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12th MN CTG Encampment Welcome to the 2010 Encampment and 12 Cadet Training Group! Our Cadet Commander:
By Cadet/Lieutenant Colonel Billy Hoffman, 12th CTG commander

Issue #1: Sunday, July 11, 2010

cadet activities and opportunities. Encampment is a week full of unique activities that are both fun and challenging, including Camp Ripley’s confidence course, weapons simulators, drill and ceremony, physical training, land navigation, volley ball, inspections, and so much more. Along the way cadets will develop friendships with peers from across Minnesota and nearby states, work as a team, and learn a lot about themselves. The staff here will challenge the cadets in many different ways. Our standards of performance are exacting and unwavering. Our expectations are high, but attainable. We will do our best to make this a positive, growing experience that your cadet will never forget. What cadets will learn this week • • • • • • Precise drill, The importance of teamwork, Self-discipline, Time management skills, Interpersonal relation skills, And more.

Encampment will be the most influential week of training in a basic cadet’s Civil Air Patrol career, but they are not alone in this process. They will be guided by experienced, dedicated cadet staff and Senior Members that will serve as their trainers and mentors. It is a support system designed to help every basic cadet succeed. From day one until graduation, cadets will learn and master everything from drill and ceremony, to customs and courtesies, to day to day encampment procedures. Encampment training will provide the skills necessary to not only become a successful cadet in their squadron or Minnesota Wing, but more-so, across the nation. Encampment will be physically and mentally challenging, but the rewards will be great. The experience will foster personal growth, build deep friendships, promote teamwork, and develop other life skills. Thanks for supporting your cadet during the encampment process. This week marks one of the many milestones in the lives of basic cadets and CAP families.
Welcome from the Encampment Commander
By Captain Nash Pherson, 2010 Encampment commander

In-flight processing
By Major Richard Sprouse, 2010 Encampment PAO

Approximately 80 basic cadets arrived, said goodbye to their families, started their inprocessing and entered the 12th Cadet Training Group on Saturday. “Our goal was to get everybody inprocessed, get each basic cadet assigned to a flight, and get the Encampment process rolling,” said C/Lt Col Billy Hoffman, cadet commander of the 12th CTG. “The cadet cadre is highly motivated to make this a positive, growing, memorable experience for each cadet attending the best CAP Encampment in the nation.”

Welcome to the 2010 Minnesota Wing Encampment! Attending encampment is testimony to each basic cadets desire to be a successful member of Civil Air Patrol. Encampment is also the gateway to numerous

The 12th CTG contains basic cadets from across Minnesota, as well as cadets from Iowa and Nebraska. A dozen of the cadets are females, and there is even a cadet attending from Germany. Staff and cadets formed up at 1330 hours (that’s 1:30p.m.) Saturday for an official welcome and safety brief. Then it was back to their assigned barracks for some flight time and introductions, followed by drill instruction, a session on CAP history, and a few other activities before showers and lights out at 2100 (9:00 p.m.). It is all a prelude to a week of physical activities, inspections, and core values lessons; the opportunity to be up at sunrise (yes, your cadet up before Noon!), and their recommended daily allowance of drill and marching. Encampment is not about the individual, but learning to work together as a team. They’ll test that teamwork throughout the week during land navigation, running the confidence course, volleyball competition, and so much more. Hazing is not an option in CAP Is Encampment demanding? Sure. Will there be expectations? Count on them. Discipline? It’s a given. Hazing? It’s NOT an option. Months before Encampment the Senior Members and cadet leadership staff go through a series of training sessions including a reminder that the practice of hazing IS NOT acceptable in the Civil Air Patrol.

“In the past couple of years, there has been a mandate from our national commander and by regulation, that there is zero tolerance to hazing,” said Colonel Tom Theis, Minnesota Wing commander. “Hazing can be tough to keep in check when our exuberance for motivation, discipline, and accountability kicks in and you find yourself ‘in the moment.’ My/our expectation is that our core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect be maintained and that standards of conduct, performance, and accountability are upheld.” Hazing is any conduct whereby a CAP member, regardless if Senior Member or cadet, regardless of rank, causes another CAP member to suffer or be exposed to any activity, which is cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning or harmful. Soliciting or coercing another to perpetrate any such activity is also considered hazing. Hazing need not involve physical contact among or between CAP members; it can be verbal or psychological in nature. “The primary goal of Encampment is to learn, grow, develop and be challenged,” said Captain Nash Pherson, 2010 Encampment commander. “We firmly believe hazing is not the right way to train cadets. There is no place in the CAP for people to denigrate and disrespect another individual.” Medical tips during Encampment • Drink a lot of water. You must drink at least two canteens worth each day. Yellow urine indicates that you are dehydrated; urine should be clear. If you are thirsty, it’s too late! • Do not drink any soda, coffee, or tea. • Do not lock your knees • Use plenty of sunscreen. Reapply it frequently.
The Daily Gremlin is the official daily newsletter of the 12th Cadet Training Group and the 2010 Minnesota Wing Encampment. The Internet version of the publication is in accordance with CAPR 110-1. It is published daily from 11 July to 16 July 2010 from the offices at Camp Ripley Military Reservation.
Captain Nash Pherson: Encampment Commander Major Richard Sprouse: Encampment Public Affairs Officer C/Lt Col Billy Hoffman, 12th CTG Commander C/2d Lt Matthew Bruffey, 12th CTG PAO C/2d Lt Lydia Wiff, 12th CTG Asst PAO

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