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STREET DANCE School Application Form
COURSE DATES Name of Applicant

Age of Applicant Name of Parent/Guardian/Sponsor

Date of Birth

Address for Correspondence

Phone Email for Correspondence

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Applicants dance knowledge and interests:-

I agree to my Son/Daughters participation in Dance School and know of no medical reason why they should not participate. I understand that participants are selected on merit and not on a first-come, first-served basis. The closing date for applications is:I enclose the full fee of £60.00 (cheques payable to “La Motte Street”. I understand that if my son/daughter is unsuccessful this money will be returned to me in full. I understand that the fee is not refundable should I withdraw my son/daughter. I undertake to inform organisers if any of the above details change before or during the period of the course

SIGNED________________________________NAME (caps)_______________________________Date ___/___/20____

What is STREET DANCE School?
La Motte Street are teaming up with Essential Dance to bring you it’s 1st ever STREET DANCE SCHOOL. Street Dancing has been widely popularised on Britain’s got Talent by dance crews such as Flawless and Diversity and through popular music Artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown to name a few. STREET DANCE SCHOOL combines all elements of street dancing from basic hip hop grooves to break dance tricks. A 4 day opportunity for those wanting to learn the hottest new street dance moves, learn original combinations ,gain a better understanding of the different styles and techniques of street dance and build confidence to perform on stage in front of an invited audience.
Using the Islands best street dance tutors STREET DANCE SCHOOL is the first step to making your moves even slicker. Whether you’re a complete beginner, aspiring dancer / choreographer or just want an excuse to bust your moves outside of the privacy of your own home then STREET DANCE SCHOOL is perfect for you! STREET DANCE SCHOOL is tutored by Professional Street Dancers, Kerrie Ballard and Scott Mills (aka B-boy Shadow). Both of whom have extensive experience in the street dance industry and have taken part in workshops by Top World choreographers and Dancers such as Dance Crew Flawless, Got to dance winner Akai, B-boy Champion Flying Buddha and many more. Students undertake a morning session of Street Dance fitness and Hip hop workshop followed by an afternoon session of break dance / students will take part in choreography workshops and work towards a public performance to invited guests on the last day.

La Motte Street is fully equipped with rehearsal and performance facilities and refreshment/snack bar so all participants needs are catered for on-site. COURSE DATES Mon 22 to Thu 25th Aug, 10am to 3pm Course Fee - £60:00 Ages 11-16yrs inclusive

Further information can be obtained from course administrator Carmel Butel at La Motte Street Youth Centre on, or by calling (01534) 729011

Carmel Butel, Course Administrator New St James Place St Helier JE2 4QL 01534 729011 (course administrator)

01534 729081 (senior youth worker)

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