost the privilege of his face being carved with the other great American Presidents at Mount Rushmore and a noble Prize because of his incredibly foolish sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky (Source of information - Asian Age, Bangalore edition, 21 September 1998). It is a fact that the great Australian legspinner, Shane Warne, lost the honour of leading the Australian Cricket Team because of the phone sex scandals that surrounded him. Tiger Woods lost his sponsorship deals with MNCs because of his sexual sins. We are called to live a life of winning over the habit of committing deliberate, callous, sin, with God helping us and weactively cooperating with him.


What Sammy Said At The Presentation After West Indies Won the 2012 T20 World Cup.
Duke Jeyarajs poem on the West Indies-Sri Lanka 2012 T20 World Cup Final with the Gospel at the end
West Indies were limping at 32-2 after 10 overs, and 48-2 after 12 the wily young Lankan spinners Mendis and Dhananjaya would not let them break-free! With their eyes of faith, the Sri Lanka fans watching this game at their home ground, their country holding the T20 World Cup, could definitely see! Thats when Marlon Samuels played an innings that has been aptly called the 281 of T20 and went on a sensational, murderous six-hitting spree! By smashing 26 off 15 balls Captain Darren Sammy said, The responsibility of ensuring that the West Indies finish the innings well after Samuels got out would be squarely on me! Sri Lanka were going about the chase okay, when they were 47-1 at the end of the 9th over with both their legends Jayawardene and Sanga still in the middle, Thats when some super bowling by Badree, Narain and Samuels, exposed the Sri Lankan middle order that proved ever so brittle,

Marlon Samuels murderous innings of 78 in the T20 World Cup Final can be called the 281 of T20. Duke wraps the gospel around this gripping game.

When fighting-back Kulasekara started to smash Ravi Rampaul, ice cool senior pro Chris Gayle who just scored 3 off 16 balls earlier in the day, was there to calm him with a speech given in a huddle, In their entire innings Sri Lanka collapsed to score less runs than the runs West Indies did in their last 10 overs (105) and their fans were ready to eject on them, in disgust, their spittle! While West Indies danced to celebrate after having won a World Cup after 33 long years, for Sri Lanka in four straight World Finals, it was the case of regret and tears, And in the presentation ceremony, Captain Sammy talked about Jesus Christ, crucified on a Cross despite having lived a righteous life, who was Sammys mainstay during all the difficult days of criticism, mocking and jeers, The thrill and satisfaction that one get when watching a good T20 game fades away quickly when lifes problems prick as briers! Thats why you need to come in repentance and faith to the Jesus that Captain Sammy talked about to experience even amidst lifes long calamities, lasting cheers!


Do You Doff Your Hat To Your Opponent Like Djokovic Did?

Duke Jeyaraj about envy is that no one can tell if you are envious, for sure. Only God who knows everything and from whom nothing can be hidden would know. And you, the person who harbors envy, would know. Apostle Paul was like the Novak Djokovic we just read about. He could have chosen to be envious of young evangelist Apollos, who apparently was more eloquent than him (see Acts 18:24 and I Cor. 2:3). But he did not. Instead, Paul chose to strongly recommend the ministry of Apollos to the church in Corinth in his letter to them (I Cor 16:12). Wow! By doing this, Paul was just practicing what he wrote to the church at Philippi: Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves (Philippians 2:3 ESV). Paul was simply following Jesus who appreciated the folk who loved to hate him, the Jewish leaders. Jesus appreciated the Jewish leaders for their discipline of searching of Scripture for long hours and for their discipline of giving to God one-tenth of items found even in their kitchens (see John 5:39; Math 23:23). What about you? Do you appreciate the bloke in your team who is better than you in the tasks you both have to execute in the company you work for? He collects more dollars than you, perhaps. She gets more customer appreciation, maybe. Do you go green with envy when you spot some more accomplished than you in a certain discipline - be it taking photographs, be it dressing up well, be it preaching a Bible message, be it speaking the English language, be it in cooking, be it in scoring exam grades, etc? Dont! Learn from Djokovic. Learn from Paul. Appreciate the person who does things better than you! The only person who can truly transform your life from the cancer of envy is the one who died because of the envy of others - even the Lord Jesus Christ (Math 27:18 - Pilate understood that it was out of envy that the Jewish leaders wanted Jesus to die). Jesus died not just because of the envy of the Jews. He died as a punishment for our sins, the Bible declares (2 Cor. 5:21). Come to him who shed his blood for you on the Cross. His blood will flush you of all sin including the sin of envy, which he clearly named as sin in one of his sin lists (see Mark 7:22). Jesus will give you the power to genuinely appreciate your opponents/teammates who are perhaps better than in you in certain matters! Dont forget - being envious is injurious to your health! Envy makes the bones rot!, the Bible declares (Prov 14:30)! Before our bones rot, let us blot the sin of envy in our heart by asking Jesus to cleanse us from it!

Novak Djokovic had kind, gracious words to say about his opponent, Andy Murray, who defeated him to win the 2012 U.S. Open. We can learn from that. After Andy Murray became the first Britisher to win a Grand Slam in 76 years by beating him in the 2012 US Open Final, Serbias Novak Djokovic showered praise on his opponent: I had a great opponent today. He deserved to win this grand slam more than anybody, Im sure, because over the years hes been a top player. Hes been so close, lost four finals. Now he has won it, so I would like to congratulate him. Happy that he won it. Djokovics verbal act of doffing his hat to his opponent was refreshing to read for we live in a world where envy is everywhere and feelings of jealously are not uncommon! The tricky thing


The Ultimate Combination Duke Jeyaraj Champion Is.!

Former US President, Bill Clinton, was oozing with eloquence when he spoke thus of President Barack Obama in the Democratic National Convention, in Charlotte, NC, on 5 Sept 2012: I Nominate A Man Whos Cool On The Outside But Burns For America On The Inside... He was praising Barack Obama for possessing a rare combination of contrasting qualities. I want to say that no one had a greater measure of contrasting qualities than the Lord Jesus himself. I call Jesus, the combination champion. Not only was Jesus amazingly powerful (he had miracle-working power) but he was absolutely pure (there was no muck in him). Not only was Jesus 100% God (Titus 2:13), he was also 100% human (Acts 17:31). While Jesus was loving (a bruised reed, he would not break), he could lash out at people with words of judgement as well (he called the unrepentant Jewish religious leaders a brood of snakes, white-washed tombs who were headed for hell, and Herod as that fox). Jesus contrasting qualities far out-beats anyone you can care to name (Acts 4:12; John 14:6).

Poor Tyson Gay & Gods Rich Grace

Duke Jeyaraj reflects on yet another gripping London 2012 Olympic event
Poor Tyson Gay! He finished fourth despite clocking a sensational time of 9.80 seconds in the 100 meters final at the London 2012 Olympics. In every Olympic 100 meters mens final before Beijing 2008, this effort would have won him the Gold Medal. But this time - thanks to Gold Medal winner Usain Bolts power sprinting that pulled the seven out of the eight finalists into the sub 10 seconds mark - this guy called Gay did not even win a bronze medal despite a fabulous effort this Olympics and was reduced to tears. This is an imperfect picture of how all of us, sinful us, have fallen short of the glory of a holy, holy, holy God despite our best efforts and how we can be saved only through placing our total trust in Christ! Paul wrote, God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you cant take credit for this; it is a gift from God (Eph 2:8, NLT).

Accounts & Board Meeting

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Can We Hail the Values Promoted by the Movie, Cocktail?

Duke Jeyaraj
Rajeev Masand, film reviewer whos widely followed, writes, the film (Cocktail) attempts to be mature about pre-marital sex and adult relationships... I am not sure what Masand means here. Does he imply that having pre-marital sex without much second-thought, because your body tells you to do it, is to behave maturely? The Bible, however, calls pre-marital sex as iniquity - not maturity! Pre-marital sex, which movies like Cocktail show happening casually, displeases God, the Bible records. That the young woman in the poem of Song of Songs is a virgin is quite clear from this description: You are a garden locked up, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain (4:12 NIV). When Solomon says it is locked, he is saying it has never been entered; she is a virgin. Rock walls to prevent intrusion from strangers surrounded gardens and vineyards in Palestine. Only the lawful possessor of the garden could enter it, explains Dillow (Solomon on Sex, Page 81). Why is the woman called a spring sealed up, you might wonder (4:12). Dillow goes on to explain: Because water was scarce in the East, owners of fountains sealed them with clay that quickly hardened in the sun. Thus, a sealed fountain was actually a shut fountain shut against all impurity; no one could get water out of it except its rightful owner. Thus the Shulamite was closed against the world and inaccessible to all no one could disturb her pure heart or desecrate her pure person (Ibid.) God places great value on premarital virginity of young people (Deut 22:13-21).

The Bible calls pre-marital sex as iniquity - not maturity! Pre-marital sex, which movies like Cocktail featuring stars such as Deepika Padukone show happening casually, displeases God, the Bible records.
Gautam has a torrid affair with Veronica with no commitments norm underneath the relationship. As the frames roll ahead, Gautam starts living with Veronica... so goes a line from the review of the Hindi movie which is talk-of-themultiplex-movie-going-crowd named Cocktail starring Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan and Diana Penty. What would the Bible say about romantic relationships without commitment? The exemplary young woman we read about in the Bible book Song of Songs, says to her man, Place me like a seal over your heart, or like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, and its jealousy is as enduring as the grave. Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love; neither can rivers drown it (SS 8:6,7, NLT). This is a figurative way of saying that the relationship between the young woman and the man is for keeps lifelong. Weems notes, In the last three chapters of the book, having defended their relationship against forces from within and without, they eventually embrace, consummate their love, and pledge their love, which though costly, is more powerful than the forces opposing it (The New Interpreters Bible, page 373). Their glowing example is a stirring rebuke to the youth of this generation that swaps partners with such ease and abandon like they change shirts.


Why Was I Born? English Vinglish Vs English Bible!

Duke Jeyaraj (see Isa. 59:2 in the Bible). The indication of Gods desire to have In the 2012 movie, English transgressions we commit drive a a living relationship with every Vinglish, the lead is played by member of the human race. David wedge between us and our Maker. Sri Devi. The Ripple Effects But through faith on the finished Pawson says, God had one son. WordPress account has some work of the Lord Jesus done for He enjoyed that son God in superb details about this movie us upon the cross of Calvary, we which I present to you: Sri Devi is flesh, Jesus - whom he had rich can once again fulfill the purposes fellowship with, very much. He a lively, capable woman, a cook for which God who runs her own originally created us. catering business, her These God-given specialty the ladoos, purposes include sweet golden balls of living a holy life dainty delights. empowered by the Shes born to make Holy Spirit with the ladoos, her example of Jesus husbands intended before us (1 Thes praise of her cooking 4:3). These Godskills only reflects the given purposes for confining social humans also include a reality in which she call for involvement finds herself. in the task of winning If Sri Devis husband souls for it is Gods in the movie English will that none should Vinglish thought that A line from the movie, English Vinglish, starring perish (2 Pet 3:9). So, she was born to make Sri Devi, brings us to the important question, Gods purpose for our ladoos, what do you Why was I even born? lives is not about think you were born ladoo-making but about lustwanted to have more sons and for? I recall a popular song in defying (being holy!) and living in daughters to the same rich which the boy tells the girl he close fellowship with him. So, fellowship with. Thats why he loves that he was born before her Gods purpose for our lives is not created the human race. Pawson so that he could be present to all about sweet-making but about comes to this conclusion after receive her and cuddle her from soul-winning whereby we bring the moment she (the girl he loved) having read Hebrews 2:10 in his Bible which goes this way: For it other, just-like-we-once-were, lost came out of her mothers womb! people back to a warm fellowship Well, well, well! Why are we born was fitting that he, for whom and with him! into the planet called earth? What by whom all things exist, in In summary, God created us bringing many sons to glory, is the purpose of our existence? to be his workmanshipprepared should make the founder of their The Bible teaches that each one beforehandpredestined salvation perfect through of us was born to have a to do good works like Christ did suffering. Paul agrees with this relationship with the living God, truth presented by the writer to the so that we will be ultimately Yahweh. God would walk in the be conformed to the image of Hebrews in Romans 8:29. garden of Eden where he created Christ, our perfect elder and placed man and woman in the Sin comes between us and God brother, the Bible records and plays spoilsport in our cool of the day (Gen 3:8). That (Eph 2:10; Rom 8:29). relationship with him Scripture text gives a clear


Download Not Just Angry Birds But Also These Apps! Duke Jeyaraj
by Aditi Pai and Lakhmi Kumaraswami, page 21). My first smartphone was gifted to me in December 2010. Ever since, I have downloaded apps that help to deepen my understanding of Gods Word on to it. Apart from downloading apps like Angry Birds and the like, we can download Biblebased apps that are there by the bagful and grow in our spiritual lives. Thanks to the latest technology you dont have to always carry a traditional Bible made out of celluose sheets. You could read the Bible online, from your smart phone, from wherever and whatever not just the traditional Bible made of paper pages. Thanks to modern technology Andriods/Apples all-of-theBible Text in one application that can be read even if you are not net-connected/online, once you download it, is the ESV bible (the English Standard Version Bible) according to the best of my knowledge. And ESV, the English Standard Version, is also a fairly simple version to read. The good thing about ESV is thatit strongly resembles the traditions of King James Version (KJV) in language and sentence-construction style. This version gives the Bible feel when read. It uses manuscripts that were not previously available to the KJV translators, thereby making it one of the most accurately translated Bible versions. The New American Standard Bible (NASB)

The pursuit of app-iness, was the title of a cover story of a recent issue of India Today magazine. What are some of the good Bible apps that I can download on my smartphone? this article answers that question. India Today magazine had a cover story on how urban Indians are using smartphone applications to make their lives easier. The cover caption was, The pursuit of appiness (July 23, 2012). The editorial by Aroon Purie went this way: The world has become so small that it fits into your palm. For a techno-savvy generation on the move, smartphone and tablets are the most intimate companions. Touch the screen and answers pop up. The digital gadget in your hand is friend, counselor, guide, and teacher, apart from being what it is originally made for. There is an app (shorthand for application) for almost every requirement that can make life easier, funnier, smarter and even healthier. So you can download apps that can provide you a cooking recipe, make Shakespeare more accessible, keep a check on your pulse rate, help you learn a foreign language, warn you about traffic jams, manage your relationship, hone your childs creativity, and even guarantee sound sleep. If technology is about making life better, apps are its mass market variations.Apple has registered 25 billion (app) downloads and its nearest rival Google, crossed the 10-billion mark. One study estimates the global mobile app revenue for 2011 as $8.5 billion which is expected to become $46 billion by 2016. Going by the rage among urban Indians for smart apps, Indias contribution to that figure cannot be negligible. The lead article talked about the apps Actor and Kolaveri Di singer Dhanush, 28, used on his newlybought Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. Says Dhanush, The apps I use are more for fun I check cricket and football scores on the Score app, interact with my fans on the Twitter app and keep in touch with friends on Whatsapp. I also play games on my phone when Im bored Angry Birds and Temple Run are my favorites and my kids love them too. (Planet of the Apps


available as part of the free Bible application called YouVersion (available to both Andriod/Apple users) is a reliable, readable translation to follow. But please note that YouVersion can be only used if you are online. The TNIV version of the Bible is also available in the Bible Gateway application. The Bible Gateway App, free on Andriod & Apple phones, is very useful is perhaps the most accurate word-for-word English Bible translation presently available, but the good thing about the ESV is that it combines accuracy with readability, something which cannot be always said about the NASB! You can search for phrases, verses in the online version of ESV, with great ease. The online link for doing this is this: browse If you have an Android device (a phone or a tablet), I encourage you to download YouVersion application of the Bible. With this app you can read the Bible in multiple versions of your choice while you are connected to the Net. This can be done in an Apple device (I-phone or I-pad) too. In an Apple device, you can download the Bible Gateway application which makes it possible for you to read three versions of the Bible (say, the ultra modern English version, The Message, the neither modern, nor ancient translation like the ESV and the ultra-word-for-word version of NASB) simultaneously in three different columns! The Bible Scholars, I deeply respect, also have said that the Todays NIV (TNIV) which is A Movie Poster Line... One of the good things possible when you read the Bible online is that you can search the Bible on certain topics. You could also read the Bible online by searching key words of your interest. I wanted to write a short article on the word, soul after I noticed in the newspaper, that for the movie, HATE STORY (2012), the punch line was: Love killed her soul; her body seeks revenge. This is what I came up with after searching the word soul on an online Bible site: Even the makers of movies of such cadre, a Christfollower would consciously avoid, like the HATE STORY, surprisingly, concede that humans have a soul - not just a body. We have a soul, because we are made in the image of God who too has a soul. My soul is well-pleased! so said the God of the Bible about the sinless life of his only incarnate Son, Jesus - the Bible records (Math 12:18). Yes, all of us have a soul! This soul, the Bible declares, will go on living forever (Eccl 3:11). We can gain the whole world, and yet forfeit the soul, Jesus, God-in-flesh warned (Mk 8:36). Nothing can be given in exchange for the soul, ever, Jesus taught (Math 16:26). Not the diamonds of South Africa. Not the cars of Germany. Not the cheap thrills that come in viewing movies like HATE STORY. Just nothing. Without a living, daily,

deep relationship with Jesus, our soul and body will be consigned to eternal hell - this is the declaration of Jesus who always spoke the truth (Math 10:28). Jesus question to all who are reading this is this: if your soul is required of you tonight, where will it spend eternity (Lk 12:20)? If you are not sure of your answer for that question, I invite you to repent and come to the one whose soul was troubled because of our sinful deeds (John 12:27). Come to the one who went to Gethsemane garden being sorrowful in his soul and eventually to the Cross of Calvary for our sakes, and for our sins (Math 26:38). Come to the one whose soul was not abandoned to death but rose again from the death - the only one to do so (Acts 2:27). Come to Jesus. Come now. After you have come to Him, start to love Him with all your soul which is his greatest command (Math 22:37). And, by his power overcome temptations that will come your way. Live holy. Start reading his word, the Bible and start talking to him in prayer. Join a Bible-believing fellowship. Witness for him, through your life and lips. Then, when Jesus comes back the second time to this planet as judge, you will be kept blameless in your body, soul and spirit (I Thess 5:23). I could write the above paragraph after I searched for the word soul via an online Bible website. In the same way, you can search topics of your choice on online Bible sites to learn priceless lessons! So, dont spend all your time playing Angry Birds and the like with your tablet or smartphone! Use it to read, hear, understand, and share Gods Words!


Can I Marry A Person From Another Faith?

Duke Jeyaraj talks about a burning issue pitch-forked by the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce Hollywood mega-star Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes divorced in July 2012 suddenly. People magazine unearthed the possible reason for the dramatic split: Tom and Katie were belonged to vastly different faiths in their core. The Catholic-raised Holmes embraced Scientology, a religion for which Cruise was a leading spokesman for just before marrying him. This was clearly a case of conversion just for the sake of marriage. Usually such conversions are very shallow. Most often than not, they are a sham. The Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise split led me to cruise through an unfamiliar passage in the Bible: Genesis 34. When prince Shechem of one part of the land of Canaan, saw Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, a follower of Yahweh, he instantly wanted to have sex with her! Probably, Dinah was the Bibles answer to KaterinaKaif!And sex-maniac Shechem did. He raped Dinah, the Bible records (Gen 34:2). After this dastardly act, Shechem perhaps wanted to have sex with Dinah as and when he liked. So, he proposed to marry her (Gen 34:4). The ESV Study Bible notes, While Hamors son Shechem (v. 4) is initially drawn to Dinah by lust, he now desires to hold on to her as his wife. Shechems dad, the King, told Jacob, The soul of my son Shechem longs for your daughter. Please give her to him to be his wife (Gen 34:8). He might as well have said, The body of my son Shechem longs for your daughter. Please give her to him to be his wife, if he had spoken the truth! He offered to give a blank check as the wedding gift from his side for Dinah if Dinahs family agreed for the match (See Gen. 34:12). Jacob could not resist the temptation to give his daughter in marriage to this family of great rank which also owned lots of rupees, it looks like. Jacob, it could be true, got carried away by two rswhich the family of Shechem possessed rank and rupeesthat he conveniently forgot another r religion. He did not think it was foolish for his daughter to marry a man from another religious persuasion. While Jacob and family worshipped the living God, Yahweh, Shechem and his family, as Canaanites worshipped the gods of Baal. The way one worshipped Baal during those was by having sex with temple prostitutes who lived close to the Baal Temples. It could be that Shechem was so practiced in having sex with temple prostitutes in the Baal Temple, so much so, it was quite easy for him to have sex before marriage with Dinah without any second thought, despite Dinahs resistance. But despite all of this, Jacob did not have a major objection in his daughter marryingShechem. Thats why Jacob never spoke up his objection, it could be. They

say, being silent is one way of giving approval, dont they? Instead of Jacob, his sons spoke up in the match-making meeting between Dinahs family and Shechems family. The sons of Jacob wanted all the males from the tribe of Shechem including him to be circumcisedfor an ulterior reason. In exchange for this religious conversion they would give Dinah to be married to Shechem. This was a precondition for their marriage (Gen 34:15,16). I find it strange that the sons of Jacob wanted Shechem and co to be baptized in water before they even preached the Gospel to them! Yes, we can see it that way! The Gospel they had to preach to Shechems family was this: We have a forefather called Abraham. He left his idols and started serving the true and living God, Yahweh. Based on the command of this God, Abraham and all the males of his family were circumcised. You too can leave your idols, bid bye to your other gods and come to this living God called Yahweh. If you do this, as a sign of your new-found faith, you


must be circumcised. That cut mark on your male urinary organ will forever remind you that you were cut out from false gods to serve the living God, every day you will use your male urinary organ! But such a message was never transmitted by Jacobs family to the family of unsaved Shechem. Shechem raced to arrange for his own circumcision and the circumcision of the men of his tribe. He did not delay, the Bible says (Gen 34:19). He was so sold out in lust for Dinah. For Dinahs sake, he would have not only cut the foreskin of his male organ but also any other part of his body, if he had to (see Gen 34:19)! The dad-son duo only explained to the men of their tribe the financial gains they would be making if got circumcised like Jacobs family (see Gen 34:2124). Clearly, they were not converting to the faith of Jacobs family by getting circumcised. Shechem was only subscribing to two bs by getting circumcised business and body! Cant get it? Post his circumcision, he believed that he would have greater opportunities for a wonderful and financially fruitful business deals with the family of the girl he would marry. Not only that he would also have unrestricted access to the body of the girl he would marry! The last time they had sex she resisted. The next time he would have sex with her she would be willing and everready! All his dreams came to a knot when he and his dad were brutally murdered by two of Dinahs brothers in a surprise attack when they were still in pain, post the circumcision (Gen 34:24,25).

It could be said that much like Bibles Shechem, Hollywoods Katie Holmes agreed for anconvertion to Scientology without really subscribing to that faith from the depth of her heart. (The point of this article is not to weigh is Scientology is a true religion!) If Katie converted to that Scientology even though she wasnt exactly going gaga over it, she could marry Tom Cruise, a rich and famous Hollywood actor. That was the deal. And she took it. Says a source to People magazine, Holmes always been more of a Catholic than a Scientologist in her heart. Tom Cruise was earlier married to actress Nicole Kidman. Toms 10-year union with Kidman ended amid talk that her resistance to raising their children as Scientologists reports People magazine. It is quite possible that Katie also feared the same for Surie her daughter with Tom. Therefore, Katie left Tom. So, what is the lesson? The lesson is that a believer must only marry a believer. Falling in love with an unbeliever, converting that unbeliever to Christ, and then marrying that same person this is never one of the mission strategies you will get to read in the book of Acts (which is full of mission strategies!) or elsewhere in the Bible! Many a time, a baptism taken by an unbeliever who is in love with a believer is taken without a genuine conversion experience or with a wrong motivation. In order to marry you, I can take baptism even seven times even seven times! This is what a nonbeliever who takes baptism without truly converting to Christ in his/her core would perhaps be whispering!

The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes split also brings to the fore this question: What religion will those born to parents of different faiths would follow? Every religion in the world stubbornly sticks to some elements in the core and its not practically or philosophically possible to follow two religions at the same time. So a divorce is on cards, a breakup in relationship is on cards, when the couple debate over the question: Which religion will our kids follow? The daughter born to the famous Bible mixed faith, King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, followed Queen Jezebels religion and wrongly influenced her husband to rebel against the Lord (See 2 Kings 8:27). In conclusion, I would like to say this: do not be so foolish as to marry a person who is not a genuine believer! I wanted to marry a girl who was not only a good believer but also was passionately committed to do fulltime ministry much before the time we met. I did not to marry a girl who became interesting in doing fulltime ministry only after meeting me. I believed such a person may not have the real commitment to do ministry and was only becoming interested in ministry to impress me. And Evan, the girl I married, the girl who is such a blessing in my life, fitted my expectations in this regard, perfectly. She committed for fulltime ministry long before we both started thinking of getting married to each other (when she was a student of SanthoshaVidhyalaya, Dohnavur)! And God has blessed us both with a wonderful married life for which I am grateful to Him!


Actual Temptations Faced At Workplace By Women Corporate Professionals: A Biblical Response

Evangelin Duke
These are temptations mentioned by young women who are actually working in the Corporate World thro an SMS poll conducted by me. Scripture verse(s) that may be studied in connection with that temptation and quoted to overcome that temptation is quoted after the temptation. Remember, Jesus quoted Scripture and won over temptation. Manipulating data just to show self as better performer/ Manipulating people Manipulation was Hamans sin (Esther 3:9-12). He manipulated his king so that an order (all Jews should be killed) would be issued to harm a man (Mordecai) he wanted to settle personal scores with. Showing wrong accounts to business partners to make profits. - The LORD hates cheating, but he delights in honesty (Prov. 11:1, NLT). Not sharing best practices because of competition. - Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves Phil 2:3, ESV

I conducted a sms poll on what the temptations faced by women in the Corporate World were. I got a huge list as a response. You will find those temptations listed here.

Get back at someone who has questioned you. -It is written, Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord. Rom 12:19 Giving extra attention to the beautiful and successful. God chose us even when we werent beautiful or successful (see I Cor. 1:26,27). Each one of us is beautiful according to the Bible (Psa 139:14). Complacency. The Bible pronounces a woe to the complacent (Amos 6:1). Laziness./ Not completing work assigned especially when not promoted or rewarded. I worked harder than any of them Paul in I Cor. 15:10; Our reward is in heaven Jesus in Mt 5:12 Procrastination. - Dont brashly announce what youre going to do tomorrow; you dont know the first thing about tomorrow. Pro 27:1, MSG Talking disrespectfully to team members because I am the boss./ Being disrespectful towards supervisors/ leaders. - Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt Col. 4:6 ESV Gossip; Slander; Back-biting - Paul did not want to find quarreling, jealousy, anger, hostility, slander, gossip, conceit, and disorder among believers (2 Cor. 12:20);Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Ashkelon, lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised exult. Those are the words that David spoke as he refused to slander his dead, envious rival, Saul (2 Sam. 1:20). Mocking at others who are not as good as you. When we speak unkind and unloving words toward a weaker person, God, who is far stronger than us, may choose not to answer our prayers (See I Peter 3:7).


Being Partial. / Trying to save an under-performers job because he belongs to your caste, your state or your religion. God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him (Acts 10:34-35). Flattering the boss. - I will not show partiality to any man or use flattery toward any person. Job 32:21. Claiming fudged LTA Bills./ Claiming personal dinner/lunch bills as official bills. - One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. Lk 16:10 ESV; Doing this is robbery in a way. Listen to this from the Bible: that thief shall die Dt 24:7. Taking sick leaves and permissions by lying. - But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.- Rev. 21:8.

Girls smoking in Indian Call Centres thats a pretty common scene. What does the Bible say about that? Read this article and find out.

Smoking/Drinking/ Visiting pubs/night club lifestyle Both (Smoking/Drinking), even if done in moderation, are forms of slow-suicide. About Judas who committed suicide, the Bible says, It would have been better, if he were not born (Mk 14:21) and that he was doomed to hell (John 17:12); It is not for kings, O Lemuel (Lemuel means devoted to God), it is not for kings to drink wine, or for rulers to take strong drink. - Prov. 31:4 ESV; The revelry of those who stretch themselves out shall pass away Amos 6:7 ESV Illicit relationship with married people they have done an outrageous thing they have committed adultery with their neighbors wivesI am the one who knows, and I am witness, declares the LORD. Jer. 29:23; How then could I do such a wicked thing (have sex with you) and sin against God? Joseph to Mrs. Portiphar who was another mans (his masters) wife in Gen 39:9, NIV. Giving into bosses pressure for promotion and sleeping around. For not from the east or from the west and not from the wilderness comes lifting up (promotion)Psa 75:6, ESV. It could be that King Solomon found in a real-life survey of 1000 women that when these were invited to commit adultery with the king, all of them without exception had said, yes (Eccl 7:28). Would you be that rare, Christ-pleasing 1001st woman who would say no even when it is the king who is calling you to commit adultery? Getting physically intimate/touchy-feely with male colleagues. God sees even this as playing the whore: They (two young women) played the whore in Egypt; they played the whore in their youth; there their breasts were pressed and their virgin bosomshandled. Ezek 23:3; God put physical intimacy between a man and a woman clearly within the boundaries of marriage it should NOT be enjoyed outside it Prov. 5:19-20 Browsing Net rather than doing work. -Obey your earthly masters not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters Col. 3:22,23 NIV Using company stationary for personal use. Achan took what he wasnt supposed to take and what was not his. It became a snare for him, his family and Israel. The advancement of Israel was delayed by this seemingly small act of disobedience (Josh 7:1-26). Gehazi, the employee of Prophet Elisha, was struck by leprosy for doing something similar with regard to the Namaan episode (2 Ki 5:27). Sending mass mails with Scriptures using official ID only but not focused on work. - He has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death, in order to present you holy and blameless and above reproach Col 1:22 Avoiding to complete work because of church responsibilities. - Give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods. Mk 12:17 NIV


Blessing the Google Generation in Bangladesh!

Upon the warm invitation of Mr. KajalSen Gupta, the Country Director of Compassion International Bangladesh, Duke Jeyaraj ministered in the country of Bangladesh in the EMERGING LEADERS SUMMIT 2012 (Feb 24-26). Google Generation youth handpicked from across various towns/cities of Bangladesh participated in this pivotal event. Duke brought four powerful messages on the topic, Courageous Leadership. After each message he challenged the youth to come to altar and get right with God/make holy decisions. And they did! Duke ran a quiz which enabled the youth to connect the Word with the World, the Bible with the BBC, so to speak! The youth had time to share what they learnt from various sessions in this unique camp. Compassion International leaders and the Superintendent of the AG Church of Bangladesh also ministered in this program along with Duke.

Thank you for writing

Dear Brother Duke & SisterEvan,It was such a joy to have you with us for our Church youth conference. Your ministry was a great blessing to our young people and to our church. Blessings. - Rev. David Prakasam, Coimbatore Duke, I am impressed with the kind of ministry you are doing among the Google Generation though I belong to the Older Generation. a senior citizen writing from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Bible Study for The Google Generation!

Duke Jeyaraj conducts a Bible Study at his base in Hyderabad, every month on a selected Sunday evening, month after month. In the period of February to October 2012 (nine months) Duke lead nine different Bible Studies. The following books, at the rate of one full book per month, were summarized for the Google Generation which gathered by Duke: Colossians (March), I Thessalonians (April), 2 Thessalonians (May), Luke (July), Acts (August), Hebrews (September) and James (October). Duke used the name of the Bible book as an acronym for that books message and uploaded the outlines so developed onto videos of these messages are now online at Young people who were from different companies such as Dell, Deloitte, Axis Bank, Infosys, TCS, IBM, Mahindra Satyam, HSBC, Cognizant, IBM, Amazon, etc attended. People accepted Jesus, received the Holy Spirit baptism, learnt how to overcome temptation, etc, in these rare, rocking studies. A fun game/quiz and worship preceded the Word time. Preeti Iona lead in worship superbly. In the month of Feb., Duke brought out lessons on sex, love, marriage, from the story of Moses and Zipporah. In the month of June, Duke led a Bible Study that brought Bible lessons from the IPL-5 .


Evangelism Outreach Through The Google Generation!

The Bible Study group that meets in Dukes base every month not only comes in to study Gods lovely Word but also goes out to reach Gods lost World! The monthly tract distribution program is planned keeping this in mind. Each month different areas of Hyderabad are visited with tracts written by Duke by these Google Generation youth (Bubbly tract as well as the T20 tract). The T20 tract had the famous seen above on the top page and was given out during the time the T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka was on. Secunderabad Railway Station (March, June and September ), Outside InOrbit Mall (April), Outside Cricket Stadium Post an IPL game (May), Kacheguda Railway Station (July), Mansarovar Heights Street (August), and Cinemax foot-over bridge area (October) these are the areas covered so far. On an average atleast 100 people, mostly those who havent heard about Jesus that much, receive these absorbing tracts during each such outreach from this Bible Study group. Free Bibles in contemporary English were also distributed during certain outreaches. Duke makes it a point to join this outreach team of Google Genners each-time. The team swelled to 17 members during one outreach! Dr. David Balasingh, Dukes doctoral course guide, was there to witness and encourage one such outreach. Not only that. Duke also got to distribute tracts to a select few in the Hyderabad airport, New Delhi airport and Chennai airport, during his ministry travels. It was a sight to behold people reading the tracts they had received with great interest as one of the pictures above reveals.


Google Generation Working Women Folk Blessed!

Dukes wife, Evangelin, was invited to speak by a group of single women, all Google Genners who working in top corporate companies, in Hyderabad from different churches who were seeking Gods face with regard to their future (August 2012). She blessed this hungry group with a honest message titled, How long? She spent time praying for each of them. They were greatly encouraged. She was also invited by Pearl City Church, a leading church in the city of Hyderabad, to speak in a workshop for working women at their annual Womens Conference called Shine Conference (September 2012). Evan, challenged her hearers a bunch of working women from different part of Andhra Pradesh with a message titled, Shining or Sleeping? Evan also led in a quiz with rounds from the Bible, Church History and the Secular World on the theme of Shine to make every moment of that workshop interesting and inspiring. Preeti Iona helped her in the logistics of this workshop voluntarily. Evan also got to counsel young people via phone conversations, via email, via Facebook, via direct talk, etc who opened their problems to her during the last few months. She gave counsels that were soundly scriptural and thoroughly practical.

Thank you for writing

The forwarded E-mail message How long??? by Evan Duke has been such a blessing. I am not tired of forwarding it to girls I know a young woman writing from Vellore. You and your family , Duke , are Gods timely gifts to this generation! - a Regent College, (Vancouver, Canada), Graduate in Bangalore. Praise God, Duke, for the writing skills He has given you and the wisdom to take current topics and bring the Gospel through them to the youth of today a person writing from Baroda, Gujarat. Duke anna, I enjoy just scrolling through your Facebook page now and then for inspiration and encouragement. You are certainly grabbing the attention of youth all over the world! - a medical doctor of Indian origin living in the United States.


Google Generation Preacher Stirs Churches!

Pastors of different local churches across India were kind to invite, Duke Jeyaraj, the Google Generation Bible Truth presenter, in the recent months to share Gods Word during their respective churchs Sunday morning services. In the month of May, Duke shared the message in the Bethel IPA Church, one of the largest churches in Coimbatore. His message, Bible Truth From Magic IPL-5 Moments! was different and daring. In the month of July, Duke shared Gods Word in the New Life AG Church in Secunderabad a church of over 4000 people. This church also happens to be the Duke familys local church. Dukes message from the book of Malachi, Marks of a Backslidden Believer! brought conviction and challenge to the congregation. The church media team referred to this message as the slap of love in their Facebook post. In the month of September, Duke preached Gods Word in the St. Johns Evangelical Church in Gunadala, Vijayawada, of the Metropolitan Mission. Dukes message from the book of Hebrews titled, Let us was God-sent to the believers who gathered. I still cant forget the message you preached the last time you preached here in 2010. And this morning you have preached another unforgettable message! this is what one church elder told Duke following the church service. In the month of October, Duke preached in the Living Springs English Church just off the IT Highway in Chennai. His message from the book of Esther, Two cousins in Multinational Company Service stirred the hearts of the students from the African Continent and the modern young working professionals who gathered there.


Google Generation Youth/Couples Go Camping!

During May 2012, Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke were invited by Pastor Terry Pragasam and Pastor John Pragasam of Bethel IPA Church Coimbatore to minister in the youth camp of the English section of their church. A vibrant bunch of youth travelled to a Bible College perched beside gorgeous hills just outside the city of Coimbatore looking forward to an intimate meeting with God! And as both Duke and Evan brought relevant messages on topics such as preparing to receive from God, overcoming temptations, Holy Spirit, etc., there was a mighty move of God. Many youth gave their lives back to Jesus. Some spoke in tongues for the first time. There were tears shed in the altar. The questions of the youth were answered in a clear manner by the pastors and the guest speakers. So much about the youth camp which was for the Google Generation youth. There was another camp for the Google Generation couples in a beach resort in the outskirts of Chennai that Duke and Evan were part of this August. Daniel Pravin and his wife, Ruby, warmly invited Duke and Evan to minister in this couples camp. Duke preached messages to the couples from different churches who gathered on topics such as The Cause and Cure for Curses!, Why and How of the Family Altar!, etc. Evan addressed the grown children who had also come to this camp on topics close to their heart. Duke and Evan combined to conduct fun games such as Blind Volleyball and entertaining quizzes (which also edified!). In short, the couples and families had a whale of a time studying the Word, strolling across to the beach, etc! We are still continuing to have the regular family prayer we started the day the camp ended! was one testimony that Duke and Evan received from one of the campers months after the camp got over!