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Assignment (For ECE and CHE)

Note:- Select any topic of your choice. Prepare a brief report and a self explaining power point presentation. The structure of the report will be as follows:1. Introduction of the topic. 2. Literature review. Relevance in the present scenario. 3. List of companies who are using it.(and if possible how they are using) 4. Elaborate the benefits by using the concept. 5. Future implications of the concept. 6. Conclusion. Please dont blindly cut, copy and paste. Apply your mind and use then prepare the report from your own efforts. The assignment is to be submitted individually by 28 November, 2012

List of topics
1. Marketing Myopia 2. Viral Marketing 3. Experience curve effect in marketing. 4. Network marketing 5. Diversity marketing 6. Customer experience management. 7. Perceptual mapping.

8. Cannibalization 9. Product bundling

10. Vendor lock-in. 11. Scenario planning. 12. Customer Profiling 13. Service standards 14. Web analytics 15. Online customer experience management. 16. Persuasion and conversion marketing. 17. Online customer service. 18. Pay-per-click search marketing.

19. Really simple syndication. 20. Affiliate marketing. 21. Paid search marketing. 22. e-CRM 23. Sachet Marketing 24. Neuro marketing 25. Gorilla Marketing. 26. Everyday low pricing(EDLP) 27. Celebrity endorsement. 28. Blue ocean strategy 29. Organic marketing 30. Hot botton marketing

31. Market Segmentation in Retail Financial Services- Assessing the Implementation. 32. Issues & Strategies for Targeting the Rural Markets in Consumer Durable. 33. Emotional branding: A Case Study of Insurance Sectors. 34. Retrenchment Strategy: Impact on Employment. 35. How Competitive Environment Affects the Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study of Telecom Sector at Lucknow. 36. A Mantra for Successful Corporate: A Study of TATA. 37. Impact of Advertisement on Childrens Buying Behavior in Lucknow (any city) 38. Surrogate Advertising of Liquor: It should be Prohibited or not. 39. Advertising a Brand Personality through Symbolism and Imaginary. 40. Is Lakhtakia Car of TATA Impact on the Monopoly of MUL in Small Car Segment? 41. Smart Bikes: The Demand for Youngsters Vs Indian Infrastructure. 42. Brand Recall of Ads: A Survey at Lucknow(any city). 43. Networking Marketing: An Entrepreneurial Opportunity with Low Investment 44. Commodisation of Women in Indian Advertising Industry 45. Scope of Experiential Marketing in India 46. Loyalty Programme Strategy in Airlines Industry 47. Impact of Alliance of Jet Airways & Kingfisher 48. Marketing to Social Network: A New Paradigm 49. Mobile Operators in the New Communication Paradigm on Aviation Industry.

50. Organised Retail Sector and Changing Face of Indian Furniture Industry 51. How the Coopetition work in Indian Scenario 52. E-Tourism: Todays Interactive Trends 53. Shoppertainment: Future in Lucknow 54. Consumers Attitudes Towards Mall Culture in Lucknow 55. Micro-branding: Boon or Bane for Consumers 56. Impact of Cold-calling at Consumers Mobile Device in Lucknow 57. Future of Private Brands of Big Retailers in Lucknow City 58. Impact of Shifting the Plant of Lakhtakia Car on Industrial Development of West Bengal. 59. Development of Mall through Discounted Rental Scheme for Big Players. 60. Clarity, Consistency & Constancy: A Mantra for Successful Brand. 61. How Real Estate Industry are managing in this Troubled Times? 62. In Store Advertisement: Current Trends in Retail Stores 63. Advertising to Kids: Is it justified? 64. Why a Company Needs a Corporate Brand Identity and Strategy? 65. How Does the WTO work? 66. Challenges Faced in Communication in Advertising through Television 67. Exhibitions and Fairs: A Marketing Tool for Business. 68. Potentiality of Rural Market: A Case of FMCG Product. 69. Market Driven Organisation: Issues and Challenges. 70. Co-branding of ING Group and Vysya Bank Limited. 71. Managing Brand Extension: A study of HUL. 72. Cable Advertising and its Impact. 73. Acers positioning in Indian Laptop Segment. 74. Mobile Operators in the New Communication Paradigm. 75. Organised Retail Sector and the Challenging Face of Kirana Stores. 76. Impact of Indo-US Nuclear Deal on Indian Business. 77. Next after Wal Mart. 78. Why is PSU Advertisement so Dull, Boring and Unimaginative? 79. In the Festival Season, is the Customer King? 80. Indian Telecom Price War and its Impact on the Customer.

81. Why Integrated Marketing Communication is Necessary for Success? 82. Why Fifth P i.e. Politics should be consider in Marketing Mix for Indian Marketing Scenario? 83. Do you think Packaging should be Fifth P of Marketing Mix? 84. How can you Design your E-Commerce Site for Service? 85. Re-positioning Strategy and its Implications. 86. Should India Open the Door for Multi Brand Entry of International Retailers? 87. How Indian Education Imparted Education to Make Youth Employable? 88. Terrorism: Impact on Business Community & General Public 89. Real State: Government Policy & Its Impact 90. Ramayana: From Perception to Leadership 91. Making Home: A Question of Difficulty for Middle & Lower Income Group People 92. Entrepreneurs should have a Good Leadership Quality for Success. 93. How India become The Emerging Global Brand 94. Do You Think Porter Theories can be Applied in Todays Scenario? 95. Poverty and Fertility in India and its Impact on Indian Economy. 96. How can India become Rival for China as a Manufacturing Hub 97. Manufacturing Growth and Liberalization in India 98. Foreign Direct Investment in India: Problem and Perspectives of Growth in the Next Millennium 99. How Retrenchment Policy can Work and its Impact on Countrys Reputation and Goodwill? 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. Human Development and Regional Disparities in India and its Impact on Standards of Living, Human Development Indices and Structural The Mechanics of Managing a Merger Successful. Retailing: Depends on Effective SCM Why Half of the Mergers Have Been Failed? How can a Virtual Organisation Manages Security concerns Business. Adjustments in Developing Countries like India & its Impact on FDI.

106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113.

Service Marketing Companies are Least Concern About Place. Agree or In which area e-Marketing is better than traditional marketing? The benefits of e-Marketing over traditional marketing Corporate Branding: Why Every Company needs it? Present Scenario: Where your investments grow? Impact of Win in US president election of Obama on Indian Business. Job Satisfaction Vs Monetary Incentive, which is important and why? Horizontal integration vs Vertical integration