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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Sean T. McAllister, Esq., – 970-393-3164 November 20, 2012 Colorado NORML Calls on Governor Hickenlooper to Stand Up for Amendment 64 Denver, CO – The Colorado Chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) thanks the voters of the state of Colorado for ending more than 75 years of misguided marijuana prohibition by passing Amendment 64, the initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol. The strong majority support for ending marijuana prohibition confirms that voters agree (1) adults possessing small amounts of marijuana are not criminals; (2) marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and should be regulated in a similar manner; and (3) the benefits of regulation, including raising tax dollars and limiting access to those under 21, are far superior to the unregulated prohibition which left marijuana in the hands of drug dealers on the streets. It is clear that marijuana reform activists have won the debate and the historic votes of both Colorado and Washington state signal the beginning of the end for marijuana prohibition in the U.S. There have been several press statements from Governor Hickenlooper and other state legislators indicating that the Governor will convene a bi-partisan commission to develop rules for implementing this new law. NORML is the nation’s most experienced organization for marijuana reform and prides itself on being the oldest and most significant representative of the marijuana consumer. Colorado NORML calls on Governor Hickenlooper to open up the process to ensure that marijuana consumers are fairly represented on the commission. NORML believes that law enforcement should not play a disproportionate role on the commission in light of the clear direction from voters that marijuana users are not criminals. Marijuana reform proponents should be a majority of the commission given that the majority of Coloradans asked for this change. In addition, all meetings of any commission would be covered by Colorado’s Sunshine Law that requires any such meetings to be public. Finally, Colorado NORML calls on Governor Hickenlooper to implement the clear will of the voters by working to create a regulated market where marijuana consumers can obtain the product in safe and reliable settings. Since its founding in 1970, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition and favor an end to the practice of arresting marijuana smokers. A non-profit public-interest advocacy group, NORML represents the interests of the millions of Americans who smoke marijuana responsibly.

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