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Union files counterclaim in GPS levy fray
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say it's OK, too. to 'use property or personnel grounds.
" i Itsaysemails don't
violate agreement,
The Cincinnati: Federation' fc;>rcampaigI}.purposes. The agreement broadly prQ-
of Teachers filed ai motion last The eFT, in aCQunterelaim communi-
week in Hamilton County Com- filed Nov. 21, asks the jIiifae to ' cation on distriet property. '
By Jessica Brown
monPl,eas Court askingaj1.J.dge rule that portions of tbe OOJ\ST COAST has sued the district'
to exempt it from 812002 agree... agreement, violate . twice tor Violating that agree-
ment Pub- First rights and ' ment It receiVed $16;000 in a
, The Cincinnati teachers 'lie Schools and alqc81 BntHax sijould be voided." ' , "" 2()10 settlement. In the current
union says it's OJ(: for teachers group, the Coalition to case" COAST and its;
, J ...
:Pany time to'discuss apt«rtax: ,(C€JAST). ,",' i ; ,',','.: ,I' "COASTsued trictfort&' ' " the, district because teachers.
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WS now aslcing a judge to, natl]?ublic ',,:1tS ';:", $ .. -JON; Page B3
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said COAST attorney
Chris Finney. "COAST has
decided to make 'this a
Continued from Page B1 core of our strategy.
And We've been success-
used the company email ful:'
system to discuss voter '. But 10m Mooney, who
registration and rallies in
advance of a Nov. 6 CPS Federation of Teachers,
tax renewal. says the teachers were
"It's wrong, and it's ille- acting 'on their own, not
gal. It's illegal to cam- under the direction of the
paignwithourtaxdollars, ,.school:diitrict. The 2002
they' '
vent them from using
email to discuss, ,a cam-
paign, 'according to his
The countertlaim also
notes teachers have the
right under the Ohio Con-
stitution, Ohio law and
their collective bargain-
ing agreement to 'support
school leViesl especially
since the passage of the

''We're there to say
there is no violation of the
(COAST)' agreement,"
said Mooney. "We're there
, to stand up for the rights
of CFTand their mem-
bers to eXpress their,First
Amendment right."
"I think there is a dif-
{erent of
the 2002 agreement, said
Mooney. ''1 think'
never intended to go."
Finney disagreed.
''What they're saying" is
that means the¥ have the
right to campaign using
public propeny," he said.
"It's posi-
tion they're