Goodevening This is the time for me to shine like batintoy! Yehey !!!

There so many things come to my mind preparing my first talk in this group. That’s why i don’t know how to start. But after having hard time thinking, i came up with this. This song comes like this. JUST KIDDING! Ok, anyways, are you familiar in the word enneagram? Ennea comes from the greek word meaning “nine” and gram means writing and suggest a diagram. Enneagram can help us how to understand ourselves and the people in our lives. I really love books about personality, issue about person’s behaviour, and test about personality etc. That’s why enneagram catched my attention, thank’s to kuya Wilbert, he let me borrowed the book even if he didn’t read it yet. The nine types of enneagram are perfectionist, giver, performer, romantic, observer, questioner, epicure, boss, and mediator. What type do you think I am? Ok, while reading the book, I found out that I am a ____ .. haha !! i will tell you later. In every personality type there was a wings, heart point, and stress point. My strong wings are mediator and epicure but my strong wing is epicure. Because, I’m extroverted, energetic, egocentric and entrepreneurial. I am optimistic in terms in my goals in life. For example I want to learn how to drive a car. I and treasure find an instructor which is dachie and we also enrolled at A1 Driving School. After that we applied for driver’s license. And yes I failed hahah .. Another failure of my life but its not the reason for me to give up, failure is an inspiration for me to move forward. For 2nd time around i tried again and jaraaaaaaaaaan..i passed and now I have my non-pro license .. yehey !! =) In every personality type there was also a stress point. I tend to go to type five when I feel stressed. When I experiencing bad to myself, feel that I’m defeated, depressed, going full-out and denying fatigue and pain. I don’t want other people see me that I am weak in many ways specially my family because I am the one who give them strength and hope. I don’t want to disappoint my parents. So, in every decision that I do, I able to be more objective and thinking twice before doing it. As we go on, every type has a heart point, my heart point is a giver, when I am happy and secure I tend to move to type 2 and better able to show vulnerability. It is easier for me to love and received love. I also more attuned to other’s needs. I always feel this when I’m here. Serving the lord through Corinthian community I feel happy and loved. I’m really blessed that GOD allows me to be with you guys. So, you know my strong wing, stress point and heart point. Time to know what is my ennea type. My ennea type is #8 which is BOSS/ LEADER. The worst of my type is, I can be naive, because of my directness, I am seen as abrupt and abrasive even rude. The way I hide my weakness and vulnerability, so the way I hide it I am hard to get through to. But my best part is i am strong and protective of other people, especially those who find it less easy to stand-up for themselves. I can help them have confidence in themselves. I like making the way ahead safe for others. As others get to know me they will find someone who is big-hearted and giving, generous with time and whatever else there is. I am ready to confront lack of fairness of justness. When i am angry confront me, hug me, I am body type and need love and body contact and lastly tell me openly and honestly if I could hurt you but do it 2 days after the outburst. So that’s my type. I AM BOSS MARIJO MARQUEZ boss of psychologist. Hahah !! So, do you want to know about yourself too? You can set an appointment with me. Consultation is 1k only but because you’re my friend half of that price will do. Just kidding!! I just want to say that all of us have a best and worst part; it’s up to us how we can handle it. Thank you!! =)

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