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Chapter 4 Analyses


4.1.1 Human Resource Planning: The HR Division of the Nestle Bangladesh as we know before a permanent authorized division. The officers who work for the HR Division has devoted their effort and intelligence in order to the development of the employees work for the organization. They set goals, identify the current positions, develop plans to achieve the goals, identify their positions, and taking corrective actions regularly. 4.1.2) Recruitment Human Resource Recruitment is defined any practice or activity carried on by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees. The goal of an organizational recruitment program is to ensure that the organization has a number of reasonably qualified applicants (who would find the job acceptable) to choose from when a vacancy occurs. Nestle Bangladesh recruits the most talented individuals from the external market to supplement our internal pipeline of talent. Their Human Resources department provides guidance on the use of psychometric tests and has robust recruitment criteria to ensure that all candidates are treated fairly, equally and with respect. 4.1.3) Selection: Any organization that intends to compete through people must take the utmost care with how it chooses organizational members. Personnel selection is the process by which companies decide who will or will not be allowed into their organization. Several generic standards should be met in any selection process, which are reliability, validity, generalizability, utility, and legality. Nestle Bangladesh selects employees based on knowledge, skills and talent. They are committed to providing equality of opportunity to all employees, regardless of gender, race, nationality, age, disability, ethnic origin, or marital status.


4.1.4) Job Analysis: The total manpower positions, posts, tasks, responsibilities of the organization are well-defined and well-designed. According the total tasks of a branch, several departments are established to specifies the job perfectly and create opportunity to supervise each and every positions spontaneously by concerning authorities. Observation, interview, questionnaire and functional job analysis method are followed for different job. Employees are entitled to modern banking training. 4.1.5) Job Design and Socio-Technical Approaches: Works are structured in the Nestle Bangladesh. Employees are given an area of freedom to perform their designed tasks. As the number of employees is sufficient, an employee performs only one division in a branch. Employees provide with social lives and ample use of technology. Employees work here in a healthy and safety environment. Works become speedy here due to extensive use of sophisticated technologies. Posts are demanding and attractive like other commercial banks in the market. Employees enjoy social support and recognition through various awards, appraise and bonus. 4.1.6) Job Evaluation: Point methods are used in case of Job Evaluation. Higher authorities of the Nestle Bangladesh are always concerned about the fairness of the job evaluation. The Nestle established a competitive and standard pay structures according to job evaluation. On this way the bank use wage survey, wage curves and wage structure. 6.1.7) Performance Appraisal: According to the employees efforts, abilities, and role perception employers of the bank appraise the performance of the employees through Graphic Rating Scale. The Nestle Bangladesh is always concerned about the promotion and fringes. Through it the bank also identifies who require additional training and development.


4.1.8) Training & Development: Training refers to a planned effort by a company to facilitate the learning of jobrelated knowledge, skills or behavior by employees. Nestle Bangladesh provides a framework within which the employee can identify the training and development needs. Such training provides a consistent standard of management learning throughout Nestle Bangladesh. It also enables the employees to take all of the programs or study for individual modules according to their particular development needs. Development Programs are carried out in the first two years of joining, applicable to all management trainees, across the organization. Each business and function would decide the appropriate development needs for each individual, within this overall framework.

The Nestle Bangladesh should always concern about the worlds latest human resource management Practices. HR officers should be sent to abroad for participating in training courses, seminars and work shops. To retain and attract quality employees the Nestle Bangladesh should always try to follow competitive strategy in case of employee benefits, working conditions, and other motivational approaches. The higher authority of the Nestle Bangladesh should always try to make a fair evaluation of employees performance. They should develop the procedures of evaluation each and every year in accordance with the demand. The Nestle Bangladesh can also start campus recruiting that could bring a yield of highly educated graduates for the entry-level the organization could arrange seminars in the top business schools across our country. Also the company should facilitate online Curriculum Vitae-posting system that is very much effective practice used by the top business organizations over the world.


The higher authority of the Nestle Bangladesh should always concern about the fairness of recruitment and selection. Without having efficient, energetic, enthusiastic people an organization cant achieve its ultimate goal. A good placement cant be without having good employee. The human resource department should place the right people in the right position. For this reason they first attempt to find out the human need of the Nestle Bangladesh in various department, different branches and different positions. The HR division should always careful in constructing different work group. The human resource professionals should always consider the cost benefit of each and every step. Performance measurement system must provide intelligence for decision makers rather than just compiling data. Compensation rewards and recognition should be linked to performance measurements. Employees should be specific as to what is expected from them so that they direct their efforts towards achieving those expectations. Lastly, performance measurement systems should not be seen as an end, but a beginning.


Nestle is the world leader in FMCG industry. People trust on the products launched by the company even the product is facing some problems. Nestle today move for new strategies to retain their customer and also want to get new customer. Nestle enhance their internal and external policies to satisfy their customers and also their employees. HR plays a major role to maintain Nestle status in the market. Bangladesh is very young in HR practices. So most of the organizations are not concerned about the HRM practices. By using HRM organizations of Bangladesh can be more efficient than before and overall monitoring process will be more effective as well as beneficial. HRM actually maintains and creates organizational culture. A strong organizational culture is the key of its success. Considerably, we all hope that every organization of Bangladesh will soon start to practice all the HR activities for their long term growth.