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Abstract for paper on :Technology, Communication and Culture

(For National Seminar by University of Pune Department of Communication Studies)

Paper Title: E -Learning in Branding Communication A Evolving Trend in Consumer Engagement

With growing Digital Traffic, consumers feel a need to educate themselves about the range of products they use. They search for product information, across the net. Many of these products could be bought both offline and online. Much of the information consumers trust is user generated and often based on biases that may be experienced by both users and non users. Thus, e learning could become an effective strategy for building not only short term sales, but long term brand loyalty. Modern e-learning techniques offer important lessons for marketers eager to build better and more compelling marketing programs online. It can essentially solve the most basic query that a future user may want to ask, is this product for me and how does fit into my needs and budget. Fundamentally few essential different buying aspects come into play to assume the success of elearning in branding: a. Product engagement is primary in influencing buying and repeat buying. b. A product is just a concept, till a consumer uses it. c. Brands seek to ensure repeated loyalty through presenting relevant information with a visible Return on Investment strategy. d. The theories of Andragogy assumes: Adults have the need to know why they are learning something. Adults learn through doing. Adults are problem-solvers. Adults learn best when the subject is of immediate use. (Ref: Learning in adulthood: a comprehensive guide Sharan B. Merriam, Rosemary Shelly Caffarella, Lisa Baumgartner)

Given all this, e-learning fulfills the need for self realization as a smarter and more connected person who makes choices based on understanding on the offer and specific needs. Essentially e learnign gives not only use and feel but more learnings for a variety of products.
Enclosed is a brief Introduction and CV of the Author of the paper

Introduction of Author: Shyama Dutta Post graduate in English, with over 16 years of professional experience in Copywriting, Content and Branding Consultancy along with training and elearning. She has worked as a Strategic Head for educational institutions, Advertising Agencies and as a Teacher for Media studies and Advertising, across well known institutes. Shyama has also been consultant for corporate communication for several leading corporate and institutions.